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Today's Belize News: November 8, 2016 #518804
11/08/16 05:44 AM
11/08/16 05:44 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

EIA for North AC Water System and Sewage Collection Treatment Project approved
After its final consultation on February 4, 2016, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the North Ambergris Caye Water System and Sewage Collection and Treatment Project has received its preliminary approval. The project is now pending its Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). The purpose of the project is to enhance the quality of life of the populace of Ambergris Caye while contributing to the protection of the eco-system. In addition, it is intended that it will help support the island’s tourism package by providing quality service to the residents and resorts of Northern Ambergris Caye. Garcia explained how the system will operate. “The proposed expansion project which entails a development of 12 miles north from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge will centralize the sewage system that will treat the waters to tertiary levels before the effluents are disposed,” he explained. “This would significantly reduce the severity and extent of impacts to the environment.” He added that the area surrounding the project site is considered to be ecologically sensitive given the extensive coral reef, sea grass and mangrove habitats in the area. For this reason, there is a need to raise the standards of the treatment of effluents for the sake of the environment. However, he also indicated that due to the upgrade of the quality of treatment, the budget of the project might also increase and additional funds will need to be acquired.

Ambergris Today

25 Years Ago - Lobster Fishing During Fat and Cold Novembers
My dad was a conch, fish and lobster fisherman. He had two wire fish traps, 200 wood lobster pats (traps), a small dory and a small 18-foot sailing boat. He worked his fishing grounds Mondays through Saturdays from 7 a.m. To 12 noon. Those were working hours of all fishermen. During school days I could not help my dad in his fishing journeys, but on Saturdays I was up bright and early to go check the fish traps. The most exciting part of those Saturday fishing trips was the fun of trolling for barracuda along the reef on our return to the village. Now let us find out why I call November the "fat month". It was this month that the northerly winds began to blow, just like this past Sunday. These northerly winds caused fish and lobster movements. The wire fish traps were loaded with hundreds of prized snappers and lobsters moved along the grassy and shallow seas. Knowing this, my dad (and this is true of most families) got my brother and I up at 5a.m. We boarded our small dory and paddled our way about 500 feet from the beach right in front of the village. In our case it was in front of the Tackle Box Bar. There we spotted lines of lobsters moving in procession southwards.

Belize Includes HPV Vaccine to National Vaccine Program for Cancer Prevention
On November 3, 2016, Belize’s Ministry of Health hosted a press conference to speak on the inclusion of the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine into the National Vaccine Schedule under the National Vaccine Program of Belize. He mentioned that the administering of the vaccine will commenced by the end of this month to girls age 10 in standard 4 school settings. They will be required to have a signed consent form from the parent indicating either a yes or no before getting the vaccine. Two doses of the vaccine will be given, one followed by another six month thereafter.

Belize Government Still Refuses to Legislate Position on Offshore Oil Moratorium
The Government of Belize Declines to Safeguard Belize’s Marine and Coastal Resources from the Threat of Offshore Oil Through Legislation. Is the Government of Belize saying ‘YES’ to Offshore Oil? In the spirit of transparency, the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage has disclosed a letter sent to a member of the Coalition on November 4th 2016. As a reading of this letter will reveal, the Government is refusing to legislate a position on the offshore oil moratorium. Oceana is reiterating the need for legislation on the moratorium because the policy referenced in the letter is not even a written document and given that policies can change with little or no notice.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

New Name and Face for the Belize City Municipal Airstrip
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, in collaboration with the Belize Airports Authority (BAA), is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport, formerly the Belize City Municipal Airstrip. The airport was expanded and renovated through a BZ$17 million project implemented by the BAA through a loan from the Social Security Board. The new features of the airport include an expanded runway 2,900 ft. long and 60 ft. wide with a parallel taxiway measuring 2,700 ft. long and 60 ft. wide, including a new lighting system to accommodate the landing of aircrafts at night. With the appropriate marking and signage, the airport is now compliant with local and international civil aviation standards. An apron with safety lines, parking and service road markings and 10 aircraft parking stalls are also among the newly added facilities.

Pool Party Entertainment this Weekend
Banana Beach Resort Brings You Lova Boy

Intermittent Closure of New Burrell Boom Bridge
The Ministry of Works informs the General Public that the Burrell Boom Bridge will be closed for short intervals commencing today, November 7, 2016 from 9.00 AM through to 11.00 AM. This is to enable heavy equipment in the area facilitate the disassembly and removal of the Old Burrell Boom Bridge. The Ministry implores the general public to be alert when approaching the bridge site and adhere to the traffic control measures in place while heavy equipment operations are on-going during the time period specified. The Ministry of Works regrets the inconvenience caused but the intermittent closure is necessary to enable removal of the Old Burrell Boom Bridge.

3rd Annual Flavours of the Garifuna!
Mark the Date! November 19th, Garifuna Settlement Day, at the Corozal House of Culture at 7:30pm. Garifuna cuisine sampling.

FCD’s Executive Director met with Ambassador of Costa Rica to Belize, Mr. Edgar Garcia Miranda to explain our work in the Chiquibul
Ambassador Garcia noted, “We reiterate our wishes to serve and assist in accordance to our possibilities and our best experiences, in search for protecting, developing awareness and promoting benefits to humankind; whilst respecting nature and the goods that the forests, rivers, mountains, water, minerals and all the blessings that God has given us.”

