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            July 26, 2006

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Click photo for larger version! Glovers Atoll
Photo by Gustavo Giron of Astrum Helicopters

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The Bell 206 B Jet Ranger is a 5 place helicopter with an average cruise speed of 100 mph, range of 330 miles and an endurance of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Glover's Atoll is a World Heritage Site and Marine Reserve. Glovers Atoll Island Lodge is located on a privately owned 9 acre; 5 hectare Northeast Cay in the Glovers Marine Reserve, white sand, coral, & coconut trees, left in their natural state on top of the pristine reef. Glover's Atoll was named after pirate brothers, John and Rodger Glover, in the1750's. In 1996 the Atoll was designated as Marine Reserve.

At Glover's Atoll Resort you can enjoy excellent diving, snorkeling and swimming right from beach. Gloverís Atoll is Belizeís most remote atoll. It is 90 square miles (145 km), 700 patch reefs in the lagoon and is surrounded by 50 miles (80.5km) of sheer drop-offs, which start from 25 feet and drop straight down to 2,700 feet (900 m), 45 miles (72.45 km) from the mainland. Reef crests, islands, flats offer great catch and release spin or fly-fishing.

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