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Achacha fruit grown locally, also called Garcinia Humilis
Inside Maria Ack's humble home in Toledo District, Belize
Ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica
"Macosa" Acosta, also some discussion about "Cobo" or "Kobuh"
Mouth of Actun Chapat Cave
The skylight at Actun Chapat
The Actun Kabal Caves and the Great Sand Passage
Kabal cave entrance in the Chiquibul
Camping in the entrance to the Actun Kabul Cave, part of the massive Chiquibul Cave system
Entrance to Actun Tunichil Muknal from just inside the cave looking out
Walking through Actun Tunichil Muknal
Walking through pools in Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave
Road into the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave parking lot
Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave: This magnificent cave is full of massive stalagmites and stalactites
Channeling Our Inner Cavewoman: Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave
Entrance to Actun Tunichil Muknal
Amazing interior view of Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave
Swimming just inside the entrance to Actun Tunichil Muknal
ATM Cave, in the Belizean jungle
The Magical Mouth of the Cave of the Stone Sepulcher: Actun Tunichil Muknal
Deep inside Actun Tunichil Muknal
Inside the Maya Underworld: Actun Tunichil Muknal
Tatito Adolfo Day, 2011
7Day Adventist Church in San Pedro in 1981, next to where Spindrift is now
Aerial view of Ambergris Caye
Aerial view looking down on puffy clouds on a sunny day over one of the cayes
Aerial view of some pristine flats off Ambergris Caye
MesoAmerican Reef, aerial view of the eastern shore of Ambergris Caye, north downtown area and above the bridge
NASA aerial photo of the Central American Isthmus and the MesoAmerican Reef
Aerial view of two little cayes in the sea...
Aerial view of islands, mangroves near the Barrier Reef
Aerial photopraphs of Belize's Cayes including Coco Plum Cayes
Aerial view of a channel in the cayes
Caye from the air, flying from Punta Gorda to Belize City
Aerial view along the shore, Tropic Air flight just a bit north of Belize City
Bride and groom waiting at Africa's Bar and Grill Cevicheria
The ship "Afri-cola" docked in Corozal, long ago, aka "Afrikola"
Photos from The Africola, a cargo passenger riverboat from Belize, 1920's
Agami Heron
Immature Agami Heron
Mexico - Belize meeting to enhance agricultural trade
Tony Aguilar cleaning his lobster catch on the dock on Caye Caulker
Emilio Ahmad house in Corozal, now and long ago. Now a historical landmark
The San Pedro AIDS Commission September Celebrations Crew
The coming of the air age to Belize
Playing on Kevin and Iraida Gonzalez' airboat, 1999
Beautiful airplant in the mangroves
Taking off from the San Pedro Airport
Graph: Tourist Arrivals at the Airport
Corozal Airport and San Pedro Airport, 1981
Landing at the airport, My First View of San Pedro, 1996
Coming in for a landing, San Pedro Airport, 1972
San Pedro "Airport," 1970.' Crashed DC-3 next to runway
View of the San Pedro landing strip from the cockpit at landing, mid to late 1990's
Jack Westerhold's wife Margaret at the International Airport airport, 1984
Belize International Airport, 1980's, also a clip showing airport in film "Dogs of War"
"Welcome to Belize" sign at the International Airport
Girls from a church group getting a good send off at the airport, summer of 1967. Alistair King, Howard Frankson, Butch Valdez and Alfredo Fonts
Elevated view of Belize's International Airport, 1979
The first and only international airport in Belize! The changing times of Belize Airport to meet tourist demand, various years
San Pedro Airport from above
San Pedro Airstrip, 1985, plus photos of the San Pedro Airstrip in 1976 and 1983. Also a story about using the airstrip for other activities!
Mike Estelle & Ruben Trejo resting on the luggage carriers while working, San Pedro airport, 1980's
The Fishermans House: Wil Alamilla
Don Tabo Alamilla, San Pedro fisherman, placing corned fish in the sun to dry, probably 1980's
Eladio Alamilla and Andrei Alamilla at Ramon's Hotel in San Pedro, 1981
Two fishermen, brothers Fedo and Miguel Alamilla, with a tarpon, 1970's
Valentin Alamina Beachfront on Caye Caulker long ago, next to Police Station, Luxury outhouse which opened up to the Barrier Reef, 1971
Deodoro Alamina: aka Dodo, from Caye Caulker, long ago
Fedo Alamilla
Ofelia Alamina in her early 20's
Eddie Alamilla, Changa Paz, and Sheri Luepke in a boat, January 1990
Alamina Children on family beach on Caye Caulker, 1970
Albert Street showing Lopez Drug Store and a newly painted Channel 7 building, in Belize City long ago
Albert Street in downtown Belize City in 1930 before the destructive 1931 hurricane
Albert Street in Belize City, 1898
Then and Now: Belize City, Albert Street looking from Brodies towards Swing Bridge, Old Post Office, late 1800s to 1910
Belizean Alex with Cobi Jones at Home Depot Center, Los Angeles California.
San Pedro's own Winter Wonderland aka the Alfaro Residence
Wayne Alfaro and Patrick Callahan at Playa Blanca in San Pedro with a bottle that drifted in with a note and a dollar bill, about 1986
Saying goodbye to Ali Baba
All Saints Day is November 1st, D'a de Todos los Santos, cemetery in Merida
Chris Allnatt onstage looking hot, about 1989. A large group of men in a manly swimming suit beauty contest in San Pedro, Freddy Waight is the winner!
Almita on the dresser, looking good! Early 1980's
The Temple at Altun Ha
Altun Ha in 1975 and 1985
Ebony Alvarez
Beautiful amaryllis lily, a hippeastrum hybrid
South end of Northern Lagoon, Ambergris Caye
Aerial, southern end of Ambergris Caye
We have dead calm seas on Ambergris Caye this morning
Approaching the eastern shore of Ambergris Caye by boat
Eastern shore of Ambergris Caye from the sea
Quiet unmarked beach on Ambergris Caye
Islands in the bay behind Ambergris Caye
Trees and vegetation just off the beach, view from the sea 18 miles north of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye
A couple walking along in the shallows along the shoreline on Ambergris Caye
Ambergris Caye, eastern shore, view to the sea
Poster/map of Ambergris Caye from the early 1990's
Lagoon view towards the west on North Ambergris Caye
Aerial view of the South end of Ambergris Caye
Beautiful beachfront view to the reef, Ambergris Caye
Placid seas, looking east towards the sea from northern Ambergris Caye
North Ambergris shoreline
Ambergris Lodge, (now Mayan Princess) and Lily's Hotel, 1980's
Roberto and Raul Gomez, Pele and Tommy Searle at Ambergris Lodge. Easter 1984
Geni Tealy, George Stefanko, and Jim Wade at the Ambergris Lodge, 1975
Beachfront and Ambergris Lodge in San Pedro Ambergris Caye in the mid 1970’s
Ambergris Lodge from the sea, 1980's
The Ambergris Lodge, 1978
North Ambergris, area of Ambergris Caye Belize Resort project
Leaping into the pool at Ambergris Lake Villas
American Consulate in Belize, long ago
American Embassy in Belize City, about 1976, Second photo 1950's-ish, other photos as well
After centuries of existence and years as the home of the US Embassy in Belize City the old colonial structures on Gabourel Lane are being torn down
Tres Amigas. Lovely ladies, the best. Mary Gonzalez, Courtney Sage, and Tamara Sniffin
The 3 Amigo's... Divers Alex Bruce, Jordan Héguy and Cameron Bruce
Amigos Del Mar in the early days of their existence. I think this was taken in 1992 or 1993
Mercie Trejo, Manuel Ancona and Flora Ancona – With Family and friends Tikal 1985 - Flora had to borrow my sweatshirt because it was so cold!
Florita Ancona, the first female Belizean pilot, in front of a plane in 1998
Fidel Ancona at his office, long ago...
This building belongs to Flora Ancona and it was their home for many years
Fidel Ancona and Mervin Key, taking a l'il rest at the shrimp farm
Bart Rice, Eddie Ancona and ? outside Holiday Hotel Christmas Party-1984 Sitting on Nando Trejo’s Red Honda four wheeler
Manuel Ancona and Flora Ancona – With Family and friends Antigua, Guatemala 1985
Anchorage Resort on Caye Caulker, 1977
Ian Anderson with his brother long ago...
Ian and Ella Anderson, owners of Caves Branch Adventure Company & Jungle Lodge
Entering Anderson's Lagoon via The Cut
Angel fish at Tres Cocos
The one and only Anhinga anhinga: aka snakebird
Anhinga - snake bird
Juvenile groove billed ani
Groove-billed Ani
64 small photos of plants, flowers, birds, snakes, lizards, butterflies, and other animals, to show off the diversity of amazing life we have here in Belize!
Animals in the Ark, tile from Gecko Graphics
Beautiful flowering annato
Ghost Anole
Anole lizard
Female Velvet Ant patrolling Bladen Nature Reserve
Ants farming helmeted treehoppers
Industrious ant
Huge nests of wee wee ants
Northern tamandua, also known as a northern anteater with its long tongue out
Central American Silky Anteater, also called pygmy anteater, cyclopes dorsalis
ACES rescues anteater
Antelope Falls in Bocawina Mayflower National Park in Stann Creek
Nestled in the tropical forest of Stann Creek, the beautiful Antelope Falls, located in the Bocawina Park
The main pool at Antelope Falls at Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Beautiful Antelope Creek near Bocawina Rainforest Resort & Adventures
Beautiful red anthurium
Antojitos Santelmo, Saturday Lunch
Front of Aqua Lodge in San Pedro, about 1983. Later Ramons 2
Army ants have found and killed a scorpion
Army ants disposing of a scorpion
Huge numbers of reproductive ants after a rain
The Aquarium is coming...
Collared Aracari, a toucan
Collared Aracari, toucan
Aracaris eating watermelon
Elito Arceo wading through the lagoon, 1996
Elito Arceo guiding a boat to Lamanai, 2002
Four photographs of Elito Arceo
Elito Arceo in a boat on the backside of Ambergris Caye, 1996
Dylan, Elito, Alyssa, and Rebecca Arceo in a boat on the backside of Ambergris, 1997
Elito Arceo, at Tabu
Elito and Rebecca Arceo
Francisco "Fashico" Arceo and his great granddaughter, Kaitlin, and a few other photos of him
A vote for Patty Arceo for Belize Rural South is a vote for things to happen on our islands
Patty Arceo working at the San Pedro Clinic when it used to be by the airport-1990
Patty Arceo and Barton J. Rice, 1980's
Major archaeological find in San Ignacio
Help support natural tourism in Arenal Village, Cayo
Arenal Village riverside
Premier George Price, Hon. Santiago Perdomo, and Hector Silva in Arenal Village, early 1960's
Butterflies swarm in Arenal Village, Cayo
Ariel's Water Taxi in San Pedro, 1995
Baby armadillo
Mama armadillo with nursing babies
Small armadillo
Destinee Arnold / Miss Belize with a barn owl
Destinee Arnold / Miss Belize with a tapir
Miss Universe 2019 Contestant Destinee Dominique Arnold in a beautiful dress that celebrates Belize
Destinee Arnold / Miss Belize with a toucan
Arpana - Mayan Ranger - with Joe and Miriam Martinez
Art Exhibition inspired by the Maya at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City
Lieutenant-General Sir George Arthur. Lieutenant Governor of British Honduras (1814–1822). Also, Top Five Colonial Governors
Artistic Concentration
Felicita Arzu
Assassin bugs nymphs ... as in the dreaded kissing bug
National Assembly, Government buildings during the construction of Belmopan City in the 1970's, also Premier George Price on Scaffolding and "New Capital's Name: Belmopan," The Reporter, March 20 1970
1957 British Honduras Legislative Assembly
Construction of the National Assembly building in Belmopan, 1968-69
1969 National Assembly of British Honduras
An Astrum Helicopter is greeted as it comes in over the dock at Azul Belize
Astrum Helicopter 206 Long Ranger
Astrum Helicopters: Bell 206 Jet Ranger cruising along the coastline of Belize
The Lunatic Asylum at the Barracks, long ago
The Lunatic Asylum at Fort George, about 1880
"Lunatic Asylum" Construction, Belize City long ago
This classic photo celebrates some of the greatest Belizean male athletes of all times
First Automobile on San Pedro
Early 1970s photo of the Auxillou family in front of the first hotel on Caye Caulker, the Hideaway Reef Lodge, owned by the Auxillou Family
A 1960's photo of my father's (Ray Auxillou) Hideaway Reef Lodge on Caye Caulker (1st hotel on CC) and his boat, the Atoll Queen, also an ad for the lodge from Field & Stream 1973
Auxillou Beach Suites on Caye Caulker
Hoping that youth is catching, Auxillou-Paitsell wedding: Tony Rath, Wendy Auxillou, Bianca de la Fuente, Cody Kuylen, Anthony Kuylen, Giselle de la Fuente, Justin M. Kuylen, Adrienne Kuylen, Diane Auxillou-Paitsell and Marlon Kuylen
Diane Auxillou watching her 2 older sons & her nephew play in the water at the Split on Caye Caulker, 1993-ish. Also Diane at the split late 1980s or early 1990s
My little Cooch (Blayd Vernon Auxillou) enjoying a fabulous encounter with a dolphin (Isla Mujeres) this week.
Auxillou family home on the beach on Caye Caulker, 1964 thereabouts
Cap´n Ray Auxillou in his late 20´s building the 34 foot twin diesel motorsailer, around 1965
Auxillou girls (Sharon, Wendy, Diane and Tina Auxillou) on Christmas Day 35 years ago on Caye Caulker
Avengers, 1976, Football team from San Ignacio and Santa Elena
HUGE avocado
Chris Aycock, of the "Blue Water Grill," having a quiet moment at Caye Chapel after 36 holes of strenuous golf
Ayuso's new home, 1967
Don Felix Ayuso driving a boat, 1977
Felix Ayuso and his granddaughter Skye
Felix Ayuso was known and loved by so many. He was a warrior. We will miss him
Jacelie Azueta and Chi Chi Net. Now she goes by 'Jaz', and is much more grown-up. She is shown here with her Grandma Ernestina "Chichi Net" Gonzalez, late 1980's. Also a drawing of them and a photo of just Chi Chi
Wide angle view from the edge of the sea up towards Azul Belize
Morning light at Azul Belize, north Ambergris Caye, view from pool to the sea
Beautiful relaxing spot at Azul Belize, to gaze out at the reef
Our Sunday's at Azul ... Happy B-day, Jeff. Vivian Yu, Don Listwin, Findley Halliday
Late night at Azul Belize
Sunrise at Azul Belize
Circular stairway going down from the roof at Azul Belize
Aerial shot of Azul Belize
The view from the top of Azul Belize


Baboon Sanctuary
Baby dedication at San Pedro Belize Assemblies Of God Living Word Church
Bacalar Chico from the air
Early Morning on Back Street, San Pedro. Man relaxing...
Boating through the mangroves at Bacalar Chico
San Pedro's Got Back
Afternoon chat on the backroads of Belize
Tacio Badillo at the Mistral World Championships, 1989
Tacio Badillo, that windsurfing dude, mid 1980's
The perfect escape to the secret beach on the Caye Lime. Miguel Perez, Captain Ricky Jurado, Melody Wolfe, Sherie Ann Pou, Gerry Badillo and Mauricio Rovelo
Conch harvest with Ramon Badillo in 1971 or so
Don Fido Badillo (Ramon) on his glass bottom boat, 1989 in San Pedro
Ramon Badillo, 1980's. Also his original “Glass Bottom Boat”
Raquel Badillo
Bagasse pit on Tiger Sandy Bay Farms
Joe Bageant and his wife Barbara Dickinson
Plaster Bagworm 3.5 inches
Bajamar House & Suites
Bake Sale! Raising funds for the Caye Caulker Elementary School
View from the Bald Hills looking towards the Chiquibul jungles in the distance
The Bald Hills, located in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Ridges and sunlight - Baldy Beacon, Mountain Pine Ridge
Maya Ball Court at Xunantunich
Balloon Fish
Mr. Bamboo in his shop, San Pedro May 1993
Bamboo Bay Nightclub and Bar in Belize City, one place British troops hung out in the 1970's
Pool and courtyard at Banana Beach Resort
Baby banana birds in the nest
Banana trees, painting by Iguana Jack
Flower of the pink velvet banana
Subtended by the red bracts, these are the male flowers of a banana
United Fruit banana boat in the Temash River to pick up bananas from farmers in the early 1900's
Banana Beach Resort, what a lovely place to stay
Unloading bananas on donkey carts, 1890
Man and his horse on the way to the train in Griga with bananas to be shipped away, 1930. Also the train full of bananas in Griga, 1920's
Boating downriver to the train to sell bananas, long ago. Also a few other photos of the banana industry and little history of the banana industry in Belize
Our first apple bananas from the garden!!! - feeling thankful
San Pedro’s prize winning band in the 1920s
Banda de San Pedro, mid 1950's
The legendary Belizean Maya Pax band Alma Maya more commonly known as La Banda de San Jose in the 1970's
Don Santiago Chich Castillo, Mr George Price, Madame Gwendoline Lizarraga and Hector Silva at the BANDAG tyre recapping Outfit in Orange Walk, 1965ish
Delicious entrees from Banh Mi Belize
Grace Banner: Belizean Softball Greatness
Captain Ray, driver of the famous Banyan Bay Beach Buggy, Dave Childs and guest. 2004
Ray, Mr. Rob and Sonny at the bar in San Pedro, long ago
Bar on lagoon, San Pedro
Barbershop in San Pedro, a few years ago
Barbershop in Belize City, long ago
You can recognize some familiar Belizean names on this wall of a barber shop on Orange Street in Belize City
The building which housed Barclays Bank's Belize headquarters has been around for some time. This picture was taken in 1958
Dancing and partying at Barefoot Iguana
Rick drinking off a lady's stomach at Barefoot Iguana in San Pedro, 2001
Barefoot Skinny and Dale Wallace, after a good nights work
Barefoot Skinny (Tim Budd) hard at work with his guitar in San Pedro, late 1990's or early 2000's
The barge that takes sugar from the Tower Hill factory
Barges with unloaded cargo from ships docked a few miles outside the harbor in Belize City, late 1950's
Barnacle Bill lights up with a Belikin
Barnacle Bill gettin' ready to go out, prepping hisself up for a night on the town
Eusebio Baron of Caye Caulker and his family, long ago
View out from the Baron Bliss Monument and Lighthouse, photos and drone footage, and a bit about the history of the monument
The Original Baron Bliss Institute in Belize City, plus several photos over the years
360 degree photo of the Bliss Lighthouse in Belize City at sunset, and a video of walking around the area
Belize City's most iconic landmark, Bliss Lighthouse just before sunset
Baron Bliss and his boat "The Sea King." Also a bit of his history, including projects facilitated by the Baron Bliss Trust and some old photos of the Baron Bliss Lighthouse area
Planet Bikini: with Cricel Castillo, Barracuda Bikinis, Rachelle Wintzen and Rosie Syme
Barracuda Bikini shoot at the "fixer upper" south of the island!
Barracuda Bikini Photo Shoot on the pier
Pretty in Pink, Barracuda Bikini's waiting for a ride in San Pedro! Rachelle Wintzen, Cricel Castillo, and Rosie Syme
Barracuda Bikini Photo Shoot
Will Nuñez and a San Pedrano friend caught this Barracuda in the Lagoon
Ken Fellure on the Paradise Hotel Dock, fishermen with lots of caught barracuda hanging, 1980
Large barracudas, Andrew Gill and Governor’s Ronald Garvey's Daughters on English Caye pier, about 1950. Also Maya women with a big barracuda with a big one, and a little about cooking them
Barracuda, Jake and Cole back with the catch of the day
Barracuda in shallow water with seagrass
School of barracuda at Lighthouse Reef Atoll
Just caught barracuda
Divers with barracuda
Barracuda straight in your face!
Father Louis J. Fusz S.J. with a group in Barranco Village 100 years ago, 1910
Relaxing at the end of a pier, from the beautiful coastal village of Barranco
Leaders of Barranco with Premier George Price during his visit in the 1960's, and several other photos from that visit to the Toledo District
The Barrier Reef Hotel and Central Park, 1986
Central Park San Pedro with the Barrier Reef Hotel, 1995
Barrier Reef Hotel in San Pedro, 1996. Front of building, pool, and entrance to the bar, one of their business cards. Owned and operated by John and Jeanie Bremekamp
Pool at the Barrier Reef Hotel, 1996
My favorite bartenders! Abbie Marin and Miguel Campos, at The Navigator Bar at the Barrier Reef Hotel 1990 or so. Also Janis Moran Janis Morin bartending at the Barrier Reef Hotel, 1981
Barrier Reef Hotel in 1987, repainted and a few changes to the structure as well. Formerly known as Blake House.
Mr. Alfred Serano (Serrano?) tending bar at the Barrier Reef Hotel, 1979
A Calm Barrier Reef Drive (Front Street) in San Pedro, 1972, also a comparison photo from 2009
Aerial view of the Belize Barrier Reef
Wave break on the Belize Barrier Reef from below
Looking down on the barrier reef from a Tropic Air flight
Colors of the barrier reef. A graysby surrounded by juvenile creole wrasses and blue chromis
Aerial view above a boat looking over the barrier reef and out to sea
Beautiful underwater view of the Belize Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Site
Aerial view of the Belize Barrier Reef
The amazing blues of the Belize Barrier Reef
Aerial view showing the structure of the Belize Barrier Reef - back reef, crest, spur and groove, drop-off, deep water
Beautiful aerial views of the Belize Barrier Reef
Our Great Barrier Reef
High school students from Southside Belize City tour Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System
Aerial view of the Belize Barrier Reef
Underwater view of a wave breaking on the Belize Barrier Reef
Belize Barrier Reef - Nice capture and effect provided in this long exposure
President Obama with Prime Minister Barrow
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow with Vice President Joe Biden of the United States at the Inauguration Ceremony of President Jimmy Morales in Guatemala
Our Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow, long ago in his youth
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and U.S. President Barack Obama
Belize's Prime Minister, Dean Barrow in Los Angeles, after the 1984 United Democratic Party (UDP) first general elections victory
Barrows Hall in Belize City long ago, plus photos of some of the Barrows family
The entrance to Xibalba, Barton Creek Cave
Barton Creek Canoes, Cayo District
Canoeing Barton Creek Cave
Barton Creek from an Astrum Helicopter
Who was Basil Jones and why is the area named after him?
The remains of the old Basil Jones Bar on north Ambergris Caye
Basil Jones Resort on northern Ambergris Caye, 1997
Basket Star
New basketball court at Boca Del Rio
1986 Basketball in Central Park in San Pedro
Playing basketball in Central Park in San Pedro, 1999-2001, several photos
Caye Caulker basketball court, 2002
Stone Haven basketball team in Stann Creek, 1957
Basketball court in Central Park, San Pedro 1997
Gwen Lizarraga Girls & Sadie Vernon boys are basketball champs!
Happy Home Builders was the best Belizean basketball team in history! 1979
The Fairy Basslet, sometimes known as the Royal Gramma
BIG o' Bat in Belize
Pygmy Fruit eating bats with babies
A Greater Sac-winged bat (Saccopteryx bilineata) in a hollow tree at Los Cerros
Nap time for bats in San Pedro
Munching bats
Bat Myotis sp. in cave
Centurio senex, or Wrinkle-faced bat, nature's hideous but effective juicer
The Bulldog bat or the greater fishing bat, Noctilio leporinus
The Strange Face of the Proboscis Bat
Is it a bird? Is a plane? No it's Belize Raptor Centre releasing bats in the Mahogany Tree in our yard (garden)!
Greater White-lined Bat
Bat eating a banana
Longnosed Batfish
Shortnose Batfish
Walking batfish, Ogcocephalus nasutus
BATSUB Army training centre on St. George's Caye, 1960's
BATSUB Bell 212 helicopter over the Blue Hole
The old fountain at Battlefield (Central) Park in Belize City
Battlefield (Central) Park when it was bare ground, 1920's, also views over the years. The park is in front of the Supreme Court
Girl Guides parade in front of the Supreme Court at the BattleField Park
The bay behind San Pedro
Awesome view to the lagoon from Bayside Estates on Ambergris Caye
Painting of BC's Beach Bar decorated for Christmas
BC's in it's glory days! Also a bit about the skydivers parties there
Dinner with Ian Anderson - Be Kind Belize
Be Kind Belize in Belmopan zoo trip!
Be Kind Belize Burger Party at Tacklebox Bar & Grill
Ceremony to hand over USA military equipment to the Belize Defence Force (BDF). Also a bit of the history of the BDF.
Too tired for the beach?
A day at the beach, 1933-1935
Beach BBQ on Ambergris Caye
Seven friends hanging out on the beach, 1980's, includes Sallie Martin and James Karo
Evening along the beach, painting by Sami Linares
Beautiful day on the beach in San Pedro
Beach Bounce
The beautiful beaches of Belize
Beach view, just north of the pier at the shrimp farm, on Ambergris Caye
Beach view, San Pedro 1985
Beach day with the family
Beautiful beach scene, painting
View of the beach on North Ambergris Caye
Freedom!, Boys playing on the beach
Beach in front of the Church in the 1960's
Hanging out at the beach, playing
The beach in front of Lily's and Ambergris Lodge, 1976
Pastel beach house, sailboats offshore, painting by Leo Vasquez
Beautiful beachfront residential lot in an Exclusive Subdivision!
Beachfront on North Ambergris Caye
Beach scene, with docks and shorebirds, painting by Curvin Mitchell
Beach view on North Ambergris
Hands together, a stroll on the beach
Beach Kings 1992
Romantic candle-lit bed on the beach at night
Beauty Queen contestants for Ms. Latin America 2016, in San Pedro
The old Bedran Hotel in Cayo, circa 1920's
Male orchid bees (Euglossa sp.)
Orchid bee (Euglossa sp) on a beautiful zinnia
Trigona fulviventris, one of the largest Trigona bees
Two native Belizean bee species (Trigona sp and Tetragonisca angustula in the background)
A Jolom, Maya word for a nest built by bees
Xunán Kab, the Maya bee in danger of extinction
Bee in the Garden ~ One has to go to certain flowers in order to find the perfect honey.
A heist! This stingless bee is attempting to bypass the tubular route and cut a hole at the base of the flower to commit nectar robbery!
Meliponine bees and banana (Musa sp.); Unitedville, Cayo District
Bee swarm
Tim Beene looking relaxed, 1980 in San Pedro
David and Goliath, Leaf beetle (Chrysomelidae) and Longhorn beetle
Longhorn beetle
Longhorn beetle, Cerambycidae
Rhinoceros beetle, Megasoma elephas
Rhinoceros Beetle
Female Rhinoceros beetle
Large beetles in the jungle
Staphylinine Rove Beetle, (Leistotrophus versicolor)
A goliath beetle I found walking around the farm
Hercules beetle
Longhorn beetle (Callipogon senex or Callipogon barbatum) found on our Soursop tree
Glowing Click Beetles or Fire Beetles
Female Elephant Beetle (Megasoma elephas)
Dung Beetle
Henry! Wake Up Henry! Henry Beissner, 2005
The ridge suite pool at Belcampo Belize Lodge
A nature reserve-rain forest surrounds the suites at Belcampo Belize Lodge
Two views of the 2,000-acre nature reserve at Belcampo Belize Lodge
Familiar scene at the bar, Belikin bottle
Enjoy your Belikin, enjoy Belize! Long ago, relaxing in the sea
An old Belikin sign when the Belikin girls were painted instead of photographed
Belikin Beer 2018 Calendar models pose with their calendar photos
Belikin on the beach
Belize from the air
Taken from a jet-plane, coming home to Belize during August 2012's very rainy time ...... Belize is beautiful regardless of when or weather.
Kammell Mejia Gullap, BAL Stewardess. Belize Airways Limited, 1970's
Kammell Gullap, stewardess for Challenge International Airlines (former BAL flight attendant), 1985
Getting aboard! Belize Airways Ltd. - Belize's National Airlines in the 70's, Video, Belize Airways Ltd Tribute. Also a little bit about the airline and history of air travel in Belize, TAN Airlines in Belize, some pages from Brukdown, the Belize Airways Flight Magazine
Office building for the Belize Archives & Records Service
Belize Audubon Society photo exhibit at the Embassy of Mexico
Belize Audubon Society "Mangrove, Protectors of the Coast" Camp
Nature Photography Camp by Belize Audubon Society
Belize Breeze
Belize's Tropical Beauty, painting by Victor Lopez
Belize City aerial view, several years ago
Aerial view looking down on Belize City, 1962
Aerial over Belize City, long ago. Looking down on the courthouse and river front
Sunset over Belize City
An aerial view of the vicinity of St Mary's Church, Belize City, circa 1916
Sunset over Belize City, aerial
Historic buildings in Belize City, William Quan store at the corner of Orange and Albert Streets, the Paslow Building, the Triangle Building, the old market, the Melhado Building, L.E. Cuevas Building, long ago
End of South Front Street and Market Square in Belize City, circa late 1870s
Belize City near the tennis court next to St. Mary’s School on North Front Street, long ago
1829 Belize City map
Belize City street, 1916
Food, shaved ice, fruit and vegetable stands on North Front Street, an area known as New Market in Belize City, 1975
Residence of Hon L.R. Grant with Presbyterian Church in the distance, Belize City 1907
River View, boats along waterfront, Belize City, 1908
Two street views in Belize City, 1981. Albert Street, and the corner of Regent St and Ferrel Lane
Craig Street near the junction with Eve Street going towards Barracks Road in Belize City, 1975, 2007, and 2021. Including Bradley's Bottling Works and the Queen Anne Club
Map of area burned in the downtown Belize City Fire of 1863, and a little history of the fire
View of North Side of Belize City, Looking from Fort George Roadway, British Honduras 1905
Aerial view of Northside Belize City, post 1931, and a story about Northside Belize City
Panorama River Scene in Belize City
In 1891 Belize City women chilling in front of their house in British Honduras (Belize)
Two women chatting in the street in Belize City, one carrying a straw basket, 1899
Sailboats resting in the Belize City Harbor, just before sunset, aerial. Bonus photo of similar view at night
Belize City courthouse and wharf, 1856
Customs Building and Wharf in Belize City, 1950's
Workers unloading a barge at the customs wharf in Belize City, 1976
Firewood piled up at Courthouse Wharf in Belize City, 1920's
Nice aerial view approaching Belize City, a little different perspective
Old unfinished home on Jasmine Street in Belize City
View of the river, boats, and buildings along the river, in Belize City, British Honduras, 1910s or 1920s
Flying high above Belize City, clouds between the ground and the plane
Aerial Belize City - 1928
Bridgefoot 1960's in Belize City
Wonderful aerial view of Belize City in the 1980's
Aerial view of Belize City
Aerial view of Belize City looking from the Southside with Birds Isle in the foreground
Aerial view of Belize City, 1922-1923, also a similar view from 1939
Aerial view of Southside in Belize City from South Street going south, long ago
Aerial view of Belize City and the mouth of the Belize River, 1972
Aerial views of Belize City, Belcan Bridge to the Caribbean Sea, Bliss Lighthouse. Also a bit about the history of the Belcan Bridge
Colorful sailboats moored at the mouth of the Belize River in Belize City
Sailboat with a Ford logo, Belize City about 1925. Looking south, Scot’s Kirk church in the background, old market far right and Courthouse extreme left
Aerial view of Belize City
Belize City in 1879. Smooth n untouched, plain n simple...
Bird's eye view of Belize City from the tower of the wireless station, 1920's
Aerial view of Belize City looking toward the sea, 1952
Aerial view of Belize City at sunset
Beautiful sunset drone panoramas over Belize City
Aerial view of Belize City late 1980's or early 1990's. Also a view from 1959
Aerial views of Belize City in the 1910's
Southside view of Belize City, British Honduras, 1937, The Swimming Pool at Government House, what it was like in the neighborhood
Aerial photo of the entire length of Pickstock Street in Belize City
Now and Long Ago: Pictures of the end of West Canal in Belize City
Belize City Canal off Daly Street, 1980
Dredging a Canal in Belize City, 1930's
Belize Canal-side Residences, c. 1900
Aerial view of the Belize City roundabout looking toward Belcan Bridge and Central American Boulevard at Sunset
Double Barrel Club and surrounding area in Belize City, 1940's or 1950's. Includes Mom's Triangular Inn and Bar, and the Bliss Hotel
Southside Canal, Belize, British Honduras, long ago...
The "Belize Stores" and a portion of the store of C. Biddle to the right, Belize City 1930's
East/West Collet Canal in Belize City, 1920, also a bit of history of the neighborhoods around Collet Canal (Vernon Street) and Collet Canal (Cemetery Road), and a map showing lots of the neighborhoods and canals of Belize City
On the Canal, 1917, Belize City
Intersection of Regent and Alberta streets at the south end of the swing bridge which separates the two major sections of Belize City, 1970's
Corner of Queen and Handyside Streets in Belize City, long ago
Twilight in Belize City
Prince Street between Albert Street and Foreshore, passing the 7-Up factory in Belize City, 1979
Postcard: "Part of town Belize, British Honduras," about 1908. Boats in foreground, town along river in background
Belize City Southern Foreshore before the sugar warehouse, pre Hattie, circa 1950's. Also a few other photos of Foreshore taken over the years including the Wade's house
Approach to Swing Bridge from Albert St. Babb Building on the left, Holy Redeemer Cathedral in the middle, the Old Market on the right. Belize City, 1970's
British soldiers with their cannon lined up in Belize City, 1914
Belize City Harbour, late 1800's
Belize City's Police Department yard long ago
Belize City Harbour Scene, 1882
The Flag monument at the entrance of Belize City with its 23 flagpoles flying flags of the Caribbean and Central America, plus Mexico, 2003
Belize City Canal side, Berkeley St./East Canal 1929
Now and Long Ago: Pictures of Orange Street and West Canal, Belize City. Also a story about the shops along Orange Street back in the day
Belize City aerial, view to the sea
Aerial view of Belize City
Belize City at night is so beautiful with the coastline lit, reflections in the water and stars in the sky.
Cycloramic birds eyeview of Belize City, 1914
Belize City and two of its three main bridges, aerial
Painting of Belize City by the river, 1910
Old North Front Street in Belize City, prior to Hurricane Hattie in 1961. Also a story about walking down North Front Street back in the day
Drawing of North Front Street in Belize, British Honduras long ago, also a photo of that area now
Map: The Growth of Belize City from 1660-2020
Fantastic 1914 panorama of Belize City
Eboe Town in Belize City, where slaves were housed in the early days of Belize
Three pictures of North Front Street in Belize City at the turn of the century, including Mutrie, Arthur, and Currie's Store in 1908
Aerial view of the south side of Belize City, mid 1940's
Aerial view of Belize City towards the Caribbean
Panorama of Belize City, 1914
Aerial view of Haulover Creek and Belize City Harbor with the historic Swing Bridge, 2021
Central Drugs and other bridgefoot buildings including Matus Brothers, the beginning of downtown Belize City, probably late 1970's or early 1980's
The old Pilgrim Undertaking Parlour in Belize City, mid 1970's
Central Drugs in Belize City over the years
Boats docking on the Belize River, downtown Belize City, long ago
Aerial view of downtown Belize City and the Belize River, painting by Rachel Heusner
Belizean ladies in Harlem Square, Belize City in 1969
Belize City at night
Belizean Coves Estates at night
Belize Diving Services owners group shot (Caye Caulker)
Belize Embassy in Washington D.C.
A 1863 five pound share in the British Honduras Company, precursor to the Belize Estate and Produce Company
The Belize Estate and Produce Company Ltd. Headquarters in Orange Walk on the banks of the New River long ago, also a 1925 ad for the company and a photo of its office in downtown Belize City, and a bit about the history of the company
September Celebrations: Belize Expo 2014
Group of folks hanging out on the Belize Express dock
Belize Golf Club, Newtown Barracks, long ago. Also its replacement, The Belize Club
The Belize Golf Club, 1903. Also a bit about the history of golf in Belize
The Belize Club, at Newtown Barracks, long ago
Pool at Belize Legacy Resort
Belize Legacy Beach Resort
Sunset at Belize Legacy Resort
Umbrellas at Belize Legacy Resort
Belize Legacy Resort
Marty Casado and his granddaughter Feona enjoy the beach at Belize Legacy Resort
Aerial views of the Belize Lodge
Belize Marketing Board, long ago
Fruit display at the 2012 Belize National Agriculture And Trade Show, including the secretly beautiful Jack Fruit
Swollen Belize River
Flood waters from the Belize River hitting the salt water of the Caribbean
Sunset on the Belize River Nov 28, 2015
Flying over the Belize River, near the International Airport
A day at the office for Belize Sailing Vacations
Early office of the BTB (Belize Tourism Board) on Regent Street, also used by other government ministries
Sunrise at Belizean Shores
Belizean Shores Resort
Sunset lagoon dinner at Belizean Shores Resort
Aerial view of Belizean Shores
Swimming in the pool at The Belizean on northern Ambergris Caye, later the Essene Way. 1980's
This photo proves Belizeans are a very friendly and helpful people...
Belize Yacht Club, Southern Foreshore in Belize City, 1930's
The Bellevue Hotel in Belize City, long ago
Entrance to the Bellevue Hotel in Belize City, 1973
Two views of the Belize Yacht Club dock area, 2001
Beautiful sunset in Belmopan City
Bennys Kitchen in San Jose Succotz... super good local food, great area for kids to play
Benque Viejo del Carmen, birds eye view including Succotz...west to east view...
Churchill Street in Benque, about 1958
The first taxi between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo, plus a little history of Benque
First session of the Benque Viejo del Carmen Town Council, 1958
Fire Station and Village Fire Fighters at Benque Viejo, 1949
Benque School with Father Versavel, S.J., 1910's
Priest residences in Benque Viejo, 1914, also businesses on Benque in the olden days
Police Court in Benque Viejo, long ago
Benque Festival 2008
Old Benque... long ago
Benque's first RC church, built about 1906
Gerry 'Ketchi' Ack when he was a kid with Rebecca Berlin at her dive shop on Ambergris Caye, long ago
Chris Berlin and his dad Skip exploration camping on the coast of Honduras, 1972
Chris Berlin on the family 97 ft, 3 masted topsail schooner built in 1902
Miss Bertie's Hopkins Community Library
James Wilson Beveridge in the jungle
Bicycle heaven on the outskirts of town, San Pedro
Bicycle cart man, painting by Rachel Heusner
Westrac Bicycle Race from Belmopan to Pomona and back, 2019
Riding bicycles on the "Go Slow" Island of Caye Caulker, 2015
First men to traverse the width of our country on a bicycle, Cyril Simmons and Leopold Neal, 1928, the start of the annual Cross Country Cycling Race. Also a little history of bicycle racing in Belize
Store of Catherine Biddle in Belize City, the Historic Juan Vidal Biddle Building, long ago and now
The Big Apple Club, site of the Bel Rio movie theatre in Belize City, mid 1980's. Also a bit about courting (dating) in Belize City back in the day
The infamous Big C, in the 1970's
Beach at Big Daddy's, late 70's or early 80's
Photos of Big Daddy's, one from the 1980,s one from 1995, one from 1976. Volleyball game next to Big Daddy's long ago
Big Rock Falls, with a couple of folks in the pool
Big Rock Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge. Also an aerial view and a video
Big Rock Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge Area of the Cayo District of Belize
Relaxing swim at Big Rock Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge
Big Rock Falls
Relaxing at Big Rock Falls, while honeymooning at Mystic River Resort
The water pours over you at Big Rock Falls
Big Rock Falls
Fun at Big Rock Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Local guide reflecting at Big Rock Falls
Riding a bike along the beach
Bikes parked along the shore on Caye Caulker
Bikini Bar opening a smashing success!
Waterfall and pool at Billy Barquedier National Park
Blue Bikini
Birdwatching in the jungle
Congregation of shore birds
Bird frenzy at the dock
David Hilmy's top twelve of his "Birds of Belize" series
Relative sizes of our wading birds in Belize. Jabiru and other wading birds
Me and my birdies... Conure and blue gold macaw
Birdwatching in Belize, a deer with a bird on its head.
Birds and humans, coexisting together, kickin' it out on the dock
Avian love, Robert Vogues with his cockatoo
Bird of paradise bud
Bird of paradise
Birds of paradise, painting by Rosalez
Sign of the week - seen at Bird's Isle, Belize City
A roadside sign at Bird's Isle, Only Nasty People Litter
'Bitz,' also called bri bri, a sweet seed pod treat
Black Hole Drop, view out from the cave at the bottom of the drop
Scenes from the Black Hole Drop
Descending on the Black Hole Drop
Myah Casado at the bottom of the Black Hole Drop
Black Rock Lodge
Riparian corridor at Black Rock Lodge, view down to the Macal River
Aerial view of Blackadore Caye
Aerial view of Blackadore Caye / Cayo Negro
Walking around Blackadore Caye on my birthday, enjoying the splendor of a deserted island
Sundog on Blackbird Caye
Sunset over Blackbird Caye Resort
Sunset over Blackbird Caye Resort
Looking out onto Oceanic Society property from boat dock, Blackbird Caye
Frank Blades at Fender's Bar in Belize City, long ago
Ma Blake's Bar on old airport road in Ladyville, long ago
Old Blake House, later Barrier Reef Hotel
Same location, years apart: Blake House, Heritage Bank
Blake House in San Pedro, mid 1940's
The Blake House in San Pedro, 1975
Blake House / Barrier Reef Hotel in San Pedro, much earlier than the 1980's...
Photos of Blake House (also known and the Alamilla House), long ago. Also a brief history of cannon and pirates on Ambergris Caye
Blake House, when John and Jeanne Bremekamp had it, 1977
Restaurant at Blancaneaux Lodge
Most Romantic Hotels in Central America: Blancaneaux Lodge. Also a bit of its history and some videos of the resort
Francois J Blancaneaux and his family, an early Belizean naturalist and pioneer of the chicle industry in Belize, photo from after 1918. Also a photo of Emily Blancaneaux, Barry Bowen's moher
Bridge and lower (warm) pool by the spa at Blancaneaux
Waterfall at Blancaneaux, up near the top of the property by the honeymoon cabins
Organic farm at Blancaneaux
Bicycling from Blancaneaux to Five Sisters Lodge
Grounds at Blancaneaux
Orange Spotted Blenny peeking out of some coral
Spiney head Blenny
Spinehead blenny in coral
Seaweed blenny closeup
The Bliss Hotel building in Belize City, late 1980's early 90's. Also a bit of its history including a photo of Karl Weir, Hugh Weir, Sydney Weir, and Raymond Weir
A female Red Banner Blenny, Emblemariopsis ramirezi
Vision Serpent: Lintel 15 at Yaxchilan, depicting Lady Wak Tuun during a bloodletting rite
Maya bloodletting rituals
Jason Tiesman and Nicki Wade during a birding expedition in Blue Creek, Toledo
Blue Creek, Toledo District
Blue Creek
Blue Dragon Grapefruit, British Honduras 1930
Blue Ground Range Cayes
Belizean pterodactyl, Great Blue Heron
A Great Blue Heron wading in the mangroves
Great blue heron swoops down to catch a fish
Great Blue Heron on southern Ambergris Caye
Great blue heron with prey
Great Blue Heron with a baby crocodile in its mouth
Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron eating moray eel
A Great Blue Heron goes fishing... in Caledonia
Great Blue Heron takes flight... Ambergris Caye
Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias, with his plumage for breeding
Young blue heron
Series of little blue holes along the side of the Macal River
A Blue Hole in the Chiquibul during rainy season
Blue Hole, Chiquibul Forest Reserve
Blue Hole National Park
Blue Hole National Park
Exploring a little blue hole on the back side of Ambergris Caye, 1998
Brain and tube corals of the Great Blue Hole in Belize, with trunkfish.
A busy day at the Blue Hole
Helicopter centered over the Great Blue Hole, Also a story and drawing by Jayson Forman "First trip to the Great Blue Hole (1986)"
Classic aerial photo of the Great Blue Hole by Chris Allnatt
Tropic Air flying over the Great Blue Hole
The Legend of the Blue Hole Monster
Aquatica Submarines ship outside the Great Blue Hole prior to their submarine expedition To The Bottom Of The Blue Hole, December 2018
Mural of The Great Blue Hole, at the Ramada Royal Reef Resort in Belize City, 1990
The Great Blue Hole
Helicoptering by The Great Blue Hole
Aerial of Great Blue Hole
The Great Blue Hole aerial view, boat in center
Gaze into the Great Blue Hole from space
The Blue Hole from a helicopter tour
Stalagtites in the Great Blue Hole
Skydiving nekkid into the Great Blue Hole
View over the Great Blue Hole,
Fabulous aerial views of the Great Blue Hole
The Blue Hole Air Ring
Skydiving into the Great Blue Hole
Blue Lotus Restaurant in San Pedro
Blue Reef Island Resort, Ambergris Caye
Blue Tang
Blue Tang and elkhorn coral
Two blue tang
School of blue tang and other fish on the reef
Blue tang feeding on seagrass
Courtyard of the Blue Tang Inn
Front of Blue Tang Inn from the beach, daytime and nighttime
Stephanie Delagarza picking up boa on Blackbird Caye
Sunrise in the Bladen Nature Reserve, Belize
Canoeing down the Bladen River, Toledo Village
Wild boa on Blackbird Caye
A very pissed off boa constrictor
Head and tongue of a boa constrictor (wowla)
Huge snake across the road in the Mountain Pine Ridge (a "Wowla," probably a kriol name for boa constrictor)
Holding up a Mexican boa constrictor, also a few facts about boas
Bart the Boa
Beautiful specimen! Boa Constrictor taking a nap on the road in front of Black Orchid Resort!
A boa constrictor makes lunch out of a huge iguana
Boa constrictor eating a large dove
Wild boa constrictor
Boa constrictor, Seven-feet long
Boa constrictor, eight and a half feet long, at Lamanai Outpost Lodge
Boarding up the stores downtown before Tropical Storm Alex
Cleaning up the boat
Under-the-house boat repair... getting the boat under the house
Two boats at dock in San Pedro, the "Elsa P." and a Chesapeake buy boat, late 1980's
Two lighter boats off Ambergris Caye, mid 1980's or so
Homemade styrofoam summer boats, San Pedro 1987
Beautiful paint job on the boat "Tortuga" by Daniel Cano
"Scene on the coast of British Honduras," several folks and their boat alongside a pier, long ago
Is this it? Sunken boat
Swimming to the boat "El Veintidos" in San Pedro, early 1980's
Wish you were here? Small boat off Ambergris Caye
Kickin' it in the boat, beautiful water...
Fun on the boat, off we go!
One should always apply suntan lotion to ones knees when driving this boat for many hours
The view on the boat ride back home (to Caye Caulker) from San Pedro.
A man and his boat
Boat house on the lagoon
Boats near the Spindrift Hotel, view of the beach from Estel's looking north
Boat parade
San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade 2017
2018 San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade
Great weather on Ambergris Caye, boats along the shore
San Pedro's Holiday Boat Parade, 2008
Boats with storm approaching
Boats on the beach
Boats anchored on the reef off San Pedro
Cruising across the cayes in a boat, aerial view
Boat-Billed Heron
Boat-Billed Heron, New River Lagoon
Boat-billed Heron (Cochlearius cochlearius)
Boat-billed Heron building nest in Cockscomb Basin
Young boat-billed heron
Boat-billed Heron at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Boat Billed Heron in the Belama area
Bobcat Bill and his mudslide
George Boburg doing tricks with fire
Boca Ciega
Thatched casita at Bocawina Rainforest Resort
Solo, a San Pedro body builder with major muscles, 1980's
Bonefish just caught off Ambergris Caye
Bone fishing at Coco Beach
Nighttime bonfire on Ambergris Caye
Red-footed Boobies have... red feet
Booby Bird and Chick at Half Moon Caye
Baby Red Footed Booby bird
The Book Center Plus in San Pedro, 2002, plus a drawing of the Book Center 1, also a bit about Mr. Leonel "Maestro" Reyes, who started the Book Center 1.
The hand-cranked ferry across the river at Burrell Boom, 1940's and 1959
The Belize - Guatemala - Honduras border lines and the ports at Puerto Barrios
Aerial view of the border between Belize and Guatemala (NASA), also some history about the drawing of this border
Don Bosch and friend, mid 1980's
The fangs of a botfly
The botfly larvae
Bottom Time Dive Shop in San Pedro, 1989
Old bottles with rounded bottoms, called torpedoes or bombs, 1800's. Also a story by Jayson Forman "Jewels from the Pacific, 1981"
Boudoir shoot
Beautiful red bougainvillea
Bright red bougainvillea
Barry Bowen, long ago... and a bit about the history of his family including Eric William Mansfield Bowen
Barry Bowen's house at Gallon Jug, early 1980's
Remembering Sir Barry Bowen
The funeral of Barry Bowen
Sir Barry Bowen statue at Municipal Airport, now known as the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport
Barry and Dixie Bowen, happy and smiling, 1990's
A classic from 1988, Dustin Bowen begging Dave Childs to give him his keyboard back
Zander Bowen after our fishing trip with his shark, mid 1980's
Zander and Dustin Bowen, 1984ish
Bowling in Paradise
Bowling after a few beers at Fidos South
Now this is my kind of bowling alley!
Glen Bowden of Fido's and his Santa daughter
Ray Bowers weds Rachael Bayon in Telluride
Hon. Sandy Hunter with Junior Bowman and his daughter Therese Rath, 1966-67
A boy and dog
A boy and his puppy
Boy with canoe
Boys playing along the shore, San Pedro
Boys in School yard, Belize City
8 boys in a boat, Dangriga
Those were the days. Maya boys at a watering hole, early 1990's
Bradley's Bottling Works and Riverside Hall in Belize City, long ago and the location on Victoria Street 2021
Norman Bradley out in the swamp with a kiss-kiss looking for crabs
Brahma Blue, artist conception
Branch Mouth, where the Macal, the Mopan, and the Belize River come together
Breadfruit Trees in Belize, How and when did the breadfruit and the ackee come to Belize?
Breadnut tree, also called ramon
Breakfast with Caye Coffee and Pan Dulce bakery goods
San Pedro Town Council Staff on PINK FRIDAY for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
New San Pedro Bridge, aerial view to the reef
Early morning commute from and to Town and North, Ambergris Caye on the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge, aerial
View towards the sea from the bridge on Ambergris Caye
Oasis looking south from the bridge
Cayes trip - British troops arriving home, 1970's
The British versus the Maya
British Honduras $1 bill, 1942
The evolution of the British Honduras and Belize one dollar bill throughout the years
A tropical exhibit of British Honduras, located inside Horticulture Hall at the 1884 World Cotton Centennial in New Orleans
The Royal Air-Force and Army base in Belize, we know it as Belize Airport Camp, in Ladyville long ago
British troops 7 platoon C Company, Holfast upon arrival at Airport camp via VC10, 1977. Also Video: From Blighty to Belize, Christmas in Belize 1977
British troops doing helicopter exercise in Cayo, 1970's. Also RAF Puma Helicopter flying over the Fort George Hotel
James Brodie & Co Ltd (Brodies) Store in Belize City, taken 1926-1931. Also Brodie's Gift Stamps
James Brodie's and Regent Street in Belize City, early 1940's
Bright coloured pitcairnia imbricata, a soft grasslike bromeliad
Beautiful white epiphetic bromeliad, Androlepis skinneri
Billbergia Saundersii, also known as ‘queen’s tears.’ Multi coloured bromeliad
Synchonous blossoming of bromeliads in a swamp in Toledo
Eduardo Brown casting his net to catch sardines for bait fish before we went fishing
Eduardo Brown: Scuba diving in the late 1960's and early 1970's
Claudio Trejo and Eduardo Brown, long ago
Eduardo Brown Sr., 1986. Also a few other photos and his story by Angel Nunez
Wilfred "Shubu" Brown, UDP stalwart and nationalist, having a wonderful time celebrating 10th September
Tony Brown
Inauguration of the BTL Station
Bucket brigade pile after a fire in downtown San Pedro, 1999
Buddy, my Husband's Basenji, taken recently from our Sea Side Yard
Jimmy Buffet and Capt. Gerald Leslie plane crash?
Jimmy Buffett, and an amphibious plane, sometime in the 1980's
Cool bug
Blue and orange bug
Man eating bug
Stinking toe, Belizean Bukut
Bukut. Carao. Stinking Toe. Cassia Grandis of the Fabaceae family
Beautiful flowering tree, Cassia grandis (Fabaceae), called Bukut in Belize
Panades, anyone? Valentin caught this bull shark
Bullshark at Hol Chan
Bull shark in the mangroves
Photos of Bullet Tree Falls
One of the prettier seed pods I have seen. According to our caretaker "bullywood" seeds
Denny the Bun Man's place at the Tewes property in San Telmo, 1980's
Installing mooring buoy anchors at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley
Army guide and San Pedrano ‘Burlioz’ (he owned the 27’ Boat - Credtura) in front of Fido's, 1977
Snake guys. HUGE Burmese Python with some fellows from the Belize Defence Force... long ago....
Belize Bus
Bus Stop in Belmopan, painting by Papo
Great paint job on a bus! Nature painting!
Busted Play
The Three Mystery Butts on a deserted caye! Toasted buns! Long ago....
Our "Skipper" butterflies are really spectacular: Astraptes fulgerator. Also a video "The Butterfly Effect"
Zebra Longwing (Heliconius charitonius) butterfly
Red Cracker, a butterfly in the brushfoot family, Mountain Pine Ridge
Costa-spotted Beautymark butterfly, Hidden Valley Inn
Polydamas Swallowtail butterfly on Psitthacantus mistletoe
Butterfly at Banyan Bay
Butterfly at Shipstern Nature Reserve
Blue Morpho butterfly caterpillar, third phase. (Morpho peleides)
Caterpillars of the Giant Swallowtail butterfly
Dot-bordered Heliconian butterfly
Swallowtail Butterflies having a drink along a forest road in Chiquibul
Butterfly up close and personal
Butterfly and flowers
Sleeping butterflies
School children learning about butterflies
Quilt of butterfly wings made in the shape of a butterfly
Turquoise-spotted Navy Eighty-eight butterfly (Diaethria astala astala)
Beautiful butterfly
Butterfly release at a wedding
Shiraz, a young "Owl" butterfly, also photo of their larva
Butterfly, Papilio thoas
Relaxing with butterflies
Butterfly and bougainvilla
Viewing Butterfly Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge from the opposite side of the pool, at Hidden Valley Inn
Butterfly Falls at Hidden Valley Inn
Butterfly Falls - 360 degree panorama
Butterfly Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize
Viewing Butterfly Falls at Hidden Valley Inn
Four-eyed butterflyfish
Tree Buttress


