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In Belize, as in many places where strangers settle, many of the animals are called by names which range from inaccurate to humorous. This is the result of either mistaken identification of species similar to those at home or of nostalgia for familiar surroundings. This has occurred in Belize in conjunction with a blending of many languages and some imaginative translations. There are many animals which are known locally by odd names, a few of which are mentioned below.

Jaguarknown as Tiger in many areas
Ocelot or JaguarundiTiger Cat
Howler MonkeyBaboon (similar in size and shape)
Red Brocket DeerAntelope
Mothcalled Bat in belief they are related
Batcalled Rat Bat to differentiate from moth
Species of Iguanacalled Bamboo Chicken (probably referring to quality of meat)
Basilisk Lizard Cock 8/23/2001Maklala
Baird's TapirMountain Cow
Spotted Cavy or PacaGibnut
Marine ToadSpring Chicken
Scaly-tailed IguanaWish Willy
Shovel-toothed SnakeDouble Snake
Boa ConstrictorWowla
Great Blue HeronToby Full Pot
Green-backed HeronPoor Joe
Storks, (Jabiru & Wood)Turk
Grey-necked WoodrailTopnotch Chick
Northern JacanaGeorgie Bull
Great-tailed GrackleBlackbird

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Belize offers one of the few opportunities to see a rather rare species of monkey, the Black Howler (Al ua a pigra). Its limited range includes, besides parts of Belize, only southern Mexico and northern Guatemala. It is one of six Howler species which range throughout Central and South America. Its habitat is primarily low tropical rainforest under 1,000 feet above sea level. It is doing well in the riverine forests of the Belize River and in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

A social animal, the Black Howler lives in small troops of four to ten individuals. The leader, a dominant male, controls his family of females and young; they eat, sleep and live in a closely knit unit while keeping strict distance from nearby troops. - The characteristic roars that are heard in both the early morning and late evening are thought to be warnings and a device to place the positions of rival groups. Roaring appears also to be triggered by loud noises, including rain on the leaves of trees, and may thus give rise to the local belief that Howlers can predict rain. The only contact between groups is thought to be the intermittent migrations of young males seeking mates, though these may only form their own troops if space is available. Average territories are from 25 to 50 acres and forest cutting is reducing available land

One method of combating this problem is an experiment in grassroots conservation taking place at Bermudian Landing about thirty miles west of Belize City on the Belize River. This is called the Community Baboon Sanctuary (Baboon is the local name for the Black Howler Monkey). It is a voluntary effort on the part of local farmers and landowners, with help from the Belize Audubon Society, the World Wildlife Fund and others, including the Zoological Society of Milwaukee County. It was founded in February of 1985 with an initial enrollment of eleven landowners and incorporating three square miles. It protected about 150 individual monkeys. By 1987 the number of participating landowners had reached 70 and incorporated 18 square miles; 800 monkeys now fall within the protected area. The reserve is managed by a resident of Bermudian Landing. The movie, "Amate - the Fig Tree," filmed by Richard Foster and seen on PBS Television, documented life around the fig trees of this area.

