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             Monday December 20, 2010 

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Behold the King
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SailSports Belize is a full service sailing centre with rentals and instruction available for Windsurfing, Sailing and Kiteboarding at two locations on Ambergris Caye. We boast uncrowded sailing, warm water, friendly people and lots of alternative activities for the non-sailor. We also offer surf and turf adventure packages combining the best of the islands with the jungles and rivers of mainland Belize.
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Behold the King
This billboard was on the Western Highway, just past Hattieville, and is a 'family portrait' of Dean & Kim Barrow and others dressed as the British royal family - ermine, crown & sceptre and all! I went by too quickly today to see who the rest of the pictures were of - but there were about 7 or 8 faces I think. The caption underneath read "Belize's Royal Family"

I can only think it's a PUP or some private individual's stunt (if it's not then Barrow is one weird man). Being British I can guess what the poster is trying to say about Barrow - although I think it's an odd thing to accuse him of. It's odd all round actually.

There were two posters in Belize City: One on the Northern Highway and the other on Connie Drive. They were removed right away.

Photograph by Hugo Lambrechts. Text by an assortment of folks.              
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