Cabbage Patch doll head on a stick
Ancient Maya and cacao
Big pile of cacao pods
A very healthy and productive cacao tree
Soon to be a cacao pod
Cacao pods from tree to the mouth... eating the white gooey stuff surrounding the seeds... at Eladio Pop's
Caesar's Place along the Western Highway in Cayo, 2001
Getting Married in the temples: Wedding at Cahal Pech
Archway at Cahal Pech
Bride looking out a "window" at Cahal Pech
Uncovering Cahal Pech, and a newspaper article from the opening of the Cahal Pech Archaeological Reserve in 2002
Corbelled arch at Cahal Pech
Ambergris Caye shaped cake! Complete with flag and Belikin bottle!
Mrs. Libertad Cal along with other villagers of Yo Creek from Yucatec Maya descent
What it looked like one Friday evening when looking off Calabash Caye
Calabash gourds, drinking vessels known as jicara
I love I love I love my Calendar Girls...
Robert & Gabriella: Mr. February 2010 FOTHS Calendar
Caliente North
Jenny Staines and Caliente at the Spindrift Hotel, 2002
Caledonia Maya site, 1970's
Cameras in a row
Campaign posters from the past
Mike Campbell and Marcel Cardona marching in protest against Amendment #9 in the March for Justice, last Saturday August 1, 2011 in Belize City.
Mike Campbell of Xaman Ek with Tina, a Gold Crowned Conure
Woody Canaday with Linda Badillo, 1983
Woody and Helen of Corona del Mar celebrating Christmas on the beach, 1995
Four lovely ladies at Woody's Wharf on the beach in San Pedro, long ago. Linda Cornelison, Lindsey Hackston, Janis Morin, Rene from Alaska
Woody Canaday, Stormin' Norman Evanko, Larry Thorpe, Jim Wade and his wife Anna, Josie Harding, Dr. Bill, and Linda Cornelison. 1990 or so
Mickey Thomson, Linda Cornelison, Woody Canaday, and Tex celerating new construction in San Pedro, long ago
Double rainbow over Canary Cove
Group with Canadian hats later given to children
East canal near Rocky Road, Belize City, 1914 or 1905
Along the Burdon Canal, and the Camel Back Bridge, long ago
Sweetwater Canal, Fragrant Memories, 1970's
Illegal canals dug on Santander properties
Cangrejo Shoals area, with Cayo Cangrejo in the distance
Sign at Cannibal Cafe, and view of the restaurant from the beach, 1996
Snorkeling down to a cannon, 1980's. Also
Cannonball tree at Belize Botanic Gardens
A couple goes down with the ship: Leaky canoe
An around the island canoe race on Caye Caulker, 2002-2003ish
Painting by John Paul Saddleton, old fort in Orange Walk where Marcus Canul attacked in the 1800's
Great canyon diving
Maps showing the Four Capitals of Belize, St. George’s Caye, Belize City, Belmopan and Tipu
Capri Hotel and Dance Hall in Corozal Town, 1970's and "Don Gaby," Mr. Gabriel Hoare
Night view on the porch at Capricorn Resort, 1996
Capricorn Restaurant at night, beautiful lights...
Chef Clarence Burdes of Capricorn Resort in 1997, in his kitchen at Capricorn
Capricorn at night...
Captain Loco's Pub, early 1980's
The first car on Ambergris Caye, photo taken 1991
Inner space, diving the cenotes of Cara Blanca, Belize
Cara Blanca Pools
The unique palm forest of Cara Blanca
Aerial view, Cara Blanca Pools
Crested Caracara
Immature and Adult Crested Caracara
The stars and full moon light over a temple at Caracol Archaeological Park
Structure at Caracol before excavation, with trees and ground cover still over it
Caracol and the road into Caracol, late 1970's. Also a few pictures from Caracol 1981 with Archeologist, Winnel Branche, Earl Green, Manuel Baki, David Magania, Anna Lizama and Raul Valencia
Caracol, Gaby viewing stone
Nighttime shot of the fire ceremony at Caracol for the winter solstice
Caracol ruins at night
Caracol panorama
Caracol from the air
Caracol Caana terrace - 360 degree panorama
Caracol A Plaza - 360 degree panorama
Panoramic view from the top of Caracol
Care Bears prepare to take on the town
Brochure for Caribbean Acres, a package of promo materials on a British Honduras land deal in Cayo, 1960
Advertising brochure for Caribbean Acres, part of a package of promotional materials on a British Honduras land deal in Cayo, 1960, II
Caribbean Restaurant in Belize City, Surf and turf to die for, 1970's
The Caribbean Queen boat. Also a drawing of it
The Caribbean Queen, a freight boat, loading up at the municipal pier in San Pedro, Blake House in the background, 1980's & early 1990's
The Caribbean Queen, owned by John Eiley
Caribbean Villas, situated on the beach on Ambergris Caye
Beach panoramas at Caribbean Villas
Boat at sunrise, Caribbean Villas
One of the villas at Caribbean Villas
View at Caribe Island Resort
The Men & Women behind the founding of the Caribeña Producers Cooperative Society Limited
San Pedro Fishing Cooperative, known as Caribena Producers, Cooperative Society Limited, 1960's. Also a drawing of it
The 22 foot boat for the fishing cooperative being built in San Pedro, 1976
Alma Caribeña Performance at Costa Maya Festival 2019
Richie Woods, Mervino (Mervin Key), and Spanish (Jose Pacifico) at Cariblandia, also Spanish's old house in 2005
Cleaning fish at sunrise, painting by Chuy Carillo
Beautiful painting of a full moon on the beach, sailboat, homes on stilts and pier.... by Chuy Carillo
House on the beach, reminds me of the good old days... Painting by Chuy Carillo<
Boats on the water, from shore... painting by Chuy Carillo
Juan Carlos cooling down on what turned out to be a hot day!
Carlstrom House on Ambergris Caye, available for vacation rental from Caye Management
Carnaval 2007, love that paint
Beautiful ladies getting ready for Carnaval, 2012
Bunch of silly carnaval celebrators, long ago!
September in Belize: awesome Carnaval constumes
Carnaval Mid 60’s, Las Estundiantinas: Pilar Cardenez, Ligia Gomez, Micaela Ayuso, Isabel Nuñez, Emerita Aguilar, Concepcion Dawson, Wilema Ancona, Nellie Gomez, Neria Arceo, Maria Elena Aguilar
Carnaval Mid 60’s, Las Inditas: Conzuelo Gomez, Carmela Valdez, Neidy Alamilla, Flora Graniel, Julia Salazar, Evelia Rivero, Elena Graniel, Edna Gomez, Marcia Dawson, Adi Castillo.
Carnaval, 1980's: with Christopher Prevett, Mercie Trejo, Barton J Rice, Lisa Marie Forman and Nando Trejo. Also a drawing by Jayson Forman
Carnaval long ago... Beto Loco, Jaime Rosado, Peps, Rayo, Wilito, Chalie Cardenez, Cesario Rivero and Teje Maneje Rosado
Carnaval girls
Man watching Carnival Road from his window, Belize City March 2007
Carnaval is awesome, the kids just LOVE IT!!!!!
Carnival Road March 2015! Includes NICH video "Belize Cultural Celebrations Series:
Belizeans participating at the UWI Cavehill carnival in Barbados, April 2018
Brin Iman with an amazing costume for Belize Carnival, Sept. 2015
Hitting the road, Flavors of Belize float, Carnival 2014
Two young ladies enjoying refreshment at Carnival Mas Camps
Carnival 1986 - 1st Place Winner with my Barrier Reef Costume
Lingering images of Carnaval
Mas Camp, Carnival, a group with awesome spiky headdresses
Carolyn Carr of incredible paint skills and Banana Bank Lodge. Also a ten minute video about Banana Bank Jungle Lodge and their horseback riding
Barothy’s Caribbean Lodge Ltd., early 1960's. Later Keller Caribbean Sports and Belize River Lodge Ltd.
Sunrise at Carrie Bow Caye, home of the Smithsonian Institution's Marine Research Laboratory in Belize
A unique aerial view of Carrie Bow, South Water Caye and Tobacco Caye
Coral reef off Carrie Bow Caye
Beautiful Carrie Bow Caye during a strong windstorm
Carrie Bow Caye, site of the Smithsonian Institution's Marine Research station. 1990
A perplexing Sunday morning- Cuban carrier pigeon arrives
Mayero Gabriel Carrillo around the 1980's in the village of Douglas (Orange Walk)
Cars On Road To Hattieville, 1961
US President Jimmy Carter at Conchita's Little Store in San Pedro, 1996
US President James "Jimmy" Earl Carter Jr. visited Ambergris Caye, 1996. Also a photo of President James Carter meeting with Hon. George Price and Hon. Said Musa
Caruso Italian Restaurant in San Pedro, 2001
Aerial view to the sea of Casa Caribe Resort, now Costa Maya, 1998
View from the roof top of Casa Coral
Bruce Collins, Julian Rivero, Norman Eiley, Marty Casado, in front of Casa de Cafe in 1996
Casa Miradores
Casa Pan Dulce Bakery is the largest bakery in San Pedro
Dining room (and many other views) at Casa Rana Villa, northern Ambergris Caye
Casa Tortuga, aka "The Palace"
Beautiful pool fountain at Casa Tortuga
Looking toward the sea from the veranda at Casa Tortuga, south Ambergris Caye
Lobster dinner at Casa Tortuga, Ramon Nunez Jr, Josie Nunez, Becky Casado, Mary Gonzalez, Robin Acosta, Michelle Nunez, and Savannah Nunez
Huge chessboard at Casa Tortuga, southern Ambergris Caye
Italian fountain at Casa Tortuga, looking towards the sea
Becky Casado serving as tiger bait for Junior the Jaguar at the Belize Zoo
Mark and Miles Casado, along with Mira Gottlieb, try on weird tree seed pods found at Chaa Creek
Becky Casado sipping a drink at Rojo Lounge, 2007
Myah McNeill, Becky Casado, and Katie Valk hiking way up north on Ambergris Caye, 2007
Becky Casado the explorer on the trails near Hidden Valley Inn, 2007
Marty Casado with children in San Marcos village, pumping up a football immediately after Hurricane Iris in 2001
Julian Rivero and Marty Casado chatting at the Casa de Cafe, and they are with Bruce Collins in a second photo, 1996
Becky Casado along Front Street on Caye Caulker, 2002
Casado family and friends in the Ramon's pool, about 2002
Self portrait while driving a golf cart, Marty Casado
Marty Casado with Spanish's (Jose Pacifico) spider monkey, 1998
Marty Casado holding a spider monkey at Spanish's house, 2007. Not a happy story. Also a story by Jayson Forman "Island Animals - 1980"
Marty Casado sits on a driftwood stump during a walk along the beach of north Ambergris Caye, 2007
Miles Casado romping in Belize
Peter Singfield and Johnathan Chase Singfield working on cascabel, snake bone medicine, early 2017
Cashew fruit
Pretty pretty cashew fruits on Back Street in San Pedro
Cashews!! Have you tried the fruit? Which is your favorite? Fruit or Nuts?
Casino Belize opened last week at the Belize Yacht Club
Do you know we have a CASINO on the island?! Yes, right at Captain Morgan and yes, IT IS FUN!!!
Making Cassava Bread
Garifuna women processing cassava to make bread
Garifuna women making cassava bread, painting by Isiah Nicholas, plus photo from long ago with photos and a description of the process of making the bread
The Garifuna Collective virtual music festival, recording at Swinging Armadillos in Hopkins Village, 2021
Castaways Travel, a nude vacation at Journey's End!
Caste War, Independent Maya State: 1850 - 1901
"Still Not Found," a beautiful painting by Walter Castillo of a young lady walking on a path through lush foliage with birds around
"Isla Paraiso," a gorgeous painting by Walter Castillo of a tropical island surrounded by boats
Walter Castillo with one of his paintings
Walter Castillo in front of one of his paintings, 1980's
Millie Castillo’s wedding in San Pedro long ago. Walking in the street are Millie, her sister Lupita Castillo, Chico Gomez, Ena Guerrero, and Severo Castillo
My mother-in-law Elba Castillo (in blue dress) at the market at the old Court House Wharf in Belize City, long ago
Wayne and Jo Castleberry, long ago
Wayne and Jo Castleberry's House (still standing) by the airstrip in San Pedro, early 1980's
Jo Castleberry, Marge, Janette Anderson, Barbara Wilkenson, Niesje Province, and Dulce Wolfe Fields... wearing red antlers! Long ago...
Ms. Gail's cat eating a big lizard
Fernando hunting cats to bring them in for spay/neuter in San Mateo in San Pedro
Chispa the cat curls up with phonebook
Cat O Nine Tail Whips used in colonial days, exhibition at the Belize Museum
Cat-eyed Snake trying to swallow a Gulf Toad
Category 7, 2002: Carl Swindt, Tony Buono, Charles Worthington, Tim Budd, Dale Wallace, Ebbe Weile, James Storey, Eric Burnette
Catamaran sailing way up north off Ambergris Caye with El Gato
Belizean Blue: Catamaran off Ambergris Caye
Snorkeling from the catamaran
Cruising in a catamaran way up on the north end of Ambergris Caye
Instar larvae of the saddleback caterpillar, Acharia stimulea
Saddleback caterpillar, Acharia stimulea. Don't touch, they hurt!
Pseudosphinx Tetrio caterpillar, frangapani hawkmoth
Xylophanes chiron caterpillar, a moth of the family Sphingidae
Automeris moth caterpillar
Caterpillars from the Silkmoth Arsenura armida
Puss caterpillar, flannel moth larva (Megalopygidae)
Green Caterpillar (Limacodidae)
White flannel moth caterpillar, quite large and furry
Caterpillar of the Magnificent Swallowtail, big head!
Shag Carpet Caterpillar (Prothysana felderi)
Oleander caterpillars ... they turn into these beautiful moths which look kinda like wasps
Caterpillar of the Io moth (Automeris io) or "fever worm"
Flannel Moth Caterpillar or Megalopygidae
Caterpillar in the jungle
Traffic jam of caterpillars
Caterpillar headshot
Snake caterpillar
Lots of caterpillars
Catholic church in downtown San Pedro, with a video about it's history
Painting on the wall in the Catholic Church downtown
Easter procession at the Roman Catholic Church of Ambergris Caye, also some history and lots of other photos of the church including when it was under construction, and the original church
Catholic church in downtown San Pedro, long ago. Also a drawing of it
First established Roman Catholic Church and School in Cayo, 1908
Cattle crossing at Banana Bank Lodge
Cave discovery: Charcoaled fire pit with small figure
Climbing over a waterfall in the caves
Inside the caves at Caves Branch, 2002
Aerial view of entrance to a cave
Facing into a beautiful pool inside a cave in Western Belize
Cave Bridal Photoshoot
Caves Branch River
Beautiful river in the jungle near Caves Branch
This is an aerial view of what surrounds the Caves Branch River
Marty Casado pondering the river from a tree top villa at Caves Branch, 2007
Caves Branch botanical team with the Valley of Peace Garden Club after finishing planting their yard
Caves Branch Overnight Cave Expedition, camping out in the caves, getting the fire going...
View from above one of the waterfalls on Ian Anderson’s Cave Branch Waterfall Cave Expedition
Caves Branch's Ian Anderson vs Grasshopper in an epic battle...who do you think will be left standing?
Lost world at the Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge... How many of you have had a view like this? Lost World caving tour
View downriver from Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
Cave tubing with Ian Anderson's Cave Branch
View down from TreeTop Villas at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
River Cave from an Astrum Helicopter
Underground waterfall and pool, River Cave at Caves Branch
Caves and sinkholes of the Chiquibul Cave System
Climbing in the caves
Cave tubing
Cave Tubing in Belize
Big cave tubing group crossing the river in a tractor
Caving & Spelunking the Ancient Caves of Belize
Caye Bokel hide-a-way
Caye Casa
View from Caye Casa
Sailboat near the cut on Caye Caulker
Swimming at the cut on Caye Caulker
Bicycling down the street on Caye Caulker
Front side of Caye Caulker taken from the sea, 1986
The lee side of Caye Caulker
View to the east from Caye Caulker, "GO SLOW" on a wooden wheelbarrow...
Beachfront Caye Caulker
Photos of old Caye Caulker, 1980's. Rainbow Hotel, Oceanside nightclub, Middle Street by Caye Caulker bakery, aerial, and more! Also a drawing and story by Jayson Forman on "Time traveling to an earlier version of Caye Caulker Village, 1987"
Caye Caulker, LOTS of old photos (1950's - 1980's) and Original Settler Families (not on this website but one heck of a collection!)
Beautiful sunrise over Caye Caulker
Maps of Caye Caulker drawn by Philip 'Karate' Lewis, 1987, 1988
1978, Front Bridge Caye Caulker
Group of children on the steps of Caye Caulker R. C. School back in the 1980's
Beautiful aerial image of Caye Caulker in Belize as the sun rises over the entire island
Aerial view of Caye Caulker with the Split in the foreground
Aerial view of Caye Caulker and the split, 1989, view from the northwest
Aerial view of Caye Caulker, 1977
Aerial view of Caye Caulker in the area of the cut looking north
Bird's eye view of Caye Caulker
Lots of folks on the pier on Caye Caulker, good morning!
Caye Caulker in 1965, map of island listing owners, stores, common areas, plots of land showing where folks live
the Split Bar, Caye Caulker
Life at the Split, Caye Caulker
The Split on Caye Caulker, 1970's, and a history of the Split
The split on Caye Caulker in the 70's. i use to walk cross de!! History of the Split
Quiet beach on Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker 1977, height of tourist season, two tourists on street!
Aerial view of the boat "Amazing Grace" of Liberty Tours off the eastern shore of Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker girls, 1983... Martita Aguallo, Myself, Tina, Rosanna, Sharon Meighan, Myrria Phillips and Dawn McKay (RIP)
Aerial view of Caye Caulker
Beautiful sunset on Caye Caulker
Map of The Estuary at Caye Caulker
Three views of Caye Caulker from the air
Our lovely colourful paraders, group photo with beautiful costumes... Caye Caulker Independence Day parade 2015
Amaiyah Cutkelvin, a young lady at the Caye Caulker children's bicycle parade for independence, September 2017
"Happy Birthday Belize!" Colourful cart in Caye Caulker Independence Day Parade, 2012
Caye Caulker waterfront
Walking the beach on Caye Caulker
Barbecue beachside on Caye Caulker
Aerial view of Caye Caulker, from the cut looking south
The Split on Caye Caulker
Sunset at the "Split" in Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker: Evening transactions take place at the local mom and pop store...
Caye Caulker panorama
Aerial of the cut at Caye Caulker
2012 Caye Caulker Lobster Fest starts today!
Caye Caulker by the cut, looking very quiet... the day after the Lobster Fest crowd left
Caye Caulker air terminal
Caye Caulker RC School teachers house in earlier half of 1960´s
Aerial approach to the Caye Caulker runway
Front Street on Caye Caulker long ago, including Hotel Mira Mar
Would You Be Upset In Belize? Front Street, Caye Caulker
Island girls of Caye Caulker around 1975 maybe?
Building Art, Caye Caulker
Relaxing on Caye Caulker
The split on Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker Split, 2003
Swimming at The Split on Caye Caulker
The Split at Caye Caulker, Belize - December 2011
Swimming at the cut on Caye Caulker
Swim at your own risk! Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker Cut at Sunset, Chris Aycock, Kung and Dave Childs returning from a great day of golf at Key Chapel!
Group of people enjoying a beautiful sunset on The Split on Caye Caulker
Main Street Caye Caulker, 1979, next to the Community Center
Aerial view of Caye Chapel
Caye Chapel Resort and pier, 1980's
Chip Peterson of Belize Diving Services under Caye Chapel underwater cave
The entrance to Caye Chapel underwater cave
Caye Chapel Cave, Winter Wonderland - Chip Peterson and Marty O'Farrell, information on the underwater caves under Caye Caulker and Caye Chapel
Sunrise at Caye Villas
Garifuna Living Legend Pen Cayetano
Pen Cayetano, Belizean Artist Extraordinaire
A Belizean History: "Triumph of Unity", 1994 painting by Pen Cayetano
Pen Cayetano on his farm
2012 Belikin Calendar Outtakes - Mali Cayetano
"A comparsa, Los Torreros for Carnaval", 1960's
A view of the river at El Cayo, 1918
View on Front Street in Cayo, 1958
Old El Cayo Savannah on the banks of the Macal River, long ago
One of the oldest houses in Cayo, once the District Commissioner's Quarters
A bank along the Belize River in Cayo, 1920's, and a little history of the river. Also the names of old settlements along the Belize River
Mule convoys transporting cargo from the river boat wharf in San Ignacio to Benque Viejo and as far as Flores, Peten Guatemala, 1915
Mules feeding and watering at the El Cayo savannah in the 1930's
Boat wharf at El Cayo Landing, mules loaded with cargo, El Cayo savannah on the Macal River, 1904
Using kerosene lights for street lights in Cayo, 1930's
British Honduras, Cayo landing ground. The "Stinson" is the aircraft regularly employed between landing grounds in British Honduras, late 1930's
Catholic Mission: Church, Priest's House, School, Sister's Home, Old El Cayo long ago
A panoramic view of old El Cayo from across the river, long ago
Construction of Columbus Park by the San Ignacio Police Station in 1961. Also District Commissioner office & Police Station, Cayo 1951 and the Police Station today
Aerial views of Cayo Frances Farm & Fly on Ambergris Caye
Aerial view of a Board Meeting with Bote Boards at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly
Aerial view, flyfishing in the new Skanu at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly
Jeff Spiegel discovering the magic of Spotify at the Cayo Frances Farm & Fly nightly campfire on the west side of Ambergris Caye. Amazing stars...
Enjoying the view on a paddleboard at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly
Aerial views of Cayo Frances Farm and Fly on Ambergris Caye
Catching a bonefish on a paddleboard at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly on Ambergris Caye
Painting inspired by Cayo Saturday market! By Walter Castillo
The Cayo Bridge while under construction
Casa Manana at Cayo Espanto
Aerial view of Cayo Espanto Island Resort
Elevated view of one of the cabanas at Cayo Espanto
Beautiful stars in the night sky at Cayo Espanto in San Pedro
Night-time sky above Cayo Espanto, beautiful colours
Heavenly Caribbean sunset at Cayo Espanto
Lovers at Cayo Espanto
Beautiful Sunrise at Cayo Espanto
Glass-floor hotel room on private island (Cayo Espanto) in Belize: Watch fish and ‘facetime your houseman’!
Girls relaxing at Cayo Espanto!
Aerial view of Cayo Espanto
Cayo Espanto, view of private pier and to the west of the island
The tour guides of the Cayo Tour Guide Association at Crooked Tree
Tiny caye in the vastness of the barrier reef
Cedar Waxwings
Ceiba Tree at Sunset
Among tall Ceiba trees at Caracol
The sacred ceiba tree of life located at Yo-Creek Village
8 men stand in front of this Ceiba Tree. It would have taken a little over 20 men to form a full circle around this magnificent Ceiba or kapok tree, 1926. Also information on slavery in Belize.
Celi's Deli in San Pedro, 2002, also a photo from the 1990's
Cemetery on Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker cemetery, 2014
The graveyard back by the airstrip on Caye Caulker, March 1995
Cemetery on Caye Caulker, downtown by Tropical Paradise, 1995
The cemetery in San Pedro 2005
Seaside graves in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, 1980
San Pedro Cemetery, 1980's
Cool view looking over the San Pedro cemetery out to the sea from Polo's Golf Cart Rentals
San Pedro Cemetery, May 1993
Cenote between Shipstern and Sarteneja
Filming at Cenote in Tulum
Maya hand carved cenote in the area of the Santa Cruz ruins
Scuba diving into a cenote
The Central Bank of Belize and The Museum of Belize (in front; formerly the old Belize Prison)
Central Drugs in Belize City over the years
Central Drum Corp - 2006 September Parade: Xtreme Madness
Central town project, early 2006, several views
Central Park project, they are laying cobblestones now
Central Park in San Pedro, from up high, perhaps from the top of the Sands Hotel, 1980's
Central Park area in San Pedro, 1970's
Central Park and the Police Station in San Pedro, late 1970's or so, the tower and school on the beach in the 1940's or 1950's, and a drawing by Jayson Forman of the park in the 1980's
Cooking in Central Park, San Pedro
JD Schultz in San Pedro's Central Park, 1974
Central Park area and view of the reef looking out from about the Blake House long ago
Central Park, school and old bell tower, long ago
Cerro Maya (Maya Hill) structure 5C-2nd, was built circa 50 BC.
Aerial view of Cerros
First Temple at Cerros, video on Cerros
Aerial of the Cerros area
Certification day at 60ft
Treetop jacuzzi suite at The Lodge at Chaa Creek
Mick and Lucy Fleming, early days at Chaa Creek
Aerial views of Chaa Creek Resort
The Lodge at Chaa Creek
Walking paths on the grounds of The Lodge at Chaa Creek
Chaa Creek Ecokids: the new generation of superheroes!
Chaa Creek Chultun
Views of Chabil Mar in Placencia
Chachalaca family on a cold, gray day
Chachalacas (Ortalis vetula) seeking cover in the rain
Chal Tun Ha Mountain Lodge, by Lake Peten Itza, Flores, Peten
Chalo, The Fruit Man
Charlie and Reds, 1976
David Childs surrounded by Santa's
David Childs and Rogie preparing a grouper for BBQ, 1980's
Chalillo Dam in Cayo
Putting the boat in just above the Chalillo Dam
Chalillo Dam and it's immediate drainage
The Chalillo Dam in the Mountain Pine Ridge, as well as the Belize Western Border and Caracol Ruins
Chamalkin, fuzzy caterpillar
Palapas and boats on the beach, beautiful and colourful palete knife painting by Erwin Chan
Chan Chich Lodge buildings going up. Early 1980's. Also a walking tour video from 2022
Cindy and Renita, owners of Changes In Latitudes with Walter and Rick
Changes in Latitudes at dusk
Belizean Chateau, San Pedro style
Chateau Relaxeau, small building with a pier in the mangroves
Chavannes Bottling Works in Belize City, the makers of the famous Chavannes lemonade, 1930's
Belize: Nature rules! painting by Justin Chen
Chess on the beach
BIG chessboard on the beach at Casa Tortuga
The Belize National Youth Chess Foundation held a chess training workshop at the Institute of Mexico in Belize (IMB) of the Embassy of Mexico
Chi Chi & Tati's home, 1980's
When the Chicago Cubs stole the hearts of Belizeans! Belizean children hold Chicago Cubs posters in welcoming their star player, the legendary Gary Mathews in 1985
Las Chicas Calientes, Maya Papovic, Colette Kase, and Mary Gonzalez
Preparing chicharon
Two brothers catching a meal (chicken), Punta Gorda Town 20 years ago
The Chicken Drop, at the Pier Lounge in the Spindrift Hotel
Several photos of the World Famous Chicken Drop, including a brief video and a story "Blow it up a chicken’s butt! Excuse me? (Early 1990’s)"
Miss Costa Maya 2007 does the honors at the 20th Anniversary of the World Famous Chicken Drop
Chicken Bus
Kneading Sapodilla Chicle gum into blocks, around 1936, and a bit on the history of the chicle industry in Belize. Also a 6 minute video by Channel 5 on the chicleros
Hauling chicle blocks downriver early 1900's
Transporting chicle by boat, men with barge-loads of chicle in Belize harbor. 1919 in Belize City
Blocks of chicle gum ready for export: The Chiclero that extracted the chewing gum that the world chewed with much gusto, short oral histories of Chicleros from Corozal, and a bit on the history of the chicle industry in Belize
Cayo Boat on the river, early 1900's: The Chicle Industry of Belize
Cooking the sapodilla resin to make chicle latex, around 1936
Chico in an amazing costume in a monkey cage... Halloween at Holiday Hotel, about 1994
The newest addition to the Rojo Lounge Staff ... His name is "Shrimps" a 1.5 lb Chihuahua
The Smile of a Child
Two kids and their dog, on the beach long ago in San Pedro....
A group of school children in Belize City B.H., circa 1964
Bashful children, in front of Curl Gordon's wood shop in Belize City
Children in cultural costumes, Xaibe Business Cultural Expo 2017
Children carrying water in front of a thatch home, San Pedro 1910, also a bit about water wells in San Pedro 50 years ago
Group of children wanting to jump into the sea!
Group of Youth from the Children's Advisory Body (CAB) Board 3rd Annual presentation, December 2018
Group of children smiling in their school uniforms in San Pedro
Four children at play, long ago...
Children on their way to school
Five children pose on a boat, long ago.
Junie & Brittany, Belize City
Open day at San Pedro RC School. The standard six class dressed in the traditional Mayan outfits
Crazy Day at San Pedro Pre-School
Young folks on the way to school in San Pedro
Kids changing the specials board
Caye Caulker Kids
Kiddo playing on the beach
Young man floating his truck
Four young girls getting ready for a special occasion, 1980's. Monica Prevett, Marlen Paz, Viannie Perez, Dilcia Trejo
Kids at play, supposed to be posing!
Young man by a fence
Embassy of Mexico rewards Belizean children
Little girls playing on the beach, also a bit on entertaining ourselves as children in Belize
Little girl sweeping Up
Little girl on the bottom of a fruit vendors cart in San Pedro, super cute
Young girls in San Pedro parade long ago...
Kids having fun, the ocean, sunset and the tropical colours of the benches capture the beauty of the Caye
Kids play in front of the Ambergris Lodge 1980's
Maya kids hanging out
Little girl playing under the dock at Amigo's Del Mar in San Pedro on Christmas Eve, 2007
Six cute children dressed for Christmas in San Pedro
Children on the way to school
Children taking a break on the way home from school
Children from the Holy Cross school with a book from Wyoming
Li'l fellow in his buggy, with the Belizean flag flying in the wind
Children wearing ethnic costumes
Talented children in San Pedro, building Mayan ruins from sand on the beach
Children, special day of ethnic dress and food
Group of children in San Pedro, long long ago
Children at St. Peter's School
Dining Out
Children selling "coconut fudge" on the beach on Caye Caulker
School kids playing on the beach
Kids playing on the beach
Children on their bicycles
Child on bicycle on the way back from the store on Caye Caulker
Window children
Lynda and kids
Let me outta this tie! Children's graduation.
Chinese junk in front of Ruby's Hotel, December 25, 1980
Chino goes home
The Chiquibul Forest: Protecting this Jewel is our Responsibility
A view inside the Chiquibul Cave System
Misty clouds over the Chiquibul Forest
The great Chiquibul forest from the Mountain Pine Ridge
Moonrise over the Chiquibul
A low-lying misty river bank deep in the Chiquibul forest
Cave in the Chiquibul Caverns with intact pots
Canoeing in the Chiquibul
Tractor stuck in deep mud in the Chiquibul
Peering into Our beloved Chiquibul from the Mountain Pine Ridge, low clouds
Kayaking the Chiquibul River as it flows under the Natural Arch
The view from beneath the Puente Natural (Natural Arch), deep within the Chiquibul Forest
Ho'k'eb' Ha' Cave Mountain in Blue Creek Toledo, also called the Natural Arch
The Natural Arch in the Chiquibul
Chiquibul: Paradise of Unparalleled Beauty
Chispa Coqueta Magdalena ready to parade in national costume on Independence Day, 2008
Chispa Coqueta Magdalena after the parade on Independence Day, 2008
Maya Drink - Choco Sakan
Chocolate hanging out & relaxing on Caye Caulker
Lionel "Chocolate" Heredia and his wife Annie in February, 2013
The boat Soledad, captained by Lionel Heredia aka Chocolate, docked at the Caye Caulker Water Taxi Terminal in Belize City
Lionel "Chocolate" Heredia relaxing on the porch a few years ago, and running a boat in the 80's
Chocolate Festival of Belize, May 23 - 28, 2013
Juan Cho and his wife handmaking chocolate in San Felipe Village
Raw Chocolate - the cocoa plant with pod
Daniel, Andrea and Elena Choc, enjoying a Sunday afternoon
View to Cholo's, May 1993
Cholo's basketball team, mid 80's
Cholo's basketball team, early 1980's
Looking past Front Street beside Lily's and on towards Cholo's to the sea, 1993. Also a drawing of Cholo's and a few other photos of Cholos over the years
Christmas tree and Santa in Central Park, Downtown San Pedro
Christmas tree in the sea at Portofino Beach Resort
The 2021 Christmas Tree in Central Park in San Pedro, resembling a sea shell
Walking in downtown Belize City, lit up for Christmas
Christmas tree and Manger scene in Central Park, San Pedro 2018
Aerial view of downtown Belize City at night during the Christmas season, 2018
Beautiful sky and the Christmas Tree at San Pedro’s Central Park, 2019. Also stories about Christmas in Belize, back in the day
San Pedro Drug Store dressed up for Christmas, also Jaguar's Night Club's new paint job, December 2021
Merry Christmas from Casa Throw & Go in San Pedro
Gorgeous Christmas decorations at the home of Ms. Dawn Joseph and Mr. Dion Green on Caye Caulker
Corozal Town Christmas Tree, 2019
Christmas tree on the beach
Christmas Colors in San Pedro
Christmas Lights in San Pedro
Christmas in Belize, Santa hats in the pool!
Children during Christmas performance in San Pedro, 1990-ish...
The Sea Grape Drive Roundabout got a touch of Christmas this year (2015)
Lighting of Christmas Tree at Central Park, 2013
A Christmas tree that takes us back to Ambergris Caye's roots
Yes, we like Christmas! Tamara Sniffin, Jeremiah Sniffin, Yvonne Temsik and Tara Temsik on Ambergris Caye
The School Christmas Carol competition is a great hit at the Central Park Block party in San Pedro
Spreading the Christmas spirit in San Pedro, ScotiaBank toy drive benefits San Mateo
Spreading the Christmas spirit in San Pedro, Krista and friends present 420 gifts to students at Holy Cross
Easy on the trigger guys, all is calm tonight
Christmas Lighted Boat Parade, 2007
2016 Holiday Lighted Boat Parade
Home in San Pedro beautifully adorned with Christmas lights, 2010
Back in the Day '70-71, When we used Onion Sacks as our Christmas Stockings
Best overall boat winner to Coastal Express, annual Christmas Lights Boat Parade
Christmas lights in San Pedro, 2009
2015 San Pedro Christmas Boat Parade is TONIGHT!
Season's Greetings from the Belize Tourism Board, Lighted boat parade
Scuba diving Santas
Santa with his sleigh pulled by dolphins
San Pedro Town Council float in the 2016 Love FM Christmas Parade in San Pedro
2018 LoveFM Christmas Parade, SPTC presented the Nativity Scene
Santa stuck in traffic in San Pedro
Scuba Diving Santa!
Santa Claus hanging out in downtown San Pedro at night in December, 2013
Santa got stuck in Belize, kicking back with a Belikin
Jewels the crocodile wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Downtown Christmas Tree and Central Park in San Pedro, 2021
Christmas tree and coconut palm tree, side by side on the beach
Rainbows, toucan, and Santa! Season Greetings from Corozal!
Christmas & Jankunu Celebration, painting by Pen Cayetano
Christmas tree and coconut palm tree, side by side on the beach
Rainbows, toucan, and Santa! Season Greetings from Corozal!
Christmas tree in San Ignacio made entirely of empty rum bottles
Sand Christmas Tree
Coconut with a Santa hat, drink, and a view to the sea!
Christmas tree with conch shells for decoration, at Tranquility Bay
Amazing Christmas lights at the home of both Cuello's and Old Master's Rum in Orange Walk, December 2013
Santa Claus and his reindeer pass through the full moon and over the island. Painting by Melody Wolfe
Scenes from San Pedro Town, Christmas 2008
Christmas card from Colette and Maya with the sentiments of the season....
Christmas is over, Alex, Jovan, and Trey head to the beach to relax. As usual....
My Christmas Wish To YOU
Christmas tree worm
Christmas Tree Worms on coral
Christmas Tree Worm
Downtown San Pedro, Christmas 2005
The stage is ready for the Christmas shows in San Pedro's Central Park, 2008
Front Street San Pedro Christmas 2007
Practicing for the Christmas show in downtown San Pedro
Merry Christmas 2007 from Belize!!!!
Merry Christmas 2010 from Belize
Christmas Eve 2006
Christmas scenes from San Pedro
Christmas card by Island Dog, Mike Gvara
San Pedro getting ready for Christmas 2007
Christmas lights on Middle Street in San Pedro, 2022
"Corozal" sign along shoreline dressed up for Christmas
Conch covered Christmas tree at Ella's Cool Spot in Hopkins, 2021
School of Chromis cyanea fish and coral
Chuck n' Robbie's dock to to Gonzalez's dock, 6pm, Pan American Day 2006
Caving at Chukka Jaguar Paw Outpost
NO LEFT TURN: Church Street and West Street in Belize City, British Honduras, 1969
Church parade at St. John's Cathedral when it had the inner fence, British Honduras, 1917
Cicada emerging from its exoskeleton
Very colourful cicada
Clamshell chairs at the end of the pier, view out to the sea, gorgeous
Rough File clam
The Clarion Newspaper Office in Belize City, long ago
Sunday morning washing at Clarissa Falls
Beautiful Clarissa Falls on the Mopan river, San Jose Succotz
Classroom in San Carlos
SCA students conduct beach clean-up in northern Ambergris Caye
Caye Coffee Paul Claus does his Ernest goes to Belize impression at Sunday Jam
Trish Carters boat The Clementime with captain Freddie Waight in the left photo
Miss Trish Carters’s boat 'Clementine’ sheltered in a hurricane hole in mangroves off Ambergris Caye, long ago
My dear parrot Cleo snorkeling on her catamaran
Cleo (African grey) reads the San Pedro Sun
Cleo loves Belize!
Clerodendrum, or bleeding heart
The Cloisters
Clouds and Reflection, still water
Amazing clouds, stormy day in Hopkins Village
Beautiful clouds. Morning view from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
The oceans of the sky await you. Wave after wave, clouds slowly drifting.
Driving the coastal highway
Coastal Xpress
Sunrise with Coastal Xpress
Coastal Xpress Rainbow Run
Belize Coat of Arms, from Honduras Almanack 1829. Also a link to the entire Almanack
Cock spur, medicinal uses
Gabby "Fast Feathers" Gowan's, shows off his Talons. He is a very talon-ented cockatoo.
Robert Vogues putting Gabriella the cockatoo on the head of Louke van Noord
How many know the story of this plane wreck in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary? Dr Alan Rabinowitz
The landscape of the Cockscomb Basin by moonlight, looks "frozen"
Front building for the Jaguar Preserve, 1987
Members of the first Cockscomb expedition in the early 1990’s. Tony Rath, Ernesto Saqui, Paul Fransisco, Rosita Arvigo, Sharon Matola, Antalino Pop, Greg Sho, Martin Meadows
Jungle in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve
Two young woman hiking jungle trail on Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Home away from home, Cockscomb edition: Soaking wet campsite in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
The Kaway Swamp in the Cockscomb Basin
Moonrise over pine trees at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Trail in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve
Waterfall on the Tiger Ferns Trail at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
View out across the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Beautiful waterfall in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
The ancient weathered backbone of the Cockscomb Ridge looking east toward Victoria Peak and the rising sun
Coco Beach
Coco Beach Resort at night
The Tube at Coco Beach
Coco Beach Resort
Hammock view from Coco Caye Villa
Mr. Eluterio Cocom, also known as "King," in front of his house, San Pedro 2001
Manuel Cocom pushing a little boy down Front Street in a wooden wheelbarrow, long ago in San Pedro
CocoNet & Paradise Found, one of my favorite hangouts
February sunrise from Sunrise Suite, Coconuts Resort, San Pedro
The coconut bud has split to reveal flowers...
Coconut Worm and an exotic meal - for some!
Epic mobile... Coconut cart on Caye Caulker
Coconut trees line up along Boca del Rio Drive
Natural cork screw coconut tree at Manatee Lagoon, long ago
Coconut with two sprouts... Twins!
Belize boat from about 1900, used for transporting coconuts, and a bit about the coconut industry in Belize
It's hot out! Perfect time for an ice cold coconut at the coconut stand!
Picking a coconut, north Ambergris, 2005
Coconut on the beach at sunrise
Coconut Leo hanging upside down on a coconut tree by moonlight, Coconut gymnastics...
Coconut Leo ponders the world from on high
Coconut Leo giving me his best model poses
Coconut Leo offering some fresh and tasty coconut water to the kids, at Caribbean Villas Hotel
Chasing coconuts
Ziggy Smith is a Coconut Ninja! At Ella's Cool Spot in Hopkins Village
Coco plum
Coco plums
The Dresden Codex
Maya codex (plural codices)
Maya Codex (Codices), only 4 survive today
Granny Eladia from San Antonio Toledo toasting cocoa coffee beans
Cohune nuts
Garifuna women bagging cohune nuts into hundreds of Krucus sacks near the Stann Creek Valley railroad, 1910. Also information about TOPCO (Tropical Oil Products Co.)
Cohune nuts
NCLT "coin" depicting the Moorish Idol Reef fish with the date 1980 below
Old British coin featuring King Edward VII, used in British Honduras
Cojoba graciliflora: A very fancy way of spreading your seeds, on a red spiral
Jake and Cole catch the lobsters, staying at Coral Bay Villas
Edison Seferino Claudino Stanislaus Coleman, a Radio Belize legend
YaYa Marin Coleman’s protest of “piss house”
Awesome collage on Belize
"Iguana Jack" John Westerhold and Victoria Collins, 1990's
Group Portrait of Belize’s Colonial Establishment, 1822
"Comedias", entertainment in San Pedro long ago
The Neowise Comet streaks toward a thunderstorm as seen from the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Daughter of Jorge the cab driver on her way to her first communion
A Comparsa Group
Concert on the beach
Fisherman in his boat with his conch catch, also a story with drawings, "Conch Season, 1985"
Conch eyes
Super-hero mascot Captain Conch (Hamerlin Flores)
Warning: Trained Attack Conch in San Pedro, 2005
Discovering a conch pearl!
The crystalline style, part of the conch's digestive system, looks like a long winding straw! NOT a conch penis!
Conch pearls
Lone conch shell on the beach
Local Artist’s work: Conch Shell carvings
Long trail of a conch on the bottom of the sea. Also a photo of a conch burrowedd into the reef
Huge horse conch shell
A house built of conch shells on one of the small southern cayes
Conch shell BBQ
Conch, with eyes peeking out, plus another closeup view of a conch on the sea bottom
Gorgeous conch shell, also five types of conch found in the Caribbean: Mexico Fighting Conch, Florida Fighting Conch, Indian Fighting Conch, Milk Conch, and the Caribbean Queen Conch
Conch processing: Standardized conch meat weights, terms and definitions
Conch fishermen at work
Conch fisherman at work, photo from above
Conch shell
Cute conch peeking out of its shell
Overfishing of conch
Conch shell
Conch fisherman in his boat
Attack conch
Marshall Bowling and Jody Risser, conch harvest, 1973
Queen Conch
Surveying the Queen Conch
Queen conch in a seagrass bed
Conch revealed
Conch face
Caribbean Queen Conch
Conch shells galore!
Photos by Conch Creative representing Belize in Europe at the Belize Hotel Association stand!
Conch Shell Inn gets a facelift!
Conch Shell Hotel, on the beach in San Pedro, 1997
Conch Shell Inn & Cholo’s Liquor Store in San Pedro, 1987 - 1991
Sign in front of the Conch Shell Inn
Support posts for concrete casting
Big group of concrete pourers with buckets over their heads!
House De-construction
Aristolochia is a vine, called contribo, very colourful flowers
Aristolochia grandiflora or Pelican Vine, one of the the world's largest flowers
Jesse Cope, with his assistant editor, Winnie, son of Frank and Joy
Erythrina, Coral tree, amazing red flower
Little truck made from black coral, long ago
Beautiful cluster of coral
Coral Outcrop at Flynn Reef
Large pillar coral off Ambergris Caye
Looking down the top of a bowl type coral
Don't stand on coral: If you have to stand, stand on sand!
Beautiful view of Clubtip Finger Coral and fish on the reef
Hons. Santiago Ricalde, George Price, Sir Harrison Courtenay, Lindberg Rogers, Simeon Hassock, Santiago Perdomo, Alexander (Sandy) Hunter, & Phillip Goldson in Mayfair, part of London, England at a Constitutional Conference. June 1-3, 1966 Also other photos of a Constitutional Conference in London in 1960 including Nicholas Anthony Pollard Sr.
Erythrina fusca - locally called Copna, Coastal Coral Tree or Coral Bean Tree
Hard Corals on the Belize Reef
View of coral just below the surface
Re-seeding devastated reefs with genetically robust, diverse and resilient corals that will mature to spawning age/size
Fragments of Hope: Re-seeding the Belizean Coral Reefs
Participant capturing excellent re-seeded coral growth planted 2 years ago — at Ray and Laughing Bird Caye.
Coral Reef Ed-ventures camp thanks Blue Water Grill
Coral reef, clear ocean water, tropical island, tropical skies, this is your Belize
Planting global warming resistant corals at Mexico Rocks
Growing and replanting elkhorn and staghorn coral
The colors of our coral reefs
The super women of the Southern Environmental Association working to complete coral reef surveys
Flower corals
Sunrise by the new pool at Coral Bay Villas
Coral Beach Hotel, 1981. Also a drawing of it
Fun on the Coral Beach pier
Coral Beach Divers, 1973
Coral snake (Micrurus spp.)
Closeup: Coral snake on Ambergris Caye. Also, learning to coexist with snakes
Coral snake, Micrurus diastema
Cluster of thasus acutangulus, coreid bug nymphs
Mating Cormorant - phalacrocorax auritus
Cool eyes on this cormorant in San Pedro
Double-Crested Cormorant and chicks on Rosario Caye
Jolly old Stuart Corn at the house on the soccer field 1987
Rasta & a corn snake
Mr. Amador Tzib demonstrates how corn was shelled using a mechanical corn sheller
Norman Evanko and Linda Cornelison in the Barrier Reef Bar, in San Pedro about 1984
Linda Cornelison, founder of the Coconut Wireless Newspaper (1st newspaper on the island) - 1986 ish and a photo of the office. Also a bit about the history of newspapers in San Pedro, and a few front page copies of the Coconut Wireless
Main Street Corozal, mid 1900's
Wide angle drone view of a sunset over Corozal
Corozal Town, homes and road (or path), 1912
Central Park in Corozal, July, 2018 and 2008. Also the history of Corozal Central Park and inauguration and a photo from that day featuring Santiago Ricalde
Corozal Town's Supreme Court, located at the corner of 4th Avenue and 2nd South, 1967
Postcard of the Corozal School, British Honduras, long ago
Spectacular sunset this evening over our beautiful Corozal Town
Double rainbow over Corozal Bay with the "Corozal sign" in the foreground
Super wide angle view of downtown Corozal from Corozal Bay
Homes along Corozal Bay including the Schofield Residence on First Avenue in Corozal Town, early 1900's
Corozal Street Scene, c. 1878
Entrance to Corozal, same view, three photos taken over the years
A beautiful view of our Corozal Bay
Rainbow over Corozal Central Park
Aerial views of Corozal Town, the town by the bay...
Boats at Corozal Town Public Pier, late 1800's
Corozal Town by air
Belizean history mural at the Corozal Town Hall
Group of children in front of the historical mural at the Corozal Town Hall
Family in front of their thatch home in Corozal, 1908. Also a bit about thatching
Painting the top of the steeple at the Corozal Museum, Corozal House of Culture, formerly Corozal Public Market
At the ferry, from Corozal Town towards Sarteneja
Beautiful Belize Historical mural in the Corozal Town Council, and a bit about the Caste War
The beautiful colors of Corozal Bay, "Christina" in the foreground
Corozal Bay in the early 1900's
Stormy Seas in Corozal Bay
The view when flying over Copper Bank and Chunox Villages in Corozal
Aerial of the waterfront in Corozal
Aerial views of Corozal
Corozal Town after Hurricane Janet, 1955
Evening view of Corozal Town as the cold front passes over our country
Aerial views of Corozal after Hurricane Janet, 1955
Aerial view of Corozal looking to the sea
La Bodega and the Rainbow Saloon in Corozal Town, 1962
Corozal Methodist School, 1960's or 1970's
Corozal Police Football Finals
View of Corozal Bay from the The Sea Breeze Hotel
A historical mural inside the Corozal City Hall.
Corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum)
Cortes tree or iron wood tree - shower of gold
Pier and view to the sea from Costa Blu Dive & Beach Resort
Miss Costa Maya Delegates 2019 in their Traditional Costumes
The 2018 Costa Maya Delegates say Hello from Ramon's Village Resort!
Michelle Estrella Nuñez, Miss Belize Costa Maya 2017
Pretty Girls in San Pedro! Costa Maya Queens - 2007
Laura and Jenny during the rain at Costa Maya 2009 for the Christian Castro concert
Costa Maya 2010 is coming....
Miss Costa Maya Internacional 2009 - Maritza Riva, Miss Nicaragua
Maritza Riva: Miss Nicaragua and Costa Maya Queen 2009
Michelle Nunez crowned Miss Costa Maya 2017
Miss El Salvador Daniela Augspurg and Miss Guatemala Jennifer Chiong
Jennifer Chiong, La Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional 2008
Bikini contest at the Costa Maya Festival, 2008
Reina de la Costa Maya Delegates at Hurricanes Ceviche Bar & Grill, 2015
Say hello to Miss Panama, Miss Mexico, Miss Belize, Miss Costa Rica, Miss El Salvador, & Miss Nicaragua. International Costa Maya Festival 2017
Fishermen enjoying a chat with the 2015 Costa Maya contestants at Ruby's
La Reina de la Costa Maya delegates went underwater with the awesome crew of Sea Trek
The lovely contestants make their appearance on stage adorned in exotic traditional costumes during the "parade of nations" at the Costa Maya Festival 2009
Costa Maya Festival 2007!
Beauty on the Beach
2008 La Reina de la Costa Maya International pageant delegates in the Belize City Mayor's office
And the winner is ... Miss Guatemala Jennifer Chiong! La Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional 2008
Miss Costa Rica Maria Quesada wins Miss Fido’s Bikini Competition 2008!
Winners of the 2008 La Reina de la Costa Maya International pageant
2009 Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant Contestants
2008 La Reina de la Costa Maya International pageant delegates looking out the window
Miss Costa Maya 2007 Maria Jeffery
Getting ready for the Costa Maya Festival 2005
Costa Maya Festival, collage of the last ten years, 1996-2006
Costa Maya Festival 2006 OPENS TODAY!
Costa Maya Festival 2006 Day 1
Miss Honduras, Lissa Saenz, winner of the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant 2006
Contestants in the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant 2006
Seed pod from Mountain cotton or Maya poro poro. Also known as Wild Cotton or Savannah Cotton
Courtroom in San Pedro Town Hall, long ago. The current Town Board building, used to be the High School. Court Day and a town meeting!
The Cousins
Three cousins
Scotty Keating, Jacques Cousteau, and Nick Pollard in 1972. Also a bit about the research done that year by Cousteau at the Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef
Cow walking in the river at Crooked Tree
Giant Cowbird invading Montezuma Oropendula's nests at Caracol
The Cowfish, aka Trunkfish or Boxfish
Honeycomb Cowfish
Blue crabs and blue crab soup
Giant Blue land crabs on Ambergris Caye, how to cook em, how to chase them away!
Cool crab on Blackbird Caye
Crabs trading up at an estate sale
Walking your crab
Young girl holding a Spider Crab, also called Devil Crab
Crab waiting at the door, Caye Caulker
A nice sized stone crab, getting ready to put in hudut, yummy!
Mangrove Tree Crab
Craboo tree flowering, Maya Center Village
Clinton 'Junie' Crawford, Belizean piano player, 1970's
Crawl Caye aerial views
Crawl Caye, Turneffe
The Original Southern Crawl members at the first stop (SunBreeze)
Painting of Crazy Canucks Beach Bar, and some history of Playador and Crazy Canucks, bartender Rick the ruler
Crazy Canuck's, Dennis Wolfe on keyboards, with Drummer Dan
Coleen Creeden and Rick and their ever present cameras in San Pedro, August 2001
Rass Creek, tour guide of Heritage Cruz, helping Angelo Kuylen enjoy a stingray at Shark and Ray Village in Caye Caulker
Gathering of the Kekchi congregation outside the church in Crique Sarco during the visit of Bishop Murphy in the late 1930s
Courtney Sage, and her love Captain Ron, a baby crocodile
Crocodile at the waters-edge looking at me
Beautiful eye color on a juvenile crocodile
American crocodile swimming in the mangroves
Crocodile bites down on turtle?
Crocodile jaws and teeth, also safe habits when living around crocodiles
Nighttime crocodile rescue by ACES, also a bit about swimming in an area where crocodiles live
A truly lazy Crocodile, riding on a floatie
It takes many men for ACES to relocate this huge crocodile
Crocodile eating from trash pile
Feeding the crocodiles south of town by WASA, 2008
Head and face of American crocodile sticking up out of the water
Face of a crocodile, underwater... up close, also what to do if you hook a crocodile while fishing
A crocodile sunning at a ranch pond in Spanish Lookout
Crocodiles galore at the Caye Caulker bakery
Kate and I went croc hunting this week. (Chinchorro Banks)
Crocodile: I guess the new lot is in this guys's yard!
Morelet crocodile in the Chiquibul
Rescuing crocodile eggs
Baby crocodile
Wild mama croc at ACES near Punta Gorda
Christina Manzi and Chris Summers of American Crocodile Education Sanctuary relocate eleven foot crocodile
The foot and claw of a crocodile, also "Tips for Co-Existing with Crocodiles"
Crocodiles have by far the strongest bite of any animal
Courtney and a croc
Last night we had a skinny dipper! (Crocodile in the swimming pool)
Croc parts ... details ...
Lazy crocodiles
One week old baby crocodile, and cracked open crocodile eggs scattered about their nest
Capturing a crocodile with unconventional means
Crocodile eyes
Crocodile welcomes you home after a long days work. Hmmmmm. How to get into the front door?
Debbie, an American crocodile, is released into the ACES sanctuary habitat
Crocodile relocation
Mama crocodile, then eggs and a baby
Crocodile covered in ants
Crocodile expert Marisa Tellez
George, 25 year old 13 foot American Crocodile, retires to ACES
Feeding a crocodile, he's a little close if you ask me...
Face of a baby crocodile
Crocodile pastries at Pan Dulce
Stephanie De La Garza on an 8' crocodile, Foot of an 8' crocodile
Crocodile kickin' it on a log
Baby crocodile at rest at edge of the New River
Say hello to my little friend!, crocodile at sunset
Crocodile underwater, how long can they hold their breath?
Who stashed the crocodile in the back seat? Croc Craziness On Castle Street
Crocodile in a lagoon at sunset
Crocodile Research at Goldbutton Lagoon, Ebenezer is 10'5"
Sunrise over the lagoon, Crooked Tree Bird Sanctuary
Crooked Tree Village Reunion 2008, and a little history of the village
Surveying the Crooked Tree Wetlands
Crooked Tree Boardwalk
Crooked Tree Police Station
Get ready for your trip down memory lane at the Crooked Tree Village Reunion
Continue to ready for your trip down memory lane at the Crooked Tree Village Reunion
If only I could breath underwater, Callie Croughwell snorkeling...
Cruise ship, RCCL Enchantment of the Seas
Cruise Ship from an Astrum Helicopter
Cruzoob Maya with General Juan Bautista Chuc and Commander Aniceto Tzul (Dzul) meeting with Lieutenant Governor of Yucatan Teodocio Canto to sign a peace treaty to end the Caste War, 1884
Cruzoob Maya rebels during the caste war
Crystal Cave at Jaguar Paw
Hiking in the Crystal Cave, in the Blue Hole National Park
Cuajilote (Parmentiera aculeata)
Cuban refugee boat
Cuban refugee boat, lands in San Pedro, 10 passengers
Thirteen Cubans arrive Monday morning
Sea cucumber
San Pedro High School fun and educational Cultural Day Exhibit, Nov. 2018
The Great Curassow (Crax rubra)
Belize Customs Building and Wharf in early colonial days, long ago
Motorboat trip through the cut between Ambergris Caye and Mexico


