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             Thursday September 2, 2010 

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Ebbe Weile and CarbunkleTrumpet were having a couple beers on Beale Street
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From the ACMB to Beale Street
If you were wondering why your ears were burning the other night, it because Weile and CarbunkleTrumpet were having a couple beers on Beale Street....

Ebbe was in town for the day/night with a group of tourists seeing Graceland and Sun Studio as it “Death Week” at Graceland. He had to leave out this morning for Baton Rouge so last night I caught up with him and had a couple beers. We headed down to Beale Street to catch up with the rest of his group and this pic was taken inside Rum Boogie Café on Historic Beale Street. Notice the Elvis Presley shirt that Ebbe has on, he told me that he isn’t going to wash it as it has Elvis/Memphis sweat on it!

We had a great visit talking about John Grief, Sr and all the crazy happenings of the island from back in the day, it was a great visit. We both said that if Weile and CarbunkleTrumpet didn’t follow each other on the ACMB and finally meet up at Mata Grande 5 or 6 years ago, this would have never happened.

Good Times!

Photograph courtesy John Robilio              

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