Garifuna welcome visitors to Belize
The Garifuna are a proud people who keep their heritage alive today by continuing their traditions and sharing with visitors. This is how they welcomed Visitors to Belize this past weekend at the Northern Border.

The U.S. Embassy in Belmopan is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for six Gardener (6) positions
The successful candidates will be required to obtain a security clearance and undergo a medical examination. The U.S. Mission in Belize provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

Paint N Splash
Join us this week at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar!

The Ministry of Health Joins the World to Celebrate Malaria Day in the Americas
The Ministry of Health is pleased to announce that as part of the regional initiative to eliminate Malaria by the year 2020, the Ministry has just completed another round of external evaluation by the Global Fund and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and has surpassed its targets for 2015/2016. This year’s success comes on the heels of Malaria Day in the Americas, which is observed yearly by countries in the region on November 6th. This year’s theme is “End Malaria for Good”. Belize is on track to meet its regional commitment as to date the Ministry has achieved a 99% reduction in cases between the period from 2000 to 2015. In 2015 there were nine locally-acquired cases reported from six villages mainly in the Corozal, Orange Walk and Stann Creek districts. Most of the country including the Belize, Cayo and Toledo districts have met requirements to be declared Malaria free. This is a vast difference from the mid-90’s when Malaria peaked at over 10,000 cases.

Prime Minister Departs the Country on Official Business
Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow left the country today on official business to the United States of America. The Prime Minister will be travelling to New York for consultations with Government of Belize’s legal and financial advisers on various pending matters. The Prime Minister is expected to return to Belize on Saturday, 12th November, 2016. During his absence, the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber will act as Prime Minister.

Antoney Acosta electrocuted in San Pedro
Sadly the doctors weren't able to save the hands of Antoney Acosta, he has only 13 years old,he was carrying food for his dad on a rainyday in sanpedro and he was also barefooted he accidentally got electricuted,but thank god he's still alive the parents still in need of donations, "please guys have a heart remember,libit,libit full basket"it doesn't matter the amount if u wish to donate you can contact the parents at telephone: #651-6592 or 665-7708 also u can send it by bank at Belize bank account#252930 (Maria Acosta) thank you!

Jesuit who dedicated life to Belize passes away
Fr. Jack Stochl S.J. was most recently known to the parishoners or St. Martin DePorres in Belize City. He was also a former Headmaster of St. John's Junior College High School Division. Anyone who remembers him also knew of his parrot. A quiet humble man who spent many years in Belize. He passed away peacefully last night. May he rest in peace. As the SJC boys would say "Hail the white and blue!"

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) works closely with national governments, U.S.agencies, and a range of other partners to ensure a results-based approach to conserving priority species, habitats and ecological processes across landscapes with high biodiversity value in Central America. Protecting wildlife and forests is a critical element in securing food sources,livelihoods and sustainable development for the region. USFWS is providing funding opportunity to reduce threats to key species and ecosystems in Central America and to strengthen the requisite local individual and institutional capacity to sustain conservation processes in the long-term. The approximate amount of funding available under this program is $1,000,000 USD.

Ambassador Carlos Moreno hands over an Emergency Operations Center
Today, Ambassador Carlos Moreno handed over an Emergency Operations Center, valued at approximately USD $547,000, to the Government and people of Belize at a ceremony in Orange Walk Town. This facility is the first of its kind in the Orange Walk District and represents the U.S. Government's and the USSOUTHCOM's continued commitment to Belize in the field of humanitarian assistance. The operations center will enable NEMO to effectively coordinate disaster response, provide relief efforts and deliver timely assistance to the people of Belize, especially in remote areas.

Channel 7

Cocaine Bricks With The Mark Of The Puma
Tonight police are puzzling over the origin of over 20 pounds of cocaine with an intriguing logo on it. The logo which appears to look like a Puma with its jaws wide open appears on 9 cocaine bricks which the Anti-Drugs Unit intercepted on Saturday on the Boom-Hattieville Road. Unofficial reports from rural police say that at around 9:00 on Saturday morning, the ADU saw a tinted SUV turning into the Boom Road from the Northern Highway. The ADU tried to get the driver to stop, but he sped off, and the officers set chase. The driver of the suspect SUV then did an unusual thing; he came to a sudden stop and one dark skinned man jumped out carrying a duffle bag. The SUV zoomed off, and the man dashed into the bushes and the officers abandoned the vehicle chase, to set chase on foot after the suspect with the bag.

Someone Set Their House On Fire And Locked The Door From Outside
The rash of fires continues in the city, and more families are displaced tonight after an early Sunday morning fire destroyed 3 buildings on Castle Street. This time, the blaze claimed 2 family homes and a church - and fire authorities say it's arson. At around 4:35, the fire raged at the house situated between the church and another residence. Fortunately, both families quickly made it out before the fire engulfed their homes. We went to find out what caused this fire and how these families will move on. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: There will be no more service at the Castle Street Salvation Army church. That warm spirit that greeted the congregation every Sunday was cast out by an early morning blaze. The only semblance of hope was shining through an opening in the charred roof. But there was no hope for this home. The fire started here, on the right side of the church. A woman and her 2 kids were sleeping inside when the flames rose. When they tried to get out, the door was jammed but they found another way out.

