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MK note: This photo and all others from the album of Edwin A. Parrott (#32) were furnished
by his son, Jay Parrott, and will be valued highly by all the Bunker guys - particularly those
who recognize some of the faces. Identifications and comments will be added here as they
arrive at the Bunker. I hope and expect a lot of that "Can Do" stuff will show up.

Jay Parrott Email ( 27 Jan 2001): Actually, I never knew the photo existed until earlier this week when I received a xerox copy from George Twigger. He was a good friend of my father in Korea, and I tracked him down through Don Sonsalla.

Once I saw the photo, I needed to get a hold of the original. It was emailed to me by the editor of the Graybeards magazine.

Glad you enjoyed the photos and take care.

MK note: The information furnished by Dick Lawrence (below) and a comparison of this photo with photos which follow lead me to believe that the 1st man on the far left in the third row from the bottom is Gilbert Parrott and that his brother, Edwin A. Parrott (Entry #6) is the 4th man from the left in that same (3rd) row. If I'm wrong, HELP! MK.

Richard J. Lawrence (#4) Email (28 Jan 2001): Merv, the photo mostly includes some of the 2nd Platoon of Co B and I believe I recognize at least 10 whom I can name. I don't know when it was taken except that is was prior to 31 Jul 1952.

I'm not sure if I am in this photo, but my bunker mate Cliff Faist, the machine gunner is the first one in the top row and on the left. He is the one who lost his leg and was hit in both lungs on 31 Jul 1952.  Immediately next to him is one of the Twigger brothers.

On the top row, all the way to the far right side is Sgt Donald Stelmach.

I think one of the
Parrott brothers is on the far left of the 3rd row up from the bottom and his brother is the 4th one from the left in that same row. Next to him I think is Marv Sexauer who lost a finger from a bullet round.

In the bottom row, the second one in was
M/Sgt Arthur Holland, killed in an airplane crash when going on R&R.  Next to him (on his left) is Paul Bullock and next to him, I believe, is 1st Lt ("Skoshi") Talbot.

Some of the other faces are familiar, but I can't come up with more names. I could be the last one in from the left 2nd row from the top, but I don't remember this picture at all.

Hope this helps a bit.

James McGlew (#5) Email (5 Feb 2001): In this foto, the man in the first row on the left (with his boots showing) is Sgt. Keck. I would know him anywhere and think his first name was Robert. On 31 Jul 1952, our Platoon Sgt deserted and Keck, the assistant, took over the platoon. He was still Platoon Sgt of the 4th Platoon of Co B at the time I left. He is the only one I can identify. I would love to know when and where this foto was taken. Thanks a million.

Jay Parrott Email (23 Mar 2001): Just to let you know that Joe Twigger, George Twigger's brother, was not in the group photo taken of B/15, mostly of 2nd Platoon.  George Twigger related to me that his brother rotated home just prior to the taking of the photo.  It was taken at UNRL.  Jay.

Richard J. Lawrence (#4) Email (24 Jan 2005): After Richard Coate (#36) told me about the last days of Cliff Faist, my bunker buddy in Korea, I told Richard that Cliff had an inner strength that was exceptional and it was just like him to shield those close to him from his suffering.

Just a few more little items about Cliff (more if I can get focused on that time so long ago which I never revisited by putting my hand and my mind to it until 1992.

When I joined the platoon, the first person I met was the squad leader, whose name I can't remember, the second was Cliff who led me around to the bunker which we were to share. It was almost directly across the valley in front of OP Kelly with Hill 317 slightly behind to the left. He noticed that I smoked and said that it is not a good thing to do, any lighting up outside the bunker at night and we will be in big trouble from incoming mortar rounds. His words of caution about this and many other do's and don'ts were extremely helpful to a really green replacement. (I had been a Bn. Supply Specialist with the 9th AAA Gun Bn, at Fort Scott, Presidio, San Francisco, CA., until I was put on a levy and became a member of 2nd platoon, Co. B, 15th Inf.

I also will never forget our tin can fireplace we erected in the bunkers with subsequent pieces going up through the roof, fed by whatever wood we could scrounge up and burn for warmth. It was a continuous struggle, and the fear that the redness and smoke of our so called smoke stack would create a beacon for enemy mortars.

He had a small camera that he was extremely proud of and took quite a few pictures. Unfortunately, we went out on patrol the day the Greeks were replace us, sometime around the tail end of Feb '52, and when we returned to pack up our gear to move out, the camera and a number of items were no longer there, we tried to ask some of the Greeks about it, but couldn't get any satisfaction. Cliff really missed that camera.

Cliff was not a drinking man at all, but one evening at our new bunker down in the saddle from our previous one which was further up near the ridge line., we had gotten our meager beer ration. We got talking and consumed a little more beer than anticipated, and Cliff was feeling no pain. It was one of the few times I can recall his smiling ear to ear. One other time was after we were moved to the left side of 355 and when about 8 of us shared some sorely needed hot cocoa in a bunker.

Cliff was an exceptional man, whom I will never forget and I will always regret that I was not aware of his situation at the end. If I had known, I would have come.

Before leaving this page, please warm your hands on this flame in remembrance of Ed and all others in the photo who have been the
point men for the patrol of "Can Do" guys beyond our MLR here.

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