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             Saturday September 11, 2010 

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One week old baby crocodile Cracked open crocodile eggs scattered about the nest
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One week old baby crocodile, and cracked open crocodile eggs scattered about their nest

On average only 1% of baby crocodiles born survive to become an adult. In fact, most don't make it through the first year. A baby croc has to be smart, fast, cunning, and INCREDIBLY lucky to survive. At their small size, they're very close to the bottom of the food chain and are preyed upon by any number of larger predators such as birds, snakes, fish, raccoons, and even other crocs.

Of course not all fall victim to other predators. Some just don't have what it takes to survive, they're not fast or precise enough when it comes to catching prey. Others are born with underlying health issues that will catch up to them sooner rather than later. It really is survival of the fittest. And those who do survive the first year are still not out of the danger zone. For several years they are at a size where they are susceptible to other predators. It's a tough life for a baby croc, but if they survive to become the apex predator, they are kings and queens of their waterways!

Photographs by Elbert Greer              

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