Who Would Want To Kill Kyla?
And the owner of the house that was set ablaze is also pleading for help. As you heard Kyla Reynolds was inside sleeping with her 2 kids when the fire started. Reynolds came to our studio this afternoon to give her frightening account. She says she is grateful to be alive but she also shudders to think that someone wanted to harm her and her kids. She asked to appear off camera: Voice of: Kyla Reynolds, Fire Victim "I was sleeping and then I heard a little crackling sound and when I look under my room door I saw something red. So I said "fire?" cant. I say it must be wiring for the house, but then I searched for my phone on the bed and when I found it I flash it to open the room door. When I opened the room door and I looked outside I saw the sofa under fire. So I ran back in the room to get my son and my daughter. I woke up my daughter and told her "fire" and then afterwards I ran to the door trying to open it. It didn't want to open..."

Was First Street Fire Also An Arson?
And arson is also rumored for another city fire. This one happened at around 11:30 on Friday night, on First Street in the King's Park area where a 35 by 40 foot bungalow house was destroyed. Two persons were at home at the time of the fire: an older woman who was babysitting a young child. The boy's father, Rene Ayuso was working as a security guard at BTL Park while stepmother Valerie Valerio was just getting home - and when she did she found that everything had been destroyed. Speaking off camera, she gave us her reaction:.. Voice of: Valerie Valerio, Fire Victim: "My stepson and I were in the house. They already came out when I reached there. I just started to cry, because I felt bad." Jules Vasquez, 7News: "Were you all able to save anything?" Voice of: Valerie Valerio, Fire Victim: "No, nothing. Everything got destroyed."

Rash of City Fires Spawns Fire Safety Tips
Now there isn't much you can do if somebody deliberately sets your house on fire - you just have to get out and save yourself from getting burnt alive. But Station Officer at the Fire Departure Orin Smith told us that some fires can be prevented.

Vega Not Resigning, Just Retiring, Eventually
The UDP just completed one year in office for their third term - and, politically, it's been the worst year ever for Gaspar Vega. The man who helped deliver five of eight seats for the UDP in the north first went from Lands Minister to Agriculture Minister, then from Deputy Party Leader to Standard Bearer, then from Deputy Prime Minister to just another minister, and then, finally, last month to no minister at all, after he resigned from Cabinet - under extreme public pressure and outcry. Now, the UDP's former King In The North is no longer in Cabinet, and the question many are asking is will he take that final step and resign as area representative for Orange Walk North, and be replaced in a bye-election? Well on Saturday he held a meeting with his faithful supporters in the constituency he was won three times, and, after, that, he told Dillon Jones from the UDP Friendly Sugar City Morning Show that he's not going anywhere:...

Daniel Arzu Jr On The Rebound After Shot To The Head
We last updated you on 28 year old Coast Guardsman Daniel Arzu 11 days ago when he was being flown out in an Air Ambulance courtesy the Mexican Navy. Well, tonight the news about him is good. A shot to the head usually offers a grim prognosis but his father says his son is now conscious, speaking and going through therapy at the Navy Hospital in Mexico City. We spoke to Daniel Arzu Sr. today when he returned from Mexico and the grateful father gave us an update on his condition, and the reason he was shot. Supt. Daniel Arzu, OC - Benque Viejo Police: "He at this time is recuperating. He is recovering relatively fast and he is able to speak and do things just as normal, but because of the impact of the bullets, he has to undergo therapy and that is exactly what he is pursuing at this point in time."

Man Dies After Crashing Into River
Last night Inair Chan, Luis August and five other passengers were driving through San Antonio village in Orange Walk, when August, the driver, lost control and sent the car straight into the river. Most of the passengers, including a 4-month-old baby made it out with only scratches and bruises, all except Inair Chan of Trial Farm in Orange Walk. When they got to the scene police said they found Chan's body dead in the water. The Assistant Superintendent of the Orange Walk Police, Selvin Tillet, told us more... Supt. Selvin Tillett, OC - Orange Walk Police: "On Sunday 6th November at about 8:15pm, Orange Walk Police received information that a vehicle had ran into the San Antonio River which had several persons on board. As a result police visited the scene where they saw a Hispanic male person, learned to be Inair Chan, a mechanic of Trial Farm motionless in the river. Information received that Mr. Chan was one of the persons in the vehicle." August has been detained pending an investigation into the circumstances of the accident.

Elderly Man Killed In Hit And Run
Orange Walk Police received a report of another traffic accident early this morning. The body of an elderly man was found on the side of the road near Trinidad Village, and due to his injuries, police believe he was killed in a hit and run. ASP Selvin Tillet gave us more details. Supt. Selvin Tillett, OC - Orange Walk Police: "On Monday, todays date 7th November, about 6:30am, information was received of the body of a male person on the side of the road about a mile pass Trinidad Village, Orange Walk District towards August Pine Ridge. Police visited the area where they saw the motionless body of a 71 year-old male person, unemployed of Trinidad Village." Due to the time the incident occurred, and the lack of houses in the area there are no witnesses to the fatal collision.

