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The extent to which the objectives of this study have been accomplished is due in large part to the faithful work of Tibucio Badillo, fisherman and carpenter of Cay Caulker Village, British Honduras. His practical advice and skill in boat handling brought us back from more than one trip which might otherwise have had less pleasant consequences. The sober dependability and reliance on the arts of traditional seamanship which he displayed are highly commendable qualities fast fading in many fishermen who have recently found them selves caught up in the process of cultural change.

Sincere thanks are extended to Dr. Richard J. Russell, Director of the Coastal Studies Institute at Louisiana State University for his interest and help in obtaining financial aid made available through a grant by the Office of Naval Research. The cooperation and indispensable material assistance of Miss Evelyn Pruitt, Head of the Geography Branch of ONR, is likewise greatly appreciated.

Dr. Robert C. West, Chairman of the dissertation committee, provided continuous encouragement during the course of this project. His exacting standards of research in the realm of Latin American geography have been the plus ultra aspired to but imperfectly attained. By personal example, he has provided the inspiration that carries his students into remote and fascinating byways of the field and the no less torturous paths of the archives.

Dr. Fred B. Kniffen has been equally instrumental in shaping the writer's philosophical approach to cultural geography. His constructive criticism and friendly encouragement have been most welcome.

The permission of Dan Milan, President of the Milan Construction Company of New Orleans, Louisiana, to use the photographs in Plate 5, together with his many other courtesies, are gratefully acknowledged as is the generous technical assistance supplied by Milton B. Newton, Jr. Other individuals to whom the author is especially indebted include: Felix Bradley, Lee High, Daniel J. Martin, Jr. , Henry Melhado, David M. Pendergast, Esteban ("Tarin") Reyes, Gordon A. Roe, Melbourne Smith, David R. Stoddart, Raymond Weir, and Simeon Young, Sr., A. H. Anderson, Phillip Arzu, Melvin Badillo, Manuel W. Bass, Dudley Beene, Patricio Blease, Harrison Burgess, Pablo Canto, Waldamar Delbert, Francisco Delgado E., Benjamin Dixon, Eustace Evans, William Eyles, Anthony Frith, Roy Hanna, David Hess, A. A. Hunter, William S. Lady, Raymond Lombardy, Richard A. Long, William Lundy, Daniel Marin, "Garai" Marin, Robert McNabb, Carlyle Phillips, Joe D. Power, Bertram Powery, Edward G. Purdey, Harry Quinn, Dona Octavia de Reyes, John Roberts, Maximo Solis, Bertram Williams, and Sir Arthur Wolff sohn made different contributions that are equally appreciated.

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