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Belize - Education system


Types of higher education institutions:


University College

Training College

Teacher Training College


Higher education credentials:

Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate

General Certificate of Education Ordinary 'O' Level

General Certificate of Education Advanced 'A' Level

Diploma in Professional Nursing

Associate Degree

Bachelor Degree


Pre-higher education:

Duration of compulsory education:

Age of entry: 5

Age of exit: 14

Structure of school system:


Type of school providing this education: Primary School

Length of program in years: 8

Age level from: 5 to: 14

Certificate/diploma awarded: Belize National Selection Examination

Lower Secondary

Type of school providing this education: Secondary School

Length of program in years: 4

Age level from: 11 to: 15

Certificate/diploma awarded: Caribbean Examinations Council Certificate (CXC), GCE Ordinary Level Examinations

Upper Secondary

Type of school providing this education: Secondary School

Length of program in years: 2

Age level from: 15 to: 17

Certificate/diploma awarded: GCE Advanced Level Examinations


Type of school providing this education: Technical and Vocational Secondary School

Certificate/diploma awarded: Qualifications of the City & Guilds of London Institute, London Chamber of Commerce, Royal Society of Arts

Secondary education:

The secondary education school system covers six years divided into two cycles, lasting for four and two years. On conclusion of the lower cycle, pupils may take the examinations for the GCE Ordinary 'O' levels of the British Boards, or (since 1979) the Caribbean Examinations Council Certificate. After a further two years, they may take the GCE Advanced 'A' examinations of the British Boards.

Higher education:

In Belize, degree courses are offered by the University College of Belize and the American University of the Caribbean. There is also an extra-mural unit of the University of the West Indies. The University College of Belize, founded in 1986, is directly financed by the Ministry of Education. The College shares its teaching facilities with its constituent colleges. Belize is affiliated to the University of the West Indies which is a regional institution with campuses in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. The University College of Belize offers its own Bachelor's Degree courses in Secondary Education and Business Studies, under the authority of the Government of Belize. There are also several colleges. Discussions are underway to merge the Belize School of Nursing with the University College of Belize.

Languages of instruction: English

Stages of studies:


University level studies:

University level first stage: Associate Degree:

Two-year post-secondary programmes lead to an Associate Degree.

University level second stage: Bachelor's degree:

The University College offers courses beyond the Associate Degree known as 'third year' programmes leading to a Bachelor's Degree.


Teacher education:

Training of primary/basic school teachers

The Three-Year Certificate Programme with School Experience, formaly introduced in 1992, can be followed as a one-year full-time course at Belize Teachers Training College (level One), followed by one or two years of experience in the field, returning to the College for one additional year of full-time studies (level two) or as a two-and-a-half year course in the extra-mural programme (Level One), using distance learning, followed by one year of full-time studies at the College (Level Two). A Certificate in Teaching Level One is conferred at the end of Level One. An opportunity for further training will be possible with the introduction of a Bachelor's degree in Primary Education being developed by the University College of Belize and the Belize Teachers College.

Training of secondary school teachers

Secondary-school teachers for the first two years of secondary education are also trained at Belize Teachers' College, which offers a Diploma in Teacher Education after three years, including one semester of practice and a research paper. Others graduate abroad.


Non-traditional studies:

Distance higher education

Non-formal studies consist of continuing education programmes provided by the Extramural Department of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and by government ministries. UWI programmes help people, particularly teachers, wishing to improve their formal academic and professional qualifications.


Administration & co-ordination:

Responsible authorities:

Ministry of Education and Sports

Minister: Cordel Hyde


Tel: +50(1) 822380

Fax: +50(1) 823389

EMail: [email protected]


Admission to non university higher education studies

Name of secondary school credential required: General Certificate of Education Ordinary 'O' Level

Admission to university-level studies

Name of secondary school credential required: General Certificate of Education Advanced 'A' Level

Alternatives to credentials: Caribbean Examinations Council Certificate (CXC) level equivalents (+ a preliminary year's study)

References to further information on foreign student admissions and recognition of studies

Title: Study Abroad 2000-2001

Publisher: UNESCO/IBE

Year of publication: 1999


Usual grading system in secondary school

Full Description: Five grades are awarded (from 1 to 5). There is no pass/fail mark.

Highest on scale: 1

Lowest on scale: 5

Main grading system used by higher education institutions

Full Description: Grades range from A (excellent) to F (fail)

Highest on scale: A

Lowest on scale: F



Data for academic year: 1998-1999

Source: International Association of Universities (IAU)

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