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Alston's Opossum Marmosa alstoni nicaraguae
Gray four-eyed Opossum Metachirops opossum pallidus
Mexican Mouse Opossum Marmosa mexicana mayensis
South Am. Mouse Opossum M. robinsoni ruatanica
Southern Opossum Didelphis marsupialis
Virginia Opossum D. virginiana yucatanensis
Water Opossum Chironectes minimus
Wooly Opossum Caluromys derbianus fervidus
Moles and Shrews (Insectivores)
Blackfish Small-eared Shrew   nigrescens mayensis
Lease Shrew C. parva tropicalis
Sloths and Anteaters
Anteater, Giant Myrmecophaga tridactyla
Anteater, Two-toed  Cyclopes didactylus mexicanua
Armadillo, Nine-banded  Dasypus novemcinctus
Tamandua  Tamandua m. mexicana
Brazilian Long-nosed Bat  Rhynchonycteris naso
Bulldog Bat, Greater  Noctilio loporinus mastivus
Dog-like Bat, Greater  Peropteryx k. kappleri
Dog-like Bat, Lesser  P. m. macrotis
Ghost Bat, Northern  Diclidurus virgo
Thomas' Bat  Centronycteris maximiliani
White-lined Bat, Greater Saccopteryx bilineata
Davy's Naked-backed Bat Pteronotus davyi falvus
Mustached Bat, Parnell's P. parnelli meroamericanus
Mustached Bat, Wagner's P. personatus psilotus
Peter's Ghost-faced Bat Aello m. megalophylla
Coffee Bat Trachops cirrhosus coffini
False Vampire Bat, Linnaeus Vampyrum spectrum
False Vampire Bat, Peter's Chrotopterus a. auritus
Brazilian Large-eared Bat Micronycteris megalotis
Large-eared Forest Bat M. brachyotis
Long-eared Bat, Tome's Lonchorhina a. aurita
Long-legged Bat Macrophyllum macrophyllum
Round-eared Bat, Davis' Tonatia sp. novum
Round-eared Bat, Pygmy T. nicaraguae
Spear-nosed Bat, Bennett's Mimon bennettii
Spear-nosed Bat, Striped M. crenulatum
Spear-nosed Bat, Northern Phylloderma stenops
Spear-nosed Bat, Pale Phyllostomus discolor
Long-tongued B.,  Commissaris' Glossophaga commissarisi
Long-tongued Bat, Pallas' G. soricina leachii
Long-tongued B., Underwood's Hylonycteris underwoodi
Short-tailed Bat, Hahn's  Carollia subrufa
Short-tailed Bat, Seba's  C. perspicillata
Short-tailed Bat, Silky  C. brevicauda
Anthony's Bat Sturnira  l. ludovici
Broad-nosed Bat, Heller's  Platyrrhinus helleri
Fruit-eating Bat, Big  Artibeus lituratus
Fruit-eating Bat, Jamaican  A. Jamaicensis
Fruit-eating Bat, Pygmy  A. p. phaeotis
Fruit-eating Bat, Thomas'  A. watsoni
Fruit-eating Bat, Little  Enchisthenes hartii
San Pablo Bat  Vampyrodes major
Salvin's White-lined Bat  Chiroderma s. salvini
Shaggy-haired Bat  C. villosum jesupi
Tent-making Bat  Uroderma bilobatum molaris
Wrinkle-faced Bat  Centurio s. senex
Yellow-eared Bat, Little  Vampyressa pusilla thyone
Yellow-shouldered Bat  Sturnira lilium parvidens
Vampire Bat  Desmodus rotundus murinus
Vampire Bat, Hairy-legged  Diphylla ecaudata
Vampire Bat, White-winged  Diaemus youngi cypselimus
Mexican Funnel-eared Bat  Natalus stramineus saturatus
Spix's Disk-winged Bat  Thyoptera tricolor
Brown Bat, Argentine  Eptesicus furinalis gaumeri
Brown Bat, Big  E. fuscus miradorensid
Eastern Pipistrelle  Pipistrellus subflavus
Myotis, Black  Myotis n. nigricans
Myotis, Elegant  M. elegans
Myotis, Hairy-legged  Myotis keaysi pilosatibialis
Myotis, Silver-tipped  M. albescens
Red Bat  Nycteris borealis frantzii
Yellow Bat, Central  Am Rhogeessa tumida
Yellow Bat, Northern  Nycteris i.intermedia
Yellow Bat, Southern  N. ega xanthina
Van Gelder's Bat  Antrozous dubiaquercus meyeri
Brazilian Free-tailed Bat  Tadarida brasiliensis
Broad-tailed Bat  T. laticaudata yucatanica
Mastiff Bat, Allen's  Molossus s. sinaloae
Mastiff Bat, Black M.  ater nigricans
Mastiff Bat, Miller's  M. ptetiosus macdougalli
Mastiff Bat, Pallas'  M. molossus aztecus
Mastiff Bat, Dwarf  Eumops nanus
Mastiff Bat, Shaw's  E. auripendulus
Mastiff Bat, Thomas'  Promops c. centralis
Mastiff Bat, Wagner's  Eumops g. glaucinus
Vesper Bat, Sumichrasts  Wyctomys sumichrasti salvini
Lawrence's Howler Monkey  Alouatta pigra
Geoffroy's Spider Monkey  Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis
Flesh Eaters (Carnivores)
Cacomistle  Bassariscus sumichrasti
Coyote  Canis latrans goldmani
Fox, Gray  Urocyon cinerioargenteus
Grison  Galictis vittata caraster
Jaguar  Gelis onca
Jaguarundi  F. yagouaroundi fossata
Margay  F. wiedii yucatanica
Mountain Lion  F. concolor majensis
Ocelot  F. p. pardalis
Otter, Southern River  Lutra longicaudis annectens
Coati  Nasua nasua
Raccoon  Procyon lotor shufeldti
Kinkajou  Potos flavus chiriquensis
Skunk, Spotted  Spilogale putorius
Skunk, Striped  Hog-nosed Conepatus semistriatus
Tayra  Eira barbara senex
Weasel, Long-tailed  Mustela frenata perda
Agouti  Dasyprocta punctata
Cavy, Spotted  Agouti paca nelsoni
Harvest Mouse, Slender  Reithrodontomys g. gracilis
Pocket Gopher, Hispid  Orthogeomys hispidus
Pocket M. Long-tailed Spiny  Heteromys longicaudatus
Porcupine, Mexican  Coendou m. mexicanus
Rabbit, Forest  Sylivlagus brasiliensis
Rabbit, White-sided Jack  Lepus callotis
Rat, Big-eared Climbing  ototylomys p. phyllotis
Rat, Peter's Climbing  tylomys n. nudicaudus
Rat, Hispid Cotton  Sigmodon hispidus furvus
Rice Rat, Alfaro's  Oryzomys a. alfaroi
Rice Rat, Black-eared  O. palustris couesi
Rice Rat, Pygmy  O. fulvescens
Vesper Rat, Yucatan  Otonyctomys hatti
Squirrel, Deppe's  Sciurus deppei vivax
Hoofed Mammals
Collared Peccary  Dicotyles tajacu
Brocket Deer  Maxama americana cerasina
Red Brocket  M. a. temama
White-tailed Deer  Dama virginiana truei
Baird's Tapir  Tapirus bairdii