Rivers, Willoughby And Who Threatened Who
Raymond Rivers - when we last spoke to him 11 days ago - he had just finished meeting with Southside Commander Chester Williams about his threatening Facebook posts. He also alleged that UDP City Councilor Phillip Willoughby had put a hit out on him - a claim which Willoughby flatly denies. But we did learn that Willoughby had made a statement against Rivers on October fourth, alleging that the activist had threatened him telling him he would die. Willoughby got his lawyer to send a letter to Rivers and made a police report. Well One month later, Rivers was arrested this weekend and went to court today for threatening words. His attorney, the PUP Representative Kareem Musa says that the government is trying to muzzle him:.. Kareem Musa, River's Attorney: "This purported offence, this allegedly offence took place September 20th, 2016. Almost 2 months ago. Since then we know that Mr. Rivers has been very vocal against this administration on Facebook. He is a grassroots activists. Imagine that, September 20th this offence supposedly took place."

Chester's Changes Rejected By Compol
The 12 hour shift for Belize City Police Officers, it was implemented back in 2012 in the middle of a crime wave. The idea was to maximize human resources in Belize City for the greatest crime suppression. Since then, about 500 new police officers have been added to the force, and some say there's no longer as urgent a need to maximize resources. At least that's what southside commander Chester Williams seemed to think. He reverted to the 8 hours shift this weekend, but that sent off alarm bell in Belmopan. Our reports say that Commissioner Whylie told him to return to the 12 hours shift system, pronto! According to our reports that hasn't happened yet - and one city resident hopes it doesn't; Justice of the Peace Grace Flowers lives on west Canal between multiple gang zones and the police have to keep a permanent presence on her block. She says the 12 hour shift makes them inattentive:..

Police Minister Knows About Shifts
Now one man who should know very well about the drudgery of the shift system is former Deputy Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon. He was in the senior command when that controversial system was first implemented - and so today we asked him - as Police Minister whether it should continue. He says it will have to be looked into: Hon. Elodio Aragon, Minister of State - Home Affairs: "Well the 12-hours shift system has been in operation for a couple of years. I think roughly maybe 5 years now. That was done in terms of looking at the demands and the needs of policing in this country and I think that it is not that they are working above their working hours. They work more, so we could focus on having more officers on the ground. But they do get their adequate time off. So it's not a problem. The fact is that at this point in time I think the department and the commissioner, he has to look at it directly."

When Will Deplorable Barracks Bldg Be Fixed?
Aragon also commented on the deplorable status of the Caye Caulker Police Barracks. Last year we told you about complaints coming from Caye Caulker police about the state of their barracks. When we spoke to the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, about the issue and he told us that the 30 million dollar loan from CABEI would be used to repair barracks all over the country. But still, since then nothing has been done. In September the Public Health Bureau inspected the police barracks, and found that they were completely uninhabitable. According to the report, the walls, floors and ceilings are rotten and are all in a state of disrepair, and in most cases the officers living there were exposed to the elements, bats, rodents and other vermin. So what will be done about it? Here's what Aragon told us.

PUP Fisticuffs: Adle Choked Micah?
On Saturday the PUP held an election for a new Belize Youth Movement president. But a man who was no youth at all, 55 year old Karim Adle Sr got into it with PUP activist Micah Goodin. Adle's son Karim Juniour vied for the presidency and lost, while Goodin's candidate, Ivan Valencia won. Goodin was an active campaigner for Valencia and it seems that caused some friction with the elder Adle. Goodin alleges that Adle walked up to him and pushed him in his chest, choked him with his two hands then pinned him against the wall. Police arrested and charged Karim Adle, 55yrs. Belizean Laborer of Cor. Stanton and Benque Viejo Road, San Ignacio for the crime of "Common Assault".

PM to NYC, For "Consultations"
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today for New York where he is on unspecified government business. A press release says that he is going, quote, "for consultations with Government of Belize's legal and financial advisers on various pending matters." It doesn't say what those matters are but the PM returns on Saturday, and Deputy Patrick Faber will act in his absence.

US Sponsors NEMO Bldg in OW
Since 2006 the US Embassy has assisted the government of Belize with over $10 million US DOLLARS for the development of our disaster response infrastructure. Today, the US Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno, handed over a new Regional Emergency Operation Center in Orange Walk Town. The new operations center cost over half a million US to build, and will help to effectively coordinate disaster response and relief efforts. We spoke with the Ambassador about project and how it is important for maintaining the security of Belizeans… The emergency operations center was received by Minister of NEMO Edmund Castro, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Elodio Aragon. Both Ministers told us about the strategic value of these centers, and how they can help in maintaining citizen safety. The US Embassy will hand over more emergency operations centers in other crucial locations around the country.

Castro and The Casas
We also spoke to Minister Castro about his efforts to relieve those effected by the Hurricane Earl. Since the storm, Castro has provided new houses for around 200 Belizeans and he told us today that despite how quickly they were put together, they will be able to hold up...

SEA Saddened By Gladden Development
A southern conservation group is sounding the alarm about dredging on a small island. The Southern Environmental Association known as SEA says it "is deeply disappointed with the construction of a tourism related development on Gladden Caye for the Gladden Caye Resort Ltd." SEA personnel say that the contractors are dredging and dumping sand on a smaller island beside Gladden, while the larger island was filled up three feet above its original height. They say all this is happening without approval from the Mining Unit for dredging, or the Fisheries Department or the Lands and Survey Department for the construction of a seawall. They also say that there are no silk curtains or barriers to mitigate against siltation and no beacon lights or demarcation buoys to aid navigation. Gladden Caye is located two miles from the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, SEA says its Rangers will continue to be vigilant during all phases of the development.