Irma at D and G's Gift Shop, 1980's
The Dabuyaba in Barranco
The construction of a dabuyaba in Barranco, 1996. Also Mrs. Jane Arana, assistant to the buyei, at the dabuyaba
Sleeping arrangements at the dabuyaba (Garifuna temple) is also communal during the dugu
Damsel or Hamlets...
Juvenile Cocoa Damselfish
Fishie not gonna kissee ... Damselfish
Damselfish with Soft Coral
Beautiful Damselfly
A damselfly, also known as mosquito hawks, at Bocawina National Park
Alux, dancer in traditional Maya wedding ceremony
Dancing ladies
The Corn Dance, performed by Raices Mexicanas- Retornos Belicenos Dance Group of San Joaquin Village
Maya dancing
Giovanina Castillo Nunez's dance group in San Pedro, 1993. Louis, Antoinette, Lisa, Barbara Anderson and two others
Robert "Bob" Reneau MBE, a leader in the cultural arts and known as the father of modern dance in Belize, with four lady dancers, Sandra Marsh, Leonie Felix, Bob, Linda Keller and Marilyn Panting, 1970's. Also a few articles about him.
The end of the Maya Deer Dance, and a bit about the history of the Deer Dance with a video
The Deer Dance, the Hoghead Dance, Bram and Brokdong, Warinay, Dance of the Moors and Christians, and Sambaiand, the traditional Cortes dance of the Maya, plus a bit about other Maya ritual dances
Dancing the U Óok'ostaj Pool and the Hoghead
Q’eqchi Maya in southern Belize doing a terrific dance performance with colorful costumes
Dancers at BETEX
Belize National Dance Company Performance at Astana Expo 2017
Three ladies dancing, comparza! Victoria Collins in back, then Dulce Vasquez in the middle, the lady in front is Dione
Aerial views of Dangriga, and a bit about the history of Stann Creek now Dangriga
Authentic, beautifully wild - my Dangriga. Aerial view of Pelicans, great egret, horse and rider
Five boys diving off a pier in Dangriga, 2015
Celebration on Empire Day, boats at the Stann Creek wharf 1930's, also a view of the O.C.L. at Stann Creek Dock
Folks walking in the village of Stann Creek (now Dangriga), about a hundred years ago. Also a bit about the photographer Avery
Pookie, a young girl in Dangriga Town
Dangriga: elevated view of the bridge over North Stann Creek to the sea
Aerial view from the sea of Stann Creek in the early 1970's
Stann Creek family, homes and road (or path), long ago. Also a brief overview of Stann Creek Town, 1950
Court House and Hospital Stann Creek, British Honduras, long ago
A View Of Stann Creek Town (Dangriga) along the river next to the bridge, 1911
Aerial views of Stann Creek Town, 1965 and now
Sunrise Over the Stann Creek Valley
Lots of folks among lots of boats along the shore in Dangriga, 1911
Storm cell over Dangriga
"Dangriga" sign with a BIG moon over it
Aerial views of Dangriga, 2013, 2022
Hanging out on a pier along the river in Dangriga Town
Loading a passenger boat at Bowman Pier on the north side of Dangriga, 1952
Aerial view of Dangriga: There is nothing contrived about the easygoing, friendly atmosphere of Dangriga life. Enjoy the authenticity!
This is Daniel, he got certified by Patojo Feb 14th. He is changing his nickname from snorkelboy to whale diver.
Dave (the fruit vendor), with his daughter
On a clear day ... Dave and Robert go diving
David the woodcarver and his shop
Davis Falls in Stann Creek
View from Debbie's Beach
Red Brocket Deer, Cockscomb
Red Brocket Deer, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Portrait of a deer
White tail deer, mother and fawn
Delia, young girl from Placencia, 1971
Beachfront dentistry
Group photo at the Belize Tourism Board Digital Marketing Summit 2015
Collecting dirtbags. Do we fit this category?
‘Discover How To Be,’ new BTB promotional video
Dit's Restaurant and Saloon in Belize City
Belize Tourism Board's New Belize Dive Map
Dive Shop on Caye Caulker, 1990
Group of divers enter a cave....
Diving contest in Boca del Rio
Dobson fly, Megaloptera Corydalidae and a video
Dobsonfly (genus Corydalus) in the Caves Branch River
Docks in San Pedro - 360 degree panorama
Relaxing on the Dock, San Pedro
Family walking on the dock
Dock Wobble on Ambergris Caye
Dockside Discussion with three ladies, Ambergris Caye
An old dive dock, just north of town where "Wet Willies" is today!
Unfinished dock near Banyan Bay
A View of the San Pedro Docks at Dawn - 360 degree panorama
Diachlorus ferrugatus, doctor fly
Market day lazy dogs in San Pedro, also a story by Jayson Forman "The Dog Days of Summer, 1989
Smiling wagon guard. Rottweiler guarding a red wagon in San Pedro
Frannie our dog guiding a BOTE board through the mangroves
Dog on the pier under a beautiful sunrise on north Ambergris Caye
Four dogs on a surfboard off Caye Caulker
The Dog Whisperers Of Belize At Pampered Paws
A Maya boy walks his four dogs on a small trail
TV Tom's dog "Che"
Little dog heads down the path to the sea on a mixed weather day
Another Illiterate Dog or Just Another Day in San Pedro!
Dogs manning the dugout, on Monkey River
Crazed Astro playing shark. Caution is advised when throwing a line off our dock. A great white troll is known to hide there
Dog hanging out under the boat
Waterfall, dog, and peace
Power dog walk by the Belize Yacht Club
Nine puppies with their mama
Puppy at the park on Caye Caulker
Hey Fido, make sure no one's looking
Faces and scenes from the movie "The Dogs of War"
Looking down from a hilltop into the town of Dolores in Toledo, mid 1990's
Dolphin - Caverna Diablo I
Looking down on a dolphin near the boat
Happy dolphin with a lil sargassum in his mouth and fin
A dolphin escorting us up the Belize River
Dolphin just under the surface
Pod of playful Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins
Three dolphins swim under our boat
Juvenile dolphin learning to jump
Jumping for the joy of it. Dolphin on the Belize River
Pod of surfaced dolphins
Three dolphins cruising with their heads out of the water
Dolphins cruising by a boat
Big group of spinner dolphins
A dolphin escort at the finish of the Ruta Maya Race 2013!
Dolphin swimming near the top of the water
A pod of Bottle-nose dolphin off Gladden Spit during a dive for whale sharks in Belize
Dolphin cruising beside the boat
Dolphin aglow
Underwater closeup of a dolphin at Spanish Bay
Dolphin pod
Jumping Dolphin! Right by the boat...
Wild Spotted Dolphin
Rescued baby dolphin
Surfing lessons from the experts - Dolphins riding the waves into the shore
Bottle nosed dolphin, mother and calf
Male and female dolphins, which is the male?
Dolphins celebrating Christmas
Dolphins in the sunshine
A pod of Dolphins
Wild dolphins
Hugh Parkey's Belize Dolphin Experience
Dolphin cruising by
Larry Dombrowski on a boat. Larry went missing in early 1987 in San Pedro
Joey Dominguez of Corozal
Débora and Mrs Dora cooking and doing dishes in their front yard, San Pedro 1985ish. Mrs. Dora and her girls
Dorado Rodeo
Dorado Rodeo Fishing Tournament, 2009
Reflections, Belize River dorey, Long ago
Before any bridge was built, doreys were the means of crossing from San Ignacio to Santa Elena. Long ago
The Red Dory
Sailing dories by Belize Old Market in 1910
Placencia post office "Miss Doris"
White dove of peace
White wing doves frolicking in the bird bath, some on guard, some bathing
Sunrise and a swarm of dragonflies
Stunning closeup of a dragonfly
Dragon fly closeup
Beautiful Dragonfly
Dragonfly (Mosquito hawk)
Dragonfly up close
Newly emerged dragonfly
The historic Dreamland Theatre in Orange Walk Town, late 50's early 60's
The Driftwood Bar, late 1970's
Incredibly beautiful dress worn by Miss Cherry Mae Lamb, curator of the Malate Museum in Progresso Village
Drummer Dan
Traditional drum making
Bobsy & Henry Nunez, children drumming in Hopkins, 1981
Drummer in the 21st of September Parade in Dangriga, 2016
Black-bellied whistling ducklings out for a stroll
Black-bellied Whistling Duck at Crooked Tree, Belize, July 2015
A glimpse of the opening ceremony of the Dügü, the most sacred communal ritual of Garifuna culture, yet closed to outsiders, 1990's
Scene from a Dugu in Dangriga
John Dunlop (J.D.) on the gas dock
John Dunlop (J.D.), at The Niche across from Fidos. This is right before it turned into Island Perk. 2010 or so.
Archbishop Dunne talking to Nurse Elliot in front of her house and dispensary, Placencia long ago
The Duran children
Vianey Duran & her & Rudy's children
A black durgon, a bright coloured fish
Dutch door: Top and Bottom Back Doors were plentiful in Belize City, our Towns and Rural Areas long ago


