Game postponed ... Dolphins protest to league

A change of the semi-pro football league schedule resulted in the postponement of the Dolphins' January 18th game in San Pedro. Omar Guerrero, President of the Executive Committee, wrote the following letter to Ms. Betty Quiros of the Belize Football League.

January 13th, 1998
Belize Football League
Attn.: Ms. Betty Quiros
Belize City, Belize

Dear Ms. Quiros:
We acknowledge receipt of your unexpected fax of yesterday, January 12th, concerning the change of schedule of games to clearly accommodate the back match between Juventus and Acros to their advantage.

Our agreement on the last meeting, in which you were absent, which was held one week before the General Assembly meeting on December 6th, 1997 of the BFNA, was that the Acros vs. Juventus game had to be played before the start of the second round being January 4th, 1998, and had to be during the week. It was also agreed that the registration fee of Pablo Madrid had to be paid that Friday, December 12, 1997.

We know for a fact that Tony Leslie is well known for turning things around and getting what he desires. We know that one of his key players had a red card and would not be able to play the next match against Juventus. We even suggested that the 28 December would be an ideal date for this match. In his favor, he was trying to play first against Jube where he does not need the player and automatically this player would be available for the Juventus game.

Last Friday, January 9th, on the BCB spots program Mr. Ruben Morales had a letter in which Mr. Tony Leslie stated that Mr. Mayito Perdomo was trying to push the game so that we had a mathematical view of the positions of the teams. We think this is an insult to the Commissioner because Tony was the one who asked Mr. Perdomo to step down as part of the Committee of San Pedro, in the meeting in which Mr. Perdomo accepted being Commissioner of the BFL.

We feel very sad and disappointed on this last moment's drastic decision. Remember that we had a rough week when we were pressured to play a back match during the week in Belize City against Yabra not considering that we had to travel at night. You know what it's like playing one game on Sunday, one on Thursday night and again on Sunday. If we were pressured to suit the schedule, we don't see why this team being on the mainland, can't do it. Moreover, Estereo Tu y Yo from Orange Walk has been advertising this game for the past 2 weeks which was scheduled for last week Wednesday and again this week Wednesday, both being postponed.

We have a big program scheduled for this weekend with confirmed teams and a music band trying to raise some funds after the game, since we have not had a home game for six weeks. Remember we have to pay our players monthly, not only for games.

We believe the league is being manipulated by Acros to their advantage, as decisions agreed in meetings are being changed. Have you taken a moment to reflect on what the public is thinking when decisions are made and then violated, even as far as airing it on radio.We plead that you reconsider and try not to make the same mistake over and over. Remember that those against our league only wait for these scenarios to pounce on us.

Yours in sports,
Omar Guerrero, President,
Executive Committee

The BFL responded by saying that they would not change their decision. The football committee held an emergency meeting at 12:30 p.m. on January 14th, and issued a Friday 2 p.m. ultimatum to the BFL to reconsider their decision or the Dolphins would withdraw from the competition and face a possible two year expulsion.

Game postponed ... Dolphins protest to league

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