Hurricane Mitch- Relief Efforts

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Relief Efforts
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We are gathering here information about relief efforts. If you have information to add, please click here. I am able to be telephoned at USA 541-686-0277 or 541-686-9209. We are getting contributions from folks all over, but I would like to give special thanks to Jorge Varela, Julian Rivero, Susan Garcia, and Ray Auxillou for their incredible abilities to dig up the details that make this site so special.
We would ask that you continue to prepare supplies and consider sending them to Honduras. As it now stands, they have been the first line of defense against this awful storm, and have taken the brunt of its fury. They have suffered, and we have been spared. Our hearts go out to our brothers in Honduras.

The Lions Club in San Pedro has a direct Link with the Honduran Embassy in Belize. I think they would be a perfect vehicle for the funds to flow through. The San Pedro Lions Club has already sent 500 boxes of clothes and $6,000 in Medicines to Honduras through their embassy.

So email or call the Lions Club if you would like to make a donation.

The president of the Lion's Club Ruben Gonzalez can be contacted at the San Pedro Town Board at tel #: 011-501-226-2198 e-mail is [email protected].

Honduran Embassy gets set to dispatch Belizean donations
We don't know the names of those left homeless in Honduras and they will never know ours, but the people of Belize are packing up donations as if they were sending supplies to their own relatives. The gathering of food and clothing is a countrywide effort, but somehow the items all seem to pass through the Honduran Embassy. Ambassador Bueso who, until a few weeks ago was engaged in diplomatic and consular duties, is now at the head of the relief operation which has turned his home into a warehouse and his yard into a transportation depot.

Truck load after truck load of items have arrived at the Honduran Embassy since the building opened its doors early this morning. The donation, bound for Honduras sometime this weekend, is to aid the thousands of people left homeless after Hurricane Mitch totally destroyed about seventy two percent of Honduras.

The items collected were sent in by religious organizations, schools, the private and public sectors, including concerned individuals from across the country. One of the biggest donations of the day came from a religious recreation center, The Essene Way on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The shipment includes three thousand, two hundred buckets filled with food and an enormous amount of clothing. According to Dennis Eiley who accompanied the barge, the items were supplies that Tom Ciola, the center's owner had stockpiled in case it was ever needed in Belize.

Dennis Eiley, Coordinator, Relief Effort
"He decided that, you know, he had it here for any emergency that would have struck Belize or anything, right, so he decided that he is going to send it to the people of Honduras, which is a total value of a hundred and ninety thousand dollars, U.S. Well, this ship consist of a few of what you call pasteurized food that are in buckets and oxygenized so you just need water and it is already mixed."

Overwhelmed by the steady stream and enormous amount of donations given by the people of Belize is Honduran Ambassador Oscar Bueso. Through the help of his interpreter, Letecia Ramirez, the Honduran diplomat expressed his emotions about the items they've received so far.

Oscar Bueso, Honduran Ambassador to Belize
"At this present moment, I can't find the words to thank the whole country of Belize, the people of Belize, for the support that they are giving at this present moment, especially at this time when Honduras is going through a situation of total devastation and suffering."

Bueso says whether it is a pound of rice or a can of milk being given, each donation is greatly appreciated. The ambassador says it will be some time before his country recovers from the devastation especially in the northern districts to the capital of Tegucigalpa. So far, seven thousand people have died in Honduras, with hundreds more still unaccounted for.

In a short ceremony today, Ambassador Bueso and his staff lowered the Honduran flag and placed a black bow in respect to all those who lost their lives due to Hurricane Mitch. The flag was then hoisted and will be flown at half-mast until things have returned to normal in Honduras. Bueso, says although it will take about a hundred million U.S dollars for Honduras to recover, his government and people remain optimistic about the future of their country.

Oscar Bueso
"But the government of Honduras and the people of Honduras, believe that with their own efforts, all the efforts from the Honduran people, getting together, working together, that we will get back to be the same Honduras it used to be before."

While the staff at the Honduran Embassy work around the clock, collecting items for the hurricane victims, the embassy as well has had to bring comfort to Hondurans residing in Belize and no doubt have lost some of their family members back home. Jacqueline Woods for News Five. I is still very difficult to communicate by phone to Honduras. I am suggesting people contact the American Red Cross in the U.S. or the Embassy of Honduras directly. The Lion's Club here are coordinating donations for the relief in Honduras and Nicaragua.

