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            Saturday, May 26, 2007

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Jerry McDermott golfing at Caye Chapel Jerry McDermott golfing at Caye Chapel Jerry McDermott golfing at Caye Chapel
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Nestled in the luscious Mayan mountains of “Nature’s Best Kept Secret”, Belize, MAMANOOT’S BACKABUSH boasts being the only jungle resort in one of the country’s newest national park, The Mayflower Bocawina National Park.
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Jerry McDermott golfing at Caye Chapel
I was in awe of the Paradise Hotel on my first trip down to Belize in 1986. What a guy!!! Only the old timers know of the incredible stories of Jerry McDermott and how much he influenced the tourism industry on San Pedro and helped to put Belize on the map! He had the "balls" and the courage and the insight to make it happen!

In loving memory of Jerry McDermott and wonderful family!

Chris Aycock, Jerry McDermott, Josh Buettner, David Childs

Golf Caye Chapel 2005
David Childs

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