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Click here for Library SEARCH ENGINE /dte /lead.html Free computers and internet satellite access for Belize Schools /index.html Animal conservation field work grants Offers business loans for training and self employed poor. History of helping Belizean projects Child focused Grant programs for economic independence Helps people help themselves. Seeds for small farmers & training. Establishing FINCA village banks Helps disabilities, job training and rehabilitation Refugee assistance and resettlement Health education and family planning Helps working poor to run sustainable businesses. Technical and financial assistance for safe water supplies and sanitation /intldev.html United Nations, International, various development AID and NGO's. /stafsc.html Schools, housing, clinics, sanitation /christian.html Donates medicine, food, home repair programs, water wells, pumps, hospital stuff /mann1.html Young people from USA, groups work in medical & educational programs /stoxfam.html Self help programs for the poor /medmins1.html Provides medicines & equipment to individuals in countries where unavailable, or too expensive /bless1.html Supplies donated pharmaceuticals /dri.html supplies for poor hospitals & clinics from donated sponsors- Belize hospital & clinic directors can apply direct /stoc.html Distribution system for emergency medical supplies in case of disaster, or a hurricane in Belize /oldgpg/contents.htm Grant outlines for governments - example ideas and formats U.S.A.I.D. homepage /ipresources/edu /grants-funding _bkmk.html Elementary and secondary school grants How to build a Grant assembly line operation /howcanth.html Reference Library by E Mail for 37,5000 active Foundations and Corporate Grants Reference Library for Grants /health/40debruy.html Institutional research partnerships with European Community Germany provides professional training and volunteers. Development Aid for NGO's, individuals, companies /mickjyoung /index.html Grants, grant writing, all kinds of categories, plus index and sources Farm animal donors to the poor /libraries /Memorial /grants /proposal.htm What you need - how to write them.
Cariform Agribusiness Research and Training Fund gives Belizeans grants up to $100,000 for agri-business projects) ( Contact Beltraide) There are no websites to date.

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