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Click here for Library SEARCH ENGINE / earlyhistory/ ag.html Mayan Agricultural Studies Math puzzles for learning and fun Galen University - Galen University offers innovative educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in business, arts and sciences and sports. Study at our lush tropical campus or join us on-line for a range of programs. Corozal Community College Automatic translations into other languages for web pages / BzLibrary / history.html History of Belize, many links and much information here.... network / iecc/ School international partnerships Toledo, Belmopan, Belize City campuses and programs
http://ourworld.compuserve / homepages / ecofarm/ uta.htm Tropical Agriculture teaching subjects Roman and Greek classics in English online / technology /tech Plan / Staff Develop .html School Staff Development Plan  / DL95 / papers / graham / graham.html Requirements of digital libraries / oclc / lac / index.html Worldwide intra library loans and reference
http://www.sdcs.k12 / schools / chollas/TECP.html Sample Technogy Curriculum Plan / heydad.htm Colorful interpretation of Belize recent history Sample setting up of Belize District Schools Web Page format ideas  / intenet / subjects / compscie.html Computer Science programming courses support / ~felice / jtaig42.jpg Steam engine made with lathe at home / ~felice / pistol1.jpg Pistol made at home on a lathe / index.html Model radio controlled planes- make your own / pennsylvania / min189.shtml Homemade model planes and trains, etc. / GBonline / ancwrite.html Ancient mesoamerican writing
http://www.halfmoon.or g/ names.html How to write in Mayan Glyphs
http://alumni. EECS. Berkeley.EDU / ~lorentz / Anc ient _ Scripts / region s.html Ancient Mayan scripts
http://jefferson.village. / med/ home.html Mayan epigraphy / Arachnology / Arachnology.html All about spiders / michielb / maya/ geograph ical.html Mayan Geography / be00003.htm Belize Zoo animal photographs / belizezoo.html Belize Zoo for schools / pages/ photos Photos of Belize / TRPhoto/ PortHP .html Photos of Belize High School Biology CD-ROM based on Blue Creek, Toledo, Belize, High rainforest / ~lindsay Technical "how to" books /maya / mayafldr / mabase.html Maya site /~library   / internet / subjects   /maya.html Maya site / highschool/ San Pedro High School, Belize / academy/ The Island Academy, San Pedro, Belize / school/ San Pedro Primary School, San Pedro, Belize / pages / edu / education.html Education on Ambergris Caye, plus a hot links index to thousands of educational links. / migrations / legacy / alm.htmlHistory of African slaves in nearby Mexico / BzLibrary / trust39.html Uniflow steam engines using Mexican butane are a practical homemade real generator power source / pc list.htm Peace corps volunteer stories and photos of other countries docs/ manuals/ communicator/ jsref/ Mother of all JAVA sites! / marinebio.htm Tropical Marine Biology Sample engineering school for UCB in Belize
http://www.lwn.netIBM support Linux gisrsal / indexwf.htmlGeographic Information Systems instruction / home/ giswww.htmlGIS Resource list / unity / lockers / project / sdir  / av_tutor / AV _ INTRO .HTM Introduction to desktop mapping using ACRVIEW software / directory.html #schools Schools of Anguilla, Eastern Caribbean Library Computer Club, example for Belize Libraries /ref / compclubhist.html Childrens computer club history-Anguilla / dlib / december98 / 12beavers.html Building internet search engines / LDP/ HOWTO / INFO-SHEET .html All about the better Linnux computer operating system for schools and third world countries - you can build a server with an obsolete computer, and carry more accounts than any microsoft setup - it is FREE! Caribbean University links / contents.htm Theta level uses of the brain ( subconscious ) for learning. / ~newhouse/ HTML/ Online web making HTML curriculum course / LIST .HTM Example of a good community college program /bjc / index.htm University College of Belize, Belmopan Campus / science/ story.asp? storyID=603 LSU student group archeology digs in Belize  / ~andyjavascript / tutorial1.htm Fast learning to use Java Script - 2 weeks Free Java scripts tutorials, etc. / jamaica/ index.htm Sustainable issues in Jamaica Free Java scripts, images, etc. Code library html & dhtml / bookstore / default.asp / life / cyber / tech / ctg112.htm Software programming technical school-Jamaica story /bca Belize College of Agriculture / life / cyber / tech / ctg112 .htm Programmer technical school / wess / etexts.html European Literature in different languages north/ hilibrary Bi-lingual electronic Community College library media.html Sources of historical photos, music,etc.,via internet
http://www.barnesandnoble Free online courses Barnes University University of Belize Library / ~soltherm / tinypwr.htm make your own steam engine as a school project education by the internet tutorials / ShortStories Free internet, 700 full text stories listed by classical authors / ~wanthro / resume.htm Anthropology in Belize / cjc / atliball / south.htm Toledo Campus of University of Belize football team Losers get sacrificed in Mayan ceremony / cjc / atliball / toledo.htm Girls football team of University of Belize branch Toledo campus / toledo / index.html Toledo campus university of Belize
http://www.toledo / nov_news 09.html Toledo Hills Maya Cultural Council / library / library index.html University of Belize libraries Belize University Home page / internatlads / belize / 9.html Marine biology field trips to atoll off Belize Studyweb international student reference site Encyclopedia Britannica online / news / article.asp? ARTICLE_ID: 21725 President Bush copies New Zealand 25 year old education de-centralization / ~wanthro / resume.htm anthropology in Belize / cjc / atliball / south.htm Toledo Campus of University of Belize football team losers get sacrificed in Mayan ceremony / cjc / atliball / toledo.htm girls football team of University of Belize branch Toledo campus / toledo / index.html Toledo campus university of Belize / nov_news09.html Toledo Hills Maya Cultural Council / library / libraryindex.html University of Belize libraries Belize University Home page / internatlads / belize / 9.html Marine biology field trips to atoll off Belize / www / didattica.html Fabulous physics resources / otherpower_ experiments_ bicycle.html HOMEMADE BICYCLE 120 WATT, 12 VOLT CHARGER-PEDAL POWER / electro.htm Bicycle pedal 12 volt power / ak / egel / solcell.html Make your own solar cell at home / www / didattica.html Fantastic mathematics and Physics teaching site. In April, 2001 Belize still has inadequate internet speeds to utilize the moving graphical demonstrations of math concepts

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