Passenger sailboat, the E.M.L., at the Punta Gorda Pier (Big Waaf), 1917
Bottom view of an eagle ray
Looking down on an eagle ray
Eagle ray that had a bite taken out of it by a hammerhead shark
Eagle ray leaping from water
Rays of sunlight bath a spotted eagle ray over the Belize Barrier Reef
"Spot the Difference" a pair of Spotted Eagle Rays at Aquarium Dive Site at Lighthouse Atoll
Nice close photo of a spotted eagle ray
A large gathering of Spotted Eagle Rays near docks on Ambergris Caye, video of an eagle ray feeding
The spotted eagle ray, symmetrical and graceful from any angle, great view of its face
A pair of spotted eagle rays at at Turneffe Atoll
Three eagle rays at South Water Caye
Spotted Eagle Ray ballet
Eagle rays are so beautiful!
Eagle rays cruising along...
Spotted eagle ray cruising by barrier reef in Belize
Spotted eagle ray off the dock at Ramon's Village
Spotted Eagle Ray
School of spotted eagle rays
Eagle ray face
Eagle ray cruising low over the reef, you can really see his face!
Spotted eagle ray cruising the bottom
Spotted eagle ray
Eagle ray having dinner
Solitary Eagle in the Mountain Pine Ridge
A young ornate hawk eagle in it's nest
Juvenile Ornate Hawk-Eagle
Black-And-White Hawk-Eagle near Chan Chich Lodge
Gliding Eagle ray from below
Solitary Eagle in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
Ornate Hawk Eagle
Earth Star fungus, Astraeus on the beach
Earthship Belize
East Indian family home in British Honduras, 1910
Las Brisas House Easter appetizers
2017 Central Park Easter Bash, also some history and stories of Easter in Belize
Artist Jose Luis Gonzalez recreates The Last Supper in sand, 2003 in San Pedro
Easter morning with a friend
Eat or Be Eaten! Green Vine Snake (Oxbelis fulgidus) vs. Tropical Mockingbird (Mimus gilvus)
Ebbe Weile and CarbunkleTrumpet were having a couple beers on Beale Street
Eco-Challenge Kayak Race on north end
Eden Isles diveshop on Caye Caulker, late 1970's latest
Edith's Hotel on Caye Caulker – the building in front of that used to be the pool room at the time; ~ 30 years ago, 1982ish
"Peek a Boo," Spotted moray eel
Moray eel at Hol Chan, straight on nice face photo
Green moray eel up close
Green moray eel venturing out from his hidey hole
Moray eels look meaner than they actually are
Face up with an eel, 1980's
Dancing with an eel
Speckled Moray warning me off
Moray eel at Hol Chan
Spotted Moray eel
Moray eel says "Hi!"
Face of eel
Great Egret
Spring plumage of a great egret
Great egret chicks in their nest with their mama
Great egret chases ibis off a tree
Great egret flying at sunrise, amazing reflection of the sunrise colours on the sea
Great egret feeding at sunrise, Crooked Tree Lagoon
Great egret catches and eats a river shrimp
Snowy Egret on top of a water Buffalo, Wrestling water buffalo in Guinea Grass Village
Cattle Egret
Reddish Egret at Los Salones Bird Sanctuary, Corozal Bay
The lovely and charismatic Reddish Egret
Dance of Egrets
Great Egret Feeding on Shrimp
Snowy Egret Sentinel, Crooked Tree
Snowy egret on Ambergris Caye
Reddish Egret, Egretta rufescens
The Eiley Brothers, Tony, Norman and George, about 1980!
Susana Eiley (the Heartbeat of El Fogon) on her birthday last June
Norman Eiley aboard the Royal Piper, 1997
Deni and Lincoln Eiley's daughter Deli Eiley when she was little big girl holding a big snake
George Eiley & Rum Punch, 1980's I think
John Eiley standing in front of his house on the beach where he built boats
John Eiley (notice the spelling of Ely) making canoes taken in Placencia long long ago
Tony Eiley (Tonio) of Placencia and Mrs. Jennifer Alexis Hyde nee Gentle, dancing in 1969
Sisters Darlene & Pearl Eiley, 1971
Ek Tun, a private retreat providing an exotic, jungle experience for folks who enjoy active, challenging travel in an invigorating, spectacular natural environment.
Killer and spider monkey, at Ek Tun
El Embarcadero in San Pedro, circa 1986 - 1990
The El Gato, with Capt. Geraldo Badillo
Grupo Divash on the El Gato
El Patio Restaurant & Lounge in San Pedro
Road to El Pilar, Cayo District, Belize - Aprit 2013
Exploring the El Pilar Archaeological Site, Cayo District - April 2013
Michael Keaton and Tom Brokaw fishing with Captain Cesar and El Pescador
Relaxing in a hammock in front of the El Pescador Hotel in San Pedro, 1975
Old El Ronel Dance Hall building in Corozal just before it was torn down in 2020. Later Blue Dahlia's Restaurant and Bar then Mangales
Nazianie Vasquez and Miss El Salvador 2007, Martha Elena Vidal
View to the sea from El Secreto
Hammock view from El Secreto
Walking the farm of Eladio Pop, San Pedro Columbia
Eladio Pop walking through a corn patch on his farm
Coconuts and Cacao at Eladio Pop's Farm
Eladio Pop at his Agouti Cacao Farm, also a video of the harvesting of cacao
The Belizean flag is planted on Peak Elbrus, the highest European peak
Elections: If You Don't VOTE ... Then Don't Complain!
Voters waiting in line in San Pedro, 2012 Elections
The Elijio family, mid-eighties
Naomi Elizabeth at Six Lounge
Elkhorn coral inside the reef at Tuffy
Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata)
Monitoring the nursery, these elkhorn coral are ready for placement on the reef!
Baby elkhorn coral
Elkhorn Coral with a few fish
Underwater scene, elkhorn coral
Fiona Elliot at the Miss San Pedro Pageant the year she won, 1987
La Elsa boat in San Pedro, 1980's. Loaded with rebar
Elvi's Burger Isle, 1974. Also a drawing of it
Elvi's Kitchen back in the day when there was no traffic on middle street. Also a little of the history of Elvi's Kitchen
Elvi's Kitchen in the 1980's
Building the roof of Elvi's Kitchen, 1993
Elvi's Kitchen, 1986, and Mr. Enrique Staines
Maya Buffet at Elvi's Kitchen
The gang at Elvi's Kitchen, Alberto, Elena & Luis
Embolites dance group at the Chocolate Festival of Belize, 2018
Emeliano never wonders why he became a PADI Instructor
Painting of the boat Emeline, drawn up on the shore
Miss Emma And Her Organic Farm
Painting of a woman carrying a watermelon, by Chris Emmanuel. Also a story about eating watermelon back in the day...
Emory King Enterprises on Regent Street in Belize City, November 1986
The front yard of Serafina Encalada along the shore in San Pedro, early 1990's
Aerial view of English Caye
English Caye lighthouse in the 1950's, description of touring Belize's lighthouses
Stalk eyed Fly: Entomologists Visit the Rainforest in Belize
Epping family picture in the mangroves
Ernest, our Guide and Bartender
Beach erosion on South Water Caye, sea-level rise and climate change is no joke
Wil and Rose Escalante on their wedding day, 1955
Casa Escalante, the beautiful home of Wil and Rose Escalante
First escalator in San Pedro goes into Wings
View from the patio of Estel's Dine by the Sea restaurant in San Pedro
Drinking coffee and wishing for more days, life at Estel's
Estel's dine by the Sea, 1997, and a little history about Estel's
The menu at Estel’s Dine By The Sea
Moonlight dining at Estel's Dine By the Sea in San Pedro
360 degree beachfront panorama outside Estel's
Early breakfast at Estelle's
Breakfast at Estel's Dine by the Sea
Joyjah Estrada gilnetted for Oceana Belize "Are We Drowning Our Future" campaign
Rainbow eucalyptus, Eucalyptus deglupta
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
The Histomap of Evolution


FAB pics of the FAB Ball (Furry Animal Ball)
Faithful Beauty (Composia fidelissima) caterpillar on host plant Devil's potato (Echites unbelata)
Laughing Falcon
A pair of Orange-Breasted Falcons at their usual Thousand Foot Falls lookout, in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Preserve
Adult Orange-breasted Falcon
Bat falcon in the early morning, doing its daily routine, stretching and getting ready for it's day
Aerial view of False Sittee Point
Family walking along the shore on north Ambergris Caye
Tall Fanta clock in downtown Belize City by the market, 1990-1992, also view down Albert Street including the Fanta sign, 1980's
Fatima at Christmas
Jacob Fayad grocery shop in Belize City, early 1940's
Fayads Store, later Melilla's Store, Queen St and Handyside by Cattouse in Belize City, long ago
Welcome to the FEET TOUR! Various footwear worn throughout a visit
Happy feet! Taken on a boat ride from Guatemala to Belize.
My Feet, Morning view
I remember when Ken Fellure was the San Pedro Easter Bunny
Ken Fellure and Ralph were birthday entertainment for TJ at the Paradise Hotel in 1982 (nice bikini tops!)
Caye Caulker fence using some chairs for fencing!
I'm a grandpa. Feona LeAnn McNeill. was born the 23rd at 2am. She is a beautiful perfect little girl
Feona hits the beach downtown
Fer de lance or Tommy Goff
Bothrops asper (Yellow-jaw Tommygoff, fer de lance) using a coconut as a comfy bed
Juvenile (possibly even recently birthed) Fer-de-Lance sunning
Small Fer-de-Lance - Tommygoff - Barba Amarilla
Fer de Lance skin
Beautiful fern, Vittaria graminifolia or Grass fern
The old hand pulled ferry in San Pedro Town, long ago
The Old and The New: Passengers disembarking the hand-pulled ferry in San Pedro
Full Load! The old hand pulled ferry that crossed the cut in San Pedro. 2006
The old hand pulled ferry in San Pedro, 2005
Inauguration of ferry to cross into the Placencia peninsula, 1968
Hand Cranked Ferry on the Mopan River, San Jose Succotz, Cayo District, Belize - April 2013
Huge tree: Ficus insipida, also called Ficus Glabrata and Amate
Fido, at his bar. 1976
Fido's dressed up for Christmas
Fido's Courtyard long ago, 1985-ish, before Karen had the Pizza Place. Also a view of Fido's Pizza and other photos taken over the years
View down the dock to Fido's when it had a sea wall, late 1980's in San Pedro
Inside Fido's during a rainstorm, 2001. Also shows Also Elisabeth Ouvrard's Ambar Custom Jewelry shop
Fido's Courtyard 1996, Lane Llewellyn and Claire Kelley, Belizean Arts, Reality Cafe, Sunsations
Coca Cola truck in front of Fido's Courtyard 1993, along Front Street
Timothy Budd, Dale Wallace, Tony Buono, Joe Miller, Ebbe Wiele, Dale Wallace Sr. and Pineapple Willie at Fido's, circa 1995
Remember Fido's back then? and it's inhabitants? left to right are Linda Cornelison, Beverley Mercier Ward and Daniel Nunez, about 1982-83
Chillin at Fido's in San Pedro... long ago... The boy is Rudy Orio Jr.
Fido's from the sea, mid 1980's
Fido's area in 1997, looking out towards the pier
Fido's long ago
Beautiful view out to the sea from the alley between Mayan Princess and Fidos in San Pedro
Enjoying the sun on the Fido's dock, 1988-ish
Fido's Sandbar aka Fido's South
Large Strangler Fig
Juvenile white spotted File fish
File fish mimicking leaves to avert predators
Slender Filefish Juvenile
Juvenile File Fish (about 2 inches) during a night dive
La Finca (aka Los Renegados) - December 1992
Fingers on the edge of the dock...
Omar Swallowing Fire: Maya Resistance Movements During the Colonial Period
Old time Belize City fire engines, The Old Fire Station Building in Belize City, long ago
One of the older fire engines from the 1960's at the Belize City Fire Station, now located on Cleghorn Street
Belize International Airport fire station, 1982
A firefly sits on a leaf in Belize's Cockscomb jaguar reserve
Cockspur (Acacia cornigera)
Bearded fireworm, Hermodice carunculata
Fireworm or Bristle worm
First Church of the Nazarene Caravan March on Independence Day 2008
San's fishing boat, mid 80's
Fishing boat at sunset
A vintage photo of a fishing boat called a "smack" as it leaves Caye Caulker, circa 1950's
Surgical Precision & Focus in cleaning fish
Early morning fishing on Ambergris Caye
Fishing in the river along the highway at sunset
Fishing boat on the beach of Ambergris Caye, 1980's
Two young boys fishing off the Dangriga Town Pier
A fishing boat in the lagoon, mid 80's
Fishing on Caye Caulker
The Outsider, there is always one fish in school who doesn't fit in
It’s always fun to watch the little fish hiding close to the coral for protection.
Photographing fish under the boat in sea grass beds
Fishing for sea turtles, a collection of photos from the Belize fishing industry in the 1960's
Gone Fishin!
Corned fish (fish treated/cured with salt) before the days of refrigeration. San Pedro, 1919
Fish Market with dories, Belize City long ago
Belize City Fish Market, painting by Colin Wu
Selling fish at the old main fish market in Belize City, long ago
Casting for sardines for the fisherman in the morning off Ambergris Caye
Dangriga fisherman with cast net
Fisherman proudly shows his catch at the usually busy Conch Shell Bay fish market in Belize City
Fisherman's shelter over the top of the sea
No it is not a piñata - It is a fish sculpture of recycled plastic bottles and material!! Some R & R at Mahahual
Joe Warning "The one that got away!"
Fishermen at sunrise in San Pedro
Fishermen headed out at sunrise, looking out to sea. Between Cholo's and Conch Shell Hotel, early 1982
Two fishermen and the conch they caught
San Pedro fishermen cleaning their catch by the Holiday Hotel, long ago. Manuel Ancona, Eduvijes Ancona, and, Capt. Abel Guerrero
Dangriga fishermen at work
Artist creating colorful wooden fish
Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed
Li'l fellow picking up some fish to help with the weigh in at a fishing tournament
Casting the net...
Fishing at Turneffe on a beautiful calm day: rod and reel and beautiful blue water
Fly fishing the flats in Belize!
Fishing the flats
Fishing off the dock
Lots of action offshore, 6 wahoo, barracuda, dorado and blackfin tuna in one day
Winners of the Blue Water Spectacular Fishing Tournament, Nov. 17th and 18th
A good day fishing
Guys fishing with "company"
Flyfishing in the flats behind Ambergris Caye, what a view!
little fish, BIG FISH
Amidst a school of fish
Schools of fish on the reef
Life on the reef: It's a busy morning below the waterline, schools of fish!
A small school of an assortment of juvenile chromis, wrasse and damselfish dance above an assortment of hard and soft corals
Carlos at work! One of my favorite sensations is to be surrounded by schools of fish.
A school of fish, a mixture of french grunts, dogsnapper and chub
Cleaning the fish, feeding the birds!
Fishing cabin, south of San Pedro
Fish drying at the co-op, 1974
Fishtail palm, golden locks
Five Blues Lake with almost no water
Waterfall View Cabana at Five Sisters Lodge
Five Sisters waterfalls
Five Sisters Waterfall in the Pine Ridge
Flags of Belize in History, The History and Evolution of the Belize Flag, Evolution of Sub-Umbra Floreo
The Flag and Coat of Arms of San Pedro, Belize
Morning flag raise at The Island Academy
Beautiful blooming flamboyant tree in Sitteen River
Flamboyant Tree Flower
Flamboyant tree or "Flame tree"
Gorgeous flamboyant blossoms up close
Flame lily, Gloriosa superba
On the flight to Corozal from San Pedro
This was a view on a flight from Placencia to Punta Gorda!
Eccentric 'flints' used by the Maya
Colorful glass floats hanging on a tree in the Santelmo area of San Pedro, 1997. Near Spanish's house.
Flooding in Cayo, 2008
Innovative ways to get around when it's flooding
Bridge between San Ignacio and Santa Elena, Cayo, during flooding in November 2015
Flooding in October 2015
When they are good... they are good. Even the flooding won't stop this man from getting his tacos in Orange Walk
Flor and kidlettes....
Pretty red flower found in the jungle
Mandevilla subsagittata Var. Goodwiniana, beautiful small flower
Beautiful red and yellow flower, Abutilon hirtum, also pictures of the seeds and seed pod
Pretty little flowers!
Beautiful flowers surround the entrance to a home in Punta Gorda
Lots of different flowers
Flower in the Maya Mountains of Belize
Vermilion Flycatchers, lunch time!
Vermilion flycatcher mom feeding the chicks and dad watching over them
Male Royal Flycatcher, what a beautiful crest
Female vermillion flycatcher, how wonderfull she looks in her nest
Who Said Flying Isn’t Possible? Flyboarding on Caye Caulker
I Love El Fogon Restaurant
Children from El Fogon. Jhan Eiley, Luis Dominguez, Elijah Eiley, Valeria Miron, and Olivia Dominguez at Christmas, 2020
Lip smackin' fun at El Fogon: Yoli Ayuso Marthita Leslie enjoy the best part of the special Mother's Day turkey dinner at El Fogon
Beautiful foliage
Jungle foliage
Food stand at the Belize City bus terminal
Belize Gold Cup Football Team
Belize All Star Football Team, 1940, and some Belize Sports history
San Pedro F.C. Football Team, 1995
Belize’s National Football Team 1997
San Pedro football team, years ago
San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School Female Football Team, June 2016
Boys playing football on the basketball court
Maya Eagles Five-A-Side football team in San Pedro, long ago
The house once owned by Captain Richard Elsworth Foote, the first exporter of lobsters in Belize. Also a bit of his biography and some history of the lobster industry in Belize
Footprints in the sand, leading to the shoreline, Ambergris Caye
Footprints in the sand, Ambergris Caye
Model T Ford was first automobile to visit Cayo, mid 1940's. Also, where did the name Cayo come from?
Harrison Ford at the Paradise Pub, also relaxing in a small boat
Harrison Ford's boat when he was filming Mosquito Coast in Belize
Forest fires burning strong in the Pine Ridge tonight
A view looking up through the forest canopy
The Belize Forest Quilt
San Pedro Police Cadets and Foreva Fancy spread Holiday Cheer
Foreva Fancy's Christmas Fashion Show
Allan Forman and Benito on the dock, 1998
Allan Forman and his wife Helen, early 1980's
Allan Forman and JD Schulz Lowe, starting up Coral Beach Divers Limited in 1972
Allan and Helen Forman and family, 1973
Fishing and diving with Allan Forman, 1973
Allan Forman in 1997, in the doorway of the Tackle Box. Also a drawing of him and a photo of him in front of an American flag
Mary Forman and her dad Arden Forman, about 1967
Fort Barlee Corozal, 1880s
Remains and photos of Fort Barlee, Corozal and a bit of its history
1898 West Indian Regiment at Fort Barlee Corozal
At Fort George, United Fruit Company office on right, 1930's
Painting of Fort George looking across to Belize City, long ago, also other photos of Fort George plus a little history of Belize City
Fort George Area being filled with a Dredge, 1922
The Fort George Area in 1967, including the old Customs Headquarters and the office of the United Fruit Company. Also a few other photos of the area taken over time.
Belize City Land Reclamation map, and Fort George area after the reclamation and joining of Fort George Island and the mainland
Fort George Hotel from the sea in the 1950's, also site of hotel before it was built
Front of Fort George Hotel, 1957
Pool at Fort George Hotel before it became the Radisson Fort George. Also an old brochure for the hotel and various photos of the hotel over time, and some history of the hotel
Richard Foster swimming with a tapir, long ago. Also a video tribute to his life, a Dewar's Profile on him, and a letter he wrote in 1978 to the Belize government
David, Muttley, Mr. Big, & Bimbo: Mr. September 2010 FOTHS Calendar
Four-Points on the Paradise pier
Four Amigos
Fourth of July Celebration on Caye Caulker
Mr. Henry Fowler, British Honduras Colonial Secretary, and his exploring party, 1878 Expedition across the interior of British Honduras
Met this gray fox at Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve
Grey Fox - ch'omak
Gray Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)
Don Francisco and Wil and Dale, videos of his visits to San Pedro, Lamanai, and Belize in general
Sari Frank with her dogs, the live one is Pooh Bear, the stuffed one is Phoo Bear
Mr. Fransisco and his wife Maria's house on Tarpon Street in San Pedro, June 2001
Flashback! Lane Llewellyn, Michelle Torres, Claire Kjorlien and Sari Frank
Nice sign at Freedom Tours, Hillyboo's Fishing Unlimited
French angelfish swim above the reef
A pair of french angelfish glide gracefully above the Belize Barrier Reef
Rock beauty angelfish
French angelfish next to a jar coral
Frigate bird and a big moon
The Magnificent Frigate
Frigates cruising over the lagoon side of Ambergris Caye
Magnificent frigate birds at sunrise
Fishermen with frigate birds around them in the lagoon on the backside of Ambergris Caye, beautiful scene
Feeding a female frigate bird
Frigate catching breakfast off Caye Caulker, locally named scissor-tail
Group of frigates hovering over swimmers
Frigate bird in flight with Dimitri
Frigate birds near Snake Caye
Frigate catching a fish
Gulf Fritillary, Agraulis vanillae
Red eyed tree frog eggs
Tiny white tree frog
Red eyed tree frog
Yellow Tree Frog on Water Hyacinth
Closeup of red-eye tree frog
Little tiny frog in the palm of a hand
Red-eye tree frog eggs
Pepper tree frog
Red Eyed Tree Frog
Frog that looks like a plucked chicken, Mexican Tree frog (Smilisca baudinii)
Big Eyed Tree Frog
Tree Frog Painting
Veined Treefrog - Pepper Treefrog
Sleeping red-eyed tree frog. Amazing eyes...
Teenie tiny frog
Ranidae frogspawn
Little tiny frog
Sargassum Frogfish
Looking north on Front street in front of the Coral Beach Hotel, 1980's
Front Street in front of Holiday Hotel, San Pedro 1995
The end of Front Street in San Pedro, 1970's. Milo's Hotel
Looking down on Front Street from the top of the Alijua Building. The Police Station, and Central Park in San Pedro looking east, and the Spindrift Hotel and other businesses looking west, mid 1990's
Paving the streets in downtown San Pedro: Working on the new cobblestone pavement on Front Street
Front Street in San Pedro early 1990's, looking south, Lion's Den on the right
A busy Front Street in San Pedro, 2001
Front Street in San Pedro, looking north from Holiday Hotel, 1982
Looking down Front Street in San Pedro, long long ago
Front Street in San Pedro by the house painted with daisies, mid 1980's
Sunny morning on Front Street, San Pedro
Front street in San Pedro, 1982
Front Street San Pedro, 1987
Golf cart driving down the streets of San Pedro at dusk, 2001
Front Street in San Pedro, 1990's
San Pedro Front street, long ago. 2 photos taken from the Central park area, one looking north, the other looking south
Walking on Front Street in San Pedro, early 1970's
"Main" street San Pedro 1995, in pencil
The Colours of Front Street, 1991
Unloading the fruit boat
Bringing in the fruit & vegies!!!
Fruit stand in San Pedro
Fruit Vendor in San Pedro, List of exotic and popular Belizean fruits of old
Maria's produce stand at Fido's in the 1980's
The early bird gets the best produce, produce vendors on Ambergris Caye early in the morning
Funeral service participants wait with casket as gravedigger finishes his task, San Pedro long ago


