Aaahhemmm! Back to the peaceful, nice and happy thoughts...
Well, I have learned to develop a patience for even the ignorant ones!

Here we are now several days into another war...
Last night on tv, the local camera showed a father with a picture of his only son. The man had just recieved news of the death of that son while overseas. He had a message to Bush!

I saw locals who had been rallying against the war...they were family members of victims of 9/11.

I have also spoken to Iraqi-American students who have families who remain over seas. To listen to them puts a lump in my throat. Most seem torn. That seems to be a general impression I guess. It is hard for them to watch their towns going up in smoke...and for once I can completely and wholey feel what they are going through. It makes my body tremble as it did on 9/11.

The same goes for my neighbors, honorable women and men, soldiers, who are out there even if they want to or not!

A warmth, an energy, a strength that flows through me and gives me the support I need to face each day...I send that feeling in a message to all my bretheren and sistren of the world.With each negative action there is a positive action somewhere nearby! Let us find it soon.