The president of the Lion's Club Ruben Gonzalez can be contacted at the San Pedro Town Board at tel #: 011-501-226-2198 e-mail is [email protected]
Lincoln Eiley

Tomorrow we leave for San Pedro. It sounds like things are back to normal. The Lions Club is currently planning s donation drive this Sunday in San Pedro. We will be meeting Sunday and divide into teams which will canvas San Pedro seeking donations of money, clothes etc. This aid will go to the Lions Club in Honduras for distribution. If there are any donations people would like to make this would be great. Could you post that the Lions Club will be conducting this drive this Sunday. People may make contributions directly at the Lions Den Sunday.
Larry D. Grider

If you have supplies that would benefit the Lions Club Clinic in San Pedro, let us know because we are trying to make arrangements for shipping. has established a relief fund for aid to hurricane-ravaged honduran communities. You can donate using your credit card and a secure web site right from there. The fund is administered by a firm in Honduras. I don't know anything about them but its being audited by Price Waterhouse.
Susan Guberman-Garcia

All Donations can be mailed or shipped to San Pedro Lions Club:

Mr. Alberto Nunez, mayor San Pedro
Mr. Beto Marin

San Pedro Town, AC
Belize, Central America


The following members of InterAction, a Washington-based association of aid agencies, are accepting contributions for assistance that they or their local affiliates are providing to victims of Hurricane Mitch:

American Red Cross, International Response Fund, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013. Telephone: (800) HELP-NOW; Spanish: (800) 257-7575

Baptist World Aid, 6733 Curran St., McLean, Va. 22101-3804. Telephone: (703) 790-8980

Brother's Brother Foundation/Nicaragua, 1501 Reedsdale St., Suite 3005, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15233-2341. Telephone: (412) 321-3160

CARE, 151 Ellis St. NE; Atlanta, Ga. 30303-2426. Telephone: (800) 422-7385

Catholic Relief Services, P.O. Box 17090, Baltimore, Md. 21203-7090. Telephone: (800) 235-2772

Church World Service, 28606 Phillips St., P.O. Box 968; Elkhart, Ind. 46515. Telephone: (800) 297-1516, ext. 222

Doctors of the World, 375 W. Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10012

Map International, 2200 Glynco Parkway, P.O. Box 215000, Bruinswick, Ga. 31521-5000. Telephone: (800) 225-8550

Mercy Corps International, 3030 SW First Ave., Portland, Ore. 97201. Telephone: (800) 292-3355, ext. 250

Oxfam America, Central America Relief Fund, 26 West St., Boston, Mass. 02111. Telephone: (800) 776-9326

Partners of the Americas, 1424 K St. NW, Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20005. Telephone: (202) 628-3300

Salvation Army, World Service Office, 615 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, Va. 22313. Telephone: (703) 684-5528

Save the Children, Hurricane Mitch Emergency Appeal, P.O. Box 975-M, 54 Wilton Road, Westport, Conn. 06880. Telephone: (800) 243-5075

United Methodist Committee on Relief, 475 Riverside Drive, Room 330, New York, N.Y. 10115. Telephone: (212) 870-3816

World Relief, P.O. Box WRC, Dept. 3, Wheaton, Ill. 60189. Telephone: (800) 535-5433

World Vision, P.O. Box 9716, Federal Way, Wash. 98063-9716. Telephone: (888) 511-6565

Source: Associated Press

All, While we can thank God, "da no we", don't forget to give a little something to our Central American brethren by calling the Red Cross at 800-HELP-NOW....Even $5 can go a long way. Darren Haylock, ([email protected])

Mayan Eagles International, S.A. Has a single engine cargo bush plane located in Puerto Barrios Guatemala. Load capacity is 12 people or 2500lbs. of materials and food per flight. Cost is approx $360 per hour to use. speed 110mph This aircraft can range from Guatemala City to any airfield in Honduras or the islands off shore. We'd like to participate in relief efforts if someone can fund us.    John Webster, 734-761-9041 Saturday evening
Everyone so far says SEND THE RELIEF TO HONDURAS.

A Lion member suggested I route it through the Lions Club and I agree that's the best way. Tomorrow I'll get the names of contacts at the Lions Club in Honduras and see if they can help us move the relief through them.
Jorge Varela

I live in Los Angeles and wanted to get food and supplies to my family in Corozol and Crooked tree Village, how do you suggest I send it.

