PUP Wins Election, Said Musa sworn in as Prime Minister

After six weeks of campaigning, the general elections came to an end August 27th with the People's United Party sweeping 26 of the 29 seats in the House of Representatives. The Belizean people were informed before midnight that Said Musa was to be the country's fifth Prime Minister to be sworn in since independence was gained from Great Britain in 1981. After the votes were counted on Thursday, and his victory clinched, the new Prime Minister designate addressed a group of supporters around midnight from the balcony of the party's Queen Street headquarters. In his address, the jubilant incoming Prime Minister said "Ours will be a government for all the people of Belize. This has been a long fought campaign, we have worked hard for this victory. This is a victory for the people of Belize, it is a victory for reform. It is a victory for good and accountable government. It is a victory for people participation, and it is a victory that gives us an opportunity to deliver on our promises to you, the Belizean people."

Mr. Musa was administered the oath of office as a member of the House of Representatives and Prime Minister at 10:00 a.m., Friday, August 28th at the Governor General's residence in Belmopan by His Excellency Sir Colville Young Sr. After being sworn in as Prime Minister, Musa told the press the victory has filled his party with "great humility because we realize that the people are calling for a different kind of Government." He also stated that "his Government will be one of national unity, national reconciliation and national renewal."

On the local scene, Anna Patricia "Patty" Arceo won the Belize Rural South division which includes Ambergris Caye. Ms. Arceo has been appointed Chairperson of the Belize Tourist Board and Chairperson of the Advisory Committee in the House of Representatives in Tourism. An interview with Ms. Arceo will be featured in the next weeks issue of the San Pedro Sun.

Voter turnout for the election was very impressive with more than 90% of the registered voters turning out for the general election country-wide.

Election results by divisions:

Tom Morrison-UDP 445
Mark Espat-PUP 1,102
Gilda Lewis-NABR 18
Ruth Smith-PDP 4

Belize Rural Central
Louis Sylvester-UDP 757
Ralph Fonseca-PUP 2,199
Gloria Bowen-PDP 48

Belize Rural North
Denton Belisle-UDP 1,012
Maxwell Samuels-PUP 1,141
Estevan Perera-PDP 22
Reni Coleman-NABR 8

Belize Rural South
Manuel Heredia Jr.-UDP 1,027
Patty Arceo-PUP 1,378

Caribbean Shores
Manuel Esquivel-UDP 1,199
Joe Coye-PUP 1,530
Marilyn Pollard-PDP 15

Faith Babb-UDP 807
Remijio Montejo-PUP 1,290
Leigh Flowers-NABR 19
Enrique Silva-PDP 13

Cayo Central
Eduardo Juan-UDP 1,685
Dan Silva-PUP 2,013
John Mena-NABR 37

Cayo North
Salvador Fernandez-UDP 2,273
Ainsley Leslie-PUP 2,357
Nazim Juan-IND. 32

Cayo South
John Saldivar-UDP 1,351
Agripino Cawich-PUP 2,827
Ismael Garcia-IND. 272
Melvin Hulse Sr.-NABR 43
Rudolfo Lopez-PDP 14

Cayo West
Erwin Contreras-UDP 1,537
Amin Hegar-PUP 1,527

Corozal Bay
Willard Levy-UDP 1,309
Juan V. Marin-PUP 2,198

Corozal North
Guadelupe Longsworth-UDP 1,059
Valdemar Castillo-PUP 1,793

Corozal South East
Lucio Navarro-UDP 1,114
Florencio Marin-PUP 2,259

Corozal South West
Asterio Ortega-UDP 1,405
Gregorio Garcia-PUP 1,611
Russell Garcia-UDP 1,171
Theodore Aranda-PUP 1,598
Cypriano Palacio-PDP 19

Fort George
Derek Aikman-UDP 380
Said Musa-PUP 1,142

Marisa Quan-UDP 471
Jorge Espat-PUP 1,276
Abel Rodriguez-PDP 21

Lake Independence
Hubert Elrington-UDP 1,059
Cordel Hyde-PUP 2,422
Jose Sosa-PDP 12
Jorge Babb-NRTCP 7

Mesoptamia Division
Michael Finnegan-UDP 813
Ray Lightburn-PUP 608
Linsburn Peters-PDP 9

Orange Walk Central
Ruben Campos-UDP 808
John Briceno-PUP 1,637

Orange Walk East
Elodio Aragon-UDP 1,663
Dave Burgos-PUP 2,205

Orange Walk North
Alfredo Martinez-UDP 1,609
Servulo Baiza-PUP 2,133

Orange Walk South
Onesimo Pech-UDP 1,540
Salustiano Lizama-PUP 2,188

Wilfred Elrington-UDP 613
George Price-PUP 713
Ivan Roberts-PDP 7

Port Loyola
Anthony Martinez-UDP 1,420
Anna Balderamos-PUP 2,123
Robert Mariano-PDP 32
Figenia Cayetano-NABR 19

Queens Square
Dean Barrow-UDP 872
Dickie Bradley-PUP 825
Russell August-PDP 9

Stann Creek West
Melvin Hulse Jr.-UDP 1,139
Henry Canton-PUP 1,819
Mateo Polanco-IND. 68

Toledo East
Ryan K. Pennell-UDP 1,603
Michael J. Espat-PUP 2,278
Maximiliano Requena-NABR 30

Toledo West
Wilfred D. Usher-UDP 1,096
Marcial Mes-PUP 2,138

PUP Wins Election, Said Musa sworn in as Prime Minister

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