Diane Zykan - a model owner

Diane Zykan of Cannibal Cafe

Diane Zykan is the owner at Cannibal Café and Adventures In Watersports overlooking the reef. Adventures In Watersports applies their knowledge of watersports to their interested customers while Cannibal Café keeps happy clients with their simple foods.

Diane grew up in a small farm town in Missouri. She was raised along with three brothers and graduated from an eighth grade class of fourteen. At a very young age, Diane's life took a turn that would make any young girl happy. In 1982 she was discovered by Karen's Model Agency, a French company that was looking for fresh new faces. Her life had to take a ninety degree turn to accommodate her new lifestyle as a model. Diane's modeling career, under the able hands of the prestigious Ford Agency took her to places like Europe and Africa. She has also appeared on the cover of renowned European magazines like Marie France.

Diane quit her modeling career in 1989, about the same time she met her future husband Jim, who owned an environmental business. She went on to work in a dress shop and owned a ceramic and hot sauce shop. In 1993 Diane married Jim and soon after they both decided they wanted to move to someplace in the Caribbean, so Jim sold his business. While surfing the Internet at a friend's house, they learned about BELIZE and decided to visit. Their first trip to the country of Belize took them directly to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye where they stayed for five days. Their intentions were to go to a place for adventure and a piece of "Paradise" and here they found both. They immediately started looking for an apartment and secured one. They returned to the USA and in two weeks were back in San Pedro to stay.

Life was exactly what they expected it to be here, but by the end of their sixth week they were looking for something new to do. Jim's knowledge of diving and Diane's determination to make San Pedro their new home were the perfect combination needed to purchase these businesses. Diane immediately changed the menu so it would consist of comfort food; simple but good tasting. Cannibal Café was not intended to be fancy, but homelike. Their slogans "We'd like to have you for lunch" and "If you're not here you're someplace else" add to the charm of this fun place. As a result of the great response she has received from her business, Diane has plans to expand the services of the café. Four palapas on the beach with picnic tables will be added, as well as an express barbecue service that will take place several times a week. E-mail service is also offered at Cannibal Café and Adventures in Watersports. For very low prices you can send, receive, pick up E-mail or surf the net.

Diane told the San Pedro Sun, "Living in San Pedro is like anywhere else; it all depends on how you want it to be." She sees herself working in her café for a good while, but can also see herself traveling. Already Belize has offered her great times while traveling to the interior visiting it's natural resources. She especially enjoyed the beauty of the western part of the country. She is currently pursuing her dive master's certification, and has plans to dabble in ceramics, something that she has always been interested in. Diane ended by saying, "I have found incredible friends here; that is the best part of Belize."

Diane Zykan - a model owner

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