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             Thursday March 10, 2011 

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Caribbean Restaurant in Belize City, Surf and turf to die for, 1970's
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Caribbean Restaurant in Belize City
Back in the day, Caribbean Restaurant was one of my favorite Chinese place to eat, am quite sure many of Belizeans favorite too. Unfortunately it's in the history books now. Surf and turf to die for, 1970's. On Regent Street and Prince Street, was close to Benny's, they were known for their steaks. The building is still there but the restaurant closed many years ago. Same owners as the Chateau Caribbean. Love the shrimp cocktail n sweet n sour, and Babycham to drink with my dinner. When people were buying up properties in those days the prices were still affordable, bank loans were quite accessable with reasonable rates. It was quite dimly lit, to give the place a warm and cozy atmosphere. They were the first one to introduce the hot plate where they did serve you on an it one plate that was surely steaming but very delicious. And the service was really great. Their famous Caribbean Restaurant Steak on a metal hot plate. They also eventually served that at the Caribbean Chateau. This was the hideaway dining spot.

This building is now rented to a political party.

Top photograph by British RTC              
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Looking up Prince Street to the Foreshore, photo courtesy Carmen Sabido-Escobar.

Above, what it looked like about 2018, below, what it looks like in 2021. Bottom photo by George Villanueva.

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