Also I would like to send food/supplies for donation to other Belizeans.
[email protected]

Marty, as we spoke this afternoon I will wait until I hear something from Celi or Jorge. As I have read Kathleen has supplies and we have talked about them. These should go directly to San Pedro since they have been requested. I also have a number of individuals that could go down but do not want to burden the exisiting supplies on the island for additional personnel unless needed. I also have volunteers that are contractors that could help in building Let me know what is needed. Janet

You and your Corozalaneo boat owners want to go into business. I expect there will be plenty of freight work for a month or more to San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

Off hand, I am sure there will be a market for botans, those palmettos they use for sea walls and pier posts. The cement ones are also favored. In 6,7,8 9 ft sizes. Should have a reinforcing rod cast in them and a notch and couple of 5/8 inch holes for bolts for the cross beam.

Pier lumber will be needed and probably bought on the spot. 2" x 12" rough for pier main supports, and 2" X 6" dressed for planking.

You want orders, call the Caye Caulker Council, they have a number, ask them about their front pier and names of people to contact who have damaged piers along the front. Then call them direct on the telephone and line up orders. Same with San Pedro.
Ray Auxillou

As a part-time resident of San Pedro, please let me know if there is anything we can orchestrate together for the future of the community! You know one area of need that is always present is funding for the San Pedro Lions Clinic. I practice there sometimes when I am in residence... the clinic actually provides over 70 % of the medical care for the entire island, based on a pay if you can policy. I wonder if some of the good folks would like to donate money they were expecting to give for the Belize hurricane victims to the San Pedro Lions Clinic to help finance its good works. Other things that the clinic could use would include a new EKG machine, a better x-ray machine and cash to buy needed supplies and medications. Unfortunately when people donate medications to the clinic it is always in small amounts that can not sustain treatment for individuals over long periods of time. Therefore funds are the best donations to allow the clinic to purchase what is needed to sustain its efforts. Perhaps Marty you and I could spearhead a project to assist with raising money to donate to the clinic. (I would be honored- Marty) You have again demonstrated the power of the internet, perhaps we could put it to further good use for the good of the Island. All funds could go directly to the Lions Club in San Pedro ear-marked for the clinic.

10:30 Fri am, San Pedro
The current message is things are fine in San Pedro," we do not need a relief effort at this time"... " Thank everyone for their concern for the people of San Pedro and Belize." "People should send help to our Honduran brothers"

Everyone I have spoken to on the island say relief is NOT necessary. There is a shortage of food on the island but it should be fine. They ALL say send the relief to Honduras. I say hold off and see what happens.

Please pass on to Nurse Kelly and Dr.Perera at the San Pedro Health Center that with the help of a new friend of San Pedro, we have procured the donation of 19 boxes of medical supplies. We will be bringing the supplies with us as soon as we can on to the Island. Could use Nurse Kelly's help with the clearing of these boxes through customs. I can be contacted in the U.S. at 713-941-7173 8:00am-4:00pm or 713-477-9176 in the evening. Kathleen C. Hoffman
AKA: Tuki Tuki    [email protected]

I am collecting supplies and any donations people can contribute. The Belize Task force 2 has told me that they are not ready for support at this time. They gave me the United States Embassy in Honduras, but it seems that either they have evacuated or their phones are not working. People should try to collect the following items and store them until we have further word on how to proceed on getting them to Belize. Kind, caring and wonderful people have been donating:
  • clothes
  • any tools for rebuilding are very helpful
  • 50 pound bags of rice
  • 50 pound bags of beans
  • supplies (like nails, duct tape, etc.)
  • canned goods
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • towels
  • rags
  • iodine pills for water sterilization
  • water
  • bandaids, , etc.
  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • bug spray
  • and anything else they can think of.

I have purchased a tractor and I will fit all the supplies I currently have in that container, but they will not attempt to head to Belize yet. Best advice is to collect as many things as you can and store them until further word on when and what is the best way to get these supplies to San Pedro and other areas in Belize. If anyone can help in this area or with shipping information please email me.

Please email with my name in the subject line also, Sari Vidrine. I will be at the e-mail address:  [email protected]  until Friday late afternoon since I will be travelling. I will be at this address till tomorrow morning. Then I will be at     [email protected]

I do not have space to store many items for shipping. That is why I am incouraging people to collect and then ship directly when we know where and what to do.

Good luck to all, Godspeed to those in Belize

Tell Janet Abernathy that I recommend that she contact the Red Cross in Belize first; then CO, TACA and AA for help in delivery of relief cargo.