John Stochl, SJ passes
And tonight we note the passing of an exceptional Jesuit who served Belize since the 1940's. Father John Stochl passed away at the age of 92 last night in St. Louis. He died of a heart attack. Stochl first came to Belzie in the 40's and was known for his exception durability, humility and commitment to service. We'll have more on him tomorrow. Fr. JOHN STOCHL DEAD AT 92.

Channel 5

Castle Street Fire Guts 2 Homes and Salvation Army Church
Thirteen people have been displaced by two separate fires that happened between Friday night and Sunday morning in Belize City. We start with the most recent fire that happened very [...]

Did Someone Set Fire That Destroyed Senior Citizen’s First Street Home?
The other fire happened on Friday night around eleven-thirty on First Street, also in Belize City. Sixty-eight year old Maria Ayuso was at home with her grandson when she was [...]

Education Minister Patrick Faber Goes On Attack: B.N.T.U. ‘Telling Untruths’
Minister of Education Patrick Faber has responded openly to criticisms made by the Belize National Teachers Union last Thursday.  The Deputy Prime Minister was chided for purportedly being dishonest in [...]

No Change in Date for Submission of Pay Sheets, Says Faber
Among the charges made against the ministry is the deliberate bumping up of the submission of pay sheets from the ninth of every month.  According to Faber, the collection date [...]

Ministry Will Proceed With Salary Deductions, Bypass Union on Make-Up Time for Strike
The academic calendar is made up of at least one hundred and eighty contact days, of which teachers and students are required to be in session.  The eleven-day strike in [...]

Raymond Rivers in Court; He Denies Threatening Death of Philip Willoughby
We have been reporting on firebrand activist Raymond Rivers’ various run-ins in recent weeks. He has been consistently crying out against the Government through the realm of Facebook. His language [...]

Before Pursuing Line of Credit, Citrus Growers Ask Association to Open Books
There is word tonight that there is financial trouble in one of the major industries in the south. Reports from within the citrus industry say that the Citrus Growers Association [...]

Are Citrus Growers Better Off After Losing More Than Half of Shares in C.P.B.L.?
According to Chanona, growers have lost fifty-eight percent of ownership in CPBL.  Shareholdings have since plummeted from ninety-nine to forty-one percent over the years and farmers are urging the committee [...]

“Life” Isn’t Life Anymore; Gregory August Wins Reduced Sentence for Murder
The case of convicted murderer Gregory August who is serving a life sentence for the stabbing death of seventy-three-year-old Alvin Robinson was heard in the Court of Appeal on Friday.  [...]

Imprisonment For Life is “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”
The moral argument, according to Courtenay, is whether or not an inmate can be reformed and rehabilitated after serving a lengthy sentence.  He says that an inmate who is not [...]

Accused Attackers of Suspected Arsonist Charged
Two-year-old Kaylee Alvarez perished in a fire on October twenty-seventh at her house on Ebony Street, Belize City where she was watching television.  Police have ruled that the fire was [...]

55 Year Old Man Charged for Common Assault of Micah Goodin
Police have arrested and charged fifty-five year old Karim Adle of San Ignacio Town for common assault on popular youth activist and journalist Micah Goodin. The incident took place around [...]

Cayo Man Shot Saturday Morning
A Cayo resident is hospitalized tonight at the Western Regional recovering from a shooting. Patrick Gordon was travelling in a small car when he was shot at in Santa Elena [...]

Developer on Gladden Caye Called Out on Dredging
Tonight there is a report of damage to fisheries and the marine environment in southern Belizean waters. The Southern Environmental Association reports that it has come across the construction of [...]

Father John Stochl Dead at 92; Beloved Jesuit Pastor and Educator
The Roman Catholic community, thousands of past students as well as Garifuna communities are tonight mourning the passing of a beloved pastor and educator who dedicated his entire life in [...]

Get a Job With EmployMe Belize
If you are looking for a job, there is a internet service that can make it happen because a new online job search engine is being launched. Employ Me Belize [...]

Toyota Hilux Stolen in Belmopan
Last Friday, we reported that a government vehicle assigned to the Ministry of Health was stolen from an employee’s yard in the Kontiki area of San Ignacio. Well, there was [...]

Region’s Officials Train in Best Practice on Public Procurement
A five-day training course in Public Procurement commenced today at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. Officials from across the region are taking part to acquire knowledge on the process [...]

Lots of Sports on Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. {Feature on Weekend Sporting activities…}

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11/08/16 05:44 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Free Eye Check-up Offered In Corozal
A team of eye specialists from the Rayjon Eye Clinic in Canada is in Corozal Town offering clinics at the Methodist Eye Clinic. Today when our newsteam stopped by the clinic was full to capacity as Belizeans arrived to benefit from the special eye care provided by the visiting medical team. The Rotary Club of Corozal is hosting the visiting group. According to Club member and organiser, Loretta Randall, so far the response has been of high volume Loretta Randall, Rotary member: “Today was Monday and we’ll do it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we are going to try keep up portion of that day available for the students who some of them get out of school a little bit early and do have some that have prescriptions that we hope we could will fill those for them too.”