George Gabb, a great sculptor, and his wood working workshop in Belize City, November 1973
Dr. Frederick Gahney Memorial town clock at the intersection of Barrack Road, Victoria Street and Freetown Road in Belize City, late 1970's and 2021
Looking down on the waterfalls at Gaia Riverlodge, formerly Five Sisters Lodge
All ah we dah one! Galen’s Community Engaged Art mural in San Ignacio ... the final project for a 2016 Art course
The channel between Southern and Northern Lagoon, Main Creek, Gales Point
Southern Lagoon, Gales Point
Village of Manatee, now Gales Point, 1940's. Also a map of Gales Point Manatee from well over ten years ago
Caye Caulker girls at play, 1980's. Deanna and Georgia Gallego (now Georgia Gigi Bowen)
Purple Gallinule, incredibly coloured bird
Farm in Gallon Jug, Belize
Reef at Gallows Point in Belize
Father Marion M. Ganey, founder of the Credit Union Movement in Belize. Long ago...
Melissa Garcia - 2005 Hoops Dancer
Garden Fete and Mestizada, July 12 1940, Belize City
Garifuna presentation at the San Pedro Town Library
San Pedro House Of Culture Celebrates Garifuna Awareness Day
Garifuna monument in Dangriga, the rainbow signals sunshine at the end of the storm
Garifuna drummer at Crazy Canuck's
Garifuna family in Stann Creek in 1910, making cassava
Garifuna drummers, and about Garifuna Drums
Garifuna drummers
Happy Garifuna Settlement Day 2014!
Happy Garifuna Settlement Day in Punta Gorda, 1910
Mrs. Tanis Servio at Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations in Dangriga, 1970's
Reenactment, Garifuna Settlement Day 2018 in San Pedro
Garifuna Settlement Day celebration in San Pedro, 2019, also "Lessons from the experiences of our Garifuna ancestors"
Large group of folks celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day in Stann Creek, 2015
Yurumei re-enactment, the “landing” of the Garinagu in Belize, Garifuna Settlement Day Celebration, long long ago
Capturing the essence of Garifuna Settlement Day, Belize
The Garinagu people re-enact the settlement of their ancestors by boat, Garifuna Settlement Day 2006
Young lady at Memorial Park on Garifuna Day last November
Having fun on Garifuna Settlement Day
Parading back from the landing, Garifuna Settlement Day 2010 and 2011 in Punta Gorda
Jon Kanu, a Garifuna ceremony, circa 1950's
Garifuna settlement landing reenactment in San Pedro
Orlando Garrido and friends at his son Felipe's baptism
Beach painting by Orlando Garrido
Sailboat by tiny atoll in the starlight, painting by Orlando Garrido
Garifuna community greeting a visitor at the shore, painting by Orlando Garrido
Drumming and dancing on the beach, painting by Orlando Garrido
A Paradise Island, small home with laundry blowing in the wind, painting by Orlando Garrido
Pondering the sea, Garifuna painting by Orlando Garrido
Bonfire and celebration on the beach, Garifuna painting by Orlando Garrido
Shell gas station in front of the Belize Yacht Club in San Pedro, 1990's
Bill Gates was vacationing in Belize, and here you see his yacht anchored just north of Laughing Bird Caye Atoll
Gato and the Big Shell
A Gecko sitting on his front porch
Gecko eggs and iguana eggs
There's a gecko in my coffee cup (Aristelliger georgeenis)
Yucatan Banded Gecko seen on a night walk at BFREE
Banded gecko in a woodpile
My Grandfather, Mr Edgar "Bally" Gegg will be turning 100 years old this January! Also some history of Belize scuba diving by David Gegg
General Workers Union gives the Independence Movement Full Support, in the 1950's
The founding of Georgeville, 1960
Georgia & Parrot Survivor
The kids attending Georgie's christening party...
From deep inside Giant Cave, Caye Caulker
Entrance to Ojo de Pescado, underwater cave off Caye Caulker
Giant Cave, Caye Caulker Belize. A highly decorated beautiful cave!
Scuba diving in Giant Cave, map of Caye Caulker cave system
My friends' gibnut in Christmas attire
Belize's famous "Royal Rat," Gibnut or in Spanish pepesqint
Agouti grazing...
Agouti aka Gibnut
The late Emma Gill in the window of a dive shop on Caye Caulker, late 1980's
Albert Gill and his Band, 1996 in San Pedro
Maralyn Gill's Rasta Pasta Rainforest Cafe on Caye Caulker, 2002
Maralyn and Albert Gill, at Rasta Pasta in 1996 when it was upstairs above Crazy Canuck's at Playador (and a few other photos of Albert)
Maralyn Gill, Albert Gill, Shanti, and Her Excellency American Ambassador Carolyn Curiel during dinner at Rasta Pasta, 1998
Maralyn Gill of Rasta Pasta, in high school!
Melonie Gillett in the water
Beautiful red and white shell ginger flower
Red Torch Ginger Flower
Shampoo/Bee hive Ginger
"Gino and the Shack Shakers", the star attraction at Oceanside Bar & Grill
Little girl taking a refreshment break
Lil girl in a swing
Girls trip in Belize!
Girls playing on the dock
Girls Trip at Grand Caribe Beach Resort
Li'l girl with her dog, 1996
Girls selling tamales, Succotz, Belize
San Pedro Girlfriends
What's in there? Little girls at play.
The Give and Take Palm (Chrysophila argentea), it has huge spines
Gladden Spit on a whale shark trip
Painting of Ramon's Glass Bottom Boat, 1980's
The old Glenthorne Manor on Barracks Road in Belize City
Glovers Atoll
Aerial view of Long Caye in the Glover's Atoll and adjacent to it the smaller North East Caye
Glover's Reef Atoll from 10,000 feet
Aerial view of Glover's Reef Atoll
Aerial view of Glover's Atoll
One of 850 patch reefs within the lagoon of Glover's Atoll
Glover's Reef
Early morning start for a day of filming at Glover's Reef, Belize
Aerial view of Glover's Atoll Resort on North East Caye
A few of the many species of fish that inhabit Glover's Reef Marine Reserve
Villamar Godfrey diving, 1971
The gods must be crazy, Belize art
Wedding ceremony at Goff's Caye
Elderly Couple walk the beach at Goff's Caye, early 1990's
Aerial view of Goff's Caye
A very quiet Goff's Caye in 2002, before the cruise ships started stopping there
Goff's Caye from an Astrum Helicopter
Aerial view of Goff's Caye
Goff's Caye off Belize City
British soldiers on Goff's Caye, 1986
Aerial view of Goff's Caye
Freediving off Goff's Caye
Goff's Caye
Goffs Caye
Goffs Caye prior to cruise ships
Goff's Caye
Golden Frog, or Poison dart frog
Golden orb spider
This orb spider blended in perfectly with the tree it was sitting on
The Golden Stream, in the Toledo district
View along the river in the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve
Philip Goldson campaigning in front of the Billboard office, 1965. Also Wilfred "Shubu" Brown, Murphy, Jaime Staine, Sabino Savery, and Charles Woods
Flat tire? No problem. This is the way how someone choose to take his golf cart to mechanic
Golf cart freeway, long weekend drive home from BC's II
Row of golf carts at the Truck Stop
Police golf cart in San Pedro, long ago
Fun on the golf cart
Ryan Casado learning to drive on a golf cart, Marty Casado supervising the lessons, 1999 or so
Golf cart in the sea: I guess I had too much fun in Belize. I better put my parking brakes next time lol
Golf cart hanging precariously over the water
Golfing, San Pedro Style
Golfing on Caye Chapel
Jerry McDermott, Chris Aycock, Josh Buettner, and Dave Childs on the green at Caye Chapel, 2004
The General Manager of International Services Ltd., Mr. Santiago Gomez, around 50 years ago.
Chico Gomez & Pele Easter 2008
Chico Gomez: it was cold and so he decided to wear something that would make people laugh, long ago
Gilberto "Chico" Gomez, first Mayor of San Pedro Town, and the Father of Township, long ago
Kung goes fishin with the boys! Jose comes through with a great dinner catch! Don Streiler's son David Streiler, Kung Childs, Jose Gonzales, Byron Warren, Betsy Streiler, and Don Streiler
Gonz Saloon in Belize City, awesome food, corner of Barrack Road and Hyde’s Lane, late 1990's
Tony Gonzalez, 1980's
Jose Gonzalez Sr., a born San Pedrano and a Jack of all Trades
Kimberly Dooley Gonzalez and her Dad in front of old Police Station in Central Park in San Pedro, about 1988. Also an old article about her, and also a picture of her son with Chichi Regina, mother of the Gonzalez boys, and a photo of Chichi's son Florentino
Mary Gonzalez does glamour nicely, on her birthday (Halloween)
Mary Gonzalez (aka Tia Chocolate) as a child
Mary Gonzalez and her aunt (Olga Tzib) waiting to board the Tropic Air flight to San Pedro, Municipal Airport, 1987
Tamara Sniffin and Mary Rodriguez with pretty smiles!
Mary Gonzalez at The Truck Stop in front of Papo's amazing mural!
Mary Rodriguez and Ben Popik being "Facebook Friends" at the San Pedro Holiday Hotel Halloween Party, 2015
Mary Gonzalez (Tia Chocolate) relaxing in the sea
Courtney Sage and Mary Gonzalez last Halloween
Mary Gonzalez with a scarlet macaw during her first visit to The Belize Zoo!!
Caricatures of Mary Gonzalez and Robin Acosta
Tia Chocolate: Night Night Little Pookie
Robin (Acosta) + Mary (Gonzalez) + pink cupcakes = a PERFECT 30th birthday!
Stormy sky, sunny face: Mary Gonzalez
Nita Gonzalez and Feita Trejo on the beach in San Pedro, 1972
Tony "Gutzy" Gonzales and Robbie Guerrero - 1986 ish
Reymundo Gonzalez Sr. (Barber) & Narcisco Reyes, early to mid 1980's
Don Secundino Gonzalez of Ambergris Caye, long ago. Grandfather of Armando Gonzalez
oooh how i love this fruit Belize Gooseberry (AKA Sapra)
Woodcarver Curl Gordon in Belize City
Lenny Gotter and his lady, a hammock portrait
Mira Gottlieb resting at Xaman Ek Resort
Government House after its restoration in 2020
Entrance to Government House, 1940's. Facts about Government House, photos from over the years
Government House in Belize City, long ago, photos from over the years. Also an overview of some of the men who served at Government House and some history of the building
Government House after Hurricane Hattie (1961). Two views, one aerial
Government House in Belize City as seen from the sea, 1920. Also a policeman guarding the house
The Government Executive Council, chaired by the Governor from 1961 to 1963
British Honduras Executive Council 1895
The Governor of Belize coming down Albert St. towards the swing bridge
Birding at Gra Gra Lagoon
Aerial view of Gra Gra Lagoon National Park
The 'Grand Belize Bridge,' Belize's first known bridge built across the river mouth of Belize, long ago
Grand Caribe Belize
My awesome view of the sea at Grand Caribe. What a hotel!
Sunset aerial view of Grand Caribe Belize on Ambergris Caye
Aerial view from the sea looking down on the Grand Caribe Resort on Ambergris Caye
Grand Caribe from above!
A beautiful sunny day at the Grand Caribe Belize
The fruit called Grandpa balls or huevo de chucho
Alfonso Graniel on a Li'l Alfonse tour!
Alfonso Graniel, about 1997 or so....
Armando Graniel Jr, Marisa Graniel, and Marty Casado, 1996
Delsie Anadely Graniel arrives by the office with her crew during Carnaval!
The March, nymphal grasshoppers
Horse Lubbers Grasshopper, Taeniopoda
Colorful grasshoppers
Grasshopper looking right at you with nice looking eyes
Grater that would be found commonly in Garifuna, Creole and Maya villages in Belize 20 years ago
Greasy Pole contest at a River Regatta in Belize City, 1910
"Greasy pole" contests in San Pedro (1980's) and Punta Gorda (1970's)
Least Grebe feeding her young
Green headed tree snake
Back end of a Green Heron in Corozal Town
Photos from the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch
Original Green Parrot Bar, Stuart Corns
Green Parrot Bar, 1990's
The Green Parrot (now Portofino Resort) there is Norman Evanko, Trish Carter, Stuart and Bev Corns and Bruce Johnston, about 1994
Elbert Greer, 1987
Elbert Greer and Bubba at Mata Grande, 1989
Aerial: Elbert Greer's place in Mata Grande in 1990, next door is Jim Wade's house
Celi Jean Greif (CJ) modeling in 1980
John Greif Sr., Mercy "Malu" Trejo, Vanessa Greif, and Rosita Portillo at a birthday party in San Pedro, long ago
John Greif Sr. and Darryl Cloud
CJ (Celi Jean Greif) in the early 1980's on one of our photo shoot adventures
Painting of Celi Jean Greif (CJ) looking HOT from the 1980's
Corner "saloon" grocery store, Belize City, 1975
Grouper Don't eat me - I won't eat you
The red hind is a common small grouper on our barrier reef
Grouper in the shade under a boat
Grouper at the dentist: WIDE mouth
Grouper and a school of Horse-eyed Jack, at the overhang at Hol Chan
A large Nassau grouper inspects my dome port with school of jacks in the background
Grouper emerging from fans on the reef
Black grouper with snorkelers
Black Grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci)
A Grouper gone bad.
Grouper is the big boy in the school
Saturday at Turneffe - had a little tug-o-war game with a shark over a grouper
Grouper and nurse shark
Catherine and her new grouper
Golden edge grouper
57 pound Mystic grouper, and Chris Berlin
Trophy 76 pound Mystic Grouper
130 pound mystic grouper caught off Ambergris Caye
80 pound Mystic grouper caught in deep water
Juvenile Grouper with an attitude
French Grunt
French grunts, a nurse shark, sea rods and brain coral
French grunts in elkhorn coral
A school of blue striped grunts
Big school of blue striped grunts
South Water Caye, undersea vista, school of French Grunt
Swimming through a school of striped grunts on the Belize Barrier Reef
Crested Guan
Crested guan rescued from Gold panners
RCNR Rangers Stevan Reneu and Reynold Cal looking out over jungle outside Guardian Cave, Runaway Creek Nature Reserve
Guatemalan rug ladies walking through Banana's beach
Guatemalan lady with big bundle on her head
Captain Abel Guerrero proudly displays a prize Tarpon caught in the channels of Ambergris Caye. Photo 1989. Also a bit about fishing in San Pedro long ago with a photo of Don Fash single haul of some 1000 pounds of fish
Angie, Capt. Abel Guerrero, and Laura
A Guerrero family portrait in San Pedro, early 1990's. Ceni, Ilda, Cota, Efrain, Dali, Efrain Jr., Danny, Nano, Gach, Alvaro, Robby, Chito
Captain Abel Guerrero and his son Abel Jr. on the beach in San Pedro about 1968
Martha Guerrero, with her husband Captain Abel in 2020
Pablo Guerrero working on his fishing net, long ago in San Pedro
Severito Guerrero and Maggie, who married Jose Pacifico, better known as Spanish. 1980-81
Don Severito
Mr. Efrain Guerrero Sr.
Efrain Guerrero Sr, Nano Gomez, Mr. Tavo Alamilla, Honourable Louis Sylvestre, Mr. Sandy Hunter, Mr. Dimas Guerrero Sr., and Mr. James Blake
Dimas Guerrero with a model ship, long ago, Elvi and DJ's dad!
Dimas Guerrero looking good! Long ago...
Goly, Padrino Dimas and baby Dimas James Guerrero, long ago in San Pedro
Gach Guerrero looking out the window of the plane
Gach Guerrero with Nellie Gomez, Noche Buena 2018
Gach Guerrero with Susana and Norman Eiley, birthday breakfast for Gach, 2019
Fresh Catch of the Day, Captain Abel Guerrero doing the work
Efrain Guerrero Jr., Roberto Guerrero, Efrain Guerrero Sr., Jose Gonzalez, Daniel "Danny" Guerrero and Arturo "Tuli" Lara, 1980's
Mr. Abel and Mrs. Martha Guerrero from San Pedro, and Costa Maya Festival Delegates for Noche SanPedrana 2009 at the Lions Den.
Alvaro Guerrero of The Rock Fishing Team, with a nice 20 lb Blackfin Tuna
Ovidio and Elia Guerrero from San Pedro, long ago
Severo Guerrero as painted by Spanish, at CaribeLandia in San Telmo
Marcie Guerrero and Tony Brown at Fido's, about 1987
Guinep/'Kinep' fruit (Melicoccus bijugatus)
Rhinobatus lentiginosus, Atlantic guitarfish
Peeling bark on a gumbo limbo tree (Bursera simaruba)
Mexican Gun Boats
Chantae Guy
"Island Dog" Mike Gvara drawing along the beach in San Pedro


Lindsey Hackston, Walter Castillo and their two children, Justin and Chantel, 1990's
Aerial view of Half Moon Caye Natural Monument
Stars over Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef
An incredible aerial view of the blues surrounding the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument
Stunning aerial views of Half Moon Caye
Belize in Belizean blues, the beautiful water and reef off Half Moon Caye
Aerial view of Half Moon Caye, 2020. Also a view from the ground from long ago
Aerial view of Half Moon Caye and the Belize Barrier Reef
South shore at Half Moon Caye
Half Moon Caye, Feb. 2005
Cool and calm at Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, view out to the sea
Waves crashing onshore at Half Moon Caye
Flying by Half Moon Caye Natural Monument at Lighthouse Reef Atoll
Aerial view of The Majestic Half Moon Caye
Ryan Casado, Becky Casado, Marty Casado, and Tonya Haworth Quinn on Half Moon Caye, about the year 2000
Aerial view of Half Moon Caye Natural Monument
I'm always amazed by the many shades of blue that Halfmoon Caye has to offer. View of beach and waters off the caye
The first lighthouse in Belize at Half Moon Caye. Also a bit of the history of this lighthouse and other lighthouses in Belize
Palm trees on Halfmoon Caye
Oceana wavemakers celebrate “World Ocean’s Day 2014” at Halfmoon Caye
Over Halfmoon Caye while doing the aerial Blue Hole Tour with Tropic Air
Halfmoon Caye on the Lighthouse Reef Atoll
Approaching Half Moon Caye
Waking up on the Offshore Express at Half Moon Caye, 1998
Half Moon Caye
Half Moon Caye
Wide angle view of Half Moon Caye
Half Moon Caye, the beginning of the path to cross the island once you leave the beach
Trail on Half Moon Caye
'Surf' on Half Moon Caye
Half Moon Caye from way up high.....
Aerial views, laying back quietly on the beach of Half Moon Caye, also a video walking tour
Eddie Halliday and Keppy (a Miligold Macaw)
Happy Halloween! Melody Wolfe looking scary..
Children in Halloween costumes long ago in San Pedro
Boy in a Jaguar Warrior costume for Halloween
Happy Halloween from Saga!
Madison Pearl at the Saga Humane Society's Annual Halloween Bash, 2017
Pirate dog at the Saga Halloween Spooktacular Party in 2019
Halloween 2015: The crew from the Tres Cocos neighborhood with a message! Trash goes in the can!
Halloween at Island Academy, 2016. Mia Kanabar, Parker Alexander, Alexander van Noord, and Fernanda Trejo
Witch at work, magical photo by Olivera
Witch flying near a Tropic Air plane
Halloween Roach in San Pedro, long ago
14th Annual Saga Halloween Party & Costume Contest is tonight!
Pirates of the Caribbean, Halloween in San Pedro, 2016
It's Halloween and islanders come out to play!! A chicken at Lions Club Bingo!
Four lovely mermaids, Holiday Hotel’s Halloween Bash 2015
The Dominos! Halloween at the Holiday Hotel, 2015
Cute pirates... 12th Annual Saga Spooktacular is tonight!
Fun times at the Holiday Hotel Halloween party
The annual Holiday Hotel Halloween Bash is tonight!
Alex Rodriguez, the ‘Snow Queen,’ winner of the 2018 Holiday Hotel Halloween Most Creative prize
‘Friki Tiki,’ Manager's Favorite costume at the Holiday Hotel Halloween Party, 2015
Hot dancing couple at the Holiday Hotel Halloween party last Saturday night
Group of Halloween revelers at the Holiday Hotel party last Saturday night
Melody Wolfe and Ariadne Antal Trejo at Halloween
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!, from Nathalie Manuel, Kainie Manuel, and Mary Gonzalez
Annual Halloween party at Holiday Hotel is coming up!
Halloween 2018 Spooktacular at San Pedro High School
Do you know all your hand signals for Marine Animals?
Britain's Prince Harry meets enthusiastic Belizeans
Holiday Hotel Halloween Party tonight!
Julie Acosta, Dymra Vasquez, and Mary Gonzalez at the Holiday Hotel Halloween Party, 2011
Louke van Noord and friends on Halloween 2009
Halloween 2007, San Pedro style...
Doug, Emma and Noele McLarin on Halloween, 2011
Beach at Hamanasi
View towards the sea from Hamanasi Resort in Hopkins. Also a walking tour of the resort
Relaxing on the beach surrounded by palm trees, aerial view at Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort
Indigo Hamlet
Scalloped Hammerhead shark at Hol Chan
Hammerhead shark at Half Moon Caye
Hammerhead Shark
Great Hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran), also a few videos of hammerhead sharks off Ambergris Caye
Toes up in the hammock
Relaxing on the beach in a hammock
Hammock... ...wanna get OUT!
View from the former Hammock House
Hammock House - August 2004 and a few other photos
Peter and Peggy Hancock, and their children Natalie and Michael, 1960's & 70's
The Harbour of British Honduras in 1885
Belize Harbour showing Fort George Island, long ago. Also a photo of the harbour from 1910
Paintings of Fort George and the Belize Harbour in early 1800's
Harleys Store in downtown Belize City, also stores of Krug & Co., and John Harley & Co., long ago
The majestic Harpy Eagle at sunrise
Harpy Eagle
Harpy eagle in the trees
Young Harpy Eagle on it's nest
Da Queen: Harpy Eagle
The Magnificent Harpy Eagle at the Belize Zoo
Harpy eagle looking back over his shoulder
A British Aerospace Harrier II hovers above Belize City keeping the air space safe, 1980's
Harrier jets over San Pedro 20-30 years ago
Harriers based at the Airport Camp's hangars, 1980's. Also other photos and videos of the Harriers in Belize, and final official 1417 Flight photo before closing down the Harrier hides, RAF Belize 1993
Frank Redmond and Mike Fox flying in Macaws, RAF (Royal Air Force) around 1978-80
Two RAF GR3 Harriers on the left/Northside of International Airport-1980 (Not far from Raul’s Rose Garden ;) )
Harrier jet flying past the Great Blue Hole, early 1980's
Hatchet Caye
Aerial view looking straight down on Hatchet Caye
Welcome to Hattieville, Belize District - 360 degree panorama
Marva and Carla walking the bridge outside of Hattieville Jungle
Construction of the first Haulover Bridge, 1942. Also other photos from other times including the second bridge, and the old ferry that was there before the first bridge was built.
The second bridge that graced the Haulover Creek in Belize City, 1898
Haulover Bridge aerial view
Quiet Haulover Creek in Belize City, long ago and more recently
Singer Richie Havens in San Pedro, late 1980's
Black/Hawk Eagle or Common Black Hawk
Common Black Hawk
White-tailed Hawk and a pair of "angry birds" (Fork-tailed Flycatcher's), Rio Bravo
Zone-tailed Hawk
Black-collared Hawk in flight
Aerial view of the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio, 1969, and a photo of Sir Hawkesworth
Artist's view of the Hawkesworth Bridge in Cayo, and surrounding
Hawkesworth Bridge El Cayo, British Honduras, long ago, and a few photos from over the years. Also a bit of the history of the bridge including when the British Scimitar tanks crossed it to defend Belize from Guatemala
View off the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio/Santa Elena
Samuel Alfred Haynes (1899-1971)
The ancient Maya elite with colourful headdresses
Richard Headrick of Ramon's Village Resort and his wife Gina
My Kind of Heaven
When all heck breaks loose, here's how we will handle it.
Wide view of a helicopter over the reef
Old British Honduras Police Force Hat (Pith Helmet with badge), the evolution from the system of Magistrates to Legislative Assembly
Hermit crab. Big one
Large (9-inch shell) hermit crab
Caribbean Hermit Crab (Coenobita clypeatus) in a West Indian top shell (Cittarium pica)
"Red Reef" hermit crab
Hermit crab with a recycled home
A Tiny Hermit Crab Close-up
Hermit crab closeup
Hermit crab half out of its shell
Well attended Hermit crab shell swap party!
Hermit crab in a can
The Heron H. passenger and freight boat, long ago. Lots of photos and history, also a story "My Last Coastal Journey on the Heron H." by Nick Pollard
Carlos Hernandez, 2018 Belize Tour Guide Of The Year, with Marty Casado in 2001 on a Caves Branch tour
Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner
Gorgeous hibiscus, brown, red and orange
Beautiful red and tan coloured Hibiscus hybrid
Incredible red hibiscus
Unusual Hibiscus Flower
Gorgeous hibiscus
Stunningly colored hibiscus
Painting of Red Hibiscus
Red Hibiscus with view towards the beach
Huge hibiscus, 8 inches wide
Red hibiscus by the sea
Hibiscus Coast, painting by Barry Launius
Hicatee Turtle Hatchling
Drawing of a Hickatee Turtle, October is Hickatee Awareness Month
Furrowed Wood Turtle (Rhinoclemmys areolata)
Started your morning right? Toucans, Coffee and Trogons, Birding in the jungle at Hickatee Cottages
Hidden Falls in the Pine Ridge
Jan and Miles Casado at Hidden Valley Inn
Aerial views of the Hidden Valley Inn and surrounding lands, also a short video of the property
Hungry? The spareribs at Hidden Treasure Restaurant
Hidden Treasure Restaurant on Ambergris Caye
Cuban Music at Hideaway Bar
The Hideaway Sports Lodge in San Pedro, 1997, and a bit about their amazing chairs and Jerry Jeff Walker there in 2002 with Linda Leach. Also various photos at the Hideaway
Hiking in Belize, on the trail...
The Histomap: 4000 years of World History
Fabulous Hobie Cat Sailing at Banyan Bay! 2003
Hobie Cat Training!! 2004
Hofius Hardware store in Belize City over the years, also the Hofius-Hildebrandt Store and the Colosseum, located in the same place in the late 1800's
Hogfish, Before and After
The Hokeb Ha Vase, and a bit about the art of the Maya
Hol Chan, Barrier Reef aerial
Astrum helicopter view of the Hol Chan cut in the reef and snorkel site
Mariko Wallen exploring Hol Chan, beautiful coral patch
Time to go in! Scuba diving at Hol Chan
Snorkeling at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, 2010
Diver surrounded by fish at Hol Chan
Poster for Hol Chan Marine Reserve, from early 1990's
Hol Chan Marine Reserve Extension Presentation
Hol Chan Marine Museum
Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Awesome aerial of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Two aerial views of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Snorkeling at Hol Chan
Snorkeling at Hol Chan
View from the pool at Hol Chan Reef Resort
Hol Chan Reef Resort & Villas
Richard Holder's new exhibition, entitled Project Poverty, opens October 9th, 2008 at the Mexican Institute
Richard Holder's new exhibition, entitled Project Poverty, opens October 9th, 2008 at the Mexican Institute
Holey Rock, Bladen Nature Reserve
The Holidays are coming ... this year, why not make it a tropical one?
Perfect Path: At the Holiday Hotel in San Pedro
Article from 1967 in the Chicago Tribune by Jim Woodman, a travel writer and the first guest of the Holiday Hotel in San Pedro
The Holiday Hotel in 1987, plus price list and list of services from 1985-1986
The Opening of Holiday Hotel, June 16, 1965, San Pedro's first hotel, San Pedro's first hotel. Pictured are Celi Nunez, Teacher Palacio, Premier George Price, Village Chairman Fido Nunez. Also a bit about the history of the San Pedro Holiday Hotel
Aerial view of the Holiday Hotel in San Pedro, 1980's. Great view of it's kraal
The Sea Gal Boutique that used to be in the Holiday Hotel, 2001
Holmes Caye, long ago. Now known as Simmonds Caye
The new Holy Cross School in San Pedro held it's first Christmas Pageant.
Dedication of the new Special Education Center at Holy Cross
Holy Cross classmates take helicopter ride
Dawn, an occupation therapist on a mission trip to the Holy Cross School with Jaymin Stuart
Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro
Holy Cross Anglican Primary School, gets ready for their first Independence Day parade, 2006
Front view of Holy Redeemer Church in Belize City, 1908 and 1915, video from 2020
Celebration at Holy Redeemer Church in Belize City, North Front Street in Belize City in 1890
Children waiting to receive their daily dose of Milk Powder at Holy Redeemer Primary School, 1965
Holy Redeemer with a chicle and coconut warehouse opposite, Belize City long ago
Holy Redeemer, 1940's, banners saying "God Save the King." Also Holy Redeemer Cathedral and Rectory in Belize City from the 1930's
Holy Redeemer Confirmation photo (1962-ish)
Filming interview with wonderful teachers at Holy Redeemer School, Belize City
Small home over the water line
Ocean-front property! Tiny house on the reef, aerial
Home sweet home, children in front of their home, painting by Alex Sanker
Ferry crossing Hondo River at the Chetumal border in 1960s, another photo from about 1920-1940
Crossing the Noh Ucum (Rio Hondo) to go to Ramonal (Mexico), 2016
Both sides of the international border (Rio Hondo) of Belize and Mexico, circa 1940 and 1960's
Hood's Bakery on Queen Street in Belize City, 1908
Hoop Dreams in Hattieville, 2001
Hope Bridge Town, painting by Walter Castillo
Bishop Frederick Charles Hopkins and St. John's College Students, Circa 1916
Resort Strip of Hopkins Village, Belize
Big group of folks on the beach, Seine Bight or Hopkins in the 1950s
Beach view to the sea in Hopkins Village, Southern Belize
Aerial photos of Hopkins Village
Looking down the beach in Hopkins
Two buildings of the Sandy Beach Women’s Cooperative in Hopkins Village, late 1980's
Sunrise, Hopkins Bay in Belize
Crowded Beach at Hopkins Point
Hopkins beach, more rain this morning
Mural at the entrance to Hopkins Village, Stann Creek
In Hopkins, even the public toilet is a work of art
Early morning sunrise in Hopkins Village, with fisherman
Hopkins Village School Garifuna dancers
Palm trees and a boat next to a palapa, view out to the sea from Hopkins Village
School of Horse-eyed jack
Young green turtle meets a school of horse-eyed jacks
Horse eye jacks at Hol Chan
School of jacks over the barrier reef
Diver surrounded by a school of Horse-eye Jacks
School of Horse Eyed Jack rising up from coral
Horseback riding at duPlooy's
#belize #horseback #swim
Horseback riding in Cayo with Hanna Stables
Isolated showers on a warm afternoon in Dangriga. The horses know where to stay cool.
Horseback, looking out over 1000 Foot Falls, horse POV
Horseback riding with Chaa Creek in Cayo
Horseback riding in Cayo
Horse balls tree, or Cojones de Caballo
Holden Memorial Hospital, long ago. Also lots of photos of it as the Chateau Caribbean and a bit about the fire that destroyed the building in 2016. It was the Biddle's and McLeary's house before it was a hospital
The Old Public Hospital in Belize City, erected in 1820
The old Belize City Hospital, long ago and now. Lots of photos of the old hospital
The Belize City Hospital, 1975
Old Belize City Hospital
The administration building at the old Belize City Hospital long ago. (Only the shell is still standing today)
Old Cayo Hospital, San Ignacio, plus its 98th birthday celebration!
Panoramic sunrise view to the sea from the roof of Hostel La Vista (formerly The Sands Hotel). Looking out over Central Park.
The flower "Hot lips" fruiting, Psychotria poeppigiana
View from the Hotel del Rio out towards the reef
View to the sea from Hotel del Rio, San Pedro
Rules on the wall at Hotel Marin in San Pedro, 1979
Colorful house on Caye Caulker
Interesting San Pedro house just north of town
A traditional Maya style house still in use in San Pablo Village, Orange Walk
San Pablo Cultural Day, with participants Lol'ha from San Pablo & visitors from Yucatan and Quintana Roo, Mexico
San Pedro house, painting
A San Pedro House
House of Representatives meeting under the Leadership of the first Minister, Hon. George Cadle Price, 1961
The 18 members of the House of Representatives in the 1965 general elections, British Honduras (Belize) Cabinet 1965
British Honduras, (Belize) Cabinet 1969
Howler Hill at dawn during the Blancaneaux Lodge Birdathon
"Bartje" our resident Black Howler Monkey has discovered the Cecropia tree right next to the veranda
Family of howler monkeys in a tree at Caves Branch, 2007
Howler Monkey relaxing in a tree
A howler monkey playing Peek-a-boo from the roof!
Howler monkeys at play
If we look at the ancient Maya story of origins, the first howler monkey and spider monkey originated from human-like entities
Nice close up view of a howler monkey howling!
Young howler monkey enjoying breakfast at Lamanai Archaeological Reserve
My small howler monkey Alvin and me on a sailing dory heading to Laughing Bird Caye, early 1970's
Howler monkey relaxing in the foliage, at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
Baby howler monkey being loved at Wildtracks
Young howler monkey hangs on a tree
Howler Monkey at Xunantunich, Cayo
Hobbes and his girls, calling in pre-release. Howler monkeys
Newborn howler monkey falls from the tree
Howler monkey watching the photographer
Baby Howler monkey at Lamanai
Peanut, one of this year's released howler monkeys
Howler monkey howling
Now this is real high fashion. Young orphaned howler monkeys and keeper
Opening the pre-release cage doors at Wildtracks to let this year's howler monkey troops go free
Baby Howler monkey hanging out
Howler monkey up close and personal
Da monkey has a monkey on his back
Black Howler Monkey feeding in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Baby howler monkey Little Pea (Chicharito) enjoying exercise and sunlight after her feed.
Baby howler howling... Mother howler monkey with her lil one
Howler monkey at Lamanai Outpost Lodge
Howler monkey facial features
Face of a howler monkey
Spotlight on howler monkey
Black Howler Monkeys, called 'baboon' in the local Creole dialect
Howler monkey at Lamanai
Black Howler Monkey
Howler monkey in the trees
Baby Howler Monkey
Family of howler monkeys
Howler Monkey
Howler Monkeys
Howler monkey
Hummingbird at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
Amazing photos of hummingbirds
Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Ruby-throated Hummingbird in my backyard
Hummingbird nest in cacao tree
White-Necked Jacobin
Some assorted hummingbirds from our Garden at Green Hills Butterfly Ranch
A female Green-breasted Mango hummingbird is feeding on the Pito flowers (Erythrina sp.)
Male Green-Breasted Mango hummingbird in the nectar bar
Long-Tailed Hermit (large hummingbird), Cockscomb Basin
Green Breasted Mango Hummingbird
Purple-crowned Fairy Hummingbird
Rufous-tail Hummingbird, Amazilia tzacatl
Neighbors: A pair of hummingbirds has their nest in the same almond tree from the seating area.
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird sitting on its nest, Maya Legend of Hummingbirds
Baby Hummingbird waiting for dinner in San Pedro
Cinnamon hummingbird dancing in the rain
Long billed Hermit, a Hummingbird
Hummingbird in its nest, Lime Caye
Representing the beauty of Belize. (Hummingbird Highway)
Old concrete bridge on the Hummingbird Highway
Bus traveling through the Maya Mountains on the Hummingbird Highway
View of Hummingbird Highway from the tower at Billy Barquedier. Also a bit about the first vehicle down the road in 1953
Driveway in Springfield along the Hummingbird Highway
Hummingbird Highway overlooking Melinda, Stann Creek District
Hunters construct these structures to climb and shoot wildlife
Aerial of Hunting Caye, part of the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve
Huracan Diving Lodge at Lighthouse Atoll
Hurricane Dean approaches Belize
Preparing for Hurricane Dean
Downtown Belize City the day of Hurricane Dean
Winds near peak of Hurricane Dean in Corozal
14 Aerial images of San Pedro and Caye Caulker after Hurricane Earl taken August 6, 2016
Effects of Hurricane Mitch and Hurricane Keith in downtown San Pedro
The morning after Hurricane Dean
Majahual, Mexico after Hurricane Dean
Assisting the victims of Hurricane Hattie, HMS Londonderry, 1961
Hurricane Hattie in October 1961, including an article in "Soldier," the British Army Magazine
Ration line in Belize City after Hurricane Hattie, 1961
Mehetibel and Hawtence Underwood (Gillette) looking at a line of soldiers in Belize city after Hurricane Hattie, 1961
Family living in what was left of their home after Hurricane Hattie. Belize City, 1961
"Hattieville" workmen completing the first of the hutments at the new emergency village after Hurricane Hattie
No matter how many times you see this picture from Hurricane Hattie in 1961, it always leave an impact on you
Hurricane Hattie damage in Belize City
Photos and stories of Hurricane Hattie, 1961
"The calm before the storm," called Hurricane Felix, 2007
Football lives on amidst the damage from Hurricane Iris, San Marcos/ Big Falls area, October 2001
Outer bands of Hurricane Iris October 09, 2001
Marty and the boyz, pumping up the soccer ball after Hurricane Iris
Convent in Belize City, 1931, after hurricane
Hustler Tours, San Pedro Town in May 1993
The Hut, best family "Home Cookin" restaurant in San Pedro in 1986!
Mary Hawthorne at the restaurant "The Hut" in San Pedro, about 1982
Timo and Shelley Huber, owners of The Hut Restaurant, in front of their restaurant, early 1980's


White ibis in flight
White Ibis posing for me
Dueling ibises, white ibis sparring for a nesting spot, stuck in the mud getting the shot
White Ibis of Ambergris Caye
A good day to reflect. American white ibis, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
Ibis in flight, Ambergris Caye
A morning for white ibis at Gra Gra Lagoon
Ibis in flight
Mangrove full of ibis
Flock of White Ibis of Ambergris Caye, Eudocimus albus
Ice Cream Bean, Inga Edulus
Amazing face of a Laemanctus serratus (iguana) at the Fireburn Reserve in Corozal District
Corytophanes cristatus (iguana) within one of the Twin Caves in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve
Beautiful iguana closeup, sunning in the mangroves
A few shots of Green Iguanas taken in the San Pedro area
Jade head (Closeup of the face of a green iguana)
Seventeen wish willies (iguanas) on a wood pile in San Pedro
Male Green Iguana at the Eco Iguana Corner Foundation in San Pedro Town, also a sun sparkling shot of an iguana in the trees
Iguana, up close and personal!
Iguana hiding in the rocks at Coco Beach
Iguana watching swimmers in Vaca Lake area
Green iguana with its tongue out!
Iguana sculpture by Jack Westerhold
Black Spiny-tailed Iguana (Ctenosaura similis) ~ called "wishwilly" by Belizeans
Very bold wish-willy!
Iguana emerging from its egg
Green Thumb: Iguana arm on a branch, close up
Modern Dinosaur
Large iguana sculpture by "Iguana Jack" Westerhold
One of Iguana Jack's best works, a ceramic iguana burrito yum, plus one of his business tshirts
Yellow and orange iguana on a blue plate, ceramic by Iguana Jack (John Westerhold)
Reflections of a Fat Boy, painting by Iguana Jack
All dressed up and nowhere to go, painting by Iguana Jack
Ceramic iguana by Iguana Jack
"Iguana Jack" Westerhold outside San Pedro's first art gallery, 1980
Iguana on deck of palapa
Iguana Caye
Iguana in flowery foliage
Resident Iguanas
Iguana in the jungle
Iguana face
Iguana Love
Green Iguana
The Green Iguana - A threatened species in Belize
Imantodes cenchoa (snake) on Tinamou loop, Cockscomb Wildlife Basin
Happy 25th Independence Day Belize!
Belizean flag on the beach, Happy Independence Day!
Belize's first Independence Day: Prime Minister George Price accepts constitutional instruments for Belize from Prince Michael, Duke of Kent, on Independence Day for the world newest nation in Central America, September 21, 1981
Fireworks at the Independence Day Eve Celebrations and video of Parade, San Pedro, 2016
Independence Day Fireworks on Ambergris Caye, 2018
Independence Day 1981 in San Pedro! Lots of photos!
Independence celebration in Belize City, September 21, 1981
Celebrating Belize's Independence in Belize City, long ago
Young lady celebrating Belize's Independence in San Pedro, 2019
Gorgeous dancers, Independence Day Parade, September 21, 2011 in San Pedro
Independence Day, Downtown Belize City near Albert and King Street. 1981
34th Independence Day anniversary
Happy Independence Day 2016!
Young lady wishing Belize a Happy 30th Birthday, Independence Day Parade, September 21, 2011 in San Pedro
Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Prime Minister of Belize George Price and Governor General of Belize Dame Minita Gordon, September 21, 1981, Belize Independence Day
Children in a float, Independence Day 2006
Tico and Sara's kids at the Independence Day parade on Caye Caulker
San Pedro Independence Day Parade, 2009
Happy Birthday Belize! Flag monument at the main roundabout in Belize City
Belize Independence Gala Dance, September 27th, 2009 in New York City
Parade on the beach in San Pedro , Independence Day 2006
Party On Girls!!!!, Independence Day, 2006
View from Indigo
Indigo construction progress
Two Black Tailed Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon melanurus), at Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve
Very long seeds, the bri-bri species called Inga edulis
Big Insect! A hitch-hiker in the Chiquibul on the park ranger gear
Insects near Anthuriums and Catasetum orchids
Isla Bonita Elementary School students visit the town council Council
Aerial view of Isla Marisol Resort
Approaching a small island in Belize
A Promise....
Beautiful Islands with Paved Runway for sale in Belize
Treasure Island Academy: Pirates wreaking havoc!
Big hug with lots of children, Island Academy Christmas Pageant 2013
Island Academy Colouring books!
Schools On! Most of the Infant II class at the Island Academy
Children performing at the Island Academy 2019 Christmas Show
Island Academy Christmas Pageant Presents The Nutcracker
Island Ferry / Fido's dock, 2001 in San Pedro
Beautiful island painting
Small island on the reef, aerial view
Island Tackle Bar & Grill
Beautiful Islands with Paved Runway for sale in Belize
Islands In the Sun Club - newsletter from 1959 (or 1958)
Making chocolate at IXCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate, grinding the beans by hand. San Felipe


