Why am I brought into this bull shit controversy? The fish we keep we give to folks free!!!! Who cannot afford to buy fish on their diet, they live in Belize City and we do a good deed. I fish with local captains who tell me the right thing to do on size and species. Capt Francisco Verde caught the fish that day. He has been living here over 45 years. Spleen or any other free thinking, limousine liberal, Eco minded do good.. keep my name out of this.!!!! you go tell Capt Francisco Verde yourself he is no fuc**ing good and he should listen to You!!And as you know all about his life and what fish he should keep and what is not good for him to fish for. if you have the bal*s ...A point of info When we go fishing the capt is the boss. it is There boat, there island. If he says to throw it back ,it is a done deal, we do not keep it as this is his island and he lives here. I am just a once a month gringo fisherman who loves the people and the island. I try not to tell locals what to ever do.so keep my name out of this crap,you are entitled to your opinions just keep me out of your silliness please..

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