Belize Youth Movement Executive Conducts Elections For New Leaders
On Saturday November 5th, elections were held for the Belize Youth Movement National Executive members at the Party Headquarters in Belize City. The Belize Youth Movement is the youth arm of the People’s United Party. The elections saw two candidates contest the President and Vice President posts. The successful candidates were Ivan Valencia, who is also the Chairman of the Corozal North constituency, who vied for President; and Marissa Cervantes, a youth activist who is also the daughter of Orange Walk North Standard Bearer Ramon Monchi Cervantes. The convention was high-spirited and very lively. Valencia, who is no new comer to politics, shared with us today that as the new BYM leader, he will focus on ensuring that the youth arm reaches out to as many youth.

Guinea Grass Resident Allegedly Brutalized By Police Officer
A 21 year old resident of Guinea Grass village is tonight recuperating at the Northern Regional Hospital after he sustained severe head and body injuries reportedly at the hands of a police officer attached to the substation in the village. Reports from the family indicate that Hugo Noh was socializing at a local grocery store in the village, when he allegedly got in an altercation with an off duty police officer who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol and was also socializing in the area allegedly in the company of other villagers. Reports are that the altercation between the two led to the officer inflicting several lesions to Noh, principally on his head with his police issued fire arm.

BNTU Meets To Discuss Make Up Time For Strike
The Council of Management of the Belize National Teachers’ Union met on Saturday and has agreed to return to its membership for a mandate on the matter of making up time lost during 11 days of strike in October. As you are aware, after an impasse on the composition of an outstanding meeting, the Minister of Education and other education officials chose to go around the union to settle how the time is made up. In consultation with managements of primary schools they have agreed to extend the calendar by four days in January and 2 in April.

PM Meets With Financial Advisors In New York
A recent report by the International Monetary Fund continued to raise alarm over the state of Belize’s economy and finances. The report confirmed that the debilitated sectors such agriculture and oil exports and increasing debt were weakening the economy significantly. It also confirmed that the Government, in response to the economic difficulties, is considering increasing the GST rate as well as the fuel tax for next year’s budget. The nation’s distressed economic state is becoming a major concern and today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow flew out of Belize for consultation meetings with Government-hired legal and financial advisers in New York. A very vague Government-release only indicated that the meeting will be on various pending matters and gave no further information.


Woman and Grandchild Escapes from Burning Home
The weekend got off to a hot start on Friday night as fire officials were called to the first of two fire scenes. Ingrid Fernandez has the story. INGRID FERNANDEZ REPORTING “Friday night saw emergency calls going into the 911 hotline when a fire began in the King’s Park area of Belize City. Assistant Superintendent […]

Multiple Structures Caught in Sunday Morning Fire
Early Sunday morning the fire officials were again called out to extinguish a blaze that caused damages to three structures on the north side of Belize City. Ingrid Fernandez followed the story today and shared this report. INGRID FERNANDEZ REPORTING “Just two days after a fire left a family homeless on First Street in the […]

San Ignacio Police Seeks Gunman in Weekend Shooting
San Ignacio Police are looking for one man who they say can help them figure out who shot thirty three year old Patrick Gordon and why. Gordon was shot several times over the weekend while in the company of friends but investigators are having difficulties extracting information from those who may have seen the shooter. […]

Hispanic Man Caught in Hit and Run on the Hummingbird Highway
The body of a man of Hispanic descent was found on the Hummingbird Highway over the weekend. Fem Cruz has the story. FEM CRUZ “Belmopan Police continue to investigate a fatal hit and run traffic accident that occurred on the Hummingbird Highway. Based on information received Belmopan Police visited Armenia Village at the entrance of […]

Police Officers and the 12-hour vs 9-hour Shifts
On several occasions comments have been made on the salaries and working conditions as well as the resources that often times have proven insufficient for police officers to perform their duties. Love News has learnt that while the officers attached to the Eastern Division South have recently been placed on 9-hour shifts, the powers that […]

Youth Awards 2016 Celebrates Achievements of Young Belizeans
The annual Youth Awards was held on Friday night at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City where over fifteen awards were issued to young persons for achievements in sectors such as agriculture, education, innovation and media, among others. Minister of Youth, Patrick Faber was a speaker at the event and spoke […]

Land Scandal Goes Beyond Repayment from Vega and Pitts
Last Friday we told you of a letter sent by the Government of Belize to Andre Vega and Attorney Sharon Pitts requesting a reimbursement of eight hundred thousand dollars total from the two individuals. It is the first step at an attempt to have some semblance of confidence restored in the Ministry of Natural Resources […]

Ministers Vega and Penner: The Similarities
With the resignation of Gaspar Vega from the Government’s Cabinet and with an ongoing investigation reportedly being carried out, there is somewhat of a déjà vu as the Penner passport scandal is remembered. Area Representative Kareem Musa spoke on the similarities and the need for an international investigator to be brought in to the Lands […]

City Councillor Charges that Rivers Threatened His Life
Activist Raymond Rivers and Belize City Councilor, Phillip Willoughby are not the best of friends. Tonight we can tell you that not only do they have opposing political views but they are also at opposite ends of a police matter. Willoughby has filed a police complaint against Rivers alleging that Rivers threatened him. This alleged […]

