I read the post/rant from missysp. Other than for language, that could have been edited, I wish I knew why that post was deleted (?) but…if that was the other-side to the story from Island Supermarket, I think we can call it case closed. Proving why defendants should never take the stand.

On the positive side...for anyone reading this thread that has not been to San Pedro, the trip we are planning for next year will be our 5th to belize and 4th to San Pedro. We love it.

We grocery shop at Ritchies Grocery. For all I know they might not have the best prices either but for some reason we connected with them and feel they are ethical, appreciate our business and give us as much respect as we give them. Thats my plug for Ritchies.

We have used Castle Car Rental for a day or 2. They have been fair. But I wouldnt say we have bonded.

Mostly we rent bikes. If you are in good health and the weather is good rent a bike. I have talked to people that have rode their bike to the Northern end of AC and back in a day. We haven't made it further North than Cap Morgans Bar or South to the Sand Bar not to mention many bars and restaurants in-between. I cant remember the bike rental shop name. Last time out, towards the end of the ride, my bike got a flat. With all the road work and construction going on it certainly was not their fault but they didn’t charge us for the use of the bike.

Bottom line, this is a very small tourist town with lots of repeat tourists. People remember us from the few previous years and say hi when walking in the street, from their carts or even saying hi from their balconies. Those are the people we do business with. I hope the people of Island Supermarket have another career path.