Fig. 1 Close up of Bouganvilla

Fig. 2 Bromeliad in bloom: note the flower growing at top of central stalk; very common in mangrove swamp.

Fig. 3 "Chaya", the leaves are edible when boiled and refried with scrambled eggs. The spines on the stems are very "irritating".

Fig. 4 Coco plum: ripe fruit is white or mauve with a large seed, very edible, fruits in Oct. - Nov. and grows wild.

Fig 5 Close up of coco plum leaves with a fruit that is not yet ripe (arrow).

Fig. 6 Cotton, was grown on the island at one time and was economically important.

Fig. 7 Closeup of cotton showing the palmate (hand like), lobed leaves and cotton boles.

Fig. 8 Beach morning glory showing the leaves and large bright purple flower (arrow).

Fig. 9 Beach morning glory illustrating how the vines run along the beach (arrows). Note the spider lily in the lower right hand corner. The lily has large white flowers In the upper left corner of the picture is the ziricote tree.

Fig. 10 Hibiscus, Sr. Paz Bar, Sun Breeze Hotel, bright red flowers.

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