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             Tuesday February 8, 2011 

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The infamous Big C, in the 1970's
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I drank in
Raul's Rose Garden Belize

For those of us that are cultured people and have sampled the delights of this world renowned drinking establishment/other activities in Belize
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The infamous Big C, in the 1970's

from friends.... :>

... I doubt if any of you will recognise this place..I don't ;-)

... never seen it or been anywhere near it......(cough)

... I started scratching on the sight of this establishment!!!!!

... I always started scratching a few days after seeing it!!!

... spent many a happy hour in there lol

... any photos of the upstairs cafe

... upstairs cafe wasn'y quite as interesting!!!!!

... never heard of it

... Is that the womens Institute for bible studys

... Upstairs NAAFI is long gone. The balcony is there, but the building is used as a shop now.

... Nice one use to have some amazing thursty thursday sessions up there

... Uhmmmm, may of been there once but only on a fact finding mission... Needed an injection and no beer for two weeks!

... it's was good very good but not as good as the origianal on freetown road just down from the xroads hotel b4 cinderela plaza .

... remember it well ,who can remember the queen of hearts?

... Wasn't the queen of hearts the card you didn't want when plying hunt the [email protected] Lol
If I remember corectly only the poored drivers went in there as the women were hidious, can you confirm that JR or PT ;-)

... It was but the reason I went was to collect money of the brass. You see, even in those days I needed to wet my beak. Ask your ******* ;-)

... your right jim

... never went in it.... was always on RP's

... Big C was ok, but Queen of Hearts and Raulīs were better.Sports afternoon meant running down to Raulīs at 3pm and running back the next morning at 6-30am, great times.

... still think the big C, was the best then ending the night at the crossroads till the morning

... the Big C was a good night out even as a disco, Q of H was just a bag house but the price was right, and I never went into the rose garden so can't really comment, but I was of the impression it was the same as the big C. Crossroads then Go...See More

... Well you can all say what you want, but I lived in the Rose Garden, Raul was me mate, and I spent all me 6 months money there....I wish Bolton had one.....

... if Bolton play Man U they might Scott :-P

... I wrecked the gaff....But that's another story.

... Or was that Bijo's. Can't remember, 31ys ago.. Fuck me... Doesn't time fly.

... 1976 was another story for me their when leaning against the corugated iron wall in toilet with guttering as a piss trough, the whole thing gave way and yes Ifell forwrd into the yard behind and took all the piss too. Had to rush back to A...See More

... That was Bijo's Ged.
Alex, are you telling us your love of horses started in the Big C??

... yes..defo bijo's....ha

... First time I have seen that place in daylight, or sober for that matter!

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