Many of the reptiles and amphibians of Belize were first collected and described in the 19th century. Due to confusion over regional and city names, some records listed as "Belize" may refer to the city or to the entire country. Also designation may have referred to the city from which specimens were shipped rather than the collection point.

This list included species on record as having been collected in "Belize" or "British Honduras" in the past and/or present literature and those species known from surrounding areas that could reasonably be expected to be found in similar habitats or Belize, for example, those from Peten district of Guatemala.

This list has been compiled from several sources. The primary source was from Henderson and Hoevers 1975, A Checklist and Key to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Belize Central America.. Contributions in Biology and Geology. No. 5, Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Frogs and Toads
  Aqalychnis callidryas
  A. moreletti
Marine toad  Bufo marinus
Gulf Coast Toad  B. v. valliceps
  Centrolenella fleischmanni
  Eleutherodactylus laticeps
  E. rugulosus
  E. rostralis
  Gastrophryne elegans
  Hypopachus variolosus
  Hyla baudinii
  H. ebraccata
  H. loquax
Corozo Treefrog  H microcephala martini
  H. picta
Airplant Treefrog  H. staufferi
  Leptodactylus labialis
Black-backed Frog   L. melanonotus
Poisonous Treefrog  Phrunohyas venulosa
  Physalaemus pustulosus
Mexican Leopard Frog  Rana berlandieri
  R. maculata
Forest Frog  R. palmipes
  Rhinophrynus dorsalis
Mexican Treefrog  Smilisca b. baudini
  Syrrhophus leprus
Casque-headed Treefrog  Triprion petasatus
Peten Airplant Salamander  Bolitoglassa mexicana
"Galliwasp"  Oedipus platydactylus
"Galliwasp"  Oedipina elogata
Turtles and Tortoises
Loggerhead C Caretta c.
Green Turtle  Chelonia m. mydas
Yellow-bellied Slider  Chrysemys scripta
  Claudius angustatus
"hickety"  Dermatemys mawei
Leatherback  Dermochelys c. coriacea
Atlantic Hawksbill  Eretmochelys i. imbricata
Mud Turtle  Kinosternon acutum
Mud Turtle  K. scorpiodes
White-faced Mud Turtle  K. leucostomun
Black-bellied Turtle  Rhinoclemys areolata
Giant Musk Turtle  Staurotypus triporcatus
  S. salvini
American Crocodile  Crocodylus acutus
Morelet's Crocodile  C. morelettii moreleti
  Ameiva festiva
Rainbow  Ameiva A. undulata
  Anolis allisoni
  A. beckeri
  A. biporcatus
  A. bourgaei
Black-spotted Anole  A. capito
Green Anole  A. carolinensis
Ground Anole  A. humilis uniformis
Lemure Anole  A. lemurinus
Yellow-fan Anole  A. limifrons rodriquezi
  A. nannodes
Bark Anole  A. sagrei
Silky Anole  A. sericeus sericecus
  A. tropidonotus
Weatherman  Aristelliger georgeensis
Striped Basilisk  Basiliscus vittatus
  Celestus steindachneri
Black-bellied Racerunner  Cnemidophorus gularis
Cozumel Racerunner  C. cozumela
Gecko  Coleonyx elegans
Helmeted Basilisk  Corythophanes cristatus
  C. hernandesil
Spiny-tailed Iguana  Ctenosaura s. similis
  Eumeces sumichrasti
  E. schwartze