I think the Lions Club (people like Abel Guerreo and Beto Marin) con be help getting things set up the island but not how to get things to Belize or with customs. But since the Lions Club is so strong on A.C. The international Lion's club could be approached for help. Patty Arceo is perhaps the best political person to evolve nationally. Elito Arceo is the S.P. vice mayor and will be good to work with. Elito and his wife and child were on the same flight to Houston as I was on Monday. Elito's wife is from the US so I am guessing that he is with her family.
Susan Lala, Caribbean Villas

I think we should again remind people that their desire to provide aid to San Pedro and Belize is very much appreciated...but all efforts should be coordinated through either the Belizean Government for the mainland or through the San Pedro Town Board or San Pedro Lions Club for Ambergris Caye. Otherwise, we may have more of a problem with too many people whose assistance is not needed, interfering with the residents returning home and beginning to rebuild. People should wait and receive information about what resources are needed and the time frame in which they are need. We need to be sure that the island is not over-run with medical teams at this team! Only key personnel requested by the town fathers should make the initial entry.

Currently San Pedro is doing well! Also American Transair currently will give space on flights to Cancun for cargo, then it can be ferried by either Tropic or Maya Air to San Pedro when required.

Not sure if many folks know this but Journey's End Resort has a helicopter pad formerly used by British military on the lagoon side of the property. This could prove extremely beneficial to people on the northern part of the caye where there are no roads, etc. Please inform people that they are free to use the helicopter pad for relief efforts, evacuations, etc. If you need anything please let me know.
Denny Shane Journey's End [email protected]

If you can get a message to Dr. Lerida Rodriquez, San Pedro), tell her we are attempting to participate with relief efforts, and will hopefully be there soon to help. We are both EMT-Intermidiates (Advanced Life Support), and I am a nurse. Tell her we will bring, or send (if it is not possible to "get a flight" with organized relief effort) the emergency equipment we spoke with her about.
She is at Banyan Bay and I have emailed her- Also, a group of doctors is being organized by Janet Armstrong at 770-717-5368, [email protected]

Dr. Carl Rupke at 281-277-7015 is ready to roll also, hopefully everyone can work together to eliminate redundancies.

JANET ABERNATHY AT 770-717-5368 IS ATTEMPTING TO CO-ORDINATE MEDICAL RELIEF EFFORTS. Please get ahold of her if you want to contribute to an early relief mission. Doctors, nurses, and others are going along, so call her or email at: [email protected] if you want to participate or know others who would.

Charkes Leslie of San Pedro/ Houston is organizing a relief effort for those in need. Volunteers and aid are needed and you can call me 1-800-997-7378 or 1-281-528-7378 & [email protected] We are also seeking assistance from our employer CONTINENTAL AIRLINES.

If relief groups bring aid to this country, bring rice, beans water, and fuel. The basics.

BRIGADES OF LOVE - BRIGADAS DE AMOR HUMANITARIAN RELIEF AID ( A Charitable Medical Non-Profit Organization/All Volunteers) July Mora/Founder (1990) 813 Edenborn Ave, Metairie, La. 70001 504-842-2408 / 504-669-0939 / 504-828-4334 FAX: 504-887-7794 NEW ORLEANS,LOUISIANA EFFORTS UNDERWAY: PARAMEDIC FLIGHTCARE TEAM ON STANDBY DONATIONS COMING IN ACCEPTING: MEDICAL SUPPLIES, CLOTHING, SHOES, BASIC PERSONAL ITEMS AND MONETARY DONATIONS. If you would like to help and/or join forces, Please contact us. [email protected]

Notification of Relief Plans:Dear Fellow Belizeans, we have been requested by our local Honduran Consulate, to assit with our Medical Relief efforts. Due to the decreased threat of Mitch to Belize, have are redirecting our assistance to your neighbor Honduras. Any donations which were received and intended for Belize will be forwarded as such. We will continue to monitor the situation in Belize and collect donations items of donation for both. Godspeed Belize!! Brigades of Love.

In the planning ahead department: Here's a link to the home page of the U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance grant proposal guidelines page. Looks like you need to be an official "organization" to get a grant. Not sure what that means, but I am sure some of you on this list qualify.

You will need the Adobe PDF reader to decode the actual guidelines. You can download it free just about everywhere if you don't have it already, including from this site.

Here's a link to the "Relief Web" (a whole bunch of relief organizations, both UN and non-governmental).

Here's the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Relief bulletin (dated 10/28/98) which describes what they are now doing. It says that there's a team, some equipment and 2 Blackhawk helicopters on the way to Belize to assist in overflights and evacuations.

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Relief Efforts
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