Fig. 1 Large colony of brownish soft corals, gorgonians, in center top of picture. (Plexaura)

Fig. 2 Arrow points to an anemone, Passion Flower Anemone, (Condylactis) close to the beach, nearly hidden by Turtle Grass. Tips of greenish tentacles are bright purple.

Fig. 3 Side view of a Loggerhead Sponge (Spheci_ospongia) with a pen at the left for scale. Note the many holes in the top and sides, which offer a habitat to a wide variety of invertebrates (snapping shrimp) and juvenile fish. Colour is black to grey, and it is not one of the prettier sponges.

Fig. 4 Top view of a Loggerhead Sponge (different specimen) with a pencil at the bottom of the picture for scale.

Fig. 5 Small Sea Fans (gorgonia), soft corals, on the floor of the lagoon between the reef and the island, and are the common blue-purple soft corals found in all the reef environments.

Fig. 6 A small colony of soft corals located in sandy Thalassia behind the reef. Plexaurella species.

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