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             Wednesday February 10, 2010 

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Mike's Caribbean Club at the J-Byrds site, Placencia 1971
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Mike's Caribbean Club at the J-Byrds site, Placencia 1971
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Lee Nyhus: I used to love going there!

Laura Godfrey: Wow!

Deborah Vernon: Those were the days....

Laura Godfrey: That was the spot....I wish it was still there! I don't like the new cement venue!

Lee Nyhus: Is that Japs in the yellow t shirt, sitting on the fence?

Lee Nyhus: Lisa Carne used to be a bartender there!

Dasha Shivers: Is that my dad in the blue shirt?

Loco Lisa: hell yes dash that is ur dad! those were the days, when u knew every ex pat, every vehicle, every boat and almost every property owner,NOT NOW!

Dasha Shivers: My dad used to have a tab for me there and I would go and get sprites anytime I wanted!!

Deborah Vernon: I miss that Placencia where you knew everyone.

Dasha Shivers: Does anyone have any pics of this spot when it was the post office???

Richard J. Fairs We got off the bus & headed straight in. "Welcome to Placencia" said Harry.

Photograph courtesy Mary Toy
artisticized by Marty Casado              
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