Our Community - Mickey Nuñez - "Hey good lookin - whatcha got cookin?"

Mrs. Micaela "Mickey" Nuñez

San Pedro Town boasts a wide variety of services for its visitors. Today, tourists and locals alike can choose from many tour guides, bars, hotels and restaurants. Restaurants in particular have come a long way. Today we have the option of selecting from local, American, Chinese, Cantonese, Italian and even Thai cuisine. In Our Community, a restaurant that has come a long way and has been able to keep its restaurant standards as one of the best on the island is Mickey's Place, owned by Mrs. Micaela Ayuso Nuñez. 

    Micaela Ayuso was born in San Pedro to humble parents Carmela and Adolfo Ayuso. She   grew up in a closely knit family with sister Nita and brothers Felix Sr., Adolfo Sr. (deceased) and Pete. Mickey (as everyone calls her) attended San Pedro R.C. School and at a very young age, developed a keen interest in the kitchen and sewing. This inclination led her to try these skillful arts on her own. In no time, Mickey was preparing food for her family, alleviating some of the burden from her mom. She also started sewing dresses for herself and other girls of the island. Because stuffed animals were very scarce on the island, she made it a point to start manufacturing them herself. Eventually she developed an interest in cake decorating. She spent most of her spare time perfecting these hobbies and soon her work was sought by many of the villagers. Mickey recalls one of her best works was designing and sewing her sister's wedding gown. She also designed many of the gowns used by the Miss San Pedro Queens. Her stuffed animals were such a delight to so many, she sold them at Chi Chi Regina's store.

    On April 22nd, 1962, she married Ramon Nuñez. Her marriage to Ramon produced three children: Cherry, Star and Ramon Nuñez Jr. Today, Mickey is the proud grandmother of ten grandchildren.

    Mickey then rested her hobbies for a short while and went to work as a gift shop attendant and office worker at Paradise Hotel. She soon found out that her real interests were the same ones she had chosen from an early age and found herself back in the kitchen at the resort. Since then she has been perfecting her cooking skills and has worked as a kitchen supervisor in places like the Aqua Lodge (now Playador Hotel), Ramon's Restaurant (for six years), and other elite restaurants on the island. Even though she was happy working as a supervisor for these establishments, her dream of being the sole owner of a restaurant was still in her head. In 1987, she managed to rent a place of her own and started what would become one of San Pedro's most visited restaurants - Mickey's Place. Her restaurant has been operating for twelve years, and her wide variety of food keeps getting better. Presently Mickey employs six full-time workers at her restaurant.

    Mickey's Place is known for its delicious breakfast, huge burritos (the most famous on the island) every Wednesday and its diverse seafood and Mexican dishes. Her restaurant, located on Tarpon Street, is neat and its atmosphere is great. Mickey's great personality and welcoming smile only add to the great meals that she offers. Mickey also caters for weddings, private parties or for friendly get-togethers. Mrs. Nuñez is an independent woman who firmly believes in community participation. She is always willing to donate to town functions, community-oriented activities or any worthy cause.

    Mickey told the Sun, "I see myself in the restaurant business for a long time. I was used to this work since I was a young child and I have developed a great liking for it."

    Our Community is grateful to Miss  Mickey for adding that personal touch to her delicious meals and is grateful for her contributions. Keep on cooking, Miss Mickey.

Our Community - Mickey Nuñez - "Hey good lookin - whatcha got cookin?"

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