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HI!!! My name is Marty Casado, and my family does the website, alternatively addressed as
Here's what we need to do you a website...

Send me a bunch of killer pictures, the best of your establishment you can get your hands on. I can recommend photographers if needed. Also send me the text you wish to appear. No problem with tweaking it later, and I'd be sure to get your OK on it before I actually connected it. Send me any ads you may have just to see how you aim your advertising, and send me your logo if you have one.

My address is:
Marty Casado
910 W. 16th
Eugene, Oregon 97402
Email: [email protected]

Typically, we get sent a packet with photos, brochures, and additional information. Then we become email pals, exchanging ideas on how our skills can reflect your business to the world. Often many messages are exchanged over the first 6 weeks as we adjust the site to the way that you want it.

For Costs:

A) It is $180us each 6 months month for a one page site, which is not one "screen", but can scroll down pretty much forever, only limited by number of pics and reasonableness. It's $360 each 6 months for a 4-5 page site. Sites bigger than that,we just chat about the price and work it out. There is a $50 setup charge.

B) Website creation charges can vary a lot, so this we can discuss once we figure out your requirements.

C) If you want to buy a domain name like, it has two costs. 1)The Name: It costs $70 every 2 years for the name. 2) Then every "domain name" needs to be mounted on a server, and my cost is $10 a month, actually billed at $120 a year. I collect that charge from you.

D) Also, as the site grows, there may be bandwidth charges. These are $5.00 per gigabyte per month, and only factor in to the larger sites. And then its $5 a month. Few sites have over that at this time, folks with lots of pictures and movies get there first. You won't have to worry about this the first few years, but I do mention it so its not a total surprise 5 years down the road when charges go up $5 a month.

When I build a site, I don't just build it and say here it is, its a lot more organic, evolutionary. Not as static as print. We can change it anytime, and it is good to change it. It grows and we learn what works. So I usually make something, then bounce it off you, make adjustments, etc forever. Never does it stop.

I'm pretty flexible. It is a bit like building a house though, in that you want to consider the foundation carefully, and not change it often. Like figure out the number of pages, like areas, carefully before we start building.

For folks who already have a site and are interested in linking from within our site to it, we offer this:

We charge $30us a month for linking for small companies with a one page website, if its linking to a large multiple page site we charge $60us a month. We will link to your site from We will link to you from the front page, from the island goods and services page, the popup site navigator, and a dozen or so other pages on the website where we have a drop down list of local businesses. Also, you will go into the relevant sub areas of the site. Dive operations go under diving, other sections include restaurants, charter boats, tour guides, real estate, etc. You will also be linked from,,, and

We also have a secure server for credit card transactions. receives over 7500 unique visitors a day, and can be a real help in advertising your business.

Let me know if you are interested,
Marty Casado

Please make sure you have full rights to all photos that you expect to use. If you are unsure, contact the original photographer. Scanning the photos and putting them around the world violates the original photographers copyright. Photographs done by professionals are usually limited in use rights. Your attention to this can help keep me and my computer out of the courtroom.

To Get Started! Email us that you want to do it, and drop a check in the mail for your first six month's fee plus the $50 setup fee, and the applicable fees if you want your own domain name. As soon as we get your email, we'll send you a step by step guide to assembling the materials we'll need for creating your site. These will be pictures, things you've written, brochures, etc. We're going to make it easy for you.

Quick Start Guide and Materials List to get a WebSite on

Ambergris Caye will be the most dynamic site you will find with the highest "hits" when searching for a vacation spot in the Caribbean or Central America. We have a great name, a great beginning and a real love of Ambergris Caye. Come and share that with us.

Visit our beautiful island experience. Come look at The romance of the Caribbean without the high rise condos. The real Caribbean experience, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America..

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