A Parrott, aTwigger, and a Porky

MK note: These photos are from Jay Parrott, a son of Edwin A. Parrott (Entry #32). Shina No Yoru ("China Night") will play again if you wait long enough for the download. MK.

Jay says that the photo on the left is of his father and the photo on the right is of his father and George Twigger and that both photos were taken near Pusan when they were at the POW camp.

You can read some tales about events at the POW camp and see photos of it at The POW (and how!) Place.


From Jay's E-mails:

This photo {on the right} is of my dad in Korea.  I don't know where and you cannot see his face; however, I do remember him telling me it was him hauling a bucket from the latrine.

George Twigger told me that he was a career serviceman and retired from the service in 1971 as a First Sergeant. He sent me this photo {left above} of my dad and Richard "Porky" Lomoya {the man on the right} in 1952 after they returned to near the MLR from the POW camp, and added that "Porky" was a very nice guy.

Mr. Twigger also sent me General Orders #63 - a list of Purple Hearts awarded 9 Dec 1952.  An award of the Purple Heart was made to both George Twigger and Richard Lomoya for injuries received on July 31, 1952.  Mr. Twigger told me he never saw Porky again after that day and does not know what happened to him.

I know, from what Mr. Twigger told me in a letter, that my father also was friends with "Porky". Hope that helps. Jay.

MK comment: Jay, it helps more than you expected. Below is an excised copy of the General Orders which you sent me. Notice that I included not only the listing for George Twigger and Richard Lomoya, but also a listing for Ray Flaherty who is, of course, another of the non-coms who has jumped into our Bunker. I hope he doesn't mind my including him and if he does - well, I'm not in the habit of saying "no" to Sergeants. MK.

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