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Nearly all Belize History books deal from the time of Scottish pirate presence at the Belize River mouth, 350 years ago, to present day. They ignore the history of Belize of thousands of years before. This Earlier History covers the years of Spanish invasions of Belize, the wars, the Classic Maya period and pre-classic era of the Maya, going back 11,000 years. Taken from the Spanish archives and archeological surveys. Belize has a very long history. / earlyhistory /glyphs.html Maya glyphs, how they decipher them, what they mean, their origins / 25years / 25 Years Ago on Ambergris Caye, a weekly column by Angel Nunez / pages / mayan / history.html History of Ambergris Caye, and San Pedro. Links to Belize History / pages / mayan / earlyhistory.html Belize Early History, Archaeology of Ambergris Caye / pages / mayan / maya.html Mayan History / museum / digit.html Archaeology of Ambergris Caye and Belize, weekly column by Herman Smith / museum/ Ambergris Caye Museum and Historical Society / fieldguide/ Field Guide to Ambergris Caye. Lots of good historical information specific to the Caye. / history.html A History of Belize / Mayan.htm Native Americans - Mayan Indigenous people of S Mexico and Central America. / Arch.htm Lamanai Field Research Centre, Belize / digs / belize / index.html Archaeology in Belize and the Caribbean / 0lamanai.htm Mayan Archaeology - Belice - Lamanai / ~tgparker / maya.html The Ancient Maya Civilization / magnum / Ancient.html Ancient Mayan Ruins of Belize / maya / maya2 / lamanai.htm Lamanai / p.stevenson / Maya History and Pictorial history of signmaking in San Ignacio Early writings of the Maya Over a decade of archaeological research in the jungles of Belize, The Caracol Project is headed by Drs. Arlen and Diane Chase from the University of Central Florida. / ~isk /maya / maya.html Maya Civilization Past and Present / content /voyager /magazine /97belize/ "Digging The Dead" An Archaelogical Adventure / ~geograph / world- urbanization / jschreiber / early.html The Early History of Belize / ~geograph / world-urbanization / jschreiber / colhist.html History in the Colonial Period / ~geograph / world-urbanization / jschreiber / migration.html The Historically Significant Migrations into and out of Belize over the last 400 years michielb/ maya/ astro.htmlMichiel Berger Maya Astronomy Page / Athens / 1044 / mayangods.htm Mayan Gods of Belize / ~speculation / firstbelizeanaircraft.html First aircraft manufactured in Belize / elpilar / community / teoway / teoway1.html the BRASS- El Pilar Program, Teoís Way, a Storytelling Gift / Maya_Night.htm LSU Maya Archaeology / main / 2002 / 11 / 22 / 39809 .html Belize 2000 year history environmental problems, subsistance slash and burn caused ancient Maya ecological problems!

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