Aerial view of the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio, 1969, and a photo of Sir Hawkesworth
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Thursday July 18, 2019

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Sir Hawkesworth
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Belize Abroad
It is saddening to reflect that no great ancient races inhabited these lovely Isles, that no great man ever lived, and laboured, and worked, and fought, and died, and left a name for posterity to honour and to cherish as a ‘household word’; that no time-honoured tower or world-famed temple, or pilgrim haunted shrine ever stood on yonder cape—in short, that the past is all a blank.
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Aerial view of the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio, 1969, and a photo of Sir Hawkesworth

Hector Silva: This bridge was inaugurated in 1949, and has served the nation of Belize in various ways for 72 years.

It shortened our journey to Belize City by many days when we had to endure several days by River Boats.

It served to transport our logs, our chicle blocks and our perishable agricultural products faster.

served to open an International trading route to Central America.

It connected the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

IN days gone bye this bridge got a proper treatment, so as to avoid CORROSION. AND the sidings were brazed with strong wooden beams. Today most of these beams are rotted.

It is sad to see how this bridge has been abandoned. Abandoned for the sake of procuring SUSPICIOUS BLOATED LOANS. With the hundreds of Millions of dollars from Petro Caribe funds and Spanish Lookout OIL this Bridge should be properly maintained. I have great confidence that Minister of Infrastructure, Hon Julius Espat will include the salvaging of this bridge in this coming 2022 budget. THIS BRIDGE STILL HAS A LOT OF LIFE.

Photographs courtesy Belize Abroad

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