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Area of island around San Pedro

Area of island around San Pedro

Giovanni's Awesome Map
of San Pedro
pdf - jpg

Detailed map of San Pedro
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LARGE map of the island
with areas marked

Ambergris Caye

Locations of businesses on
Ambergris Caye downtown
Click here for a map with clickable locations

Locations of businesses on
Ambergris Caye north and
south of downtown

Dive sites around
Ambergris Caye

General areas of
Ambergris Caye labeled

WikiMapia, detailed with lots of locations labelled

Detailed map of San Pedro

Ambergris Caye locations
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Tacogirl's Map of San Pedro
pdf - jpg

Aerial photos of the entire island in small sections, landmarks and resorts are listed

2010 updated aerial views of the resorts and landmarks on Northern Ambergris Caye to Xcalac

Idealized cross-section
through Pleistocene facies

Carbonate facies map
of Pleistocene outcrops

Holocene facies map of
tidal bar belt north
of Congrejo Caye

Holocene facies map
of Bulkhead Shoals

Bulkhead Shoals

In relation to to the southern
part of the US

Aerial view downtown, 2007

Ambergris Caye
islands and land types

Bay of Chetumal

Ambergris Caye Nautical Chart
by Savanna

Cross view of island

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Zones A, B, C, D

Depositional environments

Original land grants from
Maria Exaltacion Andrade
and the families who received them

Facies profile of
Holocene sediments

Aerial view of the runway at John Grief II airport in San Pedro

Ambergris Caye Dive Map

Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary

Ambergris Caye Protected Areas

Ambergris Caye Dive Map and Reef Creatures Identification Guide

San Pedro, some resorts and businesses marked plus subdivisions

Ambergris Caye, some resorts and businesses marked plus subdivisions

Same as the map to the left, but interactive on Google Maps

Coastal Xpress Ferry Stops

Real estate area map

Lagoon Reef Eco-challenge map

1950's San Pedro, Aerial photo, locations marked

Resorts, North Ambergris Caye

Roads & Cart/bicycle paths on Ambergris Caye

Electric power on Ambergris Caye

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Expansion

Maps of Belize       Top of page
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Excellent Belize Map
Extra large

Very detailed

Waterways in Belize

Belize Hotel Association Physical Map with many geographical features and hotels listed
PDF (5mb BHA trade show brochure)

Maya ruins and
scuba diving sites

Detailed Belize map

View from satellite


Localities, maya
sites, and highways

Belize Hotel Association Map of Belize, updated 2021


Electoral divisions

Terrain, from satellite

Physical map


Great map of Belize

Early 1700's



Bathymetry off Belize,
Cayman Ridge is Ridge #5
contours in meters

Generalized geological map,
showing the distribution
of modern reefs in red

Regional cross-section across
the Belize continental margin

Block diagram showing
bathymetric relief surrounding
the reef-rimmed atolls
and shelf off Belize

Cross section of island
and reef environment

Main surface-water flow
across the Belize Shelf

Wave energies and reefs
off Belize

Surface-water salinities
on the Belize Shelf

Bottom-water salinities
on the Belize Shelf

Percent carbonate in
Belize Shelf sediments

Facies map of Holocene
sediments on the Belize Shelf

Facies map of Holocene
sediments on the Belize Shelf,
based on over 800
bottom samples

Mollusc communities on
the Belize Shelf

Elevation of the top of the
Pleistocene, as determined from
several boreholes across Belize

LANDSAT image showing
reef patterns and field stops on
the southern shelf of Belize

Spectrum of coastal deltas
along the Belize coast

the Southern Shelf Traverse

Bathymetric/sparker profiles
on the southern shelf of Belize

Bathymetric/sparker profiles
on the southern shelf of Belize

Sediment distribution over
Boo Bee Patch Reef, a typical
amoeboid reef on the
southern Belize Shelf

Amoeboid, ribbon, and
rhomboid reefs on
the Southern Shelf

Depositional facies patterns
associated with three types of
middle-shelf patch reefs living on
the modern Belize Shelf

Air photo of ribbon and
rhomboid reefs on the
Southern Shelf of Belize

Air photo of rhomboid reefs
on the Southern shelf

Facies map of Holocene
sediments at Laughing
Bird Cay, a rhomboid reef

Bathymetric perspective showing
the shape of Laughing Bird reef

Fathometer and sparker profile
across Laughing Bird Reef

Facies map of Holocene sediments
of the Belize Barrier Reef and its
skeletal sand apron, reef facies
appear in red and near-reef
sands in yellow

