Fig. 1 Banana tree flowers. Lowest arrow shows the flower, middle arrow shows a curled up petal, highest arrow points to small bananas.

Fig. 2 Banana tree blossoms, about life size.

Fig. 3 Breadfruit tree with arrow pointing to 10" long fruit (in the yard opposite Holiday Hotel). Edible fruit is about the size of a bowling ball. Although it grows well here, it is the only one in the town.

Fig. 4 Custard apple in the same yard as the hog plum tree. Very tasty fruit with a lot of seeds, it is about the size of a softball. Skin is slippery (Maya name is 'loop") and is Spanish it is "annona".

Fig. 5 Guava tree, edible fruit the size of a baseball, "guyava" in Spanish. (in yard opposite hog plum)

Fig. 6 Papaya: note the long thin stems that connect the leaves to the trunk (arrow). It grows wild on the Caye.

Fig. 7 Nice example of the almond tree as a shade tree.

Fig. 8 Adult sea grape tree. Annually produces a delicious purple fruit about the size of a grape with a large seed. Makes a delicious wine. This large old tree is south of the graveyard on the beach, behind Ramon Badillo's Glassbottom Boat pier.

Fig. 9 Sea grape planted as an ornamental. Note the large, rounded leaves. It grows wild and fruits in July to Sept.

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