  Laemanctus serratus alti.
Casque-headed Basilisk  L. longipes
Central American Iguana  L. iguana rhinolopha
  Lepidophyma flavimaculatum
Ground-dwelling Skink  Maybuya brachypoda
Mangrove Gecko  Phyllodactylus tuberculosus
  Sceloporus l. lundelli
Teapa Scaly Lizard  S. teapensis
  Scincella cherriei
Smooth-scaled Gecko  Sphaerodactylus glaucus
"Escorpion"  S. lineolatus
"Escorpion"  Thecadactylus rapicauda
  Adelphicos quadrivirqatus v.
Cantil  Akistrodon b. bilineatus
Fer-de-lance  Amastridium veliferum s.
Boa Constrictor  Boa constrictor imperator
Tommygoff  Bothrops asper
Jumping Viper  B. nummifer
Eyelash Viper  B. schlegelii
  B. yucatanicus
Musurana  Clelia c.
  C. scytalina
Racer  Coluber constrictor s.
  Coniophanes b. bipunctatus
  C. f. fissidens
  C. imperialis claratus
  C. schmidti
Many-lined Snak e Conophis lineatus dunni
Tropical Rattlesnake  Crotalus d. durissus
Tzabcan Rattlesnake  C. d. tzabcan
Snail-eating Snake  Dipsas brevifacies
Whip-snake  Dryadophis m. melanolomus
Black-tailed Indigo Snake  Drymarchon corasis m.
Speckled Racer  Drymobius margaritiferus
  Elaphe f. flavirufa
Green Rat Snake  E. triaspis
  Ficimia publia
Blunt-headed Snake  Imantodes cenchoa leucomelas
Milksnake  Lampropeltis triangulum
Central Am. Cat-eyed Snake  Leptodeira septentrionalis
  L. frenata malleisi
Blind Snake  Leptotyphlops goudoti
Green Tree Snake  Leptophis ahaetulla
Mexican Tree Snake  L. m. mexianus
Central Am. Whipsnake  Masticophis m. mentovarius
Many-ringed Coral Snake  Micrurus affinis alienus
Many-ringed Coral Snake  M. hippocrepis
Many-ringed Coral Snake  M. higrocinctus
Red Coffee Snake  Ninia s. Sebae
Gray Vine  SnakeOxybelis aeneus
  O. fulgidus
Red-banded Snake  Oxyrhopus petola
"Coral," "coralillo"  Pliocercus elapoides
  Pseustes poecilonotus
Shovel-toothed Snake  Scaphiodontophis annulatus
  Sibynormophus brevifacies
  Sibon n. nebulata
  S. sanniola
Cribo  Spilotes pullatus mexianus
  Stenorrhina degenhardtii
  S. f. freminvillei
Black-headed Snake  Tantilla canula brevis
  T. schistosa
Checkered Garter Snake  Thamnophis marcianus
  T. proximus rutiloris
Central Am. Ribbon Snake  T. sauritus
  Tretanorhinus nigroluteus
  Tropidodipsas sartorii
  Xenodon rabdocephalus


SHARKS- Bull Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Blacktip Shark, Tiger Shark, Lemon Shark, Nurse Shark

RAYS - Rajiformes
Southern Stingray, Smalltooth Sawfish, Atlantic Manta, Spotted Eagle Ray, Caribbean Stingray, Lesser Electric Ray, Yellow Stingray

TARPON - Elopidae
Ladyfish, Bonefish

LIZARDFISHES - Synodontidae
Sand Diver, Red Lizardfish, Inshore Lizardfish, Bluestriped Lizardfish, Snakefish

MORAYS - Muraenidae
Green Moray, Chestnut Moray, Viper Moray, Spotted Moray, Backedge Moray, Chain Moray, Goldentail Moray, Purplemouth Moray, Garden Eel

SNAKE EELS - Ophichthidae
Spotted Snake Eel, Goldspotted Eel, Sharptail Eel

HERRINGS - Clupeidae
Redear Herring, Scaled Sardine, False Pilchard, Atlantic Thread Herring, Sheepshead Minnow, Dusky Anchovy,