Reformed Gang Leader turned Father of Four Speaks on Turning a New Leaf
On Thursday, November 3, Deshawn Jiwe Morris arrived from the United States to serve as guest speaker for Friday night’s Youth Awards in Belize City. His 16-minute presentation focused a lot on the needs of the young persons as well as his mind-set as a reformed member of a gang. DESHAWN MORRIS “I look at […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Prime Minister departs country on official business
Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country on official business to the United States of America. The Prime Minister will be traveling to New York for consultations with Government of Belize’s legal and financial advisers on various pending matters. He is expected to […]

Ministry of Health joins the World to Celebrate Malaria Day in the Americas
The Ministry of Health in a release today announced that as part of the regional initiative to eliminate Malaria by the year 2020, the Ministry has just completed another round of external evaluation by the Global Fund and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and […]

Disaster and Climate Resilience in Corozal District to improve with IDB support
A press release was issued today to inform that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation will host a Shoreline Stabilization Workshop on November 8 at the Belize Airport Authority Conference Room as part of a […]

Orange Walk town receives new Emergency Operations Center
Ambassador Carlos Moreno today handed over an Emergency Operations Center, valued at approximately USD $547,000, to the Government and people of Belize at a ceremony in Orange Walk Town. This facility is the first of its kind in the Orange Walk district and represents […]

Rivers faces court for threatening words
Raymond Rivers, is scheduled to return to court again on Wednesday. He appeared in court this morning to answer to charges of threatening words, which he allegedly made against Belize City Councilor, Philip Willoughby, last September. His attorney Kareem Musa, however, argued that the […]

Group of 10 escapes arson attempt
Ten persons on the north side of Belize City are grateful after having escaped a fire unhurt. According to Orin Smith, National Fire Services station manager, firefighters were called to a house burning on Castle Street at around 4:25 a.m. The fire started at […]

Guinea Grass man beaten bloody, police abuse alleged
Residents in Guinea Grass are reporting a disturbing case of police brutality. According to reports, Hugo Noh, a resident of the village, was brutally beaten by an off-duty officer who was out drinking with friends. The incident reportedly happened at Zhen Zhen store in […]

Belize City municipal airstrip gets New name and face
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, in collaboration with the Belize Airports Authority (BAA), issued a release to announce the inauguration of the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport, formerly the Belize City Municipal Airstrip. The airport was expanded and renovated through a BZ$17 […]

Intermittent Closure of New Burrell Boom Bridge
The Ministry of Works issued a release this morning informing the public that the Burrell Boom Bridge will be closed for short intervals commencing today from 9:00 through to 11:00 a.m. This is to enable heavy equipment in the area facilitate the disassembly and […]

Fair weather conditions to prevail
The 24 hour forecast is for sunny skies and partly cloudy skies tonight. A few showers and periods of rain will continue mainly over Southern offshore areas. The wind will blow from the north to northeast at 5 to 15 knots and the sea […]


Elsie Goes For A Spa Day: Dog Grooming at Pampered Paws
I have a dog and her named is Elsie. She’s a hero. After spending 3 or 4 years in Dangriga, neglected (at best) and starved, she now lives with us in San Pedro. She has doubled in weight (literally), had a fully infected leg removed, has been identified, by us, as a teacup Great Dane and has the best temperament of any human or animal I’ve ever met. She now lives in a state of pretty much full blown adoration. There is a whole shop called Pampered Paws. Located on Middle Street San Pedro, the crew does groomings, dog sitting, short or long term boarding, training and tons more. Toys, specialized food, leashes, costumes, collars, cleaning products, litter…all the things you need for your well cared for pets. Now to the back room…where one dog was finishing her blow dry.

Celebrating the Garifuna with Battle of the Drums
Every November 19th, Belize celebrates one of its most vibrant cultural groups, the Garifuna. Garifuna Settlement Day is one of the largest and most celebrated national holidays, heralding the arrival of the Garinagu people to Belize after their exile from St. Vincent in the early 1800’s. Exiled, the Garinagu traveled via dugout canoes and landed on the shores of Southern Belize, in places like Dangriga, Hopkins, Seine Beight, and Barranco (Toledo). Out of an estimated 500,000 Garinagu world-wide, there are about 15,000 Garinagu in Belize (about 7 % of the total population). They are descendants of two ethnic groups, Carib Indians and Black Africans, who lived on the island of St. Vincent. Speaking of drumming – one exciting event leading to the big celebration down south in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo is the Battle of the Drums! Taking place on the last weekend before November 19th, Battle of the Drums is a loud and proud celebration of the Garifuna culture. I can never resist the call of the drums…their sound is unique and primal, stirring the dancing bones in my body like nothing can. This battle sounds like culture heaven on earth!

It’s a Family Affair in Belize: at Phoenix
A family affair, only the parents and the kids in a intimate stunning tropical decour. We were together for a little time, but we made the most of it! Tropical rain did not stopped us and, as we were already wet, well, we went ahead and just get more water blessings! Enjoy some of their photos!

Kids Bring a Little Magic – Belize Weddings
As wedding photographers in Belize, we are beyond lucky to be able to photograph weddings in the most spectacular scenery. We get to work at people’s dream destination weddings. You think that would be enough and most of the time it is, but we have to share a little secret. When couples let us know that they have kids in attendance, we look forward to the wedding even more because kids bring just a little bit of their own special magic to every wedding and they are just so freakin’ cute. Their charm, innocence, curiosity and sense of fun make for truly memorable and magical moments. This wedding is perfect example. Although every bride and groom are unique, there are certain things that are pretty much guaranteed to happen at most weddings. First, the bride gets a little help so that she can feel her most beautiful. Enter – the love of a child. Children understand celebrations better than anyone and they wear their hearts on their sleeve more openly than any adult.

