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             Friday, September 19, 2008 

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Debbie, an American crocodile, is released into the ACES sanctuary habitat
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ACES, the American Crocodile Endangered Sanctuary, from mainland Belize has been busy preparing 'Debbie', a crocodile recently rescued from San Pedro, for release into their sanctuary habitat. When Debbie was captured in a pond, about 200 meters from our house, she was found to have suffered a number of injuries at the hand of humans including a bullet hole, spear wounds and broken ridges. She was also harbouring a nasty bacterial infection. Marisa Tellez, the zoologist working with ACES, makes it clear that the American Crocodile has the most powerful immune system on the planet. If Debbie is suffering from an infection from the water, then the human community needs to start worrying about what is in that water.

Debbie settled into her new home without any serious fights with the others, much to everyone's relief. Debbie was lucky. Two other crocs from San Pedro have died in recent weeks. One was clearly killed by poachers and had its head cut off. The other ACES had attempted to rescue after locals had captured it but a hook that someone might have tried to catch him with had caused internal injuries to the croc and he died.

George, the 25 year old crocodile living in the WASA Lagoon south of San Pedro, has also been relocated to the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary in Punta Gorda. Click here for more.

Colette and Maya

Photograph by Marisa Tellez              
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