SILVERSIDES - Atherinidae
Hardhead Silverside, Reef Silverside

HALFBEAKS - Exocoetidae
Balao, Ballyhoo, Halfbeak

TRUMPETFISH - Aulostomidae

Redfin Needlefish, Keeltail Needlefish, Houndfish

Sargassum Pipefish, Harlequin Pipefish, Lined Seahorse, Longsnout Seahorse

BIGEYES - Priacanthidae
Glasseye Snapper, Bigeye

SQUIRRELFISHES - Holocentridae
Cardinal Soldierfish, Dusky Squirrelfish, Longjaw Squirrelfish, Reef Squirrelfish, Longspine Squirrelfish, Blackbar Soldierfish

SNOOK - Centropomidae

GROUPERS - Serranidae
Rock Hind, Red Grouper, Red Hind, Nassau Grouper, Jewfish, Black Grouper, Snowy Grouper, Marbled Grouper, Yellowfin Grouper, Smallmouth Grouper, Comb Grouper, Scamp, Tiger Grouper, Coney, Graysby, Tobaccofish, Mutton Hamlet, Sand Perch, Aquavina, Barred Hamlet, Yellowtail Hamlet, Shy Hamlet, Blue Hamlet, Yellowbelly Hamlet, Golden Hamlet, Blacktail Hamlet, Indigo Hamlet, Black Hamlet, Butter Hamlet, Peppermint Bass, Candy Bass, Cave Bass, School Bass, Orangeback Bass, Two-spot Bass, Lantern Bass, Chalk Bass, Snow Bass, Harlequin Bass, Wrasse Bass

Fairy Basslets, Heliotrope Basslet, Blackcap Basslet, Yellowcheek Basslet, Threeline Basslet

SOAPFISHES - Grammistidae
Reef Bass, Greater Soapfish, Freckled Soapfish

Bridle Cardinalfish, Sawcheek Cardinalfish, Twospot Cardinal, Sponge Cardinalfish, Bigtooth Cardinalfish, Whitestar Cardinalfish, Oddscale Cardinalfish, Freckled Cardinalfish, Dusky Cardinalfish, Pale Cardinalfish, Roughlip Cardinalfish, Mimic Cardinalfish, Broadsaddle Cardinalfish, Barred Cardinalfish, Belted, Flamefish, Conchfish

REMORAS - Echeneidae
Sharksucker, Whitefin Sharksucker

Bar Jack, Blue Runner, Greater Amberjack, Yellow Jack, Almaco Jack, Rainbow Runner, Horse-eye Jack, Crevalle Jack, Black Jack, Scads, Lookdown, African Pompano, Palometa

SNAPPERS - Lutjanidae
Schoolmaster, Mahogany Snapper, Gray Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Lane Snapper, Dog Snapper, Yellowtail, Blackfin Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Cubera Snapper

TRIPLETAIL - Lobotidae

MOJARRAS - Gerreidae
Bigeye Mojarra, Mottle Mojarra, Silver Jenny, Yellowfin Mojarra, Flagfin Mojarra, Spotfin Mojarra

GRUNTS - Pomadasyidae
French Grunt, Tomtate, Bluestriped, Black Grunt, Margate, Cottonwi, Spanish Grunt, White Grunt, Striped Grunt, Bronzestriped Grunt, Latin Grunt, Porkfish, Black Margate

PORGIES - Sparidae
Silver Porgy, Pluma, Sheepshead Porgy, Saucereye Porgy, Jolthead Porgy, Sheepshead, Pinfish, Sea Bream

SEA CHUBS - Kyphosidae
Bermuda Chub

DRUMS - Sciaenidae
San Drum, Reef Croaker, Jackknife Fish, Highhat, Spotted Drum

Yellow Goatfish, Spotted Goatfish

SWEEPERS - Pempheridae
Glassy Sweeper, Shortfin Sweeper

BUTTERFLYFISHES - Chaetodontidae
Banded Butterflyfish, Spotfin Butterflyfish, Reef Butterflyfish, Foureye Butterflyfish, Longsnout Butterflyfish, Flameback Pygmy Angelfish, Cherubfish, Grunt

Atlantic Spadefish

ANGELFISHES - Pomacanthidae
Rock Beauty, Queen Angelfish, Blue Angelfish, French Angelfish, Gray Angelfish