International Sourcesizz

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Private Island Resort Takes New Direction
Leonardo DiCaprio’s much-ballyhooed Blackadore Caye Resort off the Atlantic coast of Belize is finally taking shape. Renderings were unveiled Friday for what the living structures will look like once the property is fully completed (projected for late 2018). Lead design architect Jean-Michel Gathy‎, known for his work with Aman and One&Only, drew inspiration from Belize's ancient Mayan ruins, with minimalist designs that subtly nod to Central American pyramids while remaining resolutely modern—thatched roofs over plenty of natural materials such as wood and marble. There will be 36 residential estate homes and 36 bookable bungalows spread over the island's 104 acres. Paul Scialla, a partner at Blackadore Development Group, says the “goal is to create a development true to the history of the area.” Sustainability and the environmental integrity will continue to remain top priorities during construction, which will start early next year," he says. “From a materials standpoint, our plan is to source as much local materials as possible that support the local economy and minimize emissions.” To that end, the trendy overwater bungalows have been scrapped—a major selling point in the initial furor when news broke last year of the Oscar winner's intent to turn his private paradise into a hotel. The development team spent six months gathering feedback from local stakeholders and citizens about the project ahead of the building timeline, says Scialla, leading to that significant change, among others. Sustainability is still the word of the day on Blackadore Caye.

Grolier Codex ruled genuine: what the oldest manuscript to survive Spanish conquest reveals
Extensive trade networks connected the Maya to the rest of Mesoamerica, producing the dynamic landscapes and bustling ports reported in early Spanish accounts. Much of what we know of the Maya comes from codices – screenfold books made of paper from the bark of a fig tree. Pages were coated in a white stucco wash and then painted by scribes with text, which was often accompanied by images. The Spanish in the 16th century reported a flourishing manuscript tradition comprising histories, prophecies, songs, genealogies and detailed information on the movements of the heavenly bodies. Of the thousands of books produced throughout the Mayas’ long history, however, only three Maya codices were known to have survived, all written in the “postclassic” period after AD 900 and brought to Europe sometime after the conquest. They are named after the cities where they were archived: Dresden, Madrid, and Paris. Now, after years of debate over its authenticity, we can add a fourth manuscript – the Grolier Codex.

Treasure hunter Tommy Thomspon faking memory problems to hide coins, judge rules
An ex-deep sea treasure hunter is faking memory problems and intentionally deceiving authorities about the location of missing coins minted from gold from an 1857 shipwreck, a federal judge has ruled. Tommy Thompson has been held in contempt of court since mid-December last year, when Judge Algenon Marbley found he violated a plea deal by refusing to respond. Thompson also was ordered to pay $1,000 a day until he cooperates. Thompson also received a two-year prison sentence in December and a $250,000 fine for failing to appear before a judge three years ago to answer similar questions. Thompson previously said, without providing details, that the coins were turned over to a trust in Belize. The government, which believes the coins are worth millions of dollars, has doubts Thompson’s explanation.

Moody's warns of climate change impact on sovereign ratings
Countries' creditworthiness could be increasingly affected by climate change, with African and South Asian sovereigns most susceptible to the economic effects of global warming, ratings agency Moody's said on Monday. By contrast, Western Europe, North America and Australia as well as the huge landmasses of Russia and China were least vulnerable, Moody's found. "Climate change is expected to become an increasingly dominant factor in our analysis of the credit profiles of those sovereigns that are most susceptible to its effects over the coming decades," it said in a new report. Jamaica and Belize, small countries with high debt and Caa2 ratings, are seen as the next two most vulnerable, while India is also seen as highly at risk from climate change, with 48 percent of its workforce in the agricultural sector.



  • Belize Youth Week Video, 2.5min. YLAI 2016 fellow Andrew J. Munnings, Youth Officer at the Department of Youth Services in Belize, couldn’t join Belize’s 2016 Youth Week and Youth Awards because he was on the YLAI program. But, Andrew, several of his new American and YLAI Fellow friends from across the Hemisphere sent messages to the winners of Belize’s 2016 youth awards.

  • Belize Bank Partners with NYOB, 13min. Three Youths from the National Youth Orchestra of Belize visits Trinidad and Tobago to train with the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • The Art of Chocolate Making - Toledo District, Belize, 4min. I had an absolute blast shooting at the factory and even more fun tasting all the fantastic pieces of chocolate and candy. The 2nd Big Egg for the Chocolate Deli... Standing 3ft tall and comprising of around 15 Kg of chocolate this egg is 100% edible. This year the Chocolate Deli wanted to take it to the next level... and they have! This year the giant egg took just over a week to make with 5 people putting in a lot of time and effort.

  • Lucky Boy, the Black Jaguar, passes on at 20, 5min.

  • A short visit to Placencia, 3min. Our arrival and departure from Placencia Belize. A short water taxi ride and a view of the anchorage

  • Life in Belize Car, 5min.

  • Discover Belize under water, 6min. Different clips of under water in the Belize ocean.

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