Taxi Drivers in Chetumal cheating Belizeans

To all Belizeans traveling to Chetumal: Be aware of taking taxis in town. Their taking advantage of the Belizeans when using those taxis. They are forcing Belizeans to pay extra money that shouldn’t be paid. A lot of Belizeans don’t know how the system works. Instead of charging 20$ pesos to a destination in Chetumal some of them will charge 25$ pesos. Whether you love Chetumal or not, there is a lot of thieves rolling around Chetumal. A friend of mines commented a story that happened to him while being in Chetumal. He was waiting for the Santa Elena Cumby by Telmex office in Chetumal. When a taxi with a female inside came parking in front of him with a speed. The taxi driver asked him if is going to Santa Elena, he replied ’’YES’’. And, he asked the taxi driver how much he will charge to take him to the border BEFORE ENTERING THE TAXI. The taxi driver replied 15$ pesos. He jumped into the taxi and left. Reaching the round about by the airport the taxi driver dropped off the lady and charged her 15$ pesos and she left her. He drove off like 30 - 35 feet, when he stopped the car again, started to force him to pay the taxi driver another 15$ pesos to take him to Santa Elena. My friend answers he will not pay that 15pesos because the taxi driver told him to pay 15 pesos. Then, my friend said no and the taxi driver told him to come out of the taxi and left the scene.The taxi driver didn’t say anything and just left him there on the street. Chetumal people are using our money to do crazy stuff in their daily work. We, but I have seen many things in Chetumal, I don’t know about you guys, but be careful how you talk to people when you travel there. It is dangerous. They are watching us how much money we take, where are we going, what stuffs, where buying, and lots more when we talk to them inside the taxi. do not give them any information about Belize nor yourself. They are overcharging Belizeans and we are not seeing it. They love to see us spending our money there. Yes, Belizeans love spending money over at chetumal. We have the freedom to spend our money where ever we feel like spending. But, at the end of the day, it’s our cautious when we travel over to Mexico.

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