Portrait of the Jabiru while on the boat tour on the Crooked Tree Lagoon
Jabiru Stork
Composite showing a jabiru stork taking off into flight. Also an aerial video looking down on a jabiru flight
Parade of jabiru, on the edge of the Crooked Tree Lagoon
Two jabiru at their nest, near Belize River Lodge
Fledgling jabiru in it's nest
Belize’s Jabiru stork is the largest flying bird in the America with a wingspan of 2.5m
Jabiru stork flies past a group of roseate spoonbills.
Jabiru stork nest, mom with 4 babies
Jabiru storks wing flapping, a courtship display
Love is in the air! Courting Rufous-tailed Jacamars at Cockscomb Basin
The beautiful rufus-tailed jacamar
Radio gaga Jackson
Jade Garden in San Pedro, about 1998
The original Jade Garden at Barrier Reef with Mama Sue... Soulan Wong
Beautiful mural of the Jade Mosaic Mask
Jade necklace found in the tomb of the seventh ajau (ruler), nicknamed Ruler G, of Pusilha (Toledo District)
The Altun Ha Jade Head - Crown Jewel of Belize, goes on tour
The Pectoral Jade (Wind Jewel) dating around A.D. 672
I Saw The Crown Jewel Of Belize - The Jade Head of Altun Ha
Jadeite death mask from Santa Rita
Chiqui, a 13 week old jaguar born and orphaned in the Chiquibul Forests
The Jaguar Underworld: Male jaguar in a cave, caught by camera trap
Two jaguars on the access road at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Jody Risser takes his jaguar for a walk into the sea, San Pedro, Christmas 1989
King of the Jungle! Beautiful Jaguar captured on a trail camera at Chan Chich Lodge
Black Jaguar, Ek' Balam
Painting depicting a ritual Mayan jaguar sacrifice
Happy jaguar rolling around, viewed from camera trap
Maya jaguar effigy, probably a whistle
Jaguar walking along near the temples at Lamanai, also the Maya Legend of the Jaguar
Juvenile jaguar along the Southern Highway
Jaguar taking a pause to refresh
The elusive and powerful jaguar (Panthera onca) well camouflaged
Kissing each other inside the mouth of the giant jaguar mouth front door of Jaguar's Temple, a little on the history of the building (Teatro Arena, Tarzan's Night Club)
Jaguar and cattle coexisting peacefully
High Five from Rocky, the largest jaguar in the zoo, Up close and personal, inside the cage in his cage
Jaguar face mural
Feisty wild kitten - the orphaned jaguar cub Chiquibul
Jaguar on the road entering Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Tika, our beautiful Panthera Onca - that's Jaguar in ordinary people talk
Jaguar Romance
Baby jaguar "Hero" at the Belize Zoo
Jaguar tracks along the side of the road
Junior the jaguar being playful
Junior (the jaguar) Yawns, shows his tongue...
Jaguar Shaman
San Pedro's Jaguar King
Rylan (3 years old) hand feeding Junior the Jaguar
Jaguar Crossing the Western Highway
Two jaguar cubs
Junior the playful Jaguar at the Belize Zoo
Tikatu the jaguar at Banana Bank Lodge
Maya jaguar glyph
The face of a jaguar
Junior (the jaguar) takes a drink
Jaguar Temple dismount
Jaguar Temple at Lamanai taken from a helicopter, cover of Joshua Berman's upcoming Moon Guide to Belize
Sitting on the edge of the top of the Jaguar Temple at Lamanai
Tikatoo, jaguar at Banana Bank
Black Jaguar
Jaguar taking a catnap
Painting of a Jaguar in the Forest, by Curvin Mitchell
Jaguar in the window
Jaguar in the mist
Jaguar Reef Lodge & Spa lit up at night
Jaguarundi with its cub
Portrait of a predator. The jaguarundi, Belize's smallest wildcat. Also jaguarundi footprints on Ambergris Caye and a short video
Jaguarundi seen at a camera trap
Old teeter totter and Jambel Jerk Pit, Central Park in San Pedro, 2002
James Bus Line on the mainland
Dan and Eileen Jamison
Dan and Eileen Jamison
Jane & Jet
Janelle with papaya
Jankunu Festival in Dangriga
Jankunu, painting by Alex Sanker
Jankunu 1950's
Jankunu Dancers, the dance also known as The Wanaragua, long ago
Wanaragua (Jonkunu) dancers on Front Street, Punta Gorda, Christmas 1938
January Jones filming a PSA for Oceana regarding the whale sharks
Two Japanese ladies explore the dock
Jauncy Vase, excavated at Buenavista del Cayo, Belize
Jawfish - these guys live in little burrows in the sand and are very shy
Jungle Jeanie's German shepards surfing, Hopkins
The Jéets Méek ritual done by the Yucatec Maya people of Belize
Holding a jellyfish off the coast of Barranco
Translucent Spot Winged Comb jellyfish
Comb jellyfish (family Ctenophora)
Swimming jellyfish
Blue Button Jellyfish, (Porpita Porpita)
Portuguese man o' war jellyfish, also a drawing of one by Jayson Forman
Snorkeler with moon jellyfish (and yes that is Cobie Smulders)
The Sun, The "Moon" and the Star: Jellyfish with Cobie Smulders
Blue Button jellyfish
Cannonball Jellyfish, Stomolophus meleagris
Jellyfish, Warty Moon, Pelagia noctiluca
Moon jellyfish
Man o' war empanadas
Jerry's Crab Shack in San Pedro, 2003
Captain Jerry’s Most Excellent Beach BBQ
Jesus lizard
Jet and Jet's Bar, at the International Airport
Cartoon of Jet of Jet's Bar in Philip Goldson International Airport
Jet (Mr. Holland) at his bar at International Airport
Dave Childs, Kung and Jet
Making jewelry
Jewfish, painting by Rose Escalante
Large jewfish (goliath grouper) caught long ago
Pou with a huge jewfish, 1988 in San Pedro
Mouth of a huge jewfish caught in the early 1990's
Skip Berlin with a 250-300 pound jewfish... Venezuela 1968
70 pound Goliath Grouper, also known as Jew Fish
The Jew Fish
600+ pound jewfish caught in 1994 (or so)
Jimbo at Big Daddy's, around 1986
Joe of Joe's Bike Rental
Joe of Joe's Bikes, San Pedro - December 2010
Joe Habaneros
Coleen Johnson, the owner of Fido's with her husband Howard, long ago!
Angela Kinsey from "The Office" and Rashida Jones of "Parks and Recreation"
Rashida Jones and Angela Kinsey snorkeling above the coral reefs of Belize
Jose and his mama Yolanda
A beautiful morning at Journeys End, sunrise
Journey's End from the air
Chef Scotty at Journey's End on Ambergris Caye for a Christmas buffet, pre-1998
Julie on the road from San Pedro to Journey's End resort
Sunrise at Journeys End
Belize Jouvert 2012 – Making the Mud!
Juan, dive instructor at White Sands Dive Shop
Nelcito Juarez with a drawing of himself as a baby
Nigel Juarez with his design for a tattoo
Rosemary Smith and Kate Devine at The Juice Bar in San Pedro, 1999. Kate is with Tariq and Rosemary with Daniel
Happy 4th of July from San Pedro
Dense jungle, with a little bamboo!
Aerial view of Jungle Camp in southern Belize
Working deep in the jungle
Sign: Welcome to Juvines Bar in San Pedro, about 2000

K-Paz de la Sierra arrives in San Pedro
Kama Lounge Bistro Restaurant
His Majesty's sloop "Kangaroo," 1828
Aerial of Karst Hills between Five Blues Lake and St. Margaret's Village, near 17
Karst hills along the southern flank of the Maya Mountains from the side and above
Queen for a day... or maybe longer... Colette Kase
Happy Girl, Colette Kase
Crayola Katydid, sure is a beautiful bug!
Blueish green Leaf Mimic Katydid
Lichen katydid. (Markia hystrix), Amazing looking orthoptera
Aerial view of a kayaker along the reef
Kayak view from the reef
View from a kayak towards shore
Why don’t you put down the camera and help me get in the kayak?
Kayaking with Slickrock Adventures
Aerial view: kayaking atop the spur and groove (coral formation alternating coral mounds with sand troughs) off South Water Caye
Kayaking through coral, split level view, above and below the water
"Kayaking" the Chiquibul River
Bradley's boat, Kaye Dreamer and Astrum Helicopters
Landing in San Pedro three days after Hurricane Keith
Ken and rickshaw in San Pedro
Temporary Kendal Bridge
The location in Belize City that used to have a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise, and a bit about the fry chicken business in Belize City back in the day
Kes the Band on top of Altun Ha
In memory of my good friend David Mervin Key
Mervin Key with various folks on his visit to San Pedro in 2005, Spanish, (Jose Pacifico), JD (John Dunlop), Marty Casado, Richie Woods, Fidel Ancona, Wil and Rose Escalante, Felipe Paz, Wayne and Jo Castleberry, George and Marie Parham, Gonzalo Lara, and members of the Rice family at Victoria House
Mervin Key and Chico Gomez
Group photo from the 2019 Kids in Action Summer Program
Kimberly with her new camera rig
Today's Newest Diver in the World! Congrats Kimberly
Kind Kids Adventure, learning about reptiles
Behold the King: A billboard on the Western Highway that is a 'family portrait' of Dean & Kim Barrow and others dressed as the British royal family
Celebration of the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, 1911 in Belize City
Celebrating the coronation of King George VI in Belize City, May 1937
North Front Street in Belize City with banners to celebrate the coronation of King George V. Also Children's Parade at Government House On Coronation Day, June 1911
The celebration (Feu de Joie) in Belize City of the Coronation of King George V on June 22, 1911
Aerial view of King Vulture Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Tropical Kingbird Food Quarrel!
Tropical Kingbird
Ringed Kingfisher (Megaceryle torquata)
American Pygmy Kingfisher
Ringed Kingfisher
Female American Pygmy Kingfisher
American Pygmy Kingfisher
Dusk has only just set in and the night-shift by means of this Kinkajou (Nightwalker) is already taking over
Solo male kinkajou relaxing before nightfall at the Rio Maya Bird Sanctuary
A rescued baby kinkajou
Orphaned juvenile Kinkajou
Adorable kinkajous can be found in the trees of Southern Belize
Victor the kinkajou: rescued from poachers
Great Kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratus) with his crest up
Kiskadees seem to eat anything that they can catch. This little crab was having a bad day
Kissing bug
A Máasewal kitchen in the Maya Village of Cristo Rey Corozal
White-tailed Kite on a tree stump
Plumbeous Kite, one of my favorite raptors of all times
Plumbeous Kite and fledgling
Two young ladies playing with a kite on the beach on Caye Caulker
Kiteboarding off Ambergris Caye
Kiteboarding fun in San Pedro, flying over a jet ski! Bradley Mazin up in the air!
Kitesurfing at Cayo Espanto, bunch of folks flying all over!
Kitesurfing off Ambergris Caye
Kitesurfer snags a beer off the dock, anything for a Belikin.
Kitesurfing through a rainbow
Kitesurfing off Ambergris Caye, Rodolphe MacKeene in nuclear grab trix
Juvenile gray-headed kite
KiteXplorer private spot
Balloons — with Amy Knox
Joseph Koenig enjoying a colorful day of fishing the Ambergris Caye flats, Iguana Caye
Nancy R. Koerner with her son Julian Sherrard, mid-1970's, almost directly across the river from the property which would later become Chaa Creek
Beach at Koko King on Caye Caulker
Kokomo Beach Hotel ~ Sailwinds Beach Suites ~ Diane's Beach House - on Caye Caulker
Swimming at the hut at the Barracks kraal in Belize City, 1970's
Kraal at the old St. John’s College campus at Loyola Park aka Old Colleges in Belize City, 1915-1920
Kraal at St. George's Caye, Buster and Charles Chavannes, long ago. Also map of St. George's Caye from 1764 and an offshore view circa 1910
Kraal at St. George's Caye circa 1969, the two children in the photo are Shawn and Stan Bradley
A sign written in Kriol protesting a proposed port for cruise ships in the town of Placencia
Kumbia Kings dancers, onstage at the Costa Maya Festival 2005
Kung Goes Fishin with the Boys


L's Diner near the Yarbrough Bridge in Belize City
La Beliza Resort, located eight miles north of San Pedro Town
Dr. La La's Daughter Lisa in 1988 taking windsurfing lessons
La Immaculada Primary School Orange Walk Town, 1917
La Margarita Restaurant on Ambergris Caye, about 1999
Amethyst Villa at La Perla del Caribe at night
Views from La Perla del Caribe
One morning at La Perla del Caribe
Small lacewing eggs suspended on threads
Young lady on Caye Caulker
Young lady bringing in the coconut
Lovely lady on the dock....
Happy young lady, early 1980's
Young lady on Caye Caulker
Beautiful lady on the dock
Pine Ladybird - Exochomus quadripustulatus
Ladyville Evangelical Primary school visiting the Chiquibul National Park
Swimming on the "West Side" of the island, or the lagoon side
The Lainfiesta Hotel on North Front Street in Belize City, 1908
Lakeside Bar, 1994ish
Susan and Wil Lala on the 20th anniversary of Wil's plane accident
Susan Lala, Kim Brown Prideaux, Carol Brown, Barbara Wilkinson, and Marge Askew of the O’Hell Card Group, long ago
Susan and Wil Lala take a horseback ride at Banana Bank with John Carr and Sherman
Excavating Lamanai
Riding the River to Lamanai
Tropic Air flight over Lamanai
Lamanai Stela Temple before reconstruction, with Elizabeth Graham
Lamanai Temple and mask
The main temple of the Mayan site of Lamanai, translated as "submerged crocodile," rises out of the forest along the New River Lagoon
Temple mask at Lamanai
Aerial view showing the area around Lamanai and the New River Lagoon
Maya stelae at Lamanai, closeup. Also a bit about Lord Smoking Shell
Lamanai, View from the top of the Jaguar Temple
Descending the Jaguar Temple at Lamanai
Panoramic view from the top of the High Temple at Lamanai
Aerial view of Lamanai and the New River
Canoeing at Lamanai Outpost Lodge
Sunrise from the dining room at Lamanai Outpost Lodge
View from Lamanai Outpost Lodge
Very rare pre-historic looking lancefish caught in our Belizean waters
Land Rover, only car on Ambergris Caye, along the beach, 1984. Also a story by Jayson Forman on early "traffic" issues in San Pedro in the 1980's
Hillyboo Lara bartending at the Tackle Box Bar in San Pedro, 1980 or so. Also Clyde...
The O Restaurant at Las Terrazas Resort
Nighttime panorama at Las Terrazas Resort at sunset
Las Terrazas at night
The Last Supper, Belizean style
Waves of clouds wash over Laughing Bird Caye
Aerial view of Laughing Bird Caye from 10,000 feet
Women washing laundry in the river in Stann Creek, 1905. Also a bit about doing laundry in Belize in the 1950s to 1970s
Laundry for rent
Lazy Lizard at Sunset
The Lazy Lizard Bar & Grill on Caye Caulker October 16, 2000 after Hurricane Keith
Leafcutter Ants
Leaf cutter ant trail
Lebeha Drummer at Hopkins Bay Beach Resort
Views from the beautiful Belize Legacy Resort
Legs up at Portofino Resort
Lena's Hotel, beachfront on Caye Caulker, long ago
Sanpedrano pilot Gerald Leslie, 1986ish
Homer Samuel Wilbur Burn Leslie, a pioneer of the Belize tourism industry
MJ Leslie, the best trainer of Kitesurfing here in San Pedro, doing his thing!
Everyone’s favorite teacher (my Aunt) Martita Leslie at San Pedro Roman Catholic School, late 70’s
A plaque made by one of the kids at Liberty Children's Home, very appropriate for Election Day. "Les Tak, Mo Axion"
Liberty Hall and surrounding area after Hurricane Greta in 1978
Liberty Hall in Belize City, long ago and now
British Honduras 50' Commercial License Plate
Life is good!
Gaff Rigged Sand Lighter
Here are a few pics from a recent camping trip to Lighthouse Atoll
Views from Lighthouse Reef Atoll
Lighthouse Atoll
Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize from 9000 feet
Lighthouse Reef underwater scene
Welcome to Lighthouse Reef Resort
Two bolts of lightning in the valley
Lightning out over the sea off Ambergris Caye
A wet time lapse of a lightning storm moving onshore from right to left. Also a story and drawing by Jayson Forman about storms and lightning in San Pedro, 1985
Pink lightning
Miss Lil's house / Rodriguez Restaurant on Caye Caulker, 1979
Beautiful Water lily
Beautiful blooming Queen Emma lilies
High waves, 1988 Hurricane Gilbert when the waves washed up in Cholo's and Lily's
You can't beat the view... or the fried fish - at Lily's Treasure Chest
Textile vendor nursing her child in front of Lily's Treasure Chest Restaurant, long ago in San Pedro
Beachside vendor in front of Lily's Treasure Chest in San Pedro
Lunch at Lily's
View to the sea on Lime Caye
Huge cliffs of limestone
Charles Lindbergh lands in Belize City, 1927
Photos of Charles Lindbergh's reception in Belize, late 1927 and early 1928
Charles Lindbergh on his second trip to Belize, 1929
Love at Lino's, San Pedro
A lionfish - such a beautiful fish, too bad it does not belong here in the Caribbean, especially on the Belize Barrier Reef.
1 Diver, 1 Spear, 1 bag, 1 Dive = 54 Lionfish!
Awesome red lionfish drawing, pterois volitans
Lionfish on the reef
Sorting Lionfish on the beach
Chino with a Lionfish... bigin
San Pedro Village’s first community Lion’s clinic, drawing by Jayson Forman
Belize Lions Zone 59 Organization participating in the 69th Annual Isthmania Convention in Puerto Cortez, Honduras
Lions in their den...
Liquor Shop, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize - April 2013
Only nasty people litter
Mary Ellen Steven’s Little Italy was a very popular restaurant back in the day, located where Calientes is now in the Spindrift, 1990's
Old Man – smooth headed helmeted basilisk
Well camouflaged Old Man's Lizard or Helmet Basilisk, Corytophanes cristatus
Lizard, at The Lodge at Big Falls
Ben Popik with his head dripping lizards
Middle American Ameiva festiva lizard
Belizean lawn ornament... lizard in the brush
Lizardfish feeding on a Red Hind. Turneffe Atoll
Lane Llewellyn, Eileen Wilhelm-Kuschel, Michelle Torres and Tamara Cooper
Catching lobsters: one in each hand!
Fishing For Lobster. Also the History of the Lobster Industry in Belize, Freezer vessel Betty Jean and the Catalina seaplane, and stories of huge lobsters!
Up close and personal: Lobster eye view
Large lobster caught off Hopkins
Lobster backed into a crevice
Marty Casado with lobsters at Goff's Caye, 2002
Panulirus laevicauda, smoothtail spiny lobster, incredible rainbow-like colours
A Caribbean Spiny Lobster wanders around its coral crevice
Three pretty ladies in their boat with freshly caught lobsters
Lobster hunting with Eric Henkis on Ambergris Caye
Slipper lobster
Spiny lobsters on the BBQ Grill
Small girl, HUGE lobster! Photos from the first day of lobster season, 2020
Gazing at lobster in a tank
Pioneers of our lobster fishing industry from San Pedro: Rafael "Raf" Nunez, Ramon Nunez, Armando "German" Graniel, Gonzalo "Reds" Lara, Cruz "Tio Cruz" Nunez, Rosendo "Papi" Graniel. Long ago.
Lobster traps on Caye Caulker
Huge pile of lobster traps
Giant lobster - 4.5 Kg (10 lbs)
Huge lobsters just brought onboard, one was 15 pounds
Lobster traps ready to set. We're looking forward to June 15th.
A wrecked old lobster fishing sloop the Elizabeth
A lobster boat anchored in front of town, 1980's
Attack Lobster on prey
The fresh and unique taste of Caribbean Spiny Lobster is hard to beat
Caribbean spiny lobster
Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, plus a nice view of a lobster face
Larry the lobster a big hit with the children at the Managed Access event in Copper Bank
Spiny lobster, painting at the Placencia 2014 Art & Music Festival
White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean
Hillyboo with a lobster, a few years ago...
Lobster traps on Caye Caulker
Lobster- Blue Hole Lobby at 160 feet
A lobster feast is near....
Big river lobster, aka Écrevisse, aka crayfish, aka Macrobrachium carcinus
HUGE Gaffed Lobster, 1970's, What it was like for a British soldier on Ambergris Caye in the 1970's
Holy lobster Batman...that's one big Crustacean!!!!
Lobsters, caught and cooked
Lobsterfest on Caye Caulker
Lobster Fest 2009, Caye Caulker
Twas The Night Before Lobster
Catching a rock lobster
San Pedro Lobster Festival 2015 starts today!
The Lodge at Big Falls
Pool at The Lodge at Big Falls, also an aerial of the area and the office/restaurant
Log saw at Hillbank logging camp, 1940's
Long Caye Wall
Group fun on the beach with kayaks, Long Caye Beach at Glover's Reef
Aerial view of Long Caye
Aerial view of Long Caye at Glover’s Reef
Early morning at Looking Glass Bend in the upper Chiquibul River
Heads of Agreement Looting at Bridgefoot in Belize City! Store between Augusto Quan and Matus Brothers, 1981
Spring Break San Pedro style, Lopez's baby sitting services!
Lord Rhaburn Combo 1965, also an interview with him from 2022
Belize represented at 2010 Los Angeles Lakers victory parade
Los Angeles Lakers' fans in Belize
Love on the deck, gazing at the reef
Low tide on Ambergris Caye, morning of October 19 2011
Cordell Lozano aka C Dog
Maya man and woman at Lubaantun, San Pedro Columbia in Toledo, 1910-15
Well camouflaged, recently hatched night hawk chicks at Lubaantun
Archaeological Excavation At Lubaantun Toledo District, 1920's
Huge air plant at Lubaantun
"Fallen Stones" at Lubaantun, also a video of the site
Lucky, a Belizean man
Lucky Strike Elementary School
Luffa (also known as Towel gourd)
Unpiling the luggage at the airport
Lunar eclipse as seen from San Pedro
Lunar eclipse Feb 2008
Today's Lunch Menu : Rice with Vegetables, grilled fish with fresh pineapple and natural juice


Comparing the west bank and the east bank of the Macal, Mountain Pine Ridge on the left, Chiquibul Forest on the right.
Aerial view of the Macal River
Macal River canyon in Cayo
Navigating the Macal River in Cayo, ten photos from long ago
Ladies washing and drying clothes at the Macal River banks, long ago
Couple enjoying a quiet afternoon along the Macal River on the Santa Elena side of the river
Aerial view of the Macal River
Crossing the Macal on foot, the upper Macal
Wallace Blue, my macaw
In search of the Scarlet Macaws
Scarlet macaws in a misty Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Flying scarlet macaws in Red Bank, Stann Creek
Blue and Gold macaw feasting on a mango and pineapple at Belize Bird Rescue
Roadside Parrots (Macaw), painting by Sami Linares
Beautiful mural in Corozal, Maya woman with macaw
Two scarlet macaws who were rescued from poachers
Christmas colors in Belize, a scarlet macaw cleaning its feathers
Birds eye view of two scarlet macaw
Spectacular view of Scarlet macaw in flight
Twenty two scarlet macaws in their feeding tree, 2nd photo of them flying in a flock
Scarlet Macaws in flight, in the depths of the massive Chiquibul Forest
Scarlet Macaw family with chick almost ready to fledge from the nest
The endangered scarlet macaw feeding among bromeliads on a tree trunk
Scarlet macaws in the Chiquibul
Scarlet macaws formation landing
Scarlet macaw launching into flight
Chiquibul’s charismatic bird mascot, Scarlet
2 scarlet macaw chicks looking cute
Scarlet Macaw: Volunteering with Scarlet Six in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve
Scanning the Scarlet Macaw habitat in the Cockscomb Basin
Macaw in the Chiquibul Forest
Flock of scarlet macaw filling up a tree!
Scarlet macaw chick hatched, second egg still to hatch!
Scarlet macaws are found high in the canopy of rainforest habitats below 1,000 m.
Scarlet Macaw in the Chiquibul
Scarlet macaw landing in a tree
Scarlet macaw chicks, in their nest in a hole in a tree
Baby macaw peeking out of its nest, waiting for its family to return
Scarlet Macaw on the Upper Macal River
Scarlett macaw in full flight from head on view
Scarlet macaw chick, A face that all mothers could love
A pair of Scarlett Macaw being lovey dovey
The elusive scarlet macaw
Looking down on scarlet macaws as they fly
Scarlet macaw at Corozal Bay
Scarlet Macaws in Early Morning Light
A flock of Scarlett macaws in the jungle
Scarlet Macaws - So beautiful, so endangered, so in need of our help!!!
A female Scarlet Macaw already incubating eggs, peeps out of her nesting cavity
Macuahuitl: Maya weapon
Magic "The Belizean Wonder Dog"
Cover of Magnum Belize 2011 guide
Loggers squaring mahogany in Belize, around 1930, also video on Long Lost Logs from Belize, and a little history of the mahogany and logwood industry in Belize. A list of mahogany contractors from the late 1800's to the mid 1960's
The chute by Vaca Falls for transporting mahogany logs, long ago
Mahogany Chippendale China cabinet, 1750's
Mahogany rafts, Belize Harbour 1908
Seed pod from the Mahogany tree
Mahogany boomed, British Honduras long ago
Gigantic Mahogany along a forest trail
Mahogany boat
Mahogany Hall Boutique Resort
Reminisce on images of the Golden Years of our Mahogany and lumber industry in Belize
Picking up passengers and mail from the U.S. mail boat in 1910, also a bit about mail delivery in the islands in the 1950's
The old Mail Boat, 1910
Choli Castellanos Majarrez residence in Belize City, no longer there... long ago
The Majestic Theatre in Belize City, late 1960's
The Majestic Theatre in Belize City, painting by Rachel Heusner
The old Majestic Theatre on Queen Street in Belize City is now a church
Malpighia, compare to spathulifolia, Malpighiaceae. Red berries
James Maloney hooks a Mako shark with LARGE teeth
Imagine what it must be like to soar like these man-o-war birds and watch the sunrise each morning ...
Bride and groom relax at Manelly's Homemade Ice Cream
Manelly's Ice Cream in San Pedro, about 1990
White-collared Manakin
Red Capped Manakin
Manatee off Ambergris Caye
Two manatee swimming about...
Manatee and her calf
Nose of a manatee just above the water line, also a photo of a manatee in turtle grass and a short video
Manatee on the top of the water
An amazing picture of a manatee around the tiny village of Sarteneja
Manatee hovering over turtle grass
Manatee getting cleaned by fish
Closeup, feeding a manatee
Snorkeling over a manatee
Manatees off Caye Caulker
Two manatees hanging out together
Rescuing manatees, Jamal Galves. Several photos and a great cartoon with Jamal as Manatee Man
Jamal Galves enjoying snorkeling with his gentle giant manatee friend, also a nice video
Four awesome photos of manatees by Tony Rath
Feeding a rescued baby manatee with a bottle at Wildtracks
Portrait of a West Indian Manatee in the waters off the coast of Belize
Manatee off Caye Caulker
Diver and manatee
Manatee on the sandy bottom
Diver and manatee
A lonely manatee gently swims above a sandy bottom
Rosie, our largest rehab manatee
A pair of Antillean Manatee
Manatee doing Christmas shopping
Record Number of Manatees Seen in Belize
Baby manatee
The Manatee
Baby manatee are cute, Belize Manatee Rehabilitation Centre
Diver and manatee
Manatee in Hol Chan
Aerial view of the Manatee River
Blue mango tree heavily loaded with ripe fruit
Huge Mango, two pounds on the scale
Cool walkway in the mangroves
Mangrove at sunrise, at Pelican Beach Resort
Mangrove roots under the sea, a special spot in the Pelican Range
Mangrove roots encrusted by marine life and harbor for sea creatures
Mangroves at sunset
Small mangrove reaching for the sky
Very cool Buttonwood mangrove, Conocarpus erectus, on the beach in San Pedro
Mangrove roots, explaining the three types of mangroves in Belize
Beautiful blue sky above mangroves
Mangroves are awesome!
Mangrove planting creates public awareness for Std. 3 students
Mangroves are a precious resource of Ambergris Caye
Plant mangroves ... Save our beach. Kisha Itzab, Coqui Rodriguez, Janet Chavez, Gaby Badillo, Marcelo Castillo, Alejandra Arana, Kristy Ancona, Hazel Gutierrez, Wendy Agustin
Mangrove sprout in turtle grass, taken at South Water Cay
Beautiful mangrove....
Mangrove sunset
In the mangroves, on the back side of Ambergris Caye
Mangroves on the back side of Ambergris Caye
Kickin' it, boating in the mangroves
Mangroves on the lagoon side of Ambergris Caye
Young mangrove starting life in the seagrass beds, view above and below the waterline, also a bit about the propogation of red mangroves
Dead Leaf Mantis
Praying mantis up close
A small and jovial praying mantis
Hitchhiker on my golf cart this morning, praying mantis
Great photo of a mantis
FCD's Rafael Manzanero meets the Queen
Map of Mundo Maya Belize, by Savanna Redman
Map of Maya City-States
Beautiful painting of a map of Belize
A 1961 map of the border between British Honduras (now Belize) and Guatemala
Map: Part of the boundary between British Honduras and Guatemala from the Wyke–Aycinena Treaty (1859), Belize-Guatemala Border Dispute
Giovanni Marin's Awesome Map of San Pedro
1787: A Map of a Part of the Yucatan or That Part of the Eastern Shore within the Bay of Honduras Allotted to Great Britain for the Cutting of Logwood
Margarita Mike's on Caye Caulker
Cousins - Margie's nieces
Advertisement for Mariah Reef Resort on Ambergris Caye, 1982
Two Marin boys examining the fish their father caught
Captain Carlos ‘Kechu’ Marin Jr., fishing guide
Edilberto "Betito" Marin of San Pedro with his daughters Mireya Castillo, Imelda Staines, Flor Nunez, and Nita Marin
John Marin
"Soy Chapina" marimba band, also the Belize National Anthem by the marimba band 'Los Hijos del West'
Mr. Pats of Caye Caulker (aka Mr. Marin)
Old Market in Downtown Belize City after the 1931 Hurricane
Swinging the bridge after dark. A rare picture of the old Belize City market lit up at night
In front of the old Belize City Market by the swing bridge along the river looking to the sea, 1923 and 1978, also new City Hall in the same location, also some of the history of the old Belize City Market
Awesome detailed view of the old downtown market in Belize City, at the south foot of the Swing Bridge, early 1900's. Also a view of the Swing bridge, 1910
The old market and Courthouse Wharf in Belize City, in front of Mule Park (now the new City Hall), 1890's
Belize Old Market Square, long ago
Stepping out on the town back in the day, morning in Market Square, Belize City 1911
The old downtown market in Belize City, at the south foot of the Swing Bridge, long ago, Market Day: Memories of the Old Belize City Central Market
Waterside Market in Belize City, c. 1900
Unloading bananas at market, long long ago
Market Day, painting by Rachel Heusner. Also a bit about shopping on Saturday, Market Day in Belize City
Downtown Belize City mid 1970's. The Belizean Fried Chicken sign, old carrier bikes, and Trout Hall orange juice boxes
Celebrating Bob Marley at the San Pedro House of Culture
Huge Blue marlin
Captain Bubba and a big marlin caught off San Pedro, 1982
Marlin jumping from the water
Lunch at Maruba
Beach at Mar de Tumbo
Aerial photo of the Marco Gonzalez area
Spring Equinox Event at Marco Gonzalez Maya Site on the Southern End of Ambergris Caye
Structure 13 at the Marco Gonzalez Maya Site on Ambergris Caye
Visit by Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Belize in 1958, and other photos and a pamplet from her visit
Old Princess Margaret Drive before Marina Towers. Long ago... Also its inauguration in 1958 with the Princess in attendance, and other photos from her visit
Princess Margaret Comes to Belize, 1958
White Margates
Black Margate
A school of black margates swim above the reef at Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Cute baby margay and it's mom
Lethally demure. An arboreal predator, the margay is seldom seen in Belize
Mariachi band on Caye Caulker
The Three Marias
Carrying a big bale of weed (marijuana) we found coming back from a Turnefffe dive trip, Ambergris Caye long ago
Marina's Store is nothing, if not iconic. San Pedro 2005
Osmond Peter Martin, DD, third bishop of the Catholic Church for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belize City-Belmopan, late 1950's
Tammy Martinez and friends at Basil Jones in June 2001
The Bombs: Ranisha Roches, Abigail Garbutt, and Shanna Martinez
Starry sky in the jungle near Martz Farm Treehouses
A day on the Macal River with Lazaro and Millie Martinez of Martz Farm Treehouses
Mash Hardware, San Pedro's first hardware store, 1980's
The front of Mash Hardware in San Pedro, early 1990's
Mask Man in his shop in Belize City, 1960's
Masks on Masks on Masks, Scuba Diving during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Bobby Mason and friends, "Me and Bobby McGee" at Fido's in San Pedro, 1983
Master Lee’s in San Pedro
2005 Costa Maya Girls, a full body mood mud picture taken while they were on a Day Spa Adventure at Maruba Resort Jungle Spa
Maruba Resort Jungle Spa
Statue of Mary, San Pedro cemetery long ago...
Cabana at Mata Chica
Valin Miller, Joe Miller and Phillipe Berthome at Mata Chica about 1997
Nadia Taricco and Berthome Philippe Berthome from Mata Chica, 1998
View to the sea from above and behind Matachica Resort, 2020
Mata Chica during construction, view to the sea, 1997
View to the sea from Mata Chica, about 1998. Only one unit was completed at the time
Mata Chica, aerial view from the west
Beach and pier at Mata Chica
Allan and Tasha on their wedding day at Mata Chica
View towards the reef from the Mata Grande area, Ambergris Caye
Jason and Mandy Walker have opened the Mata Grande Grocery store
Mata Grande Grocery, front of store and BBQ area
Mata Rocks area, aerial view 1998
Mata Rocks pier and view to the north, long ago
Mata Rocks
Drawing of Sharon Matola playing her guitar to an audience of animals, she passed away last Sunday, what a wonderful and unique woman. Also a video "Celebrating Sharon Matola: Wildlife Hero."
Sharon Matola feeding Panama, a harpy eagle at the Belize Zoo
Old lighthouse at Mauger Caye (Maga Caye), long ago
Sunrise in Maya Beach
Icons of Maya art
The Maya Number Counting system, Base 20
The Tzolk'in calendar, Maya Calendar
Maya short count calendar
The Maya Cross, a symbol of the tree of life, showing the Upper, Middle, and Underworld
This artwork captures a nightscene very beautifully, at what an ancient Maya site could have looked like shortly after being abandoned
The Maya Warrior Code
A traditional Yucatec Maya house in the village of Patchakan, Corozal
Water and the Maya
The Maya and their Star Wars
Maya beliefs about the afterlife
Sunrise over the Maya Golden Landscape
Maya kaloomte' sitting stylishly on a jaguar pelt, a symbol of royalty and power
Maya Languages and earliest examples of Maya writing
Painting of a Maya couple living large, with house, waterfall, pond, and spider monkey.
Maya woman, San Antonio, Toledo. After Hurricane Iris
A priest with Maya guides traveling by dory to villages, 1915
The indigenous Maya and Carib of Toledo ( one was used for a stamp in 1953 ) Both taken at the house of a Garifuna family in Punta Gorda
Maya Center, gateway to the Jaguar Preserve
Maya girl
Celebration of Maya Heroes Day in Orange Walk
The Maya Universe, Tree of Life, Upper and lower worlds
Maya Musical Instruments, conch shell trumpet, whistles, flute, rasp, Bonampak Mural
Indigenous Maya people of Southern Belize performing a spiritual ritual at Indian Creek
Maya Yucatec child looks out the window in the village of Patchakan
Maya Airways (Maya Island) terminal in San Pedro 1974, also a photo of the terminal in the 1980's and the first taxi in San Pedro owned by Mash Salazar in front of the Maya Airways Hut, 1970's. Also a drawing of the Maya Airways Agency / Ticket Counter in 1984
Maya Airways DC3 from the 1960's, rate schedule from 1962
Maya Island Air Terminal in San Pedro, top photo is about 1998-99, bottom photo is about 1996
Crossing the Maya Mountains, the vistas are stunning
Flying over the Maya Mountains
Aerial view looking north from the foothills of the Maya Mountains to the karst hills and plain of central Belize
The Maya Mountains have many Mysteries, which have not been revealed to most Belizeans
Looking out over the Maya Mountains
View of the mountains in Southern Belize
Savanna morphs into pine morphs into broadleaf morphs into fire burned fern to ridgetop, foothills of the Maya Mountains in Central Belize, Stann Creek
Rainbow over the Maya Mountains
Sometimes I am left speechless at the natural beauty of this country ... Foothills of the Maya Mountains
Fun at Mayan King Waterfall
Maya King Waterfall, Miss Belize Rebecca Rath underneath
View from the Mayan Princess to the sea, 1997
View from the sea of the Mayan Princess Hotel
Mayan Secrets Spa
No Mayan Temple here, just a Mayan Sand Castle
Family photo from the top of a Maya temple
Big Drop Falls in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Jesus Batres Suspension Bridge inside the Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Bocawina Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Bocawina Falls in flood
Map of Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Mayflower Tree, Tabebuia Rosea
CHAC BALAM: a novel by S. J. Mazzullo
Belize's MCC Garden and action packed football! Long ago... Also a bit about football (soccer) by Hector Silva
Celi McCorkle at the grave of Elvis Presley
Celi McCorkel with a loaded empanada, 1981
Lisa McCorkle-Guerrero and Celi Jean McCorkle outside Holiday Hotel Christmas Party-1984
Corry McDermott, Janet McDermott, and Lucy Stiller, cruising in Don Stiller's 25' Mexican Ponga
Jerry McDermott, with Famous Entertainer, Rudy Cabral at the famous Paradise Bar, early 80's
Cory and Janet McDermott, 1990's
Jerry McDermott, early 80's
Jerry McDermott reading "T'was the night before Xmas." And with Santa.
Jerry McDermott golfing at Caye Chapel
Sean McDermott with Barbara Streisand recently in Europe
Kelly Mcguire at Fidos South
Kelly McGuire & the Band present the 2nd Annual “Concert at the Reef”
Long-time Island Visitor William McQueen
Mealy bug cocoon with long white hairs
Family in Medina Bank after Hurricane Iris, 2001
Family home of William Mejia, also known as Captain Foote, in Mullins River long ago
Kicking back on the seawall at Memorial Park, Belize City
Aerial view of Memorial Park, Belize City, taken June 2009
Photos of the Memorial Park in Belize City taken over the years
The "Real men of San Pedro"! Vintage group photo late 70s early 80s! This is EPIC!
Nicely dressed men, 1960's
The Mennonite Center on North Front Street in Belize City, long ago
Mennonites selling furniture on North Front Street in Belize City at the Riverside Hotel, 1991
A few Mennonites visiting Corozal Bay on a hot afternoon
Mennonite with his buggy
Crossing the river to the Mennonites area, 1985
Mennonite family in a horse drawn buggy with a tandem horse team, near Spanish Lookout in 1976
Mennonite men clearing forest, and a group of Mennonite children of Shipyard, 1959
Mennonite man and his four small boys riding in their cart in Shipyard
Mennonite children walking down the road, copy of the Agreement between the Government of Belize and the Mennonite Community in 1957
Mennonite Boys at Shipyard
Mermaid mural at Coco Locos
Mermaids are Real
This Young Mermaid is getting ready for a night out.
A mermaid seen recently while snorkeling at Mexico Rocks
Check ladder before taking a step up... Giant Mesquite Bug Nymph, Thasus neocalifornicus
Mesquite bugs (Thasus neocalifornicus)
Giant mesquite bugs in my Surinam cherry tree
A message in the sand
Mexican vine snake
Mexico Rocks area, Ambergris Caye
Green turtle and Sargent Major fish greet the snorkelers at Mexico Rocks
Mickey & Nita's Snacks, Nita's Foods, San Pedro 1987
Vintage Rudy Miguel: The Cycling Classics!
Mike's Club in the 1970's, Belize City. Also its demolition in 2022
Mike's Caribbean Club at the J-Byrds site, Placencia 1971
Mr. Mike, a cowboy in San Pedro
Tropical Milkweed, host plant for Monarch and Queen butterflies, Asclepia curassavica
The Milky Way over the Southern Environmental Association ranger station at Little Water Caye
Milo's Hotel, store and bar, 1975 and early 1980's. Also a drawing of it and a view of the San Pedro cemetery from Milo's Hotel. Also Steve Manuel, aka "Papi Box," or "Papi," bartender at Milo’s bar
Burning milpa, not just 'slash and burn'
The first all Belizean Cabinet of Ministers, sworn on the 6th January, 1964
The boat "Mirta P" at Fido's Dock in San Pedro, 1976
Miss Belize Delegates 1986
Miss Belize Contestants standing in front of Alberts Store, Caye Caulker 1987
Yoga with the beautiful contestants from the Miss Belize Pageant, 2016
Rebecca Rath winning Miss Belize 2016
Miss San Pedro Parade on Front Street, 1986
Group photos of many past winners of Miss San Pedro
Crowning Day for Miss San Pedro, Ola Marina "Olita" Squires stepping out of a float into the arms of Jose Pacifico Garcia, aka Spanish, probably 1988
Turtle float in a Miss San Pedro parade, long ago
Delegates for the 2010 Miss San Pedro Pageant
Miss San Pedro Float at Holiday Parade
Miss San Pedro 2014 Contestants: Janelli Sutherland, Daphney Panti, Doris Soriano, Elma Gonzalez, Ileny Aguilar and Michelle Estrella Nunez.
2013 Miss San Pedro contestants at Hotel Los Cocos, Chetumal
2013 Miss San Pedro candidates at Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley
2013 Miss San Pedro Pool Day at Rojo Lounge
2012 Miss San Pedro High School Pageant
Beauty queens then... and still now... Miss San Pedro pageant, 1988. Sabrina Saldivar, Martha Badillo, Deni Squires, Sara Portillo, Yesenia Munoz, Flor Marin
Pier and shoreline, painting by Curvin Mitchell
Painting by Curvin Mitchell, San Pedro artist
Models doing a swimsuit photoshoot at Ramon’s, 2002
Models on the set of a morning photo shoot, at Mobile's shop in Sarawee Village
Moho Caye, known locally as Wild Orchid Caye
Aerial view of Moho Caye
Mo' Mojo in San Pedro
Making their way through San Pedro, mom and her daughter on a bike
Mom and son gazing out over the sea
Katherine Lee of Mom's Triangle Inn & Restaurant, by the bridgefoot in Belize City, long ago
Monarch (Danaus plexippus) caterpillars
Moncho's Golf Cart Rental in San Pedro, 2003
Teacher Moncho of San Pedro, about 2005
Monkey River, Belize. Aerial view (not very high up though!) and a bit about the town
Monkey River Telephone Booth made from wood
Moon over palms
Moonlight view along the beach in San Pedro
Fishing at dusk by the light of the Moon
Moonrise over La Perla
Super moon at Boca del Rio
Beautiful full moonrise over the sea
The Full Moon we had earlier this month on August 2nd
Monotropa coccinea, in the Ericaceae family. Incredibly odd looking plant. Have you ever seen Little Shop Of Horrors? - "feed me, Seymour!
Tropic Air co-pilot Machel Montano
Aerial view of Montego Caye
Hanging nests of the Montezuma Oropendola
Hotel Mopan at night
Hotel Mopan Bugbus, Belize City 1975. Also a photo of the front of the hotel from about the same time
The Mopan river facing east next to the village of Succotz
The Mopan River in Benque Viejo
Morgan’s Inn - Carrasco’s authentic glimpse of original Caye Caulker
Morning chat - "Island Dog" Mike Gvara chats with George Parham in front of the Sands Hotel
Janis Morin's Coffee Shop in San Pedro, 1989
A typically glorious morning on La Isla Bonita
The Maya and Mosquitos, on World Mosquito Day!
Here's a shot from a party during the filming of Mosquito Coast (released 1986), the twins with Barry Bowen
Harrison Ford's boat while they were filming "Mosquito Coast"
Article in the Coconut Telegraph, about the filming of Mosquito Coast (released 1986), and a lot of information about the film
Mosquito coast, 1988
Ray Mossiah (James Brown) in his younger days with an amazing afro, long ago
Turquoise-browed Motmot
Blue Crowned Mot Mot
Fuzzy Bunny Moth, Periphoba arcaei
Ornate bella, Utetheisa ornatrix, a beautiful red, white, and black patterned moth
A very unusual moth, looks like a honey badger!
Cydosia curvinella moth, amazing colours and pattern, on a spanish needle
Urania Swallowtail Moth
Fuzzy moth, Spilosoma virginica
Beautiful red and white moth. Amazing color
Pseudosphinx tetrio, Frangipani Sphinx Moth
Frangipani hawk moth larvae
Hag moth caterpillar, also known as a monkey slug, Phobetron pithecium
Southern Monkey Slug, Phobetron hipparchia
Large caterpillar of a fig sphinx moth, Pachylia ficus
Blue-and-yellow Beautymark moth - Ancyluris inca male
Polka Dot Wasp Moth (Syntomeida epilais) or Oleander Moth
A very nice Black Witch Moth (probably female) - Erebidae; Thermisiini - Ascalapha odorata
Moth on outside of glass door - cat on inside checking it out ... one quick and perfect moment
Hieroglyphic Moth, Diphthera festiva
Hoary Scintillant (Calephelis specie)
Moth with beautiful red color
Moth that died from an invasion of a parasite
Faithful Beauty (Moth), Composia fidelissima
Bella Moth, Utetheisa bella
Texas Moth Wasp Horama panthalon
Clearwing Wasp Mimic (moth)
Mother and daughter, lovely portrait in the kitchen!
Aerial view of a private residence, Mountain Pine Ridge
Looking out across the Mountain Pine Ridge
Road grading in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Sunrise on the Mountain Pine Ridge
The place where the mighty Chiquibul and Mountain Pine Ridge collide and burst with diversity
Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo District
Mucuna sloanei, beautiful yellow climbing vine found growing along the Belize River
Mood Mud Treatment on your vacation in Belize!
Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) in British Honduras, 1965
Mule and cart delivering cargo from stores in San Ignacio, early 1900's
Mule Park and Market Square in 1910. Photos of Mule Park in Belize City from long ago, one from the 1890's. Also an oral history
Mule Park in Belize City, early 1900's
Marsha Marsha Hartley Muller and Freddie and the Big Fish! They won! About 1989
Marsha Hartley Muller driving a boat with her dog Misty off Ambergris Caye, about 1990
Marsha Hartley Muller enjoying the waterfalls at the Rio On pools near the Rio Frio caves, about 1985
Mullins River Police station, then and now, damaged by Hurricane Hattie, now partially in the sea
Aerial views of the approach to Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport, then and now. Also a few photos of the airport from long ago
Many people helping to move a boat at the Gonzalo house aka Yeti's Store in San Pedro, 1980's
Gonzalo Munoz building a Mahogany skiff, 1992
A Historic Mural – San Pedro’s History through Art
Incredible concrete mural at the old Chetumal Market - Maya Mother, Spanish Father, marriage of two cultures (across from the Holiday Inn)
Mural in San Pedro of a girl rocking a “tree” afro!
Said Musa and Gregs Garcia greeting Carla Rodriguez and Avagein Budna on the steps of a house in Corozal, late 1990's
The Museum of Belize, formerly Her Majesty’s Prison. Photos from over the years
The old prison in Belize City, now the Museum of Belize, then and now
Little mushrooms in Alta Vista, Stann Creek
Bright red mushroom, Clathrus crispus or Heart of the Earth, aka Stinkhorn mushroom
Remnants of the stipe and lacy veil of a Phallus stinkhorn mushroom, probably P. impudicus, also the Bridal Veil Stinkhorn (Phallus indusiatus)
Mutley on the beach
Scenes from the Mystic River Resort in Cayo
Dining table is ready at Mystic River Resort


