Facts on Land

Non-Nationals of Belize must obtain from the Minister of Natural Resources, license to purchase or hold land in excess of half an acre (1/2) in the cities or towns or ten acres (l0) outside cities or towns.

The applicant for a license must submit to the Minister a PLAN FOR DEVELOPMENT with respect to the specific parcel of land which he or she prooses to acquire. In the case of land which already is developed, a license will be required but there will be no development obligation under this license.

Land can be leased from the Government of Belize with an option to buy if the planned development indicated at the time of the application is carried out. Land in general has a one percent (1%) tax on the unimproved value of the land.

If a property is being sub-divided for sale, a subdivision permit must be obtained from the Minister of Natural Resources.

The cost of transfer of title to real property is 10% of value for Stamp Duty and a token fee for registration. Attorney's fee is additional.

Unless there is an agreement to the contrary these costs are usually shared between seller and buyer.

Although all mineral rights are vested in the Government, mineral exploration licenses and mining leases are obtainable through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Transportation.

All artifacts, whether found on private or public property, must be declared to and registered with the Archaeology Department.

The Government of Belize has given its assurance that any bonafide developer will encounter no problem in obtaining a license provided that the developer is prepared to carry out reasonable amount of development during the term of his license.

There is a "homesteading" program that is basically a way for Belizeans to lease land or a lot for a nomimal amount, and, after they've cleared it and built on the property, can buy it inexpensively. It is open to officials residents who are non-citizens, but I believe it requires three years of residency before you become eligible.

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