Fig. 1 The Atlantic Carrier Shell, side view, 2 1/2" across. It incorporates bits of shell and other debris into its own shell back. All but one fragment of attached material has fallen off, but some impressions of original material are left.

Fig. 2 Bottom view of the Atlantic Carrier Shell showing theopening. The small spirals are small worm tubes. (serpulids). Found south of where "Mosquito Coast" was filmed.

Fig. 3 The Tulip Shell, 4 1/2" long. More commom in San Pedro Lagoon and Chetumal Bay in muddier areas. It is a mottled brown, and is a carnivore.

Fig. 4 Side view of the Emperor Helmet (local name, King Conch), 9" about long. One of the prettier shells in Belize, the opening is shades of brown and pinkish cream. The arrow points to a part of the shell that is a false operculum showing disruptive colouration. Edible but rarely eaten due to difficulty of removing the animal. It is a carnivorous predatator.

Fig. 5 The Emperor Helmet as seen from the top showing the triangular pattern made by coiling during growth.

Fig. 6 The Emperor Helmet showing the opening and large teeth that line the opening.

Fig. 7 The Royal Triton with a ruler for scale. It is a pretty mottled brown carnivore and is prized as a collectable shell.

Fig. 8 A collection of molluscs from outer reef lagoon with a row of Batillaria shown by the arrow. While beach combing, many can be seen in the shallow water in the intertidal. Batil1aria are black, maximum size one inch and 1/8 inch in diameter. Often hermit crabs occupy their empty shells. These may be seen at times swarming in groups of thousands.

Fig. 9 A collection of molluscs from the San Pedro lagoon between the reef and the island: a. Chione cance1 lata, b. Cerithium. The Cerithium are " long. Chione is the most common shell seen in the lagoon.

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