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             Sunday, April 12, 2009 

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Aerial view of Belize City towards the Caribbean
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Commonwealth Day holiday weekend in May will see the return of the Toledo Cacao Festival in Punta Gorda and the Toledo District of southern Belize. Our opening event will be the Wine & Chocolate evening, with live Marimba music and a selection of Garifuna and Creole songs performed by the Delile Academy Choir. Saturday will see a hive of activity in Central Park at the Taste of Toledo Fair, with the chocolate tent featuring local chocolate from Toledo and other Belizean artisans. The children will be kept amused throughout the day by the Cacao for Kids' team, by engaging them in games such as punch board, face painting, a chess tournament and much more! This year's Festival introduces the crowning of the first Miss CacaoFest 2009, followed by Culture in Harmony musical performances at a variety of venues.  The range of tours throughout the Festival - weekend Sea Toledo marine trips, and the CacaoTrail tours of the cacao farms which start on the 18th May - introduces new visitors to the delights of the Toledo District. 
Expanding on the success of last year's Deer Dance performance, the ancient Maya site of Lubaantun this year hosts not only the traditional Maya Moro Dance but also a performance of the Maya Ball Game, played by the Maya centuries ago. The weekend will be rounded with a free concert in PG's Central Park, with great performances by local artists.
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Aerial view of Belize City towards the Caribbean

Photograph by Astrum Helicopters              
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