Block diagram of the Belize
Barrier Reef, with its
spur-and-groove structures

Bathymetric perspective of
"The Wall" in front of
the Belize Barrier Reef

Dive sites, examining slope
facies in front of the
Belize Barrier Reef
Glover's Reef, Tobacco Caye,
Southwater Caye, Buttonwood
Caye, Queen Cayes

Mundo Maya
by Savanna

Hurricane Tracking Map

Belize watersheds

Northern Belize

Coastal Satellite Image Mosaic

Coastal Bathymetry of Belize

Coastal Marine habitats

2010 Tarpon distribution in Belize

2010 Bonefish distribution in Belize

2010 Permit distribution in Belize

Belize Broad Ecosystem Map

LandSat of Guatemala and Belize

Detailed Belize Map

Belize Jungle Lodges

Detailed Belize Map

Huge map, in Spanish

Cayes of the Belize Barrier Reef
and Lagoon

Reef topography between Columbus Cay and Channel Cay

Belize Forest Cover Map

British Honduras CIA map, 1965

Belize Dive Map
Page 1

Belize Dive Map
Page 2

1786 map of the area of British Honduras
Huge version

Belize Scuba Diving Map

Belize Protected Areas

Belize Topography

Belize Atolls Dive Map and Coral Reef Creatures

Belize annual rainfall


Belize Land Holding and Development
Click here for more info than map

Maps of Oil Wells in Belize 2012

Belize Seismic Surveys and Oil Wells, 2010

Belize Petroleum Contracts Showing Oil Wells & Seismic Surveys

Intense Hurricanes Impacting Belize 1954 - 2013



Protected areas

Geologic resources of Belize

Belize - Guatemala - Honduras
border lines

Part of the boundary between British Honduras and Guatemala from the Wyke–Aycinena Treaty, 1861
1859 Treaty

Border between British Honduras (now Belize) and Guatemala, 1961. Lines drawn in 1929

Interactive Belize Map
(Click To Zoom Or Navigate)

Fishing Managed Access Zones

Fishing Managed Access Zones
color coded

Coral reefs, satellite

Maya Island Air Destination Map

1920's Railroad map of British Honduras

Colony of British Honduras, 1909

Relief map
Belize and Guatemala

British Honduras, 1965

British Honduras, 1850

Map from The British Colonial archives after the 1859 treaty set the border boundaries with Guatemala

Belize Electoral Divisions Map

BTB Large map 2017

Locations of Maya resistance (16th century), fights against the Spanish (18th century), Ycaiche attacks (Canul) (19th century), and slave resistance and escapes (19th century), along with th eline between the various capitals of Belize over the years

Fire risk zones

British territory in the Yucatan, 1840, Berghaus' Physikalischer Atlas

Fishing Managed Access Zones

British territory in the Yucatan, 1787

The part of Yucatan granted by the Spanish to the English for the cutting of wood according to the Treaties of 1783 and 1786

British territory in the Yucatan, 1855, Colton Map of Central America

British Honduras, 1864, Johnson Map of Central America

British Honduras, 1888


Old map showing Belize part of "Mayaland"

Portion of 19th Century Map

1753 Map of Belize

Territories granted by the British by the Treaty of Versailles (1783), the Convention of London (1786), and Territories occupied by settlers in the early 1820's

Tropic Air Destination Map

British Honduras: Invention of a Colonial Territory. 2014 Ebook. LOTS of maps

Old exercise book map

Old British Honduras map

Earliest boundaries of the settlement in 1783 and 1786 and its expansion to the Sarstoon by around 1820

A Map of A Part of Yucatan or of that Part of the Eastern Shore within the Bay of Honduras Allotted to Great Britain for the Cutting of Logwood, in consequence of the Convention Signed with Spain on the 14th July 1786

Cities, boundaries, rivers, reef

1909 British Honduras Road & Lighthouse Plan

Maps of the Cities and Districts of Belize, also Parks and Natural Features       Top of page
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Belize City

