Ambergris Caye - Open For Business

Hotels on the island are open and ready for business

No b-b-q today
Photo by Kay Scott
As Hurricane Mitch battered Central America with winds in excess of 180 miles per hour and almost tsunami size waves, the country of Belize was spared the brunt of this monster. Ambergris Caye received high waves and wind, but thanks to our Barrier Reef waves were broken down to a manageable size as they crashed along the shore. Damage to the island was minimal but anything that fought against the sea lost. Almost without exception every pier on the island was torn from its pilings and was carried away only to be deposited helter skelter along the shore. Trees were uprooted and sand filled in areas adding beachfront in some places and taking it away in others. After the storm had subsided and damage assessed, homes and businesses were pretty much left untouched with only debris left littering the beach. A massive clean up has begun on the island with wood from the piers being salvaged and all other litter and seagrass being hauled away. Felled trees are being replanted and the island is returning to it's normal charm and ambiance. People’s outlooks are positive and everything is getting back into full swing.

Guests are already arriving on the island and tourists deciding on whether to come to Ambergris Caye for their vacations are strongly urged to do so. All utilities are operating as normal, hotels are open with all services available, dive shops are scheduling trips daily to our beautiful Barrier Reef and beach clean-up has been progressing at warp speed. By two weeks time visitors arriving on the island will not know that a hurricane even threatened our shores.

Belize was lucky, very lucky, but some of our neighboring countries were not so fortunate. Honduras and Nicaragua were devastated by this catastrophe. Please get in touch with your local Red Cross or Lions Club to donate any items you can to help these countries.

Ambergris Caye - Open For Business

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