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             Monday February 8, 2010 

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Tony Eiley (Tonio) of Placencia, 1971
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If the thought of a concrete box with a magnificent view of your neighbor doesn’t excite you… If you’ve had enough of “pre-construction” and “pre-pre-construction” special offers… At Cocoplum we’re not about front money, free cocktails, slick sales pitches or architectural drawings that never quite leave the board. What we are about is a passion to take a fabulous natural site and create an environment that is simultaneously breathtaking…yet simple; luxuriant… yet comfortably liveable; secluded…yet socially active.
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Tony Eiley (Tonio) of Placencia and Mrs. Jennifer Alexis Hyde nee Gentle, dancing in 1969
Out on the town, young people dance away a Saturday night in Placencia, a fishing village. Their dance hall--the post office--also does duty as grocery store and community center.
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Kay Westby: Do you see Miss Lizzy Westby and Mimi Leslie sitting in the background?

Jim Flanders: Wait, wait, that's me and Marilyn singing. I think that might have been wino night! Yeah, that's it.

Jane Eiley: That's my father in law!

Cherilyn Brown: omg what the hell mr tony boy he mi look good

Tani Bevier Hopkins: national geo mag! remember this too! and soon lived there.

Elysia Dial: I think Ms. Celia might be the lady in yellow in the back ground.....

Annette Vernon: Thats who I saw Ellie.........its gotta be her!

Tani Bevier Hopkins: That was Miss Doris Leslie store.

Elysia Dial: what I wanna know is who is his dance partner

Tani Bevier Hopkins: Can't remember her name...But I think it a Mushchamp who got caught up with a missionary man who was married but stole her away to the states with his mission so after this photo. Is this right?

No, it's Jennifer Hyde

Photograph by Nat'l Geographic
artisticized by Marty Casado              
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