What is the time frame for it to go to Basil Jones? And did he say where it would end?

Curious because now that the road is improving we are seeing up to 10 golf carts every Sunday driving all the way to Robles. I just wish the road would be behind the entirety of Basil Jones and Robles to get the driving off the beach. All the traffic is impacting the last undeveloped beach areas where the turtles still nest within the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve. Fisheries has already had to relocate 5 nests so far this season due to traffic on the beach. Not to mention at Robles where everyone BBQ's for the day is one of the most used nesting beaches for the turtles. Visitors burn on the ground, leave garbage and take out undersized conch for their days ceviche. Marking off the nests only attracts poachers and trying to block them from traffic, the barriers just get moved, warning signs stolen.
Moral of the story, please do not drive on the beach. Respect the beach. Any beach,especially up to Robles for fun during turtle nesting season May-Nov. Hire a tour guide with a boat if you want to enjoy the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve. Bring a free standing BBQ, clean up your garbage. Better yet, take an extra garbage bag and fill it with existing garbage and take it to town.

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