Belize City

Belize City

Belize District

The Placencia Peninsula

Placencia Peninsula current and proposed developments

Benque Viejo del Carmen

San Ignacio

Belize District Electoral

Corozal District

Corozal Town

Corozal Town

Orange Walk District

Orange Walk Town

Orange Walk Town


Stann Creek District

Stann Creek District

Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve Trails

Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve Area

Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda

Toledo District

Toledo District

Caye Caulker

Cayo with attractions

Placencia with attractions

Belize Zoo

Hidden Valley Inn directions

Hidden Valley Inn trails

Hidden Valley Inn Clear Creek

Hidden Valley Inn Property

The Lodge at Chaa Creek property

Mountain Pine Ridge

Lamanai Ruins Trail Map

Five Blue Lakes area

Map of Belize City 1829

Belize Atolls Dive Map

Placencia Reefs Dive Map

Map of Belize City, 1829

Belmopan High Quality Vector Map

Benque Viejo Del Carmen

Glover's Reef


Orange Walk Town

Northern Belize

Corozal Town

Punta Gorda

Southern Coast

San Ignacio

San Ignacio downtown

Mountain Pine Ridge

Cayo and the Mountain Pine Ridge


Turneffe Island Atoll

Caye Caulker

Belize City downtown

San Ignacio

Placencia Dive Map and Coral Reef Creatures

Cayo District

Blue Creek - Punta Gorda area

Belize City Gang Map


Barrier Reef from San Pedro to Placencia

ATM- Actun Tunichil Muknal


Giant Cave, Caye Caulker Cave System

Caye Caulker, Cayo Hicaco

Northern Belize

Great Blue Hole cross section

Toledo District

Big Falls Adventure Trails, Southern villages

Chiquibul Forest: Protected areas of the Maya Mountains Massif

9 Maya Site Maps Of Belize: Cahal Pech, El Pilar, Caracol, Xunantunich, Altun Ha, Lubaantun, Nim Li Punit, Cerros, Lamanai

Mayflower Bocawina National Park

Mountain Pine Ridge

The Estuary at Caye Caulker

San Ignacio & Santa Elena

Santa Elena

St. George's Caye 1945

Caye Caulker in the 1960s

Caye Caulker in the 1960s, plots, common areas marked

Western Belize


Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

North Stann Creek Valley

Caye Caulker 1988, map by Karate

Corozal area

The 770,000-acre Maya Golden Landscape

Chaa Creek Nature Reserve


Old map of Belize City and it's subdivisions


Belize City in 1829

St George's Caye in 1764

Belize City from the 1829 British Honduras Almanack

Map of Xunantunich (from LeCount and Yaeger 2010

Belize City in 1841


Caye Caulker 1987, map by Karate

Gales Point Manatee, 1995-2000, by Jill Burgess

Belize City map, 1939

Belize City map, 1990's

Belize River Valley

Maps of Central America       Top of page
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Excellent map

Relief map

Central America and
the Caribbean

Plane routes


1909 United Fruit Company map

Major tectonic units and
submarine features

Yucatan Peninsula, showing
rainfall increasing southward,
contours in centimeters per year

Cornelis van Wytfliet, 1597
This is the the first map to individually depict Central America.

Petrus Bertius, 1616

Central America

Maya civilization, religious and ceremonial centers

Maya trade routes

Central America, 1892

The Maya area within Mesoamerica

Maya City-States


This 1856 map of Central America was created by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey


El Mundo Maya

Maya languages spoken before the Europeans came

1700's map of Central America showing the Caribbean Coast of Belize to Honduras

Maps of the Caribbean       Top of page
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Relief map

Relief map




Geological features of the
active boundary zones of the
Caribbean Plate

Caribbean Nautical Chart
by Savanna

Extent of the Maya civilization

Caribbean Map

Belize, parts of Guatemala and Honduras. Bay of Honduras, 1856, prior to Treaty of 1859

Sea Cables in the Caribbean

1726 Bay of Honduras by Capt. Nathaniel Uring

Yucatan, "New Spain," 1673





Central America, Nova Hispania, Nova Galicia, Guatimala, 1635

Yucatan, eastern shore within the Bay of Honduras, 1787
Note that this map divided the area by timber resources not by district. Also shows the origin of some of the names. Including the River Wallace, or Balleze. And Ambergrease Key.

Gulf of Honduras, 1700's

Gulf of Mexico      Top of page
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Relief map

For general information on Belize, click here.
For general information on San Pedro and Ambergris Caye, click here.
For geologic information and maps on San Pedro and Ambergris Caye, click here and here.

For map purchasing, the best general map of Belize is the Belize Travelers Map by ITMB in Vancouver, Canada. It's 250,000:1 scale (6th edition, 2005). Available from and There is also a Rough Guides map of Belize, but it is inferior to the ITMB.

International Travel Maps
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Maps of Belize and Ambergris Caye

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