Aerial Views of the resorts and landmarks on Northern Ambergris Caye to Xcalac
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The pictures from Google Maps / Earth have been updated from Las Terrazas all the way to Mexico. I think the pictures were taken in 2010 before Hurricane Richard, in the morning between 9 and 11am.

Mile 3.78
Las Terrazas, Solaria, Rendezvous, Journey's End

Mile 5.11
Rojo Lounge and Mata Chica

Mile 5.57
Villa Aurora and Xaman Ek

Mile 5.71
La Perla

Mile 6.01

Mile 6.67
Costa Maya

Mile 7.17

Mile 8.11
Blue Reef

Mile 9.11

Mile 10.6

Mile 12.9
Sueno del Mar

Mile 13.3
Shrimp Farm

Mile 13.4

Mile 16.2
Rocky Point

Mile 19.8
Mexican Border

Mile 21.5
Channel before Xcalac

Mile 25.6

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