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             Monday September 1, 2009 

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Holy Redeemer Confirmation photo (1962-ish)
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Cruise Around Ambergris Caye With S.P.GOLF CARTS At The Best Prices & Service... Visiting us at La Isla Bonita, San Pedro wouldn't be complete without renting a golf cart from us. Golf carts are the primary means of motorized transportation on the 25 mile island off the coast 
of Belize; therefore you can count on us. While taking your own exclusive tour around in your rented golf cart you can take in the scenery, enjoy the attractions and become a part of the slow social scene during the day and live skies at night.
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Holy Redeemer Confirmation photo (1962-ish)
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Lots of the old boys in here, including:

Hector Hecker
Late Min Montejo
Teddy Castillo
Late Michael Hyde
Tony Vega
Jose Romero
Glen Blease
Wayne Gabb
Bobby Usher
Johnny Quan
David Swasey
Steve Mahler
David Mahler
Ronald Hulse
Melvin Hulse
Butch Valdes
Francis Ysaguirre
Ronald Lindo
Eugene Kuylen
Alfonso Ramirez
and of course Father Ruff

Photograph courtesy Hector Hecker              
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