DAMSELFISHES - Pomacentridae
Yellowtail Damselfish, Bicolor Damselfish, Honey Damselfish, Dusky Damselfish, Longfin Damselfish, Beaugregory, Threespot Damselfish, Cocoa Damselfish, Sunshinefish, Brown Chromis, Blue Chromis, Redspotted Hawkfish, Sergeant Major, Yellowtail Reeffish, Purple Reeffish, Night Sergeant

WRASSES - Labridae
Puddingwife, Clown Wrasse, Yellowhead Wrasse, Rainbow Wrasse, Slippery Dick, Blackear Wrasse, Yellowsheek Wrass, Spotfin Hogfish, Spanish Hogfish, Hogfish, Creole Wrasse, Dwarf Wrasse, Rosy Razorfish, Bluehead

Green Razorfish, Pearly Razorfish

Blue Parrotfish, Midnight Parrotfish, Queen Parrotfish, Rainbow Parrotfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, Redtail Parrotfish, Yellowtail Parrotfish, Princess Parrotfish, Striped Parrotfis,h Bucktooth Parrotfish, Greenblotch Parrotfish, Slender Parrotfish, Emerald Parrotfish, Redband Parrotfish

MULLETS - Mugilidae
White Mullet, Fantail, Striped Mullet

BARRACUDAS - Sphyraenidae
Great Barracuda

STARGAZERS - Dactyloscopidae
Sand Stargazer, Saddle Stargazer, Lancer Dragonet

JAWFISHES - Opistognathidae
Yellow Jawfish, Spotfin Jawfish, Mottled Jawfish, Banded Jawfish, Dusky Jawfish, Swordtail Jawfish, Moustache Jawfish, Yellowhead Jawfish

BLENNIES - Clinidae, Blenniidae, Tripterygiidae
Checkered Blenny, Coral Blenny, Banded Blenny, Redeye Triplefin, Longhorn Blenny, Secretary Blenny, Saddle Blenny, Goldline Blenny, Molly Miller, Wrasse Blenny, Redlip Blenny

GOBIES - Gobiidae
Spotfin Gobby, Orange Spot Gobby, Crested Gobby, Rusty Gobby, Quillfin Gobby, Yellowline Gobby, Salty Gobby, Barsnout Gobby, Sharksnose Gobby, Broadstripe Gobby, Cleaning Gobby, Neon Gobby

TOADFISHES - Batrachoididae

FROGFISHES - Antennarfdae
Longlure Frogfish, Island Frogfish

Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Cero

SEAROBIN - Triglidae
Bandtail Searobin

Spotted Scorpionfish, Reef Scorpionfish, Plumed Scorpionfish

FLOUNDERS - Bothidae and Pleuronectidae
Eyed Flounder, Peacock Flounder, Gulf Flounder, Tropical Flounder

Ocean Triggerfish, Black Durgon, Gray Triggerfish, Sargassum Triggerfish, Queen Triggerfish

SURGEONFISHES - Acanthuridae
Blue Tang, Ocean Surgeonfish, Doctorfish

FILEFISHES - Monacanthidae
Slender Filefish, Whitespotted Filefish, Scrawled Filefish, Orange Filefish, Pygmy Filefish, Fringed Filefish, Orangespotted Filefish

BOXFISHES - Ostraciidae
Honeycomb Cowfish, Scrawled Cowfish, Smooth Trunkfish, Spotted Tninkfish, Tnunkfish

PUFFERS - Tetraodontidae
Bandtail Puffer, Southern Puffer, Caribbean Puffer, Sharpbnose Puffer, Checkered Puffer

Web Burrfish, Striped Burrfish, Spotted Burrfish, Balloonfish, Porcupinefish

This a list of the animals and fish of Belize. For further information on the animals and fish of Ambergris Caye, Belize, CLICK HERE!

The Geography of Fishing in British Honduras and Adjacent Coastal Areas. 1966, by Alan Knowlton Craig, Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College

Click here for a illustrated guide to the reef species of Belize.

For an incredible resource of Belizean Beasties, visit the Belize Biodiversity Information System by CLICKING HERE!

List of Endangered Plant and Animal Species in Belize: People have asked about a list of endangered species for Belize. Stuart Longhorn has made a spreadsheet for Belizean wildlife that are listed in either the endangered or critically endangered categories of the IUCN Redlis. Those are international assessments - any national lists might be quite different. Within my list from IUCN, are 43 plants, and 49 animals. Note, the lists are very biased towards certain creatures, particularly large conpicuous plants, mammals and fish - often because those select few are well studied. Many others are either neglected or overlooked so please be aware of that bias. RIGHT CLICK HERE and select "download linked file" to download the file

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