River boats travelling from San Ignacio to Belize City, long ago, a list of the settlements along the Belize Old River, names of the Belize river boats that served all those settlements and villages between Belize City and San Ignacio
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Monday April 2, 2018

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Hector Silva
I have served my country in all elected capacities. Mayor, Legislator, Minister of government and Senator. I was born a villager of Carmelita, todays Santa Familia. My hobby all my life has been to research and research in order to find the truth.
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River boats travelling from San Ignacio to Belize City, long ago, a list of the settlements along the Belize Old River, names of the Belize river boats that served all those settlements and villages between Belize City and San Ignacio


Yes, this was what us, from the West had to endure to reach Belize City, to extract one of those KILLING TOOTH ACHES. It was a pleasure the first day, to watch the many people along the River banks living on those 107 Settlements, with pretty names like Paking Pot,- Tea kettle,- Never Delay- More Tomorrow.- Married Woman Point etc etc But on the second day you began to miss your bed and your bathing facilities. Your fried beans, your fried eggs, Your tortilla or creole bread. BUT WE MADE IT.

THERE WERE Twenty Six of these River Boats that went up from Belize City to San Ignacio with merchandise and came down with with Passengers and Chicle blocks,and cattle and other farm produce to Belize City.

Where did those River Boats dock in Belize City?


That was the HUB of business in those days. - SO, in this picture, you can see some of the various boats docked near bye.- This Dock was called "Melhado Wharf." and across was "Distributor Wharf and "Turton Wharf " and " BEC Wharf "

I was asked what were some of the names of the Cayo Boats.



1. The Clarence Mengel. Owned by the Mengel Lumber Co.
2. The Cruizer. Owned by the Mengel Lumber Co.
3. The Cutter. Owned by David Smith & John Buckley.
4. The Tenny Fly. Owned by Aaron Arnold. (Happy Home)
5. The Zebu. Owned by Aaron Arnold.
6. The Chicle. Owned by Henry Renton Lisbey.
7. The Cacique. Owned by Habet & Sabala.
8. The Colosso. Owned by Emilio Awe.
9. The Cayo. Owned by Habet & Sabala
10. The Elenita. Owned by Edwardo Sabala.
11. The Apollo. Owned by Melhado and Sons.
12. The Minerva. Owned by Melhado and Sons.
13. The Deutz. Owned by Guy N.F. Nord.
14. The Buda. Owned by Guy N.F. Nord.
15. The Nameless. Owned by Gomez Brothers.
16. The Tireless. Owned by Gomez Brothers.
17. The Creole. Owned by John Usher.
18. The Amy. Owned by Eddie Usher.
19. The Olga. Owned by Walter Burns.
20. The Quetzal. Owned by William Wiley.
21. The San Ignacio. Owned by The Catholic church.
22. The Renee-M. Owned by John Mendez (after his daughter).
23. The Shultz. Owned by Guy N.F. Nord.
24. The Empress. Owned by Guy N.F. Nord.

Heron H was a sea going boat it travelled between Belize and Punta Gorda stopping at all the stops along the way. The Coloso was the largest and the Venus was the smallest but the fastest. I always looks to travel on the Venus. They were tunnel boats the prop was an a recessed cavity in the bottom to minimise damage from rocks.

AMONG THE CONDUCTORS OF THESE BOATS WERE Somon Smith,- Facundo Audinett -Joseph Humes -,Aaron Arnold, - Atanacio Patnett, - A Mr Haylock - Eraquio Hill - David Smith - - a Mr John Buckley, -- Mr Avington Neal - Mr E.A. Franklin and others.

When we refer to those River Boats that plied the communities along the Belize Old River, we speak of large boats that pulled large barges, loaded with all cargoes to Cayo and Peten and on the return trip, they transported tons of Chicle Blocks, cattle and agricultural products. On the front part of the boat, passengers were accommodated on this long journey.

( On the picture below is one of the Gomez' boats pulling itself by a WENC, called Warp Line) name of this boat was " TIRELESS " a sister ship to the one called " FEARLESS ".

THESE WERE THE SETTLEMENTS ALONG THE BELIZE OLD RIVER that were serviced by the 26 River Boats until 1950, when the Western Highway was opened and Land Transportation took over.

Many of these settlements still exist. some of them have been renamed, and some have totally disappeared.

The names BANK and CREEK were used, to give a location. A BANK was located along a river. A CREEK indicated that a creek passed along the settlement.

Also the word "LANDING", indicated, that River Boats stopped there on their journey. (Bermudan Landing)

The word " EDDIE or EDDY " indicated that there was a deep whirl pool in the River, (Like Black man Eddie)

THE BELIZE OLD RIVER. From Branch Mouth to Teakettle.

Begins at the Branch Mouth Villaage, then down to Bright Lookout, Johny Sam (now Santa Familia), Carmelita, Bradley's bank, Carretela Bank, Duck Run, Joe August, Santa Rosa, Saw Mill, Middle bank, Esperanza, Benque Ceiba, Tiger Bank, Baking Pot, Garbutt Creek ( now Central farm), Spanish Lookout, Morning Glory, Platon, Gentle Bank, Florial Park, Barton Creek, Little Barton Creek (now United Ville), Iguana Creek, Bucut Palace, Black-Man Eddy, Warric Head ( now Ontario), Dan Davies farm and Teakettle.

From Teakettle Village to Big Falls.

Young Gial (girl), Happy Home, New Home, San Antonio, Roaring Creek, Banana Bank, Little Orange Walk, Never Delay, Mount Pleasant, Kitty Bank Cocos, Saturday Creek, Bull Run, Salomon's Place, Cotton Tree Bank, Rock Donda, Meditation, More Tomorrow, Dancing School Eddie, Joe White Bank, Pecarry Guts, Panama, Gale Creek, Beaver Dam, Castille, Cocrico Run, Baboon Eddie, Laboring Creek, Married Woman Point, Monkey Run, Big Haulover and Big Falls.

From Big Falls to Burrel Boom.

Cock Loft (or Laugh), Society Hall, Johny Young's Bank, Sutherland Bank, Double Head Cabbage, Jim Cotto, Hunt's Point, Bermudan Landing, Scotland and Half Moon, Isabella Bank, Bamboo Patch, Flower;s'Bank, Lime Walk, Burns' Pen, May Pen, Black Creek, Grace Bank, Jones Bank, Mexico Creek, Baker's Ranch, Double Run and Burrel Boom.

From Burrel Boom to Belize City.

Mitchell's Pen, Bolton's Bank, Van Tuy's bank, Gabourel's Bank, Evan's Bank, Hofius Mango Walk, Halouver Mouth and into Belize City.

Photographs courtesy Hector Silva

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