Long live Beauty Queens

*Compiled from Mr. Angel Nuñez's column 25 Years Ago, Rewritten by Dorian Nuñez.

Every one in San Pedro loves a well organized and entertaining beauty pageant. It is exciting to be cheering for your favorite girl and those last minutes of anticipation create an adrenaline rush of its own. The Miss San Pedro Pageant is one of the most important pageants that is held every year. For a tribute to San Pedro's anniversary and its beauty queens we take a trip down memory lane. We go back to 1955.

Our first Miss San Pedro was Mrs. Leni Aguilar Alamilla in 1955. For some years no one revived the event and it was not until 1961 when Addy Castillo Gomez (Chico's wife) was crowned as our second popularity queen. Then as follows:

* 1962 Chabby Nuñez Salazar now grandmother and wife of Pete Salazar.

* 1963 Neydy Alamilla Salazar wife of Eiden Salazar.

* 1964 Flora Graniel Ancona of Tropic Air and grandmother.
Florita reigned for one year but crowned for 2 successive years.

* 1965 Marcelina Marin Graniel wife of Rosendo Graniel.

* 1966 Marcia Dawson now married and living in the U.S.A.

Our record was incomplete at this point and we jump to 1969 when Sandra Heredia Nuñez was Miss San Pedro. She is a young grandmother and wife of popular entertainer Wil Nuñiez.

* 1970 Ermita Castillo, sister of Lupita & Rosy, now married and living in England.

* 1971 Neydy Henkis Romero, daughter of Marlenie Gutierrez and living in Belize City.

At this point Mr. Angel Nuñez entered the scene as Master of Ceremonies, a job that he has been exercising since 1973.

* 1973 Maria Luz Heredia Azueta, wife of Claudio Azueta.

* 1974 Odilia Nuilez Salazar, proprietor of Mash Hardware store.

* 1975 Nita Maria Gonzalez Zapata, daughter of Sylvia Gonzalez.

* 1976 Vicky Arceo, sister of Patty Arceo and living with husband and family in the U.S.A.

* 1977 Elsa Paz, still single and co-owner of Big Daddy's.

Swimsuits, another turning point in the history of beauty pageants in San Pedro. Prior to this, no girl ventured on stage in a swimsuit. 1978 was "the year" when San Pedro displayed its full beauty in evening wear, casual wear, sports wear and swimsuit.

*1978 Yolanda Gutierrez Zapata, daughter of Marlenie and Pancho Gutierrez, she is married and lives in Chetumal, Mexico.

* 1979 Lily Paz Nuñez, wife of Luis Nuñez and daughter of Tio Pil. She also became a councilor in the Town Board and was herself an organizer of many Miss San Pedro Beauty Pageants.

* 1980 Estrella Nuñez Castañeda, daughter. of Ramon and Micky Nuñez and living in the U.S.A.

Now came San Pedro's greatest beauty pageant in the year of our independence. The organizers went full blast and got 10 lovely girls to participate in an event that had the audience on their toes. It was a first class show M.C. Nuñez can never forget. And the winner:

* 1981 Daly Guerrero, who works at Amigo Travel.

*1982 Daly Guerrero did the honor again when no contestants were found.

* 1984 Olguita Bordalez Waight, now living in Belize City.

* 1985 Mini Squires- with the fame of Sunshine Dancers and now married.

*1986 Flor Marin Nuñez married to Mundo Nuñez.

*1987 Fiona Elliott daughter of Taft Elliott now working at Jade Garden. *1988 Wilemita Alamilla.

*1989 Martha Sabido, now living in the U.S.A.

* 1990 Yvette Graniel, daughter of Ex-Mayor Baldemar Graniel.

*1991 Karen Waight just recently married.

* 1992 Elisa Guerrero recent motherto a beautiful baby girl.

* 1993 Miss Yoli Aguilar, daughter of Oscar and Yolanda Aguilar.

*1994 Suyapa Sosa.

* 1995 Cecilia Lara, daughter ofArturo Lara.

* 1996 Jocelyn Bremekamp, daughter of John and Jeannie.

* 1997 Vanya Vasquez, now a second year student at St. John's College.

*1998 Who will it be ?????Lydia Chuc?????

Congratulations to all our BEAUTIES since 1955. Keep being proud of representing La Isla Bonita.

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