Imissing you might want to re read Pedro's post - he did go to Caulker!!

This is an ongoing topic of conversation with endless threads since the fairly recent day I moved here, and I'm sure from many days before that. Some of the old hand Ex-pats reminisce on the good old days of 20 years ago and how great it was - and some might even mean it.

Me, I like some of the luxuries to go with the simple life, the sunshine and the sea. I like running water. Electricity. I like to have a flushing toilet. A fridge for beer and some food is great. Internet is nice. I no longer need to fly to Belize City or take the boat once a month for things you can't get on the Caye - I even see City folk in san Pedro these days for things they can't get there!!

In short time stands still for nobody and nowhere, and change is inevitable. I personally donít like many of the changes including the cobbled streets as it seems dustier and more broken glass than ever - but the kids can get to school as clean as kids can, people get around better and faster, thatís progress they say.

Each time something new like the Bridge, The Streets, New Pick Up Trucks / SUV Vehicles, and now a new Air Terminal happens there's always this cry for the good old days and while I probably agree to a degree, I do only seem to hear it from foreigners who live here or visit. Who are we to tell Belizeans what they can and can't have.

I am not trying to preach here, just putting forward a flip side to the coin - and I do recognise people have other options to either visit or live and spend their hard earned money and both cases they contribute socially and financially and hope they continue others will come. It is inevitable I think that the demographics of the people that come in the future will change and probably already has, but San Pedro will prosper and go from strength to strength but perhaps not be everyoneís cup of tea.

Despite a bit more concrete, glass and stainless steel enjoy San Pedro as itís richest attributes are still there Ė the people and the setting.