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            Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed
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Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) deployed.

1. left to right : Robby Guerrero, Pancho, Gilbert Lara, Ivan Staines, Nano Guerrero, Dimas, Al Guerrero
2. Ivan Staines and Al in the Rock getting FAD rope ready.
3. Loading FAD in The Rock
4. Chris Berlin of Sunrise with the Belize Port Authority checking FAD.
5. FAD #001
6. Ivan and Robby doing final adjustments to the FAD.
7. The Rock next to FAD #001

What was promised, has been delivered! The newly formed San Pedro Game Fish Association (SPGFA) is proud to announce to the general public that it has successfully placed their first Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) in front of San Pedro Town.

The FAD was anchored approximately 5 miles east of San Pedro Town. The average sea depth on that area is about 2,600 feet. This FAD should become effective in about one month, when it is expected to start attracting several species of pelagic fish. It was deployed in perfect time for the up coming Dia de San Pedro Blue Water Fishing Tournament.

The first FAD was made possible with the funds raised during the Wahoo Challenge 2007. Special thanks goes to everyone that participated in the tournament and made this project possible. The SPGFA would like to invite all fishing enthusiasts to join the association and be part of the fun. Also, special thanks goes to the Belize Port Authority and the Belize Fisheries Department for their support.

For more information on the project and how to join the association please visit the association website at

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Photos courtesy Alvaro Guerrero              
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