Bare naked diving, Caye Caulker
An early version of Nancy's Store, 1980's
Nando and his Landrover
Big Nargusta tree in the Chiquibul National Forest
Natalie at Four Miles Lagoon, a proud Belizean Beauty
Nature Photography...
Needlefish school swimming above seagrass beds and sand
Nellie's Laundromat
Front of Nestor's Hotel in Corozal, 2002
Aerial view of a boat winding through the channels on the New River to Lamanai
Along the New River
Fishermen in a flat-bottomed boat on the New River
New Day, New Year, New Dreams
New Town Barracks in Belize City, 1920's into the 1930's, also New Town Club, and later
The pristine New Town Barracks in Belize along the shore, 1908
San Pedro Town says good bye to 2014 and hello to 2015. New Year's Eve.
New Year's Eve Bash on the open patio at Holiday Hotel
Belize newspapers over the years
Keith & Rashell Newton, about 2001
Mr. Nick the Basketman, Seine Bight, 1971
Tropical Night, view to the sea and the moon
Plaza of the Royal Tombs, Nim Li Punit, also a video of the site
Nohoch Che’en Sinkhole Expedition: The rim of the Nochen Ch’en Sinkhole
The Nohoch Ch’en Expedition members
Creatures of the Nohoch Ch'en sinkhole
Mouth of the Nohoch Che'en Cave on the Caves Branch River
Nomination Parade 2008!
Noni tree
Morinda yucatanensis, the ripe fruit of the local "Noni vine," good for medicinal purposes
Noni Fruit
Louke van Noord, (17 months) playing ball with a coconut on the beach
Marty Casado teaching Louke Van Noord to swim, long ago
Alexander Van Noord with a large barracuda he caught in December, 2020
Louke Van Noord on her second birthday, with the Belizean flag
Louke van Noord jumping from a boat into the ocean
Sandra Van Noord with a baby Horned Owl
Nikki Van Noord at Mexico Rocks
Sandra van Noord swimming with fish!
Sandra van Noord and Olivera Rusu showing Christmas Cheer in a small infinity pool at Cayo Espanto
Jan, Sandra, Louke & Alexander van Noord, at Louke and Alexander’s birthday party, 2015
Sjoerd Jan van Noord meets low ceilings at San Pedro's Town Council
Miss Nils and her husband in his uniform; he was from Honduras
Greg Norman on Caye Chapel, November 2015
North Palms view out to the reef in the morning
Aerial view of North Saddle Caye
Northern Two Caye & Sanbore Caye
Nouveau Models jumping for joy! — with Chelsea Perera, Chantel Marin, Tiana Taylor, Neidy Rodriguez, Jeraldyn Lucero and Nicky Habet
Red Tipped Sea Goddess, a nudibranch
Nuevo Mi Amor Hotel in Orange Walk, Early 1970's
Former Mayor of San Pedro Town Mr. Alberto Nuñez and his wife Teody Nuñez golfcarting downtown in San Pedro
Daniel Nuñez and his daughter Genesis
Daniel Nuñez with a spider monkey – San Pedro’s pioneer of Lamanai Tours
Don Alberto "Beto" Nunez of San Pedro
Daniel, Elodia, and Genesis Nunez at the opening of the La Isla Bonita Telenovela
Luis Nuñez, Guillermo Nuñez, Severo Castillo, Gualberto Nuñez, Genaro Nuñez, in San Pedro somewhere between 1967 to 1970
Elodia and Genesis Nunez making tortillas
Rodolfo Nunez and Gloria Nunez in front of Dulce Wolfe Fields' moms house, 1980's
Genaro Nuñez aka "Crusher" standing outside his Sea Turtle Gift Shop in San Pedro on Pescador Drive, long ago
Fido Nuñez of San Pedro, long ago. Also Teatro Arenas and Fidos Hotel looking from the sea towards the shore.
Dorian Nunez, Perlita Zapata and Sergio Gomez
Josh Nunez macking on massive marshmallows
Daniel Nunez of Tanisha Tours driving the boat through the mangroves on the way back from Lamanai, 1997
Daniel Nunez and Fred Waight, late 1980's
Daniel Nunez, Tanisha Eco-Tours, Elodia Ewens, Josh Nunez and Josh's cousin Claudia, late 1990's and early 2000's
Captain Daniel Nuñez of Tanisha Ecological Tours casts the perfect net as he searches for sardines before a day of fishing
Andy Nunez and Betty Balderamos, Paradise Bar 1986ish
Mr. Angel Nunez with two children, September 1988
Angel and Genaro Nunez with Annie (Nunez) Eiley in a boat in San Pedro, August 1958
"Angel Nunez and his wife Ligia in the shallows of a sandbar just offshore of San Pedro, 2020. Also a story and drawings of Angel by Jayson Forman
Angel Nunez and his "pretty girlfriend" Ligia, high school graduation 1969, and a few other photos of them over the years
Yup dats one sexy fish, Josh Nunez stretches out with a sailfish
Josie Nunez and her girls, Savannah and Michelle
Marty Casado and Rosie Nunez, now owner of the Yugadah Inn in Hopkins, back in 1996 when she was working at Fido's
Wil Nunez, at Fido's Bar 1976
Saul Nunez, at the Paradise Bar, around 1986
Alicia Nunez Gomez and Genaro Nunez
Reggae Nuwanee band of Dangriga, long ago


Barack Obama supporter in Belize, sign along the road
Photos from the filming of a movie called "Object of Desire" in San Pedro starring Traci Lords and Greg Louganis, 1990. Also a bit about a boat used in the movie, later used to make "The Boatyard"
Obsidian and the Maya
Candy & the late Israel's daughter Ocean
Estimated times for items to breakdown when they end up in the ocean
Ocelot running right behind Costa Blu Dive and Beach Resort on Ambergris Caye
Fifi, an orphaned ocelot cub at the Belize Zoo
Ocelot relaxing (sleeping?) in a tree
Belizean Nightlife, Octopus at night
Baby Octopus
Octopus scooting across coral sands
Octopus cruising in the turtle grass, and also on a conch shell
Amazing photo of an octopus
2-foot wide Octopus during a night dive off Turneffe Atoll
Marty O'Farrell at work under the sea...
Family Portrait - with Carrie Greene O'Farrell
The Office
The Offshore Express, 1997. Also a drawing of it
Offshore Express II, 2002 in San Pedro
Tracy relaxing on the Offshore Express, 1997
Old Belize Marina from the Air
A LOOOONG truck, full of delicious Belizean oranges!
Orange Walk Market, long ago...
Orange Walk Town Hall before the upstairs was built, 1950's-60's. Also current view
Looking down Main Street in Orange Walk, the river on one side and hospital on the other, by Banquitas, 1960's
Main Street in Orange Walk Town, corner next to Scotia Bank, early 1950's. Also a Labor Day Parade in Orange Walk during the early 1980's showing the same corner, showing Ava's Store and Casa Economica and the old concrete light poles inside the La Inmaculada School basketball court, also the first floor level only at what became the 2-story Scotiabank building
ORANGE WALK UNITED Junior Cycling Team
Orange Walk Central Drum Corp
Orange Walk Carnival
Purple orchid
Black orchid at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
Myrmecophila tibicinis orchid and its anti-herbivore defensive shield of Dolichoderus bispinosus ants
Huge beautiful yellow orchid outside Xunantunich
Orchid, Galeandra lacustris
Epiphytic orchid Myrmecophila tibicinis growing in the fig tree
Myrmecophila, cowhorn orchid - love the curliness of the petals and the striking color of it
Orchid: Shomburgkia brysiana
Preciosa orchida
Amazingly coloured orchid
Maxillaria tenuifolia, or the Coconut Orchid
Orchid at Mystic River Resort
Amazing orchid, Galeottia grandiflora
Gorgeous colourful orchid, a cattleya hybrid. Probably a laeliocattleya.
Gorgeous orchid
Orchid bouquet
Black Orchid
Beautiful orchids
Cow head orchid, or banana orchid
a Belizean lost in Oregon...
Orependola preening feathers
Tree full of hanging orependola nests
Rudy Orio, San Pedro Policeman, 1980's
Male and Female Orchard Oriole enjoying the Red Moho bloom
Yellow backed Oriole
Baltimore oriole at Portofino Resort
Yellow backed Oriole
Chestnut-headed Oropendula colony in Cockscomb - one of the Grandpa' Ball trees by the White House
His Excellency the President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Rene Reyes at Cocina Caramba Restaurant
Osprey ... being in the right place on a boat at the perfect moment.
Dinner for the osprey... parrotfish shashimi
Osprey hovering above the sea, hunting
Series of photos as an osprey lands in a tree
Osprey in flight
Two osprey with claws up, not sure if love is in the air, or jealousy
Osprey at work and play
Osprey nest building 5 miles north of town on Ambergris Caye
The Catch of the Day... osprey with its breakfast
Hand feeding an osprey from the boat
Pescador: Osprey on alert!
Baby osprey
High atop the busy streets in San Pedro Town, lies the Osprey, perched in the BTL tower with its humongous catch - The Bone Fish
Osprey Nest Cabana, South Water Caye
Osprey's Catch - Fish make up 99% of an Osprey's diet
River otter
Neotropical River Otter
Ray Bowers, Linda Carter, Vicky Showler, Bruce Johnston, and Charlene Woods of Out Island Divers posing outside a Tropic Air plane, wearing scuba gear! 1990 or earlier
Out Island Divers' office on Front Street with some staff photos, also their storage area. Early 1990's in San Pedro
Reef Roamer II, Ray Bowers' boat with Out Island Divers heading out to reef for a cocktail party with palms decorated and musicians. Early 1990's San Pedro
Reef Roamer II, "Dive with the boat that dives with you" T-shirt design, Out Island Divers in San Pedro early 1990's
Out Island Divers shop and crew in 1993 in San Pedro
Slap bucket aka honey bucket aka chamber pot aka slop pan, for carrying waste away or getting water. Also Belizean toilets and outhouses from over the years!
Old type outhouse out over the water
Canal outhouses (Comfort stations), Belize City, 1965 and 1975, and some stories about Ms. Florine, aka Chicky-Chick
Old outhouse on a pier, Sanbore Caye 2011
Canal outhouses, Belize City, 1975
The Outlier, part of the Cockscomb Range, at sunset
Elisabeth Ouvrard and Jorge Ayala getting married, Father Raskowski presiding, Maggie in the foreground, 1981
Owl at sunset
Wild owl at Maya Vista Farm, Succotz
The Majestic Great Horned Owl and owlets
Great Horned owl on Ambergris Caye
Three owls in a row on a branch. Also owls with their different names in the Yucatec Maya language
The very small yet very Majestic Ferruginous Pygmy Owl
Baby Mottled Owls
Guapo owl on North Ambergris Caye
Caterpillar for an owl butterfly
Cruz A. Ozaeta Sr. and Manuel Trujeque


Spanish and Maggie (Jose Pacifico & Margarita). Also a few other photos of Spanish taken over the years...
Jose Pacifico (Spanish) and Dona Pepita, Maggie and Pastelito in the background, 1980's or 1990's
Paddleboarding in San Pedro, with Horacio Louis Guerrero, Chumbs Torres and Josh Daniel Nunez
Paddleboarder at sunrise off Ambergris Caye
Boats and Stand Up Paddle Board at sunrise off Caye Caulker
Paddle boarding down the Sittee River
Paddleboarding in Southern Belize
Paint mess in the road at Billy Harmouche hardware store by the roundabout
Painted Lagoon in the Northern Lagoon
Paul Stevens with Paisano, long ago
Paisano making a statement (flipping off the photographer)
Paisano modeling with his conch shell, 1998. Also a drawing of him
Paisano pleading his case in court.....
My old friend Paisano goofing around for the camera in front of Ambergris Lodge in 1975
Paisano at Ambergris Lodge Bar, 1976
Paisano on his shell phone
Paisano, aka Habib Hajara, It ain't the same around here without you... lots of photos of Paisano including one with his daughter
Paisano's daughter Niamath and her daughters Samantha and Blanca
Paisano and Osama
The Palace Theatre in Belize City, long ago, also some history of theatres in Belize, and a bit about Officer Tablada
The famous Palace Hotel and Bar on North Front Street next to Eden Cinema, long ago
Belize’s first Archeological Commissioner, Dr. Joseph Palacio, in discussion with Archaeologists, Dr. David Pendergast and Dr. Stan Lotten at Lamanai, 1976
Andy Palacio passes away
Aerial view of the Palapa Bar
Rainbow over Palapa Bar & Grill
Wedding Party at Palapa Bar, Ambergris Caye
Palapa Bar’s landlord adds nasty signage
Upon Reflection, The World Famous Palapa Bar & Grill at dusk
Palapa Bar & Surprise Birthday Party!
Palapa Bar & Grill
Stairs at the Palapa Bar
Palapa Bar in the Jungle - 360 degree panorama
A procession commemorating the golden jubilee of the Pallottine Sisters in Belize and the inauguration of Mount Carmel Primary School in Benque Viejo, 1963
Pallottine nuns Novitiate Nazareth building, 1896 and 1935. Also the chapel at Novitiate Nazareth shortly after construction and nuns there in the early years, plus various other photos related to the Pallottine nuns
360 degree panorama of The Palms Hotel in San Pedro
Palm tree on the beach at sunrise
Palm Tree Oasis, Ambergris Caye
Palm trees along the sandy road on Ambergris Caye
Palm tree and looking out to the sea on Ambergris Caye
One of a kind original Palm frond Bikini
Playing the palm fronds, goofing around on the beach in San Pedro, 1970's
Restaurant menu reflecting Garifuna culture in Hopkins (Palmento Grove)
Panny pier. Trinni was the watchman there ... mid 1980's
Hiking trail at Elijio Panti National Park
The guys hangin' at Canucks. The younger fellow is Winston "Winnie" Panton
Panty Ripper... the unofficial official drink of Belize
Mr. Pany casting his net for sardines
Papayas positively drip from this tree in the backyard of a residence in San Ignacio
Beautiful cut open half papaya
How paper was made in the villages in the 20th century (and likely the same as days of old)
Papi's Diner in Boca del Rio, San Pedro, 2000. Also a bit about Stephen "Papi” or "Papi Box" Manuel
Papi and his son
Papo's beautiful mural at The Truck Stop
Maya Papovic, photographer of Conch Creative, somehow she got all flipped around
Fearless Wedding Photography Award winning photo by Maya Papovic
Parade float in the 1970's
Parade in Belize City
Parade yesterday with RC school, Little Angels and Holy Cross
I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise
View of Paradise Villa's pool from top of Blue Tang
Paradise Hotel in the 1970's (Remember Jerry's little wooden boat?)
Chris Berlin, Eduardo 'Toto' Brown and Hill 'Cuni' Gonzalez at the Paradise Hotel bar in San Pedro, long ago
Ray Bowers, Dulce Wolfe, and Evelyn Budna in the Spirit Locker at the Paradise Hotel, 1980's
Group photo of the party for tearing down the bar at the Paradise Hotel in San Pedro, long ago. Norm Evanko, Henry Beissner, Chris and Rebecca Berlin, Jerry McDermott, Linda McDermott, Josie and Tom Harding, Roberto Smith, Bruce Woods, Raymond Bowers, and David Childs
Brochure for Paradise Hotel, 1980's
Paradise Hotel dock looking towards shore, 1984
The Spirit Locker At Paradise Resort Hotel
Postage stamps and a few photos of Paradise Resort Hotel in San Pedro, Jerry McDermott's resort, long ago
Lots of wonderful photos of the Paradise Resort Hotel in 1979 and the 1980's
On the dock of the Paradise Hotel, which now is the Phoenix Resort, 1984. Looking towards shore.
Paradise Hotel, 1972. Also an old logo
Cabana at Paradise Hotel, about 1982
Gateway to Paradise.... The Paradise Hotel long ago....
The Paradise Hotel, taken from the beach in front of the cemetery, 1973
San Pedro Cemetery and Paradise Villas, long ago...
Parasailing over San Pedro at 350 feet
Parasaiing: Tiptoeing the beautiful Barrier Reef
George Parham and an early power plant in San Pedro
George Parham with HUGE wahoo, long ago in San Pedro
Marie Parham with a HUGE tarpon
Marie Parham buying vegetables on the dock from the vegetable boat in San Pedro, long ago
Marie Parham at the wedding of Courtney Sage and Mark Lekarczyk in Memphis, April 26, 2015
George and Marie Parham, many years ago (a cool portrait of Marie also)
George and Marie Parham, a few years ago
Dulcie Wolfe, Susan Lala, Barbara Wilkinson, C.J. Greif, & Marie Parham of the O’Hell Card Group, 2013
Marie Parham and Mayflower her macaw
Nash and Dhara Parker, Lora Parker's children, with a fish they helped catch, on the beach in San Pedro in 1997. They are also Mike Campbell grandkids.
Larry Parker, PADI Scuba Instructor in San Pedro, 1991
1965 Opening of Parliament
The real 'Naked and Afraid,' three just hatched rescued parrots
Toys for parrots - Be Kind Belize
Escaped Indian Ringneck Parrot on Ambergris Caye
Parrots using termite nest for their own nest
White fronted parrot chick
Beautiful Red Lored Amazon hiding in the foliage
Yellow-headed Amazons chicks
Red-lored Parrot, Cayo District, Belize
Polly the Yellow lored Parrot has a baby!
Working with Green Parrots at Belize Bird Rescue
Three tiny green parrot babies, less than 48hrs old
Clyde the parrot shows his wings
Eye of Parrot
Parrotfish cruising along in Hol Chan
Yellow shark sucker on a terminal phase stoplight parrotfish
Midnight Parrot fish
Top and side views of parrotfish
Parrot snake (Leptophis ahaetulla)
Green parrot snake on the porch - Leptophis ahaetulla
Mexican treefrog vs Mexican parrot snake
Green Parrot Snake sticking up from a puddle
Thomas Paslow Building, Belize City, 1960's, plus views from other years. Also a bit about the history of Thomas Paslow and a photo of Biddle's
Red Passion Fruit
Beautiful passionflower, Passiflora sublanceolata
Miss Independence Succotz 2012, Vannia Pat
The government boat "Patricia," long ago
Happy Birthday Captain Patrick!
Errol Patt out selling meat pies and banana bread from his bicycle cart on Caye Caulker
Patty's Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, 1997
Common pauraque, one of several species of nightjar
Paving Albert and Regent Streets in Belize City
Charles Payne on the Royal Piper, 1997
Melanie Paz Gallaty with friend at the Paradise Hotel
Melanie Paz, an awesome portrait taken a few years ago
Soila Paz Gonzalez, Tomasita Paz (Daddy's and Felipe's mom), Thomas Paz, the Daddy of all, Celi his wife, and Mr. Gildardo Daddy Paz, late 1950's
Felipe ("Tio Pil") Paz helping Mervino one more time.
Milo Paz lying down in the church after his airplane crashed right next to the Lion's Clinic in San Pedro, 1994
The Paz Brothers, Bottom Time Dive Shop, 1980's
Patojo Paz, and children... Eden (tallest) – Linda in front of Eden, and Arian. Taken in 2004
Joy: Diving off the end of Patojo's dock
Seferino & Adela Paz
Advertisement for Peace Corps volunteers in Belize that ran in hometown newspapers across the U.S. in 1965
Peanut-Head fulgorid, sometimes called a Peanut-Head Moth
This unusual, colorful animal is related to the "Peanut-bug" and thus essentially a kind of Cicada
Fulgoridae nymph (Peanut-Head)
Group of peccaries crossing a road
Maya Maaaewal people of San Antonio Cayo in the 1930's after hunting a peccary
Young collared peccary (Pecari tajacu)
Baby peccary
Peccaries in the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary
Peccary Hills, just north of Northern Lagoon, during the dry season
Aerial view of the Peccary Hills on the northern edge of Northern Lagoon
Pedro shoots the bird
Pedro working on Election Day
Pegoda flower, Clerodendrum paniculatum
Jose Refugio Pelayo, also Albina and Jose Ozaeta
Brown Pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis
Pelicans on the dock
Pelicans and a bird frenzy
Pelicans take over the boat on Ranguana Caye
Dancing pelicans at sunrise along the shore of Caye Caulker
White pelican profile, San Pedro Town
Pelican with major wingspan
Pelican patiently awaits fish to eat
Time to Sleep. Pelican in the mangroves yawning as the sun sets
It's a Pelican's World
One of the most magical places in Belize, Pelican Beach Resort at South Water Caye
Aerial view of Pelican Beach Resort on South Water Caye
Long exposure of wave break on the barrier reef at Pelican Beach Resort
Pelican Beach Resort in Dangriga, 1970
Beautiful beachfront view at Pelican Beach Resort - South Water Caye
Aerial view of Pelican Caye
Pool at Pelican Reef Villas
Aerial view down, ladies relaxing on the dock palapa at Pelican Reef Villas
Pelican meets stingray in the shallows
Pembroke Hall Plantation in Libertad, Corozal circa 1785, and the interesting story of how Corozal got it's name
What Lies Beneath... skulls and skeletons dug up by archaeologist David Pendergast near Elvi's Restaurant in San Pedro, about 1993
Some of the PUP founding officials and members, early 1950's. Also a little history about The People's United Party including Thistle Hall and Independence Hall
A group of men who served in the PUP First Revolution, long ago
PUP vs. UDP painting
Gabby Perez the hunter, 1988
Toya Perez's two little girls, Nelsie and Aleida. Early 1980's
Maximo Perez, the last Yucatec Maya alcalde of the Maya of Yalbac, and a photo of his current descendants
Huge permit, You better Belize it!!
Half a dozen permit and a small school of grunt on the reef
Luke with a very nice permit
El Pescador guest with trophy permit
Permit: the fish that got away
Lori-Ann and her Birthday Permit
Permit at Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Large permit and a big smile
Catching permit at Turneffe Flats
El Pescador guide Emir with guest Adam's permit
Grant and his Permit
Charlie, Jambo, Yagar, and Splat... Pet Portraits
A Dangriga Pet Clinic: Animals in Need... So Many...
The King of "Brukdown" - Wilfred Peters
Old time grocery shop, long ago. Mr Peters on thank you in Belize City. Painting by Rachel Heusner
Stick Insect (Phasmatodea), natural walking stick or running twig
Stickbug or Phasmatodea (Phasmids)
The Phoenix, view from the roof
Pimenta house, 1910
Lady in the Pool, Phoenix Resort
Welcome to My Fantasy: The Phoenix Resort
Night falls at The Phoenix Resort
The Phoenix Resort: View to the sea
Phoenix Condominiums - 360 degree panorama
20 Things About Photography Expeditions in the Tropics I Learned All Over Again
The Pickwick Club and the Newtown Country Club. Belize City, 1975. Also a bit about the tennis played there and the Biddle Cup and Dora Riverol, Belize Tennis Champion
Beach picnic on a sandbar
Pier group
Old pier
San Pedro piers... long ago...
Days gone by... painting of a pier scene in Belize by John Westerhold
Prepping the pig for dinner, pibil
Authentic pibil is hardcore!
The fire for the Pibil
Roasting the pig in the sand
Baked pig with a mango in its mouth, scenes from Hopkins Mangu Fest, which starts today
Boiling the pig head, 1980's
Pig Foot Honduras Style!
...and these little piggies went to Belize
Pilots JP Iversen, John Fuller, and Ramon Nunez Jr. long ago
Wild pineapple, Bromelia pinguin
Almita Staines Pinelo was ready for her picture and trying out the powder until her mother was ready, late 1980's
Great view for a boat pilot!
Dragon fruit flower aka Pitaya
Pitaya Fruit growing on the plant, also known as Dragon Fruit and Hitachaya
Pitahaya Fruit or Dragon Fruit
Amazing flower... Pithecellobium lanceolatum
Pitpan races, long ago
Pitpans on the Rio Belize at El Cayo just before leaving for Belize City, 1923
Finish of Pitpan Race, British Honduras early 1900's, plus "Surnames recorded in General Return of the Inhabitance in the Bay of Honduras"
River Regatta, 1929. Pitpan race in Belize City
One of the many traditions that seems to have vanished is the Christmas Pitpan Race, plus an article "Old Timers Recall River Regattas," from the February 27, 1970 Reporter newspaper
River Regatta, pitpan race in Belize City, long ago
Placencia shoreline in 1977
Beach looking to the sea in Placencia
Sunrise in Placencia
Beautiful sunrise in Placencia
Placencia Lagoon
Tropic Air flying over the Placencia Peninsula
The Placencia peninsula with the mountains of Guatemala on the horizon
The Placencia pier over the years. One photo showing Eiley family waving goodbye to the Heron H. mid 1950's
Men working on their boat onshore, Placencia 1971. Also a bit on the history of Placencia
Aerial view of Placencia Village
Montage of Placencia
Sunrise in Placencia
Placencia Pointe and Pier
Beautiful sunrise, Placencia
Aerial view of Placencia
Aerial of the coastline of the Placencia peninsula- by Seine Bight
Flying to Placencia Village
Aerial view of the Placencia Peninsula
The beach at Placencia, and the sidewalk
Aerial view of Placencia
Beach in Placencia
Placencia shoreline
The beach in Placencia, 1978
Early morning in Placencia with all of the natural colours of nature
Panga on the beach in Placencia
Plane flips on landing at Municipal Airport, December, 1991. Article in Amandala
Plane crash along the shore in front of Victoria House in San Pedro, spring 1991
After WW2, a man with a Catalina seaplane would fly down to the island, fill it with a few thousand pounds of lobster and fly away to Florida
Recently emerged adult planthopper next to its nymph exoskeleton
Playa Blanca Island Villas
Plecos (plecostomus) at Aguacaliente Lagoon in Toledo (algae eating fish)
Belize Ek Balam Poktapok Team at Nim Li Punit's Cacao Festival, 2017
The Maya ballgame, Poktapok, as drawn by the Maya
Polar Pack milk and juice from back in the day, a blast from the past
Belize City policeman in the 1920's
The San Pedro Police Station! 1986
Police Station and Central Park in San Pedro, 1983
Old San Pedro Police station on the beach, 1980's. Also a drawing of it
San Pedro Police Station and the home that later became Estelles, long ago
San Pedro's Police station, 1976. Drawing by Island Dog
First Police station in San Pedro, 1975 and 1982
Old police station
Caye Caulker Police Station
Young police cadets from Orange Walk
Pollard Family Photos
Maria Pollard: A good view of the past from something so many Belizeans loved.(BAL) Belize Airways!!!
Beach pollution: Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn´t there
Bob and Bob and a pompano
Man made pond in the Chiquibul, created by the ancient Maya that served as a reservoir for water
Pondering the sea from dockside
The "golden hour" from inside the forest, Pook's Hill Lodge
Beautiful elevated view of Pook's Hill Lodge
Along the creek at Pook's Hill Lodge, at the edge of the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve
Relaxing on her back in the pool at Villa Verano Belize In Hopkins Village
Auntie and nephew chillin in the pool
A great day for pool lounging...
Pope John Paul with Honorable George Cadle Price, who met His Holiness at the Airport, 1983
Pope John Paul in Belize, March 9th 1983
Choir for Pope John Paul's visit in 1983
Popeye on Caye Caulker, long ago
1987 View from Main Dock to Popeye's Beach Bar and Restaurant area on Caye Caulker
Popeye's Beach Bar and Restaurant on Caye Caulker, 2001
Hanging out on the porch, summer 2004
Family on the porch ...back then
Observer on the porch...
Porcupine sunning itself in a tree
Porcupinefish, Diodon hystrix, in the Puffer family
School of porkfish, Anisotremus virginicus
Much fun at Portofino Resort
Lotsa children in the pool at Portofino!
Through a porthole-type window, view to the sea through a painter on ladder
Jan, Sandra, Louke and Alexander Van Noord of Portofino Beach Resort wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Portofino Resort, looking out through bubbles in the wind!
Enjoy a cocktail in our Portofino Ocean Hammock...
Aerial view of Portofino Resort, straight above the resort
Santa Claus relaxing by the pool at Portofino Beach Resort
New pool at Portofino
Sunrise at the pool at Portofino Beach Resort on northern Ambergris Caye
Christmas in the pool at Portofino Resort
Aerial view of Portofino Beach Resort on Ambergris Caye
Hammock over the water at Portofino Beach Resort. Amazingly colours.
Your Portofino vacation starts with a short boat ride, and Ernaldo Moh is the man....
Late afternoon view from the hammock at Portofino Resort
Fun in the pool at Portofino Resort
Bride getting ready for her wedding at Portofino Resort
Beach wedding at Portofino Resort
Some of the delicious food at Portofino Beach Resort
Dining along the sea at Portofino Beach Resort
The Green Parrot Bar at Portofino Beach Resort
View out the window at Portofino Resort, first thing in the morning.
The staff at Portofino Beach Resort on Ambergris Caye
Early Morning at Portofino Beach Resort
Scenes from Portofino Resort
Reading and relaxing in a hammock on the beach at Portofino Beach Resort
From Portofino beach looking northish
Portofino Resort at dusk
Beautiful relaxing view out over the sea at Portofino Resort
Pool and view to the sea at Portofino Resort
Portofino Restaurant team after winning the "Best of the Best" cook off at Lime
Beach at Portofino Resort
Painting of Portofino Resort
Relaxing in a hammock at Portofino Resort
Aerial picture of Portofino Beach Resort and the new Sun Shaped Pool that was built this year, Sea front picture of the resort with the Ecologic Dive Shop on the dock.
The beautiful view of the Caribbean when waking up at Portofino Resort
Relocating the rooms at Portofino Resort
Welcoming visitors at Portofino Resort , the friendly staff is always ready with a delicious tropical drink
Lobsterfest at Portofino
Lobsterfest Dinner at Portofino
Portofino Resort, lunch on the pier!
Magic light in the evening at Portofino, while the sun was going down there was a rainstorm in the distance across the reef
Portofino Resort, view of the restaurant at night
Baby possum in a traveller palm at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
Super cute Mexican mouse opossum
Central American Wooly Opossum with lots of babies close up
Postcard of Belize, probably 1950's. Featuring St. George's Caye, Bellevue Hotel, Albert Street with Bank Buildings, and Government House Park
Old Treasury Department and government office building, Georgian architecture. Also a bit of the history of the Belize Post Office including its time in the Paslow Building
General Post Office and Albert Street, Belize City, British Honduras 1906
Making potato pound (pon), long ago
Master of disguise: the common potoo
Northern Potoo with baby
We can see potoo! Bird blends itself in with a tree trunk
Northern Potoo
Northern Potoo with a chick
Inaugurating the new power plant, bringing a twenty four hours a day electricity supply to the town of Punta Gorda, 1967
The Premiere's Lodge, previously the Colonial Secretary home at Foreshore and Rectory Lane in Belize City
Photos of the Presbyterian Church (Scots Kirk) in Belize City, long ago
The old Presbyterian Scotch Kirk Church in downtown Belize City (Presbyterian Church), and Captain Foote's Warehouse long ago. Also a view of the church and the Courthouse from Haulover Creek
Dinner with the Prestons and Friends - 360 degree panorama
Morning of September twenty-first in 1981 when the first Prime Minister, George Price, addressed the free and independent Belize
The Right Honourable George Price at a piano in the later years of his life, and a biography of his life, newspaper of his aquittal for sedition
A series of photographs showing Rt. Hon. George Price's connection with people during his visits to the Toledo District
Hon. George Price rolling in a 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible. Also The Right Honorable George Cadle Price in London in the 1960's
Premier George Price and Charles B. Martinez Sr. visiting a rural school in Toledo in the 1970's
Hon. George Price having a conversation with Fidel Castro, 2005
The Right Honourable George Cadle Price passed away yesterday, this is a photo remembrance of his life, including when he was in San Pedro with Glenn Godfrey in the 1980's. Also photos of his home on Pickstock Street in Belize City.
Hon. George Price taking the oath of office in the old National Assembly Building in Belize City, 1965
The parents of Hon. George Cadle Price, Irene Cecilia Escalante and William Cadle Price, and some photos of he and his family
Premier George Price introducing a "Bill for An Ordinance to change the name of the Colony of British Honduras to Belize" in the House of Representatives, February 23, 1973. Also The Reporter's headline on the name change.
Premier George Price and the Hon. Hector Silva visit Blackman Eddy Village, May 1960
Cristo Rey Community Center - Premier, the late Hon. George Price's historic visit to Cristo Rey, Corozal - 1972
George Price visiting with village families in the Toledo District sometime after we attained Belize's Independence in 1981, long ago
Mama Vilma Arceo and her National hero... Hon. George C. Price... R.I.P. Long ago in San Pedro
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, visits Belize in April 1962. Also other photos from his visits to Belize
Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) in Belize, April 1962. Ms Eusey along with him.
Prison gateway, Belize City 1975
Her Majesty's Prison in Belize in the 1920's, and a few pics from other years
The Central Bank of Belize and The Museum of Belize (in front; formerly the old Belize Prison)
The old prison in Belize City, now the Museum of Belize, then and now
Privassion Creek at Mountain Pine Ridge
Kids playing in Progresso Village
Belize Protected Areas Map
Marine Protected Areas, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala
1975 Protest Photo (Belize City house)
Tex Province from La Margarita
Provision tree. Pachira aquatica. Aka Guyana Chestnut, or Grampa balls
Provision Fruit. We call in Spanish Santo Domingo
Young girl showing the huge size of a seed on a Provision tree, or sappote boboo
Flower from the Provision tree
Unfolding flower of the Provision Tree
Public Housing (long barracks) on George St. in Belize City from back in the 1970's
The Public Supermarket in San Pedro
Puddles... Wet streets of San Pedro
An earthstar (Geastrum) puffball, growing on moist soil among mosses.
White Whiskered Puff Bird
Puffer fish
White puffer fish
Puffer fish
Tiny (2 inch) Sharpnosed Pufferfish (porcupinefish)
Puma in a tree at Lake View Gardens
Carlos the Puma at the Belize Zoo
Puma with two cubs on the trail camera at Chan Chich Lodge, also a couple other trail camera photos of a puma
A mama puma and 3 cubs from a recent Mountain Pine Ridge camera survey
Puma looking into motion activated camera
Face of a puma
Puma approaching wooden bridge
Purr-fect: Puma face
Fresh Pumpkin, painting by Rachel Heusner
Pumpkin Sea turtle
Walking the beach in the Punta Azul area of Ambergris Caye
End of the road, our last day in Punta Gorda
Several photos of the children of Punta Gorda, the late 1970's
Punta Gorda women at the pier, 1959. Gloria Daniels, Sonia Reed, Olivia Hartman, Dativa Enriquez, Martha Sabal (the girl), her mom Celia Sabal, Elicia Enriquez and Mrs Lino
Flooding at Gorda Point along the Punta Gorda San Antonio Road, 1961
The view when taking off from the Punta Gorda Town airport
Front Street in Punta Gorda in front of Claver Church, 1915
Aerial view, entering Punta Gorda
Folks on Punta Gorda main street long ago, Sam Vernon building, Isabel Hotel
Town clock in Punta Gorda, and a little history of Punta Gorda, Baranco and the Toledo settlement
Lone fisherman and the Punta Gorda sea front, long ago
Church in the southern part of Front Street, Punta Gorda, 1914
Large group of married women, 1914 in Punta Gorda
Aerial view of Vista Point in Punta Gorda
Jesuit priest, Fr. Fusz with Maya guides taking a break along the gruelling trek from Punta Gorda to San Antonio through forest trails, early 1900's
Fat Point, Punta Gorda Seafront, British Honduras
Aerial views of Punta Gorda Town in the Toledo District
Punta Gorda in 1915 along the shore path, when the Wisdom tree in front of the church was still young
Airport Road in Punta Gorda, British Honduras, long ago
Woman walking down street in Punta Gorda
Town Clock tower with painted mural in downtown Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda waterfront
Celebration - Sept. 21st in Punta Gorda
Inside the church in Punta Gorda, 1914
A dozen folks on the steps in front of I.A. Carroll's store in Punta Gorda, including John Carroll and Eleuteria Padilla, 1915
Punta Gorda Front Street, 1940's, also PG "Big Wharf" in 1940
Punta Gorda light plant in the early 1960's
Front Street in Punta Gorda before the 1945 hurricane
An aerial view of Punta Gorda, 1965. Also a maritime view, coming in rom the sea in 2020, and 2022 aerial photos
Downtown Punta Gorda, late 1970's to early 1980's
Punta Gorda Field Day, 1941 at the Queen Elizabeth football field
Shoreline views of Punta Gorda, 1970's and 1980's
Garifuna women, children and a Catholic priest near their home in Punta Gorda in 1915
Amazing view down from above: Two people in floats in a pool at PUR Boutique Cabanas
Excavation at Pusilha, San Benito, Toledo District 1926. Maya Boy standing beside a stela, preparing stela for transport
Pyramid Island Resort, early 1980's and 1992. Also a little history of the island and airstrip. Caye Chapel was once owned by Isaiah Morter, we have included a little history of Morter "The Coconut King," Belize's first black millionaire


Quamwood blossoming in the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve, on the ground and coating the upper Trio River
The Quan's Residence at the corner of King Street and East Canal in Belize City, Belizean Patriot Simon Quan
Morning chores at Quebrada De Oro camp in the Bladen Nature Reserve
Efrain Guerrero meeting Queen Elizabeth, 1991. Also a video of the Queen's visit in 1985
Daily Mirror cover: "The Queen Eats a Rat!" Queen Elizabeth eats gibnut, 1985. Also photos of the Queen's visit to Belize in 1985
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second in Belize, February 1994
Queen angelfish
Queen Angelfish (also a video)
Queen of the Bay Corozal 2020-2021, Miss Leah Correa
The first three winners of the Queen of the Bay pageant, Rita Lewis (1946-1947), Effie Meighan (1947-1948), Beulah Vasquez (1948-1949). Also Queens in front of the Union Jack, 1940s in San Ignacio, Cayo, and crowning of “Miss Independence” at the Memorial Park, long ago, Picking of a Queen, San Luis in the 1950s, and a list of the Queens of the Bay from 1946-2020
Queen Square Market
Queen Street was so beautiful with palm trees lined both sides of the street in 1890's in Belize City! Also a story about the Queen Street Area
Queen Street in Belize City, 1910's
Photos of the Queen Street Central Police Station in Belize City from long ago, some history of the establishment of policing in British Honduras
Queen Street in Belize City around 1940, also Queen Street at North Front, circa 1950s
Bicycles and foot traffic on Queen Street, Belize, British Honduras, long ago
Queen Street in Belize City, 1920's
Queen Street in Belize City, 1910
Queen Street in Belize City, 1908, what a beautiful place it was...
Queen Street Baptist Church in Belize City, long ago
Mystic Flight, quetzal and ruins
Resplendent Quetzal
I've made another baby quilt


Raccoon at Cannibals
A man with his raccoon
Boys with small raccoon
Juvenile Middle American Smooth-scaled Racer (Dryadophis melanolomus)
Radio Belize: George McKesey and old photos from the history of radio in Belize and a Radio Belize staff photo from 1969 and a bit about Mrs. Lydia Ramirez
The Radisson Fort George Hotel Taxi Drivers' Association, Belize City (January 2008)
Raffaela in Teakettle
An aquatic wooden raft, long ago
The boat "Ragga Prince," based on Caye Caulker
Gray necked wood rail
Railroad trestle hidden within the jungle beside the Hummingbird Highway
The Coconut and Sugar Railway Systems of Corozal Town
Railway in the Orange Walk District, Gallon Jug, about 1900, Railroad map of British Honduras
Trains, Railroads and Railways in Belize, history and general information
Stann Creek Railway carrying bananas to Commerce Bight Pier for export, 1910. And a bit about the history of the railroad
Stann Creek Railroad pier, long ago
Canal Street in Stann Creek, 1915
Sunset on the rooftop at Rain Restaurant
The road in Mata Grande Wednesday afternoon after mass rains
Rainfall from the cabana top at Portofino Resort
Rainstorm coming... San Pedro
Isolated showers over the sea, amazing photo
Heavy rainstorm off Palapa Bar and Grill on Ambergris Caye
Blessings at Dawn, rainbow over downtown San Pedro
Early morning rain showers often create rainbows over the lagoon side of Ambergris Caye
Beautiful double rainbow just offshore of downtown San Pedro
Beautiful rainbow over the Dream Catcher pier in San Pedro
A Season’s Greetings Rainbow over Ambergris Caye, at Central Park, San Pedro Town in 2020
Rainbow reflections flying from Ambergris Caye to Belize City, plane silhouette inside rainbow
A beautiful double Rainbow on the beach on South Water Caye
Rainbow over a boat, after the storm
Double rainbow over San Pedro Town
View of a rainbow in downtown San Pedro, from Barrier Reef Drive at Central Park
Beautiful double rainbow over San Pedro!
Rainbow over the reef
Rainbow storm clouds
Rainbow over the pier
Rainbow Wednesday afternoon after mass rains
Rainbow to the west at sunrise, White Sands Dive Shop on northern Ambergris Caye
And I thought you needed rain to see a rainbow? Dangriga, Belize
Rainbow on the lagoon side of north Ambergris Caye, July 10 2011
Rainbows and dragonflies at sunset this evening!
Rainbow over Caye Caulker
Rainbow over Seaduced by Belize
Rainbow over Caye Caulker
Rainbow in a storm
Chloe's tipsy rainbow
Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum)
Monolith chimney, last remnant of the Ramirez family Distillery from the early 19 century in Louisville Village in the Corozal District
Elbert and Kate, thru Ramon's sunglasses
Aerial view of Ramon's and surrounding area of the beachfront in San Pedro, about 1994
Ramons Village after Hurricane Keith from the road in San Pedro
Flooded street in front of Ramon's, late 2001 in San Pedro
Walking down the pier at Ramons's in San Pedro, 2001
Full moon over Ramon's Village
Ramon's Village Resort beautifully lit at night
Views of Ramon's Village Resort
Beautiful view of the cabanas at Ramon's Village Resort
Ramon's Village lit up at night, seen from the dock
Beautiful view of Ramon's Village Resort in San Pedro
View to the sea from Ramon's Village Resort ... and their Staff!
Ruben Trejo at 15 years old raking the sand at Ramon's Too in San Pedro, 1985. Same location for Aqua Lodge, La Hoya del Caribe, Playador, Exotic Caye Beach Resort, Crazy Canuck's, Marriott Residences
Ramon's Reef Resort logo, 1980's
Brochure for Ramon's Reef Resort, 1980's
Gorgeous view to the southeast from Ramon's Village Resort
Ramon's Reef Resort as it was called in the old days, 1980's...
Mother's Day Lunch, Ramon's Village Resort
Ramon's Dive God
Ramon's Pool in 1982
View of Ramon's Village Resort from it's dock
The pool and bar at Ramon's Village at night
Panoramic 360 degree view from the pier at Ramon's
Ramon's Too, aka Aqua Lodge, with The Driftwood Bar, 1980 - 85 plus a little history of Ramon's
Daddy’s Girls’ - Cherie, Ramon, and Star
Ramon Nunez, Corry McDermott, and his son Sean, 1972
Ramon Nunez and his children, Cherry, Estrella (Star), and Ramon Jr., about 1970
Ramon Nunez ponders a conch. Also a drawing of him
Ramon Nunez & Ken Fellure at Ramon's Village, long ago
Congratulations to Mr. Ramon Nunez on receiving the Giant Stride award for his contributions to the world of diving
Ramon's dock palapa - 360 degree panorama II
Repairing the palapa at the end of Ramon's pier
360 degree panorama of the beach at Ramon's
Looking north Looking north from the end of Ramon's pier on a picture perfect day
Ramon's Village dive boat seen thru their dock palapa, looking out toward the reef
Pool at Ramon's Village
The late Abraham Ramos, former teacher and contributing editor of Amandala, with his three young daughters in 1984
Jovan and Alex Ramos at the parade
In memory of Arturo 'Ben' Ramos
Brother Bert Ramsey, a minister in Belize City and a mule cart driver, long ago
A young boy snorkles off of Ranguana Caye, in March 2005, a small island off the coast of Placencia.
Ras Creek's boat at sea
Early morning along the Upper Raspaculo River
A Rasta Family Band - 360 degree panorama
Rasta Art
Father Robert Raszkowski, priest in San Pedro, 1980's. Also a drawing of him
Tony Rath not hurtin...
Tony Rath shooting photographs out the door of a plane...
Tony Rath, 2011
Tony Rath shooting photos out the open side of a Tropic Air plane at 10,000 feet
Tony Rath's family remakes a family photo 20 years later, Southwater Caye
My Field Photo Lesson With The Famous Photographer Tony Rath: Stuck in the mud
Large two headed Rattlesnake and its rat friend
Rattlesnake in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Marty Casado holding up a dead rattlesnake used to make cascabel medicine in Xaibe Village at Peter Singfield's house, about 2000
Raul's Rose Garden, adult entertainment, long ago
Juvenile Lesser Electric Ray
Aerial views of Ray Caye Island Resort
Spanish Reale with Crown Stamp- 1818
The San Pedro Roman Catholic primary school in the early 1980's. Also a couple drawings of it, and Primary School Recess Snacks. Also a video of the San Pedro RC compound from the roof top of Sunbreeze Belize Hotel, 1989
San Pedro R. C. School on beach in front of Central Park 1958
San Pedro A.C. RC primary school students, long ago
San Pedro R.C. Primary School, 1980's
The SCV Red Cloud
Red Coffee Snake (Ninia sebae) in an aggressive stance
A wedding reception in Red Ginger
Chad of Reef Adventures in San Pedro
Awesome day on the Reef Raft
Pretty scenes on the reef
Colorful Reef
Reef Festival and Kayak Race
11th Annual Reef Festival
Dive boat stuck on the reef
View of the reef from an ultralight
View of the reef from an Astrum Helicopter
View out towards reef on Ambergris Caye
Reef Festival and Kayak Race
Aerial view of the Reef Runner, a glass bottom boat
Heading out to the barrier reef on the Reef Seeker
Swimming with 8-ft Black-Tipped Reef Sharks
Blacktip Reef Shark near Half Moon Caye
Grey Caribbean Reef Shark
Caribbean Reef Shark
Group of divers posing under a Caribbean reef shark
Reef Village is a new Condo and Time Share project on Ambergris Caye just across the Boca Del Rio Bridge
Pool area at Reef Village
The magic of reflection
Watching the Regatta - BTL Park
Two views of two buildings that have since been demolished on Regent Street, Belize City
Views of Regent Street in Belize City long ago...
Before and After - Building on Regent Street in Belize City, now Atlantic Bank
Regent St. near Cockburn Lane in Belize City, about 1916
Relaxing while heading snorkeling on Discover Ambergris Caye Cruises
Relaxing view, palm tree and pier in San Pedro
Echeneis neucratoides aka Shark Suckers or Remora
Remote island spot around Ambergris Caye
Rendezvous Caye now and back then
Rendezvous Caye, the good life, why I live in Belize
Rendezvous Restaurant and Winery at night
Beach and Hammock at Residences at Barrier Reef
Rexall Drugstore operated by pharmacist Ray Heusner in Belize City, 1939
Beautiful Ms. Kim Reyes
Reuben Reyes on a pier with a load of lobsters, 1985 on Caye Caulker
Frankie Rhys blowin' that horn...
Marine ribbon worm (Nemertea)
Rice Mill at Punta Gorda, April 1935
Barton Rice: My first open water dive with Adolfo Ayuso 1982ish
Rico's Restaurant on the beachfront at Banyan Bay
Peter Ridley
Views of Rio Blanco National Park, including waterfalls and the suspension bridge
Rio Frio Cave
Spelunking, looking out towards the mouth of Rio Frio cave in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Inside Rio Frio Caves
Canoeing down the Rio Grande, near the Lodge at Big Falls, Toledo
The Quest for the Great Potoo along Rio Grande... beautiful view....
Rio On Pools, in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Sailors from HMS Constance sent to deal with the riots in 1919, also a chronology of the riots
An old friend "Ritch"
Herman Rivas, aka Hamany of Punta Gorda, long ago
Maritza Rivas at The Phoenix Resort
Maritza Rivas at Caye Winds
Maritza Rivas walking on water at The Phoenix
Maritza Rivas rising from the pool
Maritza Rivas at Victoria House shoot for Moondancer boutique
Maritza Rivas at Caye Winds Resort
"River Rocks," painting by Rachel Heusner
River opening to the sea
Crossing the river north of San Pedro, John Wilson and JD Schultz Lowe, 1974
Orange Walk riverboat, long ago
River boats travelling from San Ignacio to Belize City, long ago, a list of the settlements along the Belize Old River, names of the Belize river boats that served all those settlements and villages between Belize City and San Ignacio. A bit of history about the river boats, and the Afrikola aka Africola. Also some names of rapids or runs on the Belize River
One of the large Belize City - Cayo river boats moving up a shallow, long ago
River boat (or Tunnel Boat) arriving in San Ignacio, towing two pitpan, 1910's or so...
Some of the River Tunnel Boats that plied the Belize Old River from Belize City to the Old El Cayo Landing (Boat Wharf), 1915
River Scene, river boats at El Cayo Landing, British Honduras long ago
On the farm with Ceasario Rivero
Loookin Good! Julian Rivero, Ray Bowers, Annie Rivero 2005
Julian Rivero's family, Christmas 2021
Ceni Rivero at her dresser, late 1980's
San Pedro’s First Road
The only road south on Ambergris Caye - 1976
This Day in History: 1797. MAY 18. The Caribs at Roatan, capitulated to Don Jose Rossi, governor of Truxillo, and the Spanish flag hoisted on the island
Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe in Hopkins Village
Robber flies, also called assassin flies
Robberfly with the results of its successful hunt
Sea Robin, also called Flying Gurnard
Robin on a roll....
Robin when he had teeth, late 80s
Nighttime view of Robert's Grove in Placencia
Robert's Grove in Placencia
Robles Point, North Ambergris Caye
Robles Point, north end of Ambergris Caye
Robles Point on north Ambergris Caye
Robles Point, northern Ambergris Caye
Robles property for sale
View from Robles
Walking from Blue Reef to Robles
Blue Moon at Rock Farm
San Pedro high school band "Rock In Peace" at the Costa Maya Festival 2009
Aerial view of Rocky Point, north Ambergris Caye
Rocky Point, also a story and frawings by Jayson Forman, "The elusive Rocky Point Reef 1987"
Fabiola Rodas
1975 Rodriguez Restaurant on Caye Caulker, Mineli Young on the porch. Miss Tilin's Restaurant
The Wonderful Doctor Otto Rodriguez with a group of children
Kicking back and enjoying the sunrise at Rojo Beach Bar & Lounge
One of THE BEST places to relax on our island is Rojo Beach Bar & Lounge, north Ambergris Caye
New market at Rojo Lounge
Rojo Lounge at Azul
New pool lounge at Rojo Lounge, Azul Belize
John Romero Working under pressure: on the bottom of the sea
The home of José Anacleto Romero and Teresa Navarette de Romero in Corozal Town, early 1900's
Mr. Dave Roop's house on Caye Caulker, 1995
Rooster, the lighthouse keeper at Half Moon Caye, 2005. Also photo of old lighthouse
Cayo Rosario aerial view from a low elevation
Vince and Cherie Rose enjoying wings at Tacklebox
Roseate spoonbills
A jabiru stork flies over a roseate spoonbill audience, also Roseate spoonbills feeding at Crooked Tree and carrying a stick back to nesting site
Three photos of the roseate spoonbill, including a closeup of its bill
Roseate spoonbill in flight
Roseate spoonbills take flight, at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
A roseate spoonbill stares down the photographer
Roseate Spoonbill and Snowy Egret
Royal Bank of Canada, Albert St and Regent Street, 1920's and 1972
Royal Caribbean Resort
Aerial view of Royal Belize
Old dugout on the river, with a modern (for then) Scimitar tank, men of the Royal Scots dragoon guards fording a river in Belize, long ago. Also Santa Claus makes a jungle stop in his Scimitar in 1978 and a Royal Dragoon fording a river
Two ladies working late at night in Ruben's Bar in San Pedro, 2001
Ruby's Cafe and Hotel in San Pedro, 2002
The view overlooking Ruby's Hotel
Ruby's Hotel and Front Street in San Pedro, 1987
Esther and Ruby of Ruby's Hotel, with Ruby's kids, 1998
Rosa Ruiz, Polo's Wife
The Rum & Cigar shop on Middle Street in San Pedro
Rum Cigar & Coffee Shop in San Pedro
Rum and coconut water
View from the Rum Punch
Rum Punch with Jennifer and Tony
The Rum Punch - Cutest sailboat in the world
Celebrating 30 years of The Rum Punch II!
Aboard the Rum Punch II
The Rum Punch
This is what the Rum Punch looked like before George Eiley fixed it up about 1988.
Mr. George Eiley and the Rum Punch
Panoramic view of the Running W Brand Meats farm
A Very Busy Day: "What's The Rush?"
Rush hour on Front Street in San Pedro, 1989
15th Annual La Ruta Maya Race
Racing in the La Ruta Maya Canoe Race, 2019


Violet Sabrewing
Lagoon at Saca
Sacred Heart School in San Ignacio, 1969
Groundbreaking at SAGA
Nurse Melly of the Saga Society
Saga & World Vet Spay Neuter Clinic March 13-15, 2012
Nety Wasn’t Just Hanging Around – Kitten Saved from Death by SAGA
SAGA ghosts visit the fire department
Courtney Sage and Mary Gonzalez last Halloween
Big Sailfish caught off Ambergris Caye
Sail Boat Silhouette by the Super Moon
Sailboats, downtown Belize City, painting by Rachel Heusner
Traditional sailboats moor in the Belize River between fishing trips
A couple of men handling their sailboat in front of the Foreshore area of Belize City, long ago
Sailboat watching the sunset at South Water Caye
Old sailboat cruising by
Sailing to New Places
Large group wedding sailing trip off San Pedro
Sailing along the islands
Simplify. Sailing the Belize Barrier Reef. Long view towards sailboat, beautiful blues...
Sailboat coming from doing Hol Chan and giving our guests a view of the beautiful sunset in Caye Caulker
Sailing across the Caribbean near the reef, gorgeous shots from above
Sailboat off South Water Caye
Sailing inside the Barrier Reef
Sailing the Belizean Reef, aerial view
San Pedro Sailing Club dominates at Barron Bliss Harbor Regatta 2012
Sailor’s eyeballs or Bubble Algae. Also Mermaids Wine Glass or acetylbularia
Sailsports monthly windsurfing races
Sea view of the original St. Catherine's Academy before the 1931 hurricane. Long ago...
Quiet classroom at St. Catherine Academy, long ago
Kayaking off St. George's Caye, 1977, Grandmother Bradley's house is on the left of the kraal house. Plus other old views of the caye, "Lesmore," the Biddle residence, sketches of St. George's Caye during the colonial era, and stories about what it was like to vacation on St. George's Caye back in the day
Brian Keating in a dugout as a child on St. George's Caye, in front of his house with the Dinger house in the background, mid 1950's
Sunset at St. George's Caye
A sandbar BBQ, St. George’s Caye
Aerial view of St. George's Caye on route to San Pedro
Aerial view of north St. George's Caye & nearby cayes
The cemetery at St. George's Caye
Aerial view of St. George's Caye, 2021. Plus a few other shots from the ground
St. George's Caye at sunset
Aerial view of St. George's Caye, 2008
Floats in the 10th of September Parade in the late 50's, Belize City
Float pulled by horses, Battle of St. George's Caye Day celebration, 1920's. Also, 1940 celebration in front of the Supreme Court building
Floats in a parade in downtown Belize City celebrating the Battle of St. George's Caye Day, long ago
September 10th Celebrations in Belize City, ladies looking down from the balcony, circa 1890's
St. George's Caye celebrations in Belize City, 1923
September 10th, St. George's Caye Day celebration in Redcliff, now known as Barranco, early 1970's
St. George's Caye Day Celebrations in Belize City, postcard from long ago. Also some history of the battle
St. George's Caye Day 150th Anniversary Stamp, 1948
Battle cannon from the Battle of Saint George's Caye, September 3-10, 1789
Battle of St. George's Caye Day parade in San Pedro, Key events leading up to the Battle of Saint Georges Caye
Aerial shot of St. George's Caye taken about 1946
San Pedro student sailors shine at the 2011 St. George’s Caye Battle Regatta
St. George's Caye Day Celebrations in Belize City, long ago
The Battle of St. George's Caye celebrations in Belize City, 1920
2013 Belize Audubon Society Adventure trip to St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park, inner tubes galore!
Folks lined up waiting to vote in the 1954 Elections at St. Ignatius School in Belize City. Also the original St. Ignatius Church in Belize City, 1933
Belize Inland Blue Hole, St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park
Climbing out of St. Herman’s cave into the jungle
St. Herman’s Cave
Henry Salgero with his grandmothers sister at Boca del Rio in San Pedro, with the Andrea water ferry in the background, about 1994. Also a bit about Don Tabo and the "Yara Andrea" boat.
Steve Samuels has a Tattoo for You
St. John's College boys on retreat at Trinidad farm
Old St. John's Primary School before the 1931 Hurricane
St. John's College at Loyola Park, Belize City 1910, some buildings labeled. Also a little of its history including a video
Did you know that seaplanes used to land at St. John's College when it was at (Port) Loyola? Long ago....
St. John's Cathedral, 1931 photo from the top, plus a little history
St. Mary's Church on North Front Street in Belize City about 1925. Also a various photos and description of the area, and a sketch of the original design
Snapshot and pencil reproduction of North Front Street and St. Mary's Church in Belize City, also 1909. Also a 1906 postcard of St. Mary's church
A lungless Salamander Oedipina elongata
Mexican Mushroom tongue Salamander at Lamanai Outpost Lodge
British forces Camp Salamanca along the southwestern border of Belize near San Jose Village, 1970's, 1980
Along the beach, 1960's, recognized are Eiden Salazar, Elvi Staines and her Grandmother
Betty Salazar with scarlet and blue-gold macaws
Eiden Salazar of San Pedro campaigning for PUP, long ago
Yanery (Yani) Salazar and Herminia her mom in the door during rain, 2001 in San Pedro
In memory of John Paul Saldivar
Iris Salguero, Miss Universe Belize 2020/2021
Miss Universe Belize 2021 Iris Salguero
Underwater structure near Salt Creek Lagoon, and a bit about Salt Creek Maya Archaeological Site
Remember The Salty Dog at the entrance of Paradise Resort Hotel?
Painting of a village celebration by the river by Ms. Nelita Sambula
The old San Antonio church in the Toledo district
San Antonio waterfalls, Toledo District
A drummer of San Antonio summoning villagers, 1956
Aerial views of San Antonio Village, Toledo District in the late 1950's and now
Community members of San Antonio Village along with Hon. Louis Sylvester and Hon. Sam Vernon prepare to welcome Premier George Price during a visit in the 1960's
Maya girls in front of San Antonio R.C. Church around 1910
San Antonio Village, Toledo, long ago. Also a photo of Mr. Juan Juarez, who constructed San Luis Rey Church in San Antonio Village
View to the hills in San Antonio, Cayo. Also some history of San Antonio
Roman Catholic church building in San Antonio Village, also a group of Maya men in front of that church building, circa 1915-1920
View from the bus stop of San Antonio Village, in Cayo. Also a view of the main centre and a bit of history about San Antonio.
San Antonio, Cayo: Misty mountains overlooking the village
The US Embassy "Archaeology in the Community" program visits the San Antonio United Pentecostal Primary School in Cayo
Vicente Chiac threshing rice with a wooden pestle and mortar, San Antonio in 1955. Also history about the old "Indian Reservations."
Farmer returning from work in the fields, photographed in San Benito Poite
Orange Walk San Estevan ferry leading to San Estevan Village, with Resthouse and Fort Mundy in the background... long ago..., long ago
The History of San Ignacio
Distribution of lots, San Ignacio 1959. Mr. Johnson Robinson receives the first lot
The Death House on the San Ignacio Hospital grounds, long ago
Views from around San Ignacio and the Hawkesworth Bridge during a flood, 1971
Aerial view of San Ignacio alongside the Macal River
Aerial view of San Ignacio looking out towards Santa Elena
Looking down from Cahal Pech Hill in San Ignacio
Aerial drone panorama of San Ignacio and Santa Elena in the Cayo District connected by the Hawksworth Bridge. Also a bit of San Ignacio history
Hot and smoky sunset over San Ignacio, Easter Monday 2020
Center of commerce in San Ignacio Town in the early 1900's
Galvez House in San Ignacio, formerly the Astoria Club, the Manuel Matus Store, Tony's Inn and Restaurant, among other things
San Ignacio 1954. Main Street (now Burns Avenue), Galvez houses, also the first land rover
San Ignacio, early 1950"s. Riverfront and Hawkesworth Bridge
Downtown San Ignacio, 1930's and 1970
Several photos of downtown San Ignacio long ago, and a story about the genesis of San Ignacio. Also looking down on San Ignacio from a hill, 1976
Market day, San Ignacio Town, 1980’s
Aerial view of San Ignacio, Santa Elena, and surrounding area, taken in the 1980's
Downtown San Ignacio in the 1960's
Late evening aerial view of downtown San Ignacio, Macal River, Santa Elena
Nighttime in San Ignacio, from Cahal Pech Village Resort
San Ignacio, Cayo, in the 1920's
A view of San Ignacio Town in 1910
Burns Avenue, San Ignacio, Cayo, long ago
Holy Friday Procession on Burns Avenue in San Ignacio, late 1950's or early 1960's.
This mural in San Ignacio depicts Belize’s history, colonial warts and all.
San Ignacio Christmas caroling, Dec 19th 2012
San Ignacio Cinema and Theatre, long ago
Downtown San Ignacio
Aerial view of San Ignacio
San Ignacio Town Market in Cayo District - 360 degree panorama
Food booth at the San Ignacio Market
Looking down on San Ignacio at night
Aerial view of beautiful San Ignacio Town. Santa Elena is further in the background
San Ignacio Resort Hotel, 1970's
The founding of San Joaquin Village, and old photos from the village
San Jose Banda Maya
San Jose Succotz Festival 2011
San Jose Succotz along the Mopan River, seen from above, the story of San Jose Succotz
Rainbow over San Jose Village
Maya Village of San Jose, Toledo, long ago
Elevated view of the San Jose Succotz Ferry crossing that leads to Xunantunich, also a view from the ferry as it approaches the shore
San Mateo needs assessments with kids at a clean water BBQ
Homes along the beachfront in San Pedro, 1920's or 1930's
Aerial view of downtown San Pedro, long ago
Great aerial view of the downtown San Pedro beachfront, looking to the sea, early 2019
Looking towards the shoreline of downtown San Pedro from the sea, 1945
Downtown San Pedro looking from the beach, about where Estel's is today, towards the Blake House with dories in the foreground. February 25, 1968
Aerial view of downtown San Pedro, 2007
The Busy Night Life of San Pedro! Aerial view of the lights downtown
Aerial view of San Pedro Town, 2020
Window Seat over San Pedro on a gorgeous day
Aerial view of San Pedro, from over the high school looking south to beyond the airport runway, about 2008
A super wide panorama of Ramon's Village to to Boca Del Rio Park in San Pedro, about 2000
Boats pulled up onshore, beachfront in downtown San Pedro at sunset, about 2001 near Sailsports Belize
Aerial view downtown San Pedro, 1987, looking west
Four photos of San Pedro Town from 1979, including Front Street, Lily's Fido's, Coral Beach Hotel, Ambergris Lodge and the homes of many families on the north end of Front Street
Aerial views of San Pedro and Rocky Point, taken long ago. And a bit about the photographers, Thiers Hamman and his beautiful wife Terry, and a small hotel/restaurant my dad built where Ramon's now stands. Also a photo with Neria Arceo and Tavo Arceo as children
North end of Front Street in downtown San Pedro, 1980's
1972 Downtown San Pedro Town, a building that was used as living quarters for church/parishioners visitors
Old-time politics in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. UDP Campaign sign in front of Rubies. Long ago
Elevated view of downtown San Pedro at sunset, lights of the city...
Season's Restaurant and businesses in downtown San Pedro by the 5 a side field, late 1987 or early 1988
Pescador Drive (Middle Street) showing the fire station and the police station, 2019 in San Pedro
Downtown San Pedro, 1986
Aerial view of San Pedro, 1959
Aerial view, downtown San Pedro
Aerial view of San Pedro, early 1950's
San Pedro Never Looked So Peaceful Or Beautiful: Awesome aerial view of San Pedro, September 2020
Sunrise view of San Pedro Town, looking from the sea
Aerial view of San Pedro Town, 1970's
Aerial of San Pedro Town to the reef, 2015
Approaching San Pedro by air, just about to land