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Wally Nuñez of Wally's electrical service and supply

With San Pedro's development came many opportunities for new jobs and new fields of work, and this was the case for Wally Nuñez Jr.

Gualberto (Wally) Nuñez Jr., was born to Gualberto Nuñez Sr. and Tudy Nuñez in San Pedro Town on November 26th, 1955. Wally was one of five children; he has two brothers and two sisters. He attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School and graduated from St. John's College High School and Junior College. As part of the school's curriculum, Wally was introduced to plumbing, refrigeration and electrical work. Upon his return to San Pedro he took on his first job at Belize Electricity Limited, as the plant operator. Wally's knowledge of refrigeration allowed him to move over to the San Pedro Fishing Cooperative to work in the refrigeration maintenance area. His desire to give reliable service pushed him to further his education and he took a US correspondence course in refrigeration. In 1980, his positive ambition paid off. The San Pedro Fishing Cooperative paid for Wally to travel to Pictou, Nova Scotia to participate in a two month refrigeration course.

Back in San Pedro, Wally resumed his job at the cooperative. At this point the town was developing very fast. Hotels and other businesses had a necessity for refrigeration services. Wally was one of the few with knowledge in this area. He was happy to render his services to other business but it would sometimes interfere with his working schedule at the co-op, so he resigned and went out on his own. Wally's first assistant was his younger brother Tony who worked with him for three years. Business was abundant, so Wally combined efforts with Alberto Nuñez Jr., who, in time became his business partner. In addition to refrigeration, now the business included electrical wiring and plumbing services. Wally's is also the island representative/distributor for Culligan Water and PEAKE Industries (air conditioning).

One of their main set backs was that stores did not carry the parts needed to complete the job. This prompted him to open Wally's Electrical Supply. There he would have the supplies essential in the plumbing, refrigeration and electrical business. "This made the work easier and faster and in return we would have happy clients," commented Wally. In 1981, Wally married Maria Elena Alamilla and eventually had two children, Luz Elena and Wally III. His wife, Mrs. (Leni) Nuñez plays a vital role in the business. She manages the electric supply shop and is in charge of all business administration.

Wally's career gives him much satisfaction and he has plans to continue to serve his clients in an efficient and reliable manner. This drive to improve his services led him to recently join with two reputable companies in the U.S.A. Additional supplies and exact parts are now available and local businesses are welcome to order their supplies through him. Plans to open a shop for clients requiring appliance repair are under way. His next step is to move the store's location closer to town to make it more accessible to the public.

Wally's Electrical Services and Wally's Electrical Supply are committed to serving their customers. Wally added, "If you have a necessity or need advice regarding our services, this is the place. We know the products and we can help. We give our clients technical advice from the smallest to the largest supply." For these and many other things, Wally really is "the best compared to the rest."

Wally Nunez - Keeping San Pedro Cool

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