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Web Page Free Stuff Virgin coconut oil for sale in rural Xaibe village-small scale- good for medicine, nutrition Running your diesel on vegetable oils
http://www.national geographic .com / chiquibul / map.html Map and photographs of the Belize huge cave systems, largest in Central America by National Geographic Society. / ~dglickd / CFR.html Methane gas crop and electrical plant / ani.htm Newer engine design, moving 2 D pictures / reports / read_article _english.cfm? article_ num=1100Cheap aluminum antenna allows low power wireless cards to get signal up to 5 miles away (line of sight) in computer LAN wireless networks / Ecosystems.htm Biodiversity in Belize - Ecosystems Map / BzLibrary / 39.html UNIFLOW STEAM ENGINES USING MEXICAN BUTANE Biodiversity in Belize . uk/ Stirling heat engines source & index / BzLibrary / trust468.html USA engineering firms moving to Belize and Panama devise new ways of producing electricity for remote homestead operations / ~speculation / windmill.html Co-generated electricity and village power / ak / egel / savonius.html Outside light windmill system / ~windmill/ Savonius rotor windmill homemade / ~sbcn / solarcooking-faq.htm Cheap cardbox & aluminum foil solar cooker- can cook all day
Mining / ~leducmike / mayarc013.html Big mother bucket dredge-Belize needs the one bucket dragline type / ees / lithosphere / lec9.html Mining plans for southwest Belize gold deposits / Yosemite/ Rapids / 6744/ Gold mining homebuilt dredge and sluice
Portable Sawmills Portable jungle sawmills, 45 lbs. / ccs / index.htm Portable sawmill manufacturer / stump / Questions & answers for portable saw mills
Alternative Energy Source of solar panels and windmills Renewable energy - solar, hydro, wind, etc. / pv / pvdirecto ry.html Photovoltaic solar sources Hydrogen power and solar power / netenergy / caddet / aus_re .html Alternate energy sources from Australia / solarpond / epsp.html El Paso solarpond 70KW Rankine Cycle Engine electric production (plus de-salinization water supply) / solarpond / wwspi nfo.html Solar Pond contacts for electric production Alternate electrical producing systems Electrical producing systems / bus-pla n.htm Agricultural waste powered generators / html / fpd/ em / hydro/ contents.stm Hydro electric dams - details technical.html Waste product gasifier/steam/electrical energy / solar/ Solar Energy Society / hp / Good source of solar home power & windmills Solar, wind, propane generating systems
http://www.Delivered Solutions .com Solar, wind, propane generating systems / awea / mlist2.html Home energy systems discussion groups and E Mail lists awea / faq / smsyslst.html Wind generator sources wpt / compet.html Small wind generators 12 volt index .shtml Renewable energy resources wpt / plan.html Plan your windmill generator ~ldillon / index.html Awassa hand pump / BzLibrary / trust39.html Uniflow steam engines using Mexican butane are a practical homemade real generator power source
Food Uses & Preparation / ie / daily / 19980625 / 17650384.html Banana stems used to make paper / gci / index.html How freeze drying fruit works!
How-To Information ~lindsay Technical "how to" books Manuals to order on many subjects
Computers / LDP/ HOWTO / INFO-SHEET.htmlAll about the better Linnux computer operating system for schools and third world countries - you can build a server with an obsolete computer, and carry more accounts than any microsoft setup - it is FREE! Linux IBM support Linux More Linux sources Linux sales programs catalog / dummie / chaptermore.html Linux for dummies
Various Scientific Links / users / evasonline / dome.htm Belize geodesic dome house / RainForest / Jungle / 3675/ Making Dome buildings-there are a number in Belize belize.htm Musical instrument mouthpieces
http://www.monolithic / design / ecoii / ecoii.htm 60 concrete hurricane dome buildings for Belize / ~aim / egn3343 / rankine/ Math rankine cycle pump / ~purplebqndit / cs.htmlFor self taught computer programmers / contents.htm Achieving goals through inner conscious Theta brainwaves
http://www.fishfarming.comTilapia & shrimp farming statistics and details / ~felice / icture.html #BUGAll kind of lathe work / ~felice / jtaig42.jpg Steam engine made with lathe at home / ~felice / pistol1.jpgPistol made at home on a lathe / hnts / lathetip.htmTips on buying and using a home lathe / index.htmlModel radio controlled planes- make your own / pennsylvania / min189.shtmlHomemade model planes and trains, etc. / microtech / mwfaq.htmMicrowave ovens/energy/answers tipoweek.htmlCar alternator as a generator interact/ archive/ 0000068.htmMaking a cheap generator Hurricane shelters for Belize iast Guyana & Jamaican applied tropical science / faq / brew / hp-brew1 .html Book, article & plans sources for windmill electricity Commercial windmill generating farms / page2.htm Peru made steam engines for alternate energy supplies / letter / february01 UN Hyrdrogen fuel cell bus projects / science / inventors / library / inventors / blfuelcells.htm Hydrogen fuel cell technology to replace oil imports / start.htm Limpet 500 MW electricity from air pressure by sea waves composting toilet to replace port town sewage system Composting toilet / sr / fuel_making.html How to make your own fuel in Belize / rogues.htm Reduce your electricity bill by supplying power to the grid from a windmill or solar panel / danb / woodmill.html All wooden wind generator

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