Disco Rayado!!! Dolphins lose....

by Santiago Acosta

As the heading of this article implies, Disco Rayado in Spanish refers to someone who always has the same story to repeat. Unfortunately that's what I have to report this week, the same story I have been writing for the last three articles. It was just natural that the Dolphins performed the way they did because after the draw with Juventus the previous Sunday, most of the players took off for home without telling anyone or just took to drinking all week long and never showed up for workouts.

Comments from the fans were that it was the worst game they have seen the Dolphins play in the last two years. The lack of discipline during the week showed in the passing game and dribbling of all the players on the pitch since there was a lot of imprecision at the moment of making passes or taking the ball into the opposing area.

The second half was a bit better since I am sure that the players must have felt the pressure of drawing with a team like Jube who were not one of the strongest teams in this round. They came in with spurts of pressure on Jube and it paid off in the fourth minute when Oliver received the ball right at the left corner of the eighteen yard box and observing that John Trapp had his man beat in the middle, deflected the ball to him and John in turn scooped the ball with his left foot, onto his right leg and let go a bomb to the lower right corner of the goal. The defending goalkeeper lunged for the ball but the kick was too hard and well placed that he didn't even touch it.

That was the only worthwhile play that was managed by the Dolphins since all the others they started were disarticulated by a better Jube team on the pitch.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank all our fans and sponsors for the never-failing help that we received this season. It is now time to sit down and analyze what went wrong and make the necessary adjustments.

From this writer, it was fun to try and paint a clear and fair image of what went on on the field of play regardless of my personal feelings. I hope that I succeeded. Thank You All!!

Disco Rayado!!! Dolphins lose....

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