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Click here for Library SEARCH ENGINE / BzLibrary / trust408.html TROPICAL CROP OF HENEQUEN / BzLibrary / trust407.html ARCHEOLOGY AND MAYA / BzLibrary / trust473.html Green Manure, in Belize and the Peten, the Mayan Homelands / BzLibrary / trust409.html LETHAL YELLOWING AND BUD ROT DISEASE / cocopalms/ Tropical Palms, Care, growth, species, and diseasess / BzLibrary / trust455.html The Velvet Bean Sam Riggs Flying School / health.htm The uses of the NEEM tree Yucatan Neem tree plantation Virgin coconut oil for sale in rural Xaibe village-small scale- good for medicine, nutrition / 0105 / cocoa.html Penn State clones new cacao plants and cleans fungus disease at same time / /cacaodiseases.htm Summary of fungul cacao tree diseases world wide
http://sciencebulletins. / biobulletin / biobulletin / story688.html Jungle cacao farming. Midges and gnat pollination of cacao / science / science_news / pdfs / protists2.pdf Brazilian cacao yields drop due to fungus. Fighting fungus with fungus! / Research / Cacao / cacaogp.htm Organizing indigent cacao jungle growers Tree Saver is the sole recipient of appropriate licensing for the formulation and distribution of oxytetracycline hydrochloride (OTC) for control of Lethal Yellowing in palms. World collection of tropical trees and plants, in Florida / BzLibrary / trust19.html Papaya and Belize- All About / gain / mktinfo / tpm / index.html Tropical Products Magazine articles hemp products and markets Guide to saffron, Saffron spice is $2,500 per lb.
http://www.steamer trunk / saffroni.htm Crocus sativirs / db/ dictionary / terms / s / saffron.html Expensive spice / cooking-glossary / saffron.html More on saffron / sing170.htm Health herb Rainforest news worldwide, action plans / ie / daily / 19980625 / 17650 384.html Banana stems used to make paper
http://gnome.agrenv. / breeding/ students / max/ choco / intro.htm Breeding cacao trees dbmc.htm Banana News for the EU
http://www.phyto / cacao.htm Cacao from Barranco and Sittee River Breaking Citrus News / organic.html Organic tropical agriculture / mango.html 500 varieties of Mangos / pineapple/ pineapple.htm Pineapple culture / page6.htm Cashews / search / directory / results / 1,61,home- 0,00.html? category= 0-0ww&k eyword=%2 Bananas, plantain and sigatoka
http://witiko.ifs.uni- linz. ~fisseha / iarcs.html International agriculture research ~sarac / papaya.thml All you need to know about PAPAYA / papaya.html Green papaya latex as an export beauty cream / members2 / caribex / index.html Tropical fruits, mango, coconut, banana, guava, pineapple PULP exports Tropical organic farming health export product ideas Export of dried tropical fruits / beekeeping John's Beekeeping Notebook, Beekeeping in Fiji and low cost Kenya hives / BzLibrary / trust19.htmlDehydrated powdered Papaya fruit exports
http://www.thecultivation station.comHydroponic knowhow / inet / ~lrrd/ Excellent source of information on tropical animal husbandry and farming in poor rural areas. A lot of the research was done in Colombia and the main author is now in Vietnam. / harrow / events / wsdec2698.htmHydroponic vegetable growing / harrow/ gh/ annrep98/ i-crop.htmResearch on hydroponic tomatoes hydroponic agricultural supplies / tidbits / makewine.html Wine Exporting / html / fruit.html Wine Exporting / food / wine / library / weekly / aa091498.htm Wine Exporting
http://www.virtualcommunity. com / fruitwine / index.html Wine Exporting Here is a web page to find more Info on the Maya Gold Chocolate. Both the story behind it and a source for the product... Also includes some